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7 Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

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Taking out tiles is a hard, time-consuming job that can be done quickly and well with a hammer drill. The first step in improving a house or kitchen is to take out the tiles. But make sure you use the best hammer drill for removing tiles since a regular hammer drill can ruin all your hard work.

Most floor tiles are attached to a cement or concrete surface, which can be removed quickly and easily with power tools. Using a hammer drill is easier than doing the same thing by hand, even though the method is the same.

Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

Some hammer drills have a special setting that works with a chisel bit to make it easy and quick to pull tiles off the floor. The hammer drill also has a strong motor and safety features that make it easy and safe for the user to do the job. But when picking a hammer drill for removing tiles, you had to look at a number of specs.

So, we’ve made the shortest list of hammer drills that work well for removing tiles and drilling and driving on different surfaces. We will talk about how to use a hammer drill to remove tiles and how to remove tiles from drywall without damaging them. So, read the whole article, choose the best hammer drill, and learn the right way to use it to have a good time.

ENEACRO: Best Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

ENEACRO Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

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  • The handle can be turned 360 degrees, which makes it easier to work for long periods of time and makes sure that the strike is accurate and easy.
  • The hammer drill is used to break up tiles. The 13 Amp industrial motor gives it enough power to work on concrete and metal, and the Dust-proof System protects the motor completely.
  • This rotary hammer drill is easy to control and keeps the motor cool because it has Vibration Damping Technology and a good cooling system.

The ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is the best hammer drill for removing tiles, according to us. This rotary hammer drill has almost everything you need to remove floor tiles quickly and easily. It’s a hammer drill that can do more than one thing. It has four different modes, including a hammer mode, which makes it good for removing tiles. This tool is ready to remove tiles because it has an SDS-Plus keyless chuck and three SDS-Plus drill bits.

This tool is easier to clean and take care of, but it doesn’t like temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

What we like

  • This rotary hammer drill is cheap and comes with a lot of accessories to make it easy to use and keep in good shape. It’s also built to last and comes with a warranty that says it won’t break for 24 months.

What we didn’t like

  • It might not work as well if it is cooler.

VonHaus: Best Rotary Hammer Drill for Tile Removal


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  • With a 10 amp motor and three function modes, this tool can quickly remove tiles or do any other heavy-duty job.
  • Includes an extra handle with a textured grip to make the tool and project as comfortable and easy to use as possible.
  • This rotary hammer drill is easier to use because it doesn’t shake as much and has a higher RPM.

The VonHaus Rotary Corded Hammer Drill is good for the DIY guy who doesn’t have a lot of money but still wants a good way to remove tiles. It has a strong 10 amp motor and three modes of operation, including a hammer-only mode that lets the user lift any tile off the floor without damaging it.

Even so, you can do a variety of drilling and driving tasks with the drill-only and hammer drill modes. The rotary hammer drill is great for removing tiles because it can go from 0 to 3900 BPM without having to turn the bit. It is also compatible with SDS and SDS-Plus bits. But it doesn’t have a variable speed trigger, so I’m not sure how well it will drill and drive.

What we like

  • This hammer drill is less expensive and comes with a comfortable handle and a lot of extra parts. It also works with SDS and SDS-Plus bits and can be used for drilling and driving jobs that require a lot of force.

What we didn’t like

  • Compared to the last model, it doesn’t have a variable speed trigger and has a motor with fewer amps.

BOSCH 11321EVS Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal

BOSCH Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

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  • The vibration reduction system and incredibly smooth grip keep your hands from getting tired while you’re drilling into hard surfaces.
  • It has different locking positions to make sure that you can work at a comfortable angle.
  • This lightweight hammer drill can’t be overloaded and starts up smoothly, making it perfect for people who are new to DIY.
  • It can remove tile from any hard surface because it has a strong motor and a lot of impact energy.

This BOSCH 11321EVS hammer drill is almost half the weight of the last model, but don’t get the wrong idea. This demolition hammer drill is a beast that can break through tile, block, concrete, and any other tough material.

The 13 Amp motor, hammer-only mode, and high BPM and impact energy are some of the features that make the drill up to the task. We found that this jammer drill was just as flexible and easy to use as the last one, but it cost a lot less.

What we like

  • This lightweight corded hammer drill is the best tool for removing tiles, capping, and breaking things down. It has the right amount of weight and power, which gives you better control over the job. The vibrations made by the hammer drill are also well-damped, which makes the job of removing tiles even easier.

What we didn’t like

  • The power switch is in a bad place, and it’s easy to hit it while using the drill.

BOSCH: Best Bulldog Rotary Hammer Drill for Tiles


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  • It has a rotary tool motor with 7.5 amps, 800 BPM, and 2.0 ft/lbs of impact energy for removing tile.
  • This rotary hammer drill has a rotating brush plate that gives it the same amount of power going forward and backward. This gives you more options.
  • This power tool has a variable speed trigger and an SDS-plus bit system to make sure that the bit starts correctly and that the most impact energy is transferred.

The BOSCH Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drill is the best tile removal hammer drill in terms of safety and comfort. Even though it has three speeds, this corded hammer drill can remove tiles more accurately because it has a speed trigger with reverse. An ergonomic D-handle is a great feature that makes the project easier and more comfortable to control.

Also, this feature will come in handy when you need to drill up or down. This hammer drill has an SDS plus drill bit system with automatic bit locking. This makes it easy to change drill bits without tools and drill accurately. But because of its slower speed, it can’t be used to make a pilot hole.

What we like

  • This corded hammer drill comes with a carrying case and a one-year warranty, and it works well. Also, it’s easy to use and built to last, so it’s great for people who are just starting out with DIY projects.

What we didn’t like

  • It costs a lot, and the lower speed mode doesn’t work right.

XtremepowerUS: Best Demolition Hammer Drill

XtremepowerUS Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

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  • With 110v/60 HZ voltage and a foregrip that can be turned 360 degrees, this jackhammer is powerful and easy to use all day.
  • It has a system to stop vibrations and chisel locks that turn to make removing tiles safer and more accurate.
  • This jackhammer is great for removing tiles because it comes with a lot of attachments and a way to control the speed.

This XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Jackhammer is the best demolition hammer for removing tiles and is perfect for customers who are busy and don’t care about tiles. One great thing about it is that you don’t need an air compressor to break up tiles and do other demolition work. That means this demolition hammer is the most portable and useful power tool for breaking and lifting any hard material.

This is the best drill for removing tiles because it has a system to stop vibrations and comes with a chisel and safety gear. When you put these features together, this hammer will give you precise control and make removing tiles safer. It comes with a plastic carrying case that isn’t strong enough to hold the jackhammer and its accessories.

What we like

  • It is the jackhammer that people buy the most, and it is strong and lasts a long time. Also, this tool for removing tiles is easier to carry, use, and keep up.

What we didn’t like

  • The case for this power tool isn’t very good, and it’s a bit heavy.

DEWALT: Hammer Drill for Tile Removal


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  • It has a strong motor that uses 8.5 amps and 3.0 joules of impact energy to remove tiles quickly.
  • It has a D-Handle and an Active Vibration Control system to make it safe and easy to use.
  • It works with SDS+ chisel bits, which makes it great for taking tiles off.

The DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill is our last suggestion for the best hammer drill for removing tiles. DEWALT is a well-known brand for making good power tools and accessories, and this model will be just as good of an investment.

With its high-performance 8.5 amp motor and D-Handle, this Rotary Hammer Drill will make it easy to remove tiles without getting tired. Also, this power tool works with the SDS+ chisel bit, so it can be used to take up floor tiles. But this tile removal drill might get hot over time, and it isn’t a tool that can do more than one thing.

What we like

  • This rotary hammer drill has enough power and durability to last for a long time. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a promise that it will be applied 15% faster.

What we didn’t like

  • This hammer drill doesn’t have a mode that can do more than one thing, and it might get hot.

BOSCH 11316EVS SDS-Max Hammer Drill

BOSCH Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

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  • With this versatile hammer drill, you can change the bit quickly and easily without needing to use a tool.
  • The hammer drill locks the bit on its own and keeps dust from getting into the motor.
  • This drill for removing tiles lets you lock the chisel into 12 different positions to get the best hammering angles.
  • It has a padded back handle and an extra handle to make longer tasks more comfortable.

This Bosch Demolition Hammer Drill is one of the most useful and versatile hammer drills you can find. Most tile removal jobs can be done with a 5-amp motor, but the BOSCH model has a hammer drill with a maximum 14-amp motor and a lot of impact energy.

So, you can use this hammer drill to take out tiles, chip wood, or break things down. A variable speed dial is a great feature because it lets you control the chopping applications and change the impact force based on the surface you’re working on.

What we like

  • This Bosch hammer drill is a very powerful tool that can be used to remove tiles, break things, and chop things on any surface. The hammer drill can also be used inside a cabinet or in a small space. It is comfortable to use and comes with a sturdy carrying case that makes it easier to move and store.

What we didn’t like

  • The hammer drill is a bit pricey, and it needs grease on the shank of the bit to keep the chuck from wearing out.

Tiling Tips: Hammer, Drill, and Maintenance

The more often you use the hammer drill to take out tiles, the more likely it is that dust and dirt will get into them. So, after every time you remove a tile, clean the power tool well so that the dust doesn’t hurt the motor. You should also do the following to keep it in good shape:

  • Don’t hit the surface too hard with the hammer. The hammer drill doesn’t need too much force to remove tiles because it’s a pretty easy job.
  • Clean the drill bit of dirt and dust so that the tool holder doesn’t get stuck.
  • Between each bit change, put some grease on the bit shank to keep the bit holder from wearing out.
  • Follow the instructions that came with your hammer drill to choose the grease.
  • Learn what the LED light on your hammer drill means and follow the maintenance steps when it tells you something is wrong.

How to Choose the Best Hammer Drill for Taking Tiles Out

A hammer drill is a useful tool that can be used as a tile remover when remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, or other floors. Even though most professionals use a rotary hammer drill for the job, a hammer drill with the right specs can also do the job. Let’s look at how a hammer drill should be set up to break and remove tiles:

A lot of action

Usually, each type of hammer drill has its own way of working. The most common way to drill is with a hammer, which moves the tool forward while the drill bit spins. This makes it easy to drill into hard surfaces. The second mode is only for driving screws into wood or drywall. The last mode is “hammer only.” It makes BPM without turning the bit, which makes it good for removing tiles. So make sure the drill you choose for that mode is right for the job.

Motor Power

Taking out tiles is much easier than drilling into concrete or stone. So, any hammer drill with a 3-amp motor can be used to work on dry mortar and chip grout. But you should choose a hammer drill with a motor that’s at least 5 amps.

Attachment that Scrapes

The best way to get rid of tiles is to use a tool with a tile scraper attachment. But these usually don’t come with a hammer drill, so if you’re planning to buy a hammer drill, you may have to pay extra for a scraper. Choose a steel scraper with a wider blade. When you put these things together, it will be easier to take out tiles and less likely to break or bend.


A small and light hammer will make it easy for you to work in tight spaces or under a cabinet. Also, removing tiles is the easiest thing that a hammer drill can be used for. So a hammer drill that you can use with one hand and has a scraping attachment will be better. You could also use a hammer drill that weighs between 4 and 6 pounds.

Brushed Motor or Brushless?

Getting rid of tiles isn’t as hard as drilling into stone or concrete. So, a hammer drill with a brushed motor will do the same job every time because it won’t get as hot as a brushless one. Also, the brushed motor will reduce the chance of overheating by letting you scrape tiles off in less time.

How to Use a Hammer Drill to Remove Ceramic Tiles?

If you use a regular hammer drill on a material that is easy to break, like ceramic, the tile could be damaged. So, you can keep going if you don’t care about the tiles. If not, you might want to think about a demolition or rotary hammer drill. A regular hammer drill has a hammering mechanism, but a rotary hammer drill has a type of motion that makes it better for removing ceramic tiles. This means that rotary hammer drills will make it less likely that something will break and will give you clean small pieces by keeping dust and other things out of the way.

Tile chisels are used to manually remove ceramic tiles.

Not only is a traditional chisel a classic tool, but it is also a hard way to make ceramic tiles off the floor. A tile chisel is a strong steel bar with one sharp end and a blunt end that can be hit with a hammer. This tool works well to take up tiles, but it takes a long time to do so. Also, if you’ve never used a tile chisel by hand before, it can be tiring. This tool could be a better choice than a hammer drill if you want to remove ceramic tiles quickly and precisely.

Using Hammer Drill Chisel Bit

For easy removal of ceramic tiles, a rotary hammer drill with a tile chisel attachment is a great tool. The drill does most of the work, so you don’t have to put in as much effort as you would with a manual tile chisel. Because of how the rotary hammer drill holds the bit, you will need either an SDS-max or an SDS-plus chisel bit. Once you have the chisel bit, you will need to put it in the drill and set it at a 45-degree angle at the edge of the ceramic tile. Then put the drill in hammer mode and turn it on. After that, the drill breaks through the tile and lifts it off the floor.

Follow the rows of tiles horizontally from one side to the other to figure out where you are. When one row is done, you move to the next row, put the tile chisel bit under the ceramic tile, and do the same thing again. After you finish a row, take a break, clean up the dust and debris, and start again.

Taking Out the Mortar

When you take the tiles off, you might find mortar. You can save the mortar to use it again, but you can still get rid of it with the same tool and attachment. You can do it in any way you want, but it’s best to work in sections to get rid of all the mortar.

Because of this, you have to be careful when you use a rotary hammer drill to take the tiles off. If not, you might have to hit them with a hammer.

How to Take Tiles Off Drywall Without Damaging It?

It is hard to take tiles off of a structure that is easily damaged, like drywall, without causing any damage. Still, here’s how to get rid of tiles that have been stuck to drywall for a long time:

Place the edge of the chisel as flat as possible against the drywall so it doesn’t dig into the drywall and cause damage. Because of how drywall is made, you can remove tile from it without damaging the surface too much. But the key is to work slowly and carefully to limit the damage. So, hold the chisel at an angle so that when you hit it with a hammer, it won’t dig into the drywall.

Some experts also like to use a rotary hammer drill with an SDS-type chisel bit with an angle. It especially makes a chiseling sound, which effectively lifts the tile away from the drywall.

When using a rotary hammer drill, you should wear these safety tools.

Most of the time, demolition work is dirty, dusty, and dangerous. During the process of removing tiles, small pieces can fly off and hurt your eyes or cut and scrape your hands. So, before you turn on the hammer drill, make sure you have the right safety gear on.

The following items are important for safety:

  • A dust mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves that are padded
  • Help for your ears
  • Body-covering clothes
  • Knee pads and work boots
  • Knee pads

FAQs on Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal

Can I remove the tile with a hammer drill?

You can remove tiles with a regular hammer drill and chisel tip only if you don’t care about the tiles. If not, a rotary hammer drill is a better choice. On floor tiles, hammer drills work the same way as jackhammers. Even though it still takes time, hammer drills make it much easier to remove tiles than a hammer and chisel.

How big of a hammer drill do I need to take tiles off the wall?

Choose a hammer drill that is easy to use, whether you need it for work or to fix up your house. Since removing tiles is a slow and hard job, a lightweight and well-designed hammer drill will help you feel less tired. So, the best way to remove the tiles is with a small hammer drill.

What is the best tool for getting rid of ceramic floor tiles?

There are many ways to get rid of ceramic tiles, but all of them require extra care and safety glasses. Even though ceramic is a more fragile material, you can tap the floor tiles lose with a masonry hammer and a cold chisel. Also, heavy tools like an air chisel or jackhammer can help you pull the ceramic tiles up from the floor.

Can a rotary hammer take tiles off the wall?

The rotary hammer drill is better for removing tiles. The regular hammer drill has a hammering mechanism that can easily damage the tile. The rotary hammer drill, on the other hand, moves in a different way. With the right chisel attachment, it makes it easy and quick to remove floor tiles.

How can I get rid of floor tiles the quickest?

There are many ways to take up floor tiles, such as with tile breakers, scrapers, and different kinds of chisels. Among them, the best and fastest way to take up floor tiles is to use a hammer drill and chisel. The way to do it is also easy. Just slide the chisel under the tile and start pulling it up. With the least amount of work, this method will make it easy and quick to take up floor tiles.

Last words

We have provided some of the best hammer drills for tile removal, drilling, driving, demolition, and fastening jobs. So whichever one you choose will be the best for your budget, as well as heavy-duty, safe, easy to use and keep up, and long-lasting.

You can choose any of the top five based on how many functions you want and how you want to remove the tiles. But they all have good customer service and ship for free, and some of them even offer a limited money-back guarantee.