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7 Best Step Drill Bit Set

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Step drill components allow drilling holes of various sizes with just one component. As you lower the bit, it gradually increases. The general shape of drilling different holes without changing bits resembles a cone.

The metal determines which step drill bit set is optimal. Aluminum may be drilled using titanium and HSS (high-speed steel) drill bits. Spending more money on fiber-glass and certain alloys is wasteful.

All drill or cutting material combinations respond miraculously to the proper cutting fluid. Drilling joints and tougher metals require the use of carbide bits.

Additionally, the bit tip needs greater pressure and generates more heat for the workpiece and finish. If feasible, compare the energy used for each type of tip with a drill that is the same size.

Best Step Drill Bit Set Review

How much relief helps may surprise you. Once more, choose a cutting fluid appropriate for your metal. For example, sulfuric oil is typically used to cut steel, while aluminum requires a particular lubricant.

When purchasing the greatest step drill bits, always make an effort to assure those features, as previously said. Finding the right one for you is now simple thanks to our assistance. We have examined customer feedback from the reputable marketplace and tried a number of products.

1. DEWALT: Best 3-Piece Step Drill Bits Set

DEWALT Step Drill Bit

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  • The titanium two flute spiral design of the DEWALT drill bit set provides extended life and better chip removal.
  • Your task is made simpler by the numerals’ improved visibility thanks to laser engraving.
  • Dewalt’s drill bit has a split point tip that increases speed.
  • Surprisingly, you can use the Dewalt drill bits on surfaces made of metal and plastic; you don’t need to replace the bits very often.
  • It is made to be used with an impact driver and features a 1/4-inch hex shank as well.

This top-notch step drill bit is offered by Dewalt, the most well-known brand in the electrical industry. Due to the parts’ ease of cutting stainless steel, the 3-piece set is fashionable.

The offset construction on each step, which guarantees that your bits’ steps stay sharper for longer than other versions, is another wonderful feature. Every electrician needs a Dewalt Step Drill Bit because of its versatility. Impressive drilling into metal, especially when using the right Dewalt bits.

Additionally, the Dewalt Step Drill Bit is a crucial tool for embedding LEDs or toggle switches into aluminum and other metals. It is made for drilling holes with multiple diameters. It is excellent on plastic as well.

What we like

This part is intended to be used with an impact driver only. Additionally, this piece has Dewalt two-flute spiral design and laser-engraved numerals. The split point tip of it speeds up. Additionally, each level’s Offset design gives adaptability. The drill bits may be changed, so there’s no need to do it too regularly.

What we didn't like

Users caution against using it on walls since parts could get lost there.

2. Neiko 10197A: Titanium Step Drill Bit Set


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  • The Neiko’s titanium-coated high-speed steel construction gives it the durability required to drill through sheet metal.
  • The split-tip design of the bits, which is at a 135-degree angle, enables faster drilling on the majority of surfaces.
  • Their tri-flatted shanks will securely hold your drill press and allow for a simple attachment.
  • Its parts may work with plastic as well as sheet metal in the shapes of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals.
  • To keep the drill bits secure, a strong, blow-molded organizational container is included.

If you’re seeking drill bits with extraordinary strength, why not check out this product? You’ll have all the strength you require to handle even the most difficult workpieces thanks to it.

We appreciate this toolkit’s diversity and quality, which are both factors. These are made of titanium and premium HSS, naturally.

Because of its sturdy construction, this is durable and robust. Since step bits cannot be sharpened, you need something durable, and that is exactly what they were made for.

This Neiko set’s ability to be used on a variety of surfaces is another benefit. This can be used to drill neat, rounded holes in sheets of steel, plastic, or metal.

What we like

Because of the shank’s non-slip design, this item offers a great capacity for expansion. Additionally, there are 50 distinct hole sizes in all! The company will also give you an organizing case. Because of its self-centering and walking-resistant structure, it is more powerful and user-friendly.

What we didn't like

Rapid dulling may occur, in some users’ experiences. The majority of the reviews, though, were favorable.

3. Klein Tools: 1-3/8 inch Step Drill Bit Set

Klein Step Drill Bit

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  • You can visualize the size of the hole you want to create using the silver marks on the drill bit that represent different hole sizes.
  • To help you see it while working in the dark, this drill bit has a glow-in-the-dark handle that stays lit for 30 minutes.
  • The drill’s chuck can hold the 3/8-inch-thick hex shank tightly since it does not round off.
  • These double-fluted drill bits are faster than single-flute bits at drilling and cutting.
  • The KTSB15 makes the work even more accessible with a rapid start and non-walking tip.

Another choice that many experts appreciate when it comes to luxury goods is Klein. Since 1857, Klein has offered high-quality hand tools, making it an established brand.

For precise cutting, the Klein Tools Step Drill Bit features three different hole diameters. The 38 hex shank of the bit provides a firm grip and keeps it from spinning out of the drill.

We like this drill bit in part because of its non-walking drill point’s quick start. By doing away with mistakes, drilling becomes quick and safe.

In order to reflect standard drilling sizes, the Klein Step Drill Bit also incorporates clear silver targets inside the size fluctuation.

What we like

This product has a quick-start drill tip and a spiral tool flute. Its use is strengthened and extended by being snugly fitted into the chucks. A straightforward chip cleaning device is also included. It comes with a choice of hole diameters and hexagonal shanks for the best results. Lastly, two flutes cut more quickly while still being somewhat more impressive.

What we didn't like

Some people claim that it is a little more expensive than substitutes.

4. Milwaukee: Silver Metallic Step Drill Bit Set


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  • You can prepare two times faster because of its ability to drill holes ranging in size from 7/8″ to 1-1/8″.
  • The step bit’s twin flute design gives it the ability to drill quickly and comfortably while still offering outstanding control.
  • The bit has a black oxide coating and is composed of silver metallic, allowing it to cut through materials like butter and produce a very clean finish.
  • The Rapid Strike tip extends the life of the bit tip by enabling a quick and precise start while producing less heat.
  • A secure connection with the drill chuck is ensured by the Secure-Grip shank with three flats.

The step drill bit from Milwaukee has a very smooth surface, which prevents jams when drilling. The step bit’s two-flute construction makes it possible for it to drill quickly and comfortably. Additionally, double construction enables fine drilling control.

This drill bit has a black oxide finish and is constructed of silver metallic material. It works incredibly well for high-speed drilling. Your life won’t be in danger from any wall fragments falling.

This drill bit is great for electricians since it cuts cool and produces less heat. This makes the process safer and lessens the likelihood that sparks will fly your way. Additionally, the piece won’t get boring too quickly.

What we like

This model is intended for fast-moving cordless drills. It’s Rapid Strike Tip generates quick, accurate starts while emitting less heat. Additionally, because of enhanced geometry, it has a bit of life that is up to 4X longer. Up to 50% more holes can be drilled by the user every battery charge.

What we didn't like

Some customers complain that using it on hard surfaces is challenging. However, the majority of the comments were supportive.

5. COMOWARE: Best Titanium Coated Step Drill Bits Set

COMOWARE Step Drill Bit

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  • The Dewalt provides 165 PSI from a 6-gallon tank. The drill bit set has five standard sizes for versatility and works with the majority of brands currently available on the market.
  • The drill bits in this set work well with a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood.
  • The parts in this set have a cutting angle of approximately 118 degrees, which improves wear resistance.
  • The step drill bits they offer can handle a variety of diameter holes, saving you a ton of time.
  • The time needed for each application is further reduced by the automatic center punch.

The set of step drill bits is put under a lot of stress during a job. The drill bits we have in our arsenal must be able to endure such assault. If you’re having trouble picking the right drill bit, Comoware has created one that claims exceptional durability and longevity.

This is a set of drill bits with five steps and 50 different diameters for drilling holes. The smallest hole diameter that is practical is 3/16 inches, while the largest hole diameter is 1 and 3/8 inches. This wide range of drilling diameters will work for almost all applications.

The holder that is included with this product is another important feature. With this tool, organizing the tools will be pleasurable.

What we like

The most popular bit sizes are included in this product, along with easy chip removal. The tools are arranged neatly in their holder. Additionally, it has a sturdy construction. Additionally, it offers a 118-degree cutting angle for quicker application. The case also makes it easier to use the components outside of it.

What we didn't like

Sometimes, extra functionalities are superfluous for simple applications. Users who are just starting out won’t benefit.

6. Neiko: HSS Titanium Step Drill Bits Set


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  • The Dewalt outputs 90 PSI at 2.6 SCFM and produces 165 PSI from its 6-gallon tank.
  • Due to its low noise level of 75.5 dBA, it is appropriate for quiet working environments.
  • Only 30lbs make up the air compressor’s low weight.
  • It contains two top-notch couplers for simultaneous use by two persons.
  • The rubber leg guards provide protection from harm.
  • A cord wrap is included as a convenient storage solution.
  • The high-efficiency motor in the Dewalt will start without any issues.

We’ll tell you right away that this might be the most important step drill bit for metal that we’ve evaluated if you’re a professional seeking the best step drill bit for its correct application.

We have already been happy with Neiko’s products, but what keeps this tool in the spotlight is the benefit you receive from using it. It is no better drill bit available to cut through metal with total control. It precisely pierces while cutting rapidly.

The aperture is smooth and rounded with no sharp edges thanks to the twin fluted structure. Additionally, this works well with power tools, just like previous Neiko products. There should therefore be no issues. The fact that this is a three-set tool, however, means that a box will not be included.

What we like

This tool is constructed of steel and titanium nitride and is excellent for precisely cutting thin metals. This step drill can be cut precisely thanks to its twin fluted spiral form. The t1/4′′ hex shank is also a fantastic universal fit that will give you confidence while working. The business added a titanium nitride coating to the drill to increase its durability and capabilities.

What we didn't like

The slim body construction has caused some users to become unsatisfied. But it works better for drilling tiny holes.

7. HYCLAT: Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

HYCLAT Step Drill Bit

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  • This step drill bit is far too versatile to be utilized on stainless steel sheets, plastics, aluminum alloys, or wood. The Dewalt produces 165 PSI from its 6-gallon tank and delivers.
  • Faster and more precise cutting is made possible by the X-type apertures and numerous cutting blades.
  • Traditional, sturdy high-speed steel with a titanium coating has proven capable and durable while drilling holes.
  • The 135-degree split point tip enables you to cut more quickly over a longer distance.
  • HVAC professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike must have a well-organized box since it makes for easier storage and transit.

Are you looking for a tool kit that you can use for different jobs? Then you ought to look at the item we’re going to talk about.

These elements will be useful in just a small number of projects. Every component of this kit had a stylish and practical appeal to me.

Because of its sturdy construction, the Hyclat step drill bit set is extremely dependable. This is comprised of titanium and cobalt, making it incredibly strong. By ensuring a smooth drilling experience, titanium merely increases process efficiency.

Additionally, a gorgeous metal case will be provided to you to keep everything safe at all times. The edges of the piercings don’t feel sharp or jagged, but rather smooth.

What we like

This item offers little stress and is almost impossible to snap when compared to normal parts. Additionally, the many cutting blades’ design enables faster and more precise cutting. X-type holes are utilized during drilling to aid in clearing away and cutting waste. Additionally, the three-sided shank reduces drill chuck slippage.

What we didn't like

Some people think the argument is not very strong. Actually, this is not a problem.

Factor to Consider for Best Step Drill Bit Set

One excellent tool you should have in your toolbox is a drill bit. You may use your drill more frequently than any other necessary power equipment, whether you are a weekend DIYer or a regular DIYer. So learn what to think about before purchasing a set of step drill bits.

Marking of Dimensions

The step drill bit’s ubiquity can be attributed to dimensions printed on the body. You can always choose the precise size where size markers are required while drilling your screw-driving hole.

Because of this, we advise using laser-cut pieces rather than ones with different marks. Different marks can make them drab and challenging to see.

Bit of the Drill’s Shank

Now that it resembles your power tool, it would be a pity to purchase it, so we plunge the shank straight into the mixture. With your tool, check the handles’ flexibility.

Take into account the shank’s quality and shape as well. A part that has weaker shanks may be unstable to use and may also have a rougher hole.


It is applicable to each item you buy. The effectiveness of the product—whether it breaks even before the blade strikes—is partially dependent on the material used in its construction.

Step drills or thinner coatings like aluminum, plastic, and other soft alloys are suited for high-speed steel (HSS). But you’ll need a more robust material, like cobalt, if you need to drill through harsher slabs.

Even if the material breaks, you shouldn’t hold it entirely responsible for your problems. That’s because the poor application is typically to blame for this.

Size Options

The fundamental benefit of step drills is the variety of alternatives they provide. Therefore, the wider range of tasks you can accomplish with this item, the more size possibilities you receive. It increases the device’s capabilities and gives you more options for using it.

Completing Element

The most common finish for stepped drills is titanium. Additionally, it removes these kinds of fragments from the batch. The titanium coating makes the piercing feel more natural by reducing friction between the bit and surface.

How do I select the proper drill bit?

Your chances of finishing the task correctly the first time rise if you know what drill bit to use and when to use it. Due to the wide range of uses for these tools, a variety of drill bits are available, each serving a particular function. Gaining an understanding of what they all do will help you to ensure the success of your project.

Here’s how to choose the ideal drill bit for the task at hand.

Resources for High-Quality Drill Bits

Black Oxide-Coated HSS: Black Oxide-Coated HSS Drill Bits outlast other high-speed bits due to their coated finish and resilience to wear. They perform well with a variety of materials, including metal, hardwoods, softwoods, fiberglass, and polyvinyl chloride, and are significantly more durable (PVC).

Steel bits are more affordable and are frequently used with softer woods. They frequently shatter, quickly dull, and wear out when used with additional hardwood goods.

Although titanium-coated bits are more expensive than high-speed steel ones, they are more demanding, last longer, and maintain their sharpness better. They work well when combined with polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass, metal, and wood (PVC).

High-Speed Steel (HSS) bits are more difficult to use, maintain their edge longer, and drill soft metals, PVC, wood, and fiberglass.

Drills with carbide tips are more expensive but maintain their edge longer than any other bit.

Drill bits made of cobalt are difficult to use and quickly lose heat. They are used to penetrate more important metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

The bit size of the drill

Pilot hole charts are included with drill bits to help you choose the best one for the job. These formulas, which are based on the screw shank, ought to only be regarded as suggestions:

When in doubt, choose a drill bit that is 1/64 inch larger than the hole you wish to produce. This takes into account elements like screw type and wood density.

Use a bit that is the same size as the hole when working with other materials.

Use a bit that is 1/64′′ smaller than the necessary hole size for softwoods.

Step drill bits’ advantages

Let me help you by detailing the benefits if you’re still not sure or undecided about using a step drill bit rather than a normal bit.

It has outstanding drilling accuracy; only holes larger than 15 mm in diameter show even a slight drop. You will have a wider range of working resources because of the cutting surface’s improved strength.

Without compromising quality, it can drill holes in tough materials. A step drill bit’s sharp cutting edges, which produce holes with smooth sidewalls and straight walls, provide an additional benefit. It does away with the requirement that the centering tool is used during the initial procedure.

There is no need to attach, remove, or reattach the bits during drilling because step drills are designed as multiple sizes in one instrument. It can drill holes quickly without compromising the sharpness of the edges. The option to make a “triangle hole” will be available to you.

How do Drill Bits function?

A specific kind of cutting tool called a drill bit is used to make or widen holes in solid metal. These are utilized along with a drill press or manual drill that has a chuck. A key is used on these drilling machines to tighten or loosen the clamp.

Every drill requires the use of a power source, which we’ll call the machine. Modern home DIY drills are frequently powered by electric motors with speed-adjustable gearboxes. Outside drilling rigs are propelled by large diesel engines or pneumatic compressors.

The rotating, cylindrical drilling bit is the tool used to cut or bore into the material being drilled. The heat from drilling damages both the drilling material and the drill itself.

In addition, replacement bits for drills are available in a wide variety of lengths. The sharp end of drill bits is typically intended to be exposed to colder fluid, sometimes even just plain old water.

For instance, burrs (sharp metal edges) are driven into the pit during the drilling of a metal hole and appear at the exit pit, where they must be removed with a file. It is typically necessary to reinforce the area with concrete after drilling a pit in a subway or metro tube to prevent collapse. The same is true for plain holes that are bored into the walls of your house.

Best Step Drill Bit Set FAQs

What is the best usage for a step drill bit?

When drilling new holes or enlarging ones in soft materials, a step drill bit is frequently employed. Along with hard materials like cast iron, bronze, and steel, they can drill through plastic, thin sheet metal, aluminum, and these metals as well.

Again, step drill bits drill into any metal sheet up to 14″ thick by rotating counterclockwise. It is known as a self-start drill bit since the majority of step bits don’t require pre-holes or pilot holes.

Do Step bits work well with metal?

Step bits are perfect for drilling through sheet metal and other thin, rigid materials since they do not twist. They gradually shave off material and make wider holes as you move through the steps.

As soon as the bit starts to penetrate the metal, a normal drill will stop. That will probably cause the drill bit to break or cause a severe backlash. With a step drill, that is not a problem.

Can wood be drilled with step drill bits?

Step drills are ideal for cutting materials up to 4 millimeters thick, including stainless steel up to 1.5 millimeters thick and wood.

They are primarily designed to work with thin sheets of metal up to 1/4 inch thick. Surprisingly, you may use them on metal, plastic, and wood in addition to other materials. Therefore, make sure that the wood you plan to use them on has a maximum thickness of 4 millimeters.

Can a step drill bit be sharpened?

Any step drill bit will become dull after some use, therefore for the best results, constantly clean the tip and flute. You can use a bench grinder or a particular sharpening attachment to make it sharp. You may revolve the drill while supporting your torso with one hand securely holding the shank.

The angle between the drill tip and the grinding wheel should be 45 degrees. Apply a leading or cutting edge to a wheel.

A step drill bit can drill through how much metal?

To drill holes in thin materials like sheet metal, step drilling bits are utilized. These are the tools you need whether you need a stainless steel sink, an electrical service panel that is the right size, or a clean hole in a metal junction box. You may drill holes of varying sizes with a metal step drill bit, and many of them can cut through metal up to 3/8 inch thick.


The best step drill bit set can be difficult to find. However, after reading the post, you might have a thorough understanding of step drill bits. All of the products have been brought close to you with their highest efficiency, along with buying guidance.

The DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set is the best acquisition in my opinion. You’ll start to question why the hell you’ve never attempted this after drilling holes with this metal. When this object hits something, it throws debris that will make you smile, try to puncture your eyes, and temporarily burn you.

The Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, however, is a favorite of my coworker Andy. For him, this one was like a higher-level drill. It drills a reconnaissance hole while maintaining constant pressure, colder oil, and a slower drilling speed. It actually drills almost anything and is durable.

The other five, however, cannot be disregarded. Due to their excellence and functionality, they have earned a spot on our list. So, get one that will suit your demands.