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7 Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

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The correct usage of a drill mixer is the most crucial step in mixing concrete. In less than 10 minutes, you can mix your concrete using the best drill for the job. When it comes time to start pouring, be sure to invest in a high-quality drill if you want the precise match every time.

So, are holes in your concrete necessary? If so, then you should read this article. All of the highest-rated drills with superior build quality have been chosen. Additionally, these drills will be tough, non-hand tools as opposed to the usual equipment on the market. Nevertheless, these tools are really potent and maybe your best option for a variety of tasks.

Therefore, we can assist you in locating the ideal instrument for any project requiring drilling, mixing, or pouring concrete. View our best picks and review our advice on selecting the ideal drill bit for your particular application.

Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

We have the knowledge and skills to help if you’re new and need to learn more about concrete mixing drills. Following that, we’ll discuss the qualities needed to obtain a high-quality drill combination. So do let us know if there is anything further we can do to help.

It’s not that simple to purchase the best drill for mixing concrete for your construction needs. For every user, investing money in high-quality goods is vital. We have therefore investigated all of the greatest drills that match your spending limit and tool quality. A drill mixture, on the other hand, works wonders for drilling holes through sturdy materials like steel or masonry. Additionally, if you purchase from a member of our top list, your work will be completed without incident.

1. DEWALT: Electric Drill for Mixing Concrete

DEWALT Drill for Mixing Concrete

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  • You will have access to both high and low gears thanks to the 120-Watt motor in this.
  • It works effectively for improperly combining thick ingredients.
  • A unique switch will be provided so you can use a hammer to mix concrete.
  • Additionally, it will provide you with a special paddle mixture to help you move easily.

This DEWALT drill will deliver the goods to the job site whether you’re mixing concrete or driving an anchor. You can go ahead and mix up your rock-hard concrete with variable speed control for even more power and torque. Air bubbles, however, are not a cause for concern.

You have options if you would want to start with a cordless tool. Additionally, the design of this equipment effectively prevents spills. So, before setting things on fire, you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee on it. Of course, that is because you are seated directly across from the detonator box.

Powerful construction equipment that will complete any of your jobs is the DEWALT electric drill. With its 9 Amp output, any mixing application may easily start. From installing drywall to attaching concrete pillars, it will function flawlessly for you.

The soft grip handle also provides better ergonomic quality and comfort. The best-corded drill will therefore aid in reducing tiredness and boosting productivity. Therefore, you’ll stay in shape while working all day.


  • There won’t be any grating noise produced.
  • Any rocky terrain can have the holes drilled without difficulty.
  • It can also be used to combine paint and grout.
  • Around 4000 lbs of concrete can be mixed each day using this drill machine.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and has excellent torque.


  • It will be difficult to mix mortar for small projects.
  • It is upsetting for the users that this machine only works with 110v.

2. VonHaus: Best Drill for Mixing Concrete


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  • For complete comfort, you’ll have a handle that rotates 360 degrees.
  • It boasts a top-notch gear-housing characteristic.
  • This tool can now accommodate large diameter bits and stirring accessories thanks to its 1/2′′ chuck.
  • It incorporates a rotating dial for minimizing air bubbles while mixing concrete or muck.

The VonHaus Drill Mud Mixer now has you covered whether you’re seeking to mix up some soup or replace your floor tiles. With the new VonHaus heavy-duty drill mud mixer with a spade handle, you can do many chores.

VonHaus, is the most resilient power tool, with forwarding/backward control and button locks. It will enable you to have complete control over both the type and quantity of powder used in any given project.

This corded electric drill is equipped with a strong 10-amp motor and a variable speed that runs from 0-700 rpm, so your wrists won’t get tired when using it. This corded drill’s compact size, strength, and adaptability make it ideal for any task or pastime. Excellent flexibility will be provided by the variable speed control, and even in challenging circumstances, power will be provided by the 10-amp motor.

However, this tool’s sturdy metal gear will house its ergonomic construction. Anyone who needs to mix liquids or drill huge holes can use it for those reasons. You will have complete control over your drilling thanks to the right/left ergonomic design.

Additionally, by modifying the gear housing to your preference, you may use this easily with either hand. On the other hand, because of this machine’s extremely high torque, you can work longer without feeling fatigued. Additionally, both experts and DIY enthusiasts will love it!


  • The tool with the maximum torque capacity is this drill.
  • With this equipment, you’ll receive a varied composition for your drywall mud.
  • Using it with a 5-gallon bucket is simple.
  • With its tremendous torque, the VonHaus is prepared to perform high-performance drilling.
  • With its dual utility, it is strong and adaptable.


  • It frequently reduces the torque speed.
  • You occasionally have to deal with a loud noise.

3. Makita DS4012 Drill for Mixing Concrete

Makita Drill for Mixing Concrete

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  • To prevent your hand from slipping, it contains 24 locks and a D-Handle that rotates 360 degrees.
  • For better mixing results, the 8.5 AMP motor outperforms it.
  • For smooth operation, this tool incorporates a ball-bearing structure.
  • The grip is entirely rubberized, allowing you to move more freely.

This Makita spade handle drill is the ideal tool if you’re seeking a well-equipped drill with the capability to undertake a difficult job. No home repair or job will be too big for this corded electric drill thanks to its maximum speed of 600 RPM. Additionally, it is simple to reach high locations because of the lightweight and small design.

Even simpler is the 2-finger trigger, which was modified to accommodate fatigued fingers. And Makita DS4012 users find that descending steadily for about 10 seconds is fairly comfortable.

This tool will be the ideal partner for you whether you’re furnishing your DIY closet space, finishing a basement, performing heavy-duty outdoor equipment maintenance, or anything in between.

But at some point, we’ve all had to drill a hole in something, and many of us don’t have two hands, which are necessary for reaching tight spaces. However, the Makita DS4012 can easily convert the power of its corded electric motor into rotations per minute. And it will assist you in completing that drilling activity quickly and effectively so that you can move on to your regular drilling responsibilities.

With 20 volts and an internal PTC designed for energy absorption, this drill can easily and quickly cut through wood. On the other hand, the variable speed dial system enables you to adjust it in accordance with the material you are working on.


  • Any project may be completed using this Makita drill’s versatility.
  • You’ll find it more noteworthy because of its well-balanced design.
  • This effective tool can be viewed as an extension of you.
  • The Makita DS4012 drill has little trouble drilling into hardwood.
  • Through the onboard chuck, it will provide quick and convenient bit changes for you.


  • There were no glaringly negative reviews of this product that we could discover.

4. Electric Mud and Concrete Mixer Drill


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  • Electric mud and concrete mixer drill from Genesis, model GSHD1290
  • For difficult chores, it boasts a robust 12-inch drum capacity.
  • With 850 RPMs and variable speeds, the Genesis GSHD1290 was available.
  • Its special speed trigger and dial control make drilling tasks more precise.
  • For ultimate durability, this tool incorporates a DIE-Cast aluminum gear.

Larger bits used in heavier drywall mud, paint, and thinner materials are perfectly mixed by the Genesis GSHD1290 electric mud mixer drill. You can operate your drill while it is operating with its 9.0 Amps thanks to its spade handle and auxiliary side handle.

By the way, you can drill into metal, wood, or composite materials with this strong drill. With Genesis GSHD1290, combining various components to perfection is therefore fairly simple. We can assure you that our Electric Mud Mixer Drill will serve as your one-stop shop for all drilling needs. You can mix mud, add air to tires, or perform another action requiring a lot of power.

Additionally, its 12″ inch chuck is ideal for larger bits used in drywall drilling or mixing mud applications. You can always rely on this tool to keep you as safe as possible. It has a gearbox and pure steel housing for added strength when operating.

Additionally, it incorporates a lock-On button that guarantees consistent precision by adjusting application parameters. And when necessary, it’s simple thanks to the detachable spindle drive-cover. However, a lifetime warranty is offered with this Genesis-branded item. So, shop with assurance knowing that your tool is well-made.


  • For stacking your heavy machines, it will be the ideal drilling machine for you.
  • Even the most difficult soils can be made into the smooth ground with this equipment.
  • It can be a key component of any house builder’s toolkit.
  • You will receive all of the cost-effective features, such as variable drilling depth.
  • It will come with a two-year manufacturer guarantee to lessen your maintenance anxiety.


  • It can start to smell, which is really uncomfortable.
  • It requires some effort to transport to the job site.

5. BOSCH Bosch GBM9 Best Drill for Concrete

BOSCH Drill for Mixing Concrete

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  • Maximum productivity is ensured by the steel gear’s precision cutting.
  • At any speed, the motor can provide the largest amount of torque.
  • To further aid you, this machine comes with a three-prong grounding plug.
  • In all applications, a 360° rotatable D-handle is available for maximum comfort.

With its 9.0 Amp motor, the Bosch GBM9-16 Mixer is a superb instrument that will enable you to produce strong torque. Its variable speed control can hold materials like epoxy resin and cement plaster. Additionally, it will enable you to hold it in the ideal position.

A variety of drilling and mixing accessories are built into its steel saw feature to keep the material safe. Additionally, its extra-long 8-foot rubber cord will provide you with a lot of freedom while working on-site.

The Bosch GBM9-16 drill/mixer, however, is ideal for your high-powered and demanding work. It has a 5-inch variable speed with a no-load RPM range of 0-700. Drilling in wood or metal is, therefore, possible because of the endless availability of precise steel gears.

With its head rotating the entire drill, this tool can drill both forward and backward. Additionally, it has more torque than you want and is precise. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year service protection plan, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Therefore, there is no risk in purchasing this superb concrete mixer drill.


  • Its full-keyed chuck provides excellent support for mixing accessories.
  • With regard to all the safety features, it is a fantastic powerhouse.
  • All user tiers can afford to utilize this product.
  • This gadget will appeal to you more because it is lightweight.
  • You’ll find that this tool is perfectly capable of handling your heavy-duty tasks, such as ten buckets of the thinnest drywall.


  • There’s no trigger lock on this tool.
  • It was missing a 90-degree grip.

6. DEWALT DW130 Concrete Mixing Drill


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  • For blending drywall compound, it incorporates an AC/DC rocker switch (forward/reverse).
  • This tool can boost its durability thanks to its 5/8-inch spindle.
  • Its distinctive nozzle output minimizes air bubbles.
  • This tool’s modest 450 RMP produces large diameter holes in metal and wood.
  • You will be given a complete guarantee for one year.

When it comes to drills for construction sites, the DEWALT DW130 Drill is the ultimate multi-tasker. This exercise can help you manage all of your jobs when you have a lot on your plate. Its speeds vary depending on the task to provide the operator more control in tricky situations, such as while mixing mud or drilling through various materials.

This compact, effective tool has a three-gear mechanism that significantly lessens torque reactivity. Therefore, starting with big loads will enable faster speeds and simpler management. Its chuck key and holder settings can be reviewed without entirely disengaging the gears.

Most notably, it is the first drill in the world to be able to drill holes quickly. You can now finish a lot of projects quickly thanks to its 7x speeds. Therefore, the days of fiddling with bizarre settings are over. Furthermore, the DEWALT DW130 drill will work well for you.

However, this cordless drill, which has a maximum power output of 600 watts, will allow you to drill through steel like butter. A 3-speed range is also available to prevent air bubbles. Slide the reverse switch up when mud mixing. in order to avoid getting in the way when you are breaking through drywall or plasterwork.

When starting delicate screws, its rapid weight-to-power balance ensures optimum control. Therefore, don’t pass up this fantastic concrete mixing drill.


  • A top-notch grain-grinding tool is the DEWALT DW130 Drill.
  • It can drill holes in a variety of balances because of its great steadiness.
  • It can be applied in high-torque situations.
  • You will receive an accurate drilling measurement from it.


  • Drilling cannot be done because it is too loud. You also require hearing protection.
  • You must exercise caution when using this tool to prevent damage.

7. F2C Pro 1600W Drill for Mixing Concrete

F2C Drill for Mixing Concrete

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  • To withstand further heat, this instrument was provided with a copper wire cover.
  • Its top heat-radiator will improve the quality of the air around you.
  • You can mix at various thicknesses with the aid of its motor-speed control buttons.
  • A power mixer with variable speeds will be provided.

Are you seeking a robust mixer that combines heritage with utility? For your job, the F2C Pro 1600W Concrete Mixer is ideal. A dual-speed to a seven-speed handheld electric cement mixer, the F2C PRO 1600W is designed to increase productivity and decrease fatigue. Additionally, handling plaster or mortar is made simpler by its dual speeds with seven different settings (MIN-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 MAX) without wearing you out too soon. The handles are ergonomically made and ready to lessen fatigue.

Additionally, its 1500 Watt power motor makes it perfect for landscaping and home improvement chores. Additionally, 2.5 yards of mortar or plaster can be mixed at once. Pretty Incredible!

It does have a high-speed motor, though, so it can handle thinner materials like mortars. It contains settings for thin-set mortar grout and pale face mixtures. On the other hand, pouring concrete quickly is the most aggravating thing ever. Additionally, you cannot mix concrete with a small, inexpensive hand mixer.

But you’ll be able to blend that kind of business easily with the F2C Pro 1600W. It also contains a number of additional features that set this tool apart from the competition.

The F2C Pro 1600W drill for mixing concrete enables you to work more effectively on your upcoming craft project. Nobody wants to combine tasks for hours on end when there are other tasks yet unfinished. Since the F2C Pro 1600W operates on 110V/60Hz, there is no need to bother about adapters or different voltages.


  • You will have continual working support from it.
  • This instrument is very portable and easy to carry to your desired location.
  • During lengthy projects, it provides excellent stability and steady power.
  • The operational processes are far too simple.
  • It is quite comfy for both easy and difficult jobs.


  • Frequently, the equipment will become stuck when drilling.
  • For beginners, the setting processes are somewhat difficult.

Buying Guide for the Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

When considering a drill for mixing concrete, you must consider a few particular aspects. To consider a drill machine’s quality would be unwise. You must take into account the handles, variable speed, torque, speed settings, reverse/forward switch, etc. among these crucial elements. These characteristics are also very noteworthy. Let’s quickly review those features:


The majority of drill machines have various handle designs. The handle that will give you the greatest comfort must be the best one. To move to your desired area easily, the handle is crucial. Furthermore, a handle can aid in control, regardless of how powerful the drilling project is.

Different Speeds

Before you purchase your tool, make sure it has a variable speed because this feature helps you control the material during mixing.


To work with different materials such as mixing cement, drywall mud, mortar, etc., drill torque is essential. So, give increasing the torque on your drill a try.

Alternative Speed Settings

Every drill has a speed setting choice, however, some drills on the market also offer an optional speed setting. As a result, it will be more beneficial for you to precisely alter your pace level.

Forward/Reverse Switch

For your mixing work, drilling with both switches is highly advised. The backward and forward switches on your drill will let you easily change the rotation of your mixing paddle. In this situation, we advise selecting a drill that has switches for forward and reverses.


The most important thing to remember is to take your budget into account. If money is tight, do your study to get the best drill with the best features. Therefore, you should decide your price range before going to get a drill. The seven drills we recommend are reasonably priced and of great quality. So why don’t you go from there and find your match?

The Best Drill for Mixing Concrete FAQs

How should I mix concrete? What sort of drill should I use?

The DEWALT DW130 is the best option if you want to enjoy the process of mixing concrete without worrying about getting your hands dirty. With the DEWALT DW130 Drill Mixer, you can combine materials quickly and affordably without having to handle endless amounts of material.

Your work will look clean as a result. You may add more drills to this machine to make it capable of drilling holes through various surfaces. Consequently, it will benefit you in two ways.

Concrete can a cordless drill mix it?

An all-in-one cordless drill can mix and dispense concrete as well as finish your walls. It is also ideal for quickly and without mesh mixing any type of concrete. The days of manually mixing, pouring, and moving the stuff around with a little shovel are done. The cordless drill is also portable and has a right- and left-handed user-friendly ergonomic design.

Can a hammer drill be used to mix concrete?

It is, indeed. If you don’t want your mix to be tighter and less watery, you should buy a hammer drill. The hammer drill is essential for ensuring that all the materials have been properly blended. If you find yourself with damp, tightly packed mixing ingredients that you cannot use, it is a great workaround.

For mixing concrete, what size drill do I need?

Drills of a good size can have wattages between 800 and 8,000. However, you might require more if you work in industrial power. Ideally, buy a drill that can produce at least 1,300 watts if you need the most power possible to spare for other projects.

How may a mixing drill be used?

Avoid mixing the concrete with a standard drill since the metal will contaminate it and ruin anything nearby. The drill mixer’s ingenious design uses two pitches that function in a variety of materials, including mud, mortar, and cement. This implies that you can produce flawless concrete mixtures without sacrificing quality. However, if you attach a mixing paddle facing the other way from your machine, you can safely operate your drill.

Use the appropriate drill while mixing concrete.

Look no farther than the drill machine when you need the best drill for mixing concrete. If you get a high-quality tool, it will be dedicated to giving you high-quality performance for your long-term builds. These tools are equipped with more distinctive characteristics and are prepared to provide you with all you need to complete your task successfully.

But we’d like your attention right now if you need a power tool that will also enable you to save money. Drills from our range are perfect for any of your requirements. So, don’t think about it too much before making a decision.