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7 Best Corded Hammer Drill In 2024

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Professional handymen should always have a corded hammer drill on standby. Hammer drills with cords have more power than those without. By making the best-corded hammer drill an investment, you may be ready to handle the challenging task effectively. This particularly designed hammer drill will provide you superior control over any dense material to drill through thanks to a mix of constant runtime, tremendous power, and extensive pounding action.

However, picking the best corded hammer drill out of the many options could be a dangerous undertaking. You could easily be duped by the enticing advertisement.

Best Corded Hammer Drills Review

As a result, we have created a list of the top 7 corded hammer drills that we believe are the most acceptable recommendations. To help you achieve the desired drilling performance on a variety of solid surfaces, these corded hammer drills are multifunctional and include several working modes, ergonomic construction, and versatile design.

The post includes thorough buying advice to assist you in making the right choice on your own. You may learn a lot about the corded hammer drill and how to use it for safer and more effective operation by reading the handbook.

1. ENEACRO: Best Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill

ENEACRO Corded Hammer Drill

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  • The four capabilities of this multipurpose hammer drill allow it to perform a number of jobs, including drilling, chiseling, and hammer drilling.
  • The rotating hammer drill’s handle can be adjusted 360 degrees, and it has an anti-vibration system for precise and convenient striking that reduces user fatigue.
  • The safety clutch protection on the hammer drill is designed to safeguard the wrist while generating strong torque.
  • The drill is perfect for most practical use because it can drill holes that are 1/2 inch in metal and 1-1/4 inch in concrete.
  • The most reliable and secure bit change occurs with the SDS-Plus keyless chuck.

The greatest corded hammer drill you will ever discover, the ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill boasts a lethal trifecta of power, functionality, and design. It is a genuine heavy-duty corded hammer drill that produces 4200 fps of impact force to drill through any dense surface effectively without getting burned. Its maximum is 13 Amp heat-resistant copper wire motor.

This masonry hammer drill, which is reasonably priced, is built with an effective cooling system and an aluminum alloy casing. When these features are combined, DIYers will have a power drill that is extremely sturdy and can withstand any challenging environment without fear of the motor burning out.

What we like

This rotary hammer drill is constructed from durable materials and equipped with strong machinery to perform a variety of demanding operations on solid surfaces. The multi-purpose drill also comes with a ton of extras, like a carrying case for easy transport and storage and a 2-year warranty.

What we didn't like

This corded hammer drill’s trigger button isn’t particularly sensitive and needs to be fully depressed. You also have to put on a mask and goggles.

2. BOSCH: Best Corded Rotary Hammer Drill


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  • With the help of the reverse function and variable-speed trigger on this corded hammer drill, you can quickly remove fasteners after drilling a pilot hole.
  • For increased project versatility, it incorporates a spinning brush plate that generates power of up to 1300 RPM and 5800 BPM at both sizes.
  • There are three different operating modes on this concrete hammer drill that you can select from depending on the needs of the job.
  • The hammer drill has a keyless chuck and an ergonomic D handle that make it easy to work overhead and downward while maintaining convenience.

For many years, the power tool business has relied on the name BOSCH. The manufacturer creates this Rotary Hammer Power with strength and accuracy. If you’re seeking a multi-purpose rotary corded hammer drill with precision operation over any challenging material, give this product a try.

The fact that this hammer drill has three distinct working modes, a strong motor, and—most importantly—a variable-speed trigger with a reversing function will not deter you at all, despite the price being a little high. For added peace of mind, the corded hammer drill comes with a carrying case and a 1-year warranty.

What we like

This rotary hammer drill has a 7.5 Amp motor and variable speed trigger, making it perfect for precision drilling over concrete and masonry. The power drill is also portable and contains a carrying case, a D handle, an SDS plus bit system, and three operating modes for ease of use. A depth guide, a one-year warranty, and an additional handle are also included by the manufacturer.

What we didn't like

It’s important to frequently clean the hammer drill. Additionally, the drill’s carrying case is rather inexpensive.

3. SKIL: Best Budget Corded Hammer Drill

SKIL Corded Hammer Drill

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  • With its strong 7.0 amp engine, this inexpensive corded drill can easily drill through a range of solid objects, including wood and concrete.
  • The variable speed trigger on the concrete drill keeps drilling through precisely.
  • For enhanced project control, the two-finger trigger may lock into place.
  • This hammer drill is perfect for cutting and woodworking since it includes a 1/2 In. keyed chuck that accommodates large diameter bits.
  • Want a corded hammer drill with power and precision that is primarily used at home or for light-duty tasks? Your purchase of this SKIL Corded Hammer Drill will be wise.

Even though this hammer drill is far less expensive, it still has a powerful 7.0 amp motor and a variable speed trigger to handle any challenging jobs with accuracy. Even though it is a corded drill, it has a one-year limited warranty to ensure longevity.

What we like

It is a reasonably priced corded hammer drill that is capable of drilling through concrete. The drill also comes with a 1-year warranty, a 1/2 in. keyed chuck, a side-assist handle, and a variable speed trigger.

What we didn't like

This hammer drill lacks an additional mode to handle a variety of applications and is not appropriate for heavy-duty work.

4. DEWALT: Premium Corded Hammer Drill


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  • This corded hammer drill for steel has an integrated depth rod and 360-degree side handles for top-down accuracy and easy handling.
  • A two-finger rubber variable speed trigger on this compact hammer drill allows for the most precise speed control on dense surfaces.
  • To enable the user to use these instruments for typical drilling operations, this hammer drill features two drive modes, including drill and hammer drill.
  • The 7.8 amp motor and larger chunk of the hammer drill enable it to drill a larger hole through a variety of hard materials.

Another top corded hammer drill on our list, the DEWALT Hammer Drill is incredibly portable and provides effective drilling. This hammer drill can handle any drilling work over masonry, concrete, and even steel thanks to its 7.8 Amp motor and dual-mode feature. With its 360° side handle and two-finger rubber trigger, this hammer drill also boasts an ergonomic design and promises precise work.

A key holder for the chuck is a noteworthy feature. It means that after securing the bit as firmly as possible in the chuck, the operator can store the key neatly without losing it.

What we like

This adaptable corded hammer drill can drill into steel, concrete, and masonry and is lightweight, strong, and multipurpose. It comes with a three-year limited guarantee, a variable speed trigger, and DEWALT customer support with a year of free service.

What we didn't like

Only drill bits with a small diameter work well with their rapid strength, and after some time, they may heat up quickly.

5. Makita: Best Corded Hammer Drill

Makita Corded Hammer Drill

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  • The hammer drill is built with an 8 AMP motor that can conveniently tackle the most difficult projects and deliver 2.1 ft. lbs. of impact energy.
  • This masonry hammer drill’s Anti-Vibration Technology and damper spring will significantly lessen vibration for the most relaxed and simple drilling.
  • Based on the idea, the design has three modes and a handle with a rubberized soft grip.
  • The angled grinder features a strong motor and ball-bearing structure for long-lasting professional-grade grinding performance.

Next, we have a practical set that includes an angled grinder and a corded hammer drill for easier grinding and more practical drilling operations. You will be equipped for a variety of applications if you add this set to your toolbox at a reasonable price. With an anti-vibration system, an 8 AMP powerful motor, three operating modes, and an ergonomic design, this hammer drill can quickly drill and chip a variety of solid materials.

The angled grinder has a Labyrinth construction, a ball bearing design, and 6 AMP power for industrial grinding performance.

What we like

This hammer drill and angled drill combination will undoubtedly boost production and provide reliable service. The combination provides effective performance across a range of applications, is inexpensive, and is simple to use.

What we didn't like

The hammer drill motor may become very hot but won’t be seriously damaged. The quality of the depth gauge system is average.

6. VonHaus: Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill


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  • For the most comfortable and convenient operation, this demolition hammer drill is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a textured grip 360-degree handle.
  • This rotary hammer drill’s 10 amp strong motor and 850 RPM speed will provide you with better control when drilling into solid materials.
  • Three operating modes on this corded hammer drill enable it to handle a variety of tasks, such as demolishing, removing tile, and drilling solid surfaces.
  • The compact power drill comes with a ton of extras, like two ergonomic handles for different uses.

The VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill is ideal for operations involving demolition, tile removal, and drilling into masonry. Surprisingly, the corded hammer drill is considerably less expensive and has a ton of great features. First of all, because of its strong 10 amp motor, chiseling modes, and abundance of demolition equipment, it is one of the best hammer drills for removing tiles.

The hammer drill’s rotational hammer and hammer mood, as well as its increased impact energy up to 3900 BPM, make it reliable for heavy-duty drilling activities through steel, masonry, and concrete.

What we like

This affordable hammer drill has a strong motor, useful settings, and a lot of accessories, making it perfect for heavy-duty pounding applications. The power drill is also strong enough to handle severe situations while being lightweight.

What we didn't like

Since the hammer drill lacks a variable speed trigger, maintaining accuracy will be challenging. The operator might also need to wear a dust guard.

7. AOBEN: Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

AOBEN Corded Hammer Drill

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  • The heat exhaust system and anti-dust mechanism on this corded hammer drill are designed to keep the motor from overheating and to keep dust out of the drill, extending the life of both.
  • The hammer drill has a double switch button that allows the speed to be adjusted depending on the project and three different operating modes.
  • It incorporates a vibration control system and a completely adjustable rubber 360-degree grip, allowing you to hold the drill most comfortably while maintaining the least amount of vibration.
  • This is the greatest heavy-duty hammer drill available. It is constructed of durable materials and has a 13 amp motor for improved control over the challenging task.

This AOBEN Rotary Hammer Drill is a good option because of its powerful construction and long lifespan. This hammer drill will last for a very long period despite the manufacturer only providing a 1-year warranty because of its heat exhaust system and anti-dust construction.

Additionally, the device has a maximum 13-amp motor that can drill through steel and masonry. Despite this, the rotary hammer drill has three separate functions, is simpler to use, and includes a ton of accessories to make the project even more convenient.

What we like

Due to its powerful motor, this rotary hammer drill is appropriate for any heavy-duty drilling project through dense material. It is a sturdy power drill with a heat exhaust system and an anti-vibration system. A one-year guarantee and a ton of accessories are also included with the machine.

What we didn't like

The usage instructions aren’t really useful, and it can be challenging to remove the chisel after frequent use.

How to choose the Best Corded Hammer Drill

The majority of electric hammer drills have both rotary and hammer action features. However, different models have different features and specs, which makes them more or less suitable for different needs. In order to find the best corded hammer drill, consider the following factors:

Impact factor

The amount of impact a drill bit has on the work surface every minute is typically expressed in BPM, or beats per minute. It is preferable to pick a hammer drill that delivers more blows. The higher values indicate greater efficiency through concrete and solid brickwork. Additionally, working with tough materials, makes the hammer drill more forceful.


Punching through concrete repeatedly will hurt the drill and the operator as well as the project. The hammer drill’s powerful forces enhance the likelihood that the tool will break down and cause the user severe pain. Choose a hammer drill that has an anti-vibration system to maximize machine longevity and prevent human fatigue.

maximum speed while using different settings

In general, drilling operations move along more quickly the faster the bit rotates. Even though dealing with masonry is not necessary, you will find the feature useful for boring wood, especially when using the tool with a hammer action. At least 3000 RPM should be produced by the best corded hammer drill. However, the model should have a trigger throttle that allows for faster bit rotation by applying more force to the trigger. It not only enables you to select the top speed, but also guards against over-drilling and surface damage.

Chucks with and without keys

The main benefit of a keyless chuck is that no key is needed to insert the bit. As a result, the task will be completed more quickly and any irritation brought on by key loss will be avoided. The keyed chuck, on the other hand, allows the user to fit with extreme density and prevents sticking and spinning, ensuring the best bit security possible.

supplementary accessories

The corded hammer drill doesn’t need to be assembled and is ready to use right out of the box. As a result, manufacturers provide a wide range of useful components that can improve the hammer drilling experience rather than just a battery and charger. A corded hammer drill may come with a cord operator, a sturdy carrying case, a depth gauge, lubricant, and an auxiliary handle depending on the budget.

Hammer drill and rotary hammer differences

A rotary hammer typically performs several tasks simultaneously. It can function similarly to a drill in that it can both advance the bit into the metal and maintain its rotation. It can effectively drive the bit into masonry or concrete by using air pressure and a piston mechanism. In addition to being different in size and shape from a hammer drill, a rotating hammer doesn’t need to be assembled. In addition to this, a rotating hammer can be used to drive the fastener.

Hammer drill: A hammer drill is a specific type of drill that adds a percussive action to drill into various solid materials. The tools’ impact gears allow them to rotate the bit steadily while vibrating against one another. Due to the numerous ridges and the circle of the gears, it occurs at a very high rate of up to 20,000 IPM (impacts per minute).

Differences between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill in several respects

Rotary hammers have a substantially higher force output than hammer drills. A flying piston in the rotary drill can generate significant pressure on its own, unlike the operator-dependent hammer drill. Rotary hammer chips away at concrete to accomplish the same task as a hammer drill, which typically vibrates against concrete to drill through it.

Largest hole size

While a hammer drill can only drill through holes up to 1/2 inch in diameter, a rotary drill can drill through larger holes up to 2 inches in diameter. Despite this, the rotary hammer cannot compete with the hammer drill for drilling 1/8″ to 1/4″ holes.

Kinds of work

Both tools can handle light to heavy-duty tasks that call for several holes on a dense surface in a short amount of time. However, because the rotary hammer lacks additional functions, the hammer drill is more comfortable to use. Therefore, employing a hammer drill can help you extend your working season without becoming tired whether you are a plumber, carpenter, HVAC specialist, or MRO.

Another impressive feature is how well a hammer drill works for drilling holes for an installation that is 1/4 inch or smaller. The hammer drill is a versatile, cost-effective choice that works well for both masonry and wood. In contrast, the rotary drill can only drill through concrete and serve as a chisel, so it is only useful for a limited range of tasks.

Bit drills

For quicker chip removal, the rotary hammer uses SDS-Max or SDS-Plus bits. Additionally, they have a more aggressive flute pattern and a higher carbide concentration. On the other hand, hammer drill bits are very similar to ordinary drill bits despite having a carbide tip. The broader core and shallower flutes are substantially supported by these.

Which is better, a hammer drill or a rotary hammer?

The rotary drill is better suited for larger projects, while the hammer drill is better for drilling through concrete for smaller projects. The hammer drill, however, is a versatile tool that can cut through a variety of materials, including wood. These are less expensive, despite being more comfortable to use. Above all, remember this comparison to guarantee your investment in a certain task.

How to drill a hole in concrete using a corded hammer drill?

Reading the section will guide you through correctly and safely using a corded hammer drill to complete a certain task, whether you are a professional or a novice DIYer.

Be organized and ready for work.

security first. To reduce the risk and injury that could result from mishaps during the project, put on your safety goggles, face masks, earplugs, and hand gloves. Make sure there is adequate room and that the work area is clean so that you can complete the activities while standing comfortably. Also, if there is any debris in the work area, clean it up.

Put the corded hammer drill in place.

To drill a hole through concrete, choose the appropriate size masonry drill bit. Then, after making sure it won’t come out owing to the lack of mobility while in use, plug the corded hammer drill into the power outlet.

Adapt your position.

Place your feet firmly on the ground and grasp the drill handle in one hand to operate the hammer drill comfortably. To support the hammer drill’s back, use the opposite hand.

Place a marker there.

To mark and double-check the area to drill through, use a permanent marker or pencil. If your hammer drill doesn’t have that option, you can plan the drill depth at this point. Simply use masking tape to mark the drill bit with the required depth.

Make a pilot hole first

Prepare yourself for a few bounces back by positioning the drill bit perpendicular to the marking location. The hammer drill should be turned on using the lowest speed setting. Drill no deeper than 0.25 inches.

Begin drilling

You are now prepared to drill the remaining portion of the hole. Remain in the proper posture, start pressing firmly on the hammer drill, and then release the trigger. Avoid applying excessive pressure on the device and let the hammer do its work.

Never drill continuously

Every 15 seconds, halt drilling and sweep up the dust. Stop drilling when you reach the marking depth and gently spray into the hole to flush out any remaining concrete dust.

Several typical uses for corded hammer drills

For drilling holes and driving screws into any dense surface, professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike turn to the corded hammer drill. This tool is specially designed to work effectively and easily with concrete, stone, brick, and other masonry materials. A corded hammer drill can crush concrete using a combination of concussive hammering motion and bit rotation. In comparison to using a standard drill, the operator may thereby drill a hole through masonry three times faster. Let’s look at some typical applications for a corded hammer drill:

In brickwork, drill a pilot hole

The majority of qualified electricians, plumbers, and contractors frequently utilize a corded hammer drill to drill a pilot hole into masonry for screw attachment. Since it doesn’t need anchors, the screws must be put into the tapcon that can thread into the hole. As a result, the project requires a precisely drilled pilot hole, and the most dependable tool for the job is a hammer drill.

Put in a metal anchor

To attach metal anchors to concrete slabs, piers, and footings for wood frame constructions, DIYers must drill holes in these structures. The project also requires a hole that is at least 1 2 inches in diameter. Fortunately, a corded hammer drill has the power and speed to cut through the concrete and finish the job quickly.

Piercing a boulder with a drill

The simplest way to split big stones and boulders is with iron wedges and feathers. Using a corded hammer drill, the project must begin by drilling numerous holes into the boulder.

Making holes in mortar joints

Another popular tool for drilling into brick or mortar joints in brick walls is a corded hammer drill. Brick is more difficult to drill through than mortar, but screws and anchors are held in place more securely by brick.

The substitute for a drill

A corded hammer drill can be used as a standard power drill on a variety of materials for drilling and driving applications by turning off the hammering mode.

Corded hammer drill advantages

A corded hammer drill would be a wise purchase if your job calls for drilling through masonry, concrete, or brickwork. There will be some mobility limitations, but by using a longer cord, you can minimize them. Despite this, you will have a very strong tool that can smash through tough materials with its forceful hammering motion.

In contrast to a cordless hammer drill, it will also protect you from worrying about charging or changing the batteries and guarantee constant work. The most versatile DIY tool, according to many aficionados, is a corded hammer drill, which can tackle the majority of garage and house jobs. The following are some additional benefits of the corded hammer drill:

  • When compared to the rotary hammer, the corded hammer drill is a more economical power drill.
  • These have the strength to drill through solid brick and concrete construction.
  • Depending on the needs of the project, enables the choice of rotary or rotary hammer operations.
  • Increase your output rate to boost productivity.
  • Has a remarkable impact rate.
  • enables choosing between a keyed and a keyless chuck for quick bit swaps.
  • To lessen user fatigue, the majority of corded hammer drills have vibration-busting technology.

Best Corded Hammer Drill FAQs

Who manufactures the top hammer drills?

The best hammer drill currently available is the ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill. Nearly all of the elements necessary for the most effective functioning are included, including a strong motor, a durable design, safety clutch protection, and ergonomic features. However, if money is short, you should think about buying this SKIL Corded Hammer Drill to receive good, dependable service.

Which corded drill brand is the best?

Although many different companies make corded drills, only a few are reliable. The best corded drill manufacturers include BOSCH, Makita, DEWALT, and ENEACRO. These businesses produce powerful corded drills while also providing cooperative customer support to ensure customer pleasure.

Do hammer drills have more strength?

In comparison to a regular power drill, a hammer drill is a very potent tool. With a hammer mechanism, this device can drill through dense material more effectively and at a speed of around 25% higher. Despite this, the hammer drill’s wattage, which ranges from 450 to 1500, is far more than that of a standard drill.

What should I look for in a corded drill?

A high amp motor is an important factor because a corded drill is typically chosen for its powerful action. In addition to this, seek a sturdy build, a faster RPM, a variable speed trigger, an ergonomic handle, and a light design. But more significantly, decide on a budget and make your choices in accordance with your predetermined goals.

Can I forego the drill in favor of a hammer?

A hammer drill is a multipurpose instrument that can be used for more than just punching a hole through masonry. So, much like a conventional drill, you may use this power drill to drill through a variety of materials, just make sure the hammer mode is off. However, you must exercise caution when using a standard drill bit because the power output of a corded hammer drill can easily cause the bit to break.


Hopefully, the most effective recommended list we have provided above helped you find the best corded hammer drill for your specific use. If not, the buyer can still serve as your ideal guide while looking around the market for the best corded hammer drill.

Simply look for those characteristics in a corded hammer and select the model that best suits your needs and your budget. Doing so will help you become more skilled and can help you complete difficult drilling tasks in a safe and practical manner.