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10 Best Polymeric Sands of 2024

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How do you make sure your pavers stay intact throughout? Considering pavers are the best materials used to make outdoor floor surfaces like parking areas, patios, and pool decks, the pavers tend to loosen after a period. Also, installing does not guarantee good binding, whereby weeds begin to grow in between the gaps of the pavers after a while. Well, you can easily keep your pavers intact and prevent weeds from growing on the gaps by installing polymeric sand.

Polymeric sand consists of sand mixed with high content of polymer essential for binding surfaces. The polymeric sand is a bit finer, making it easy to fill small gaps on the pavements and other surfaces evenly. Here are the top ten best polymeric sand products in the market.

Best Polymeric Sands

10. Sakrete Product Type Change-Polymeric Sand

Sakrete Polymeric Sands

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You don’t need to have building skills to learn how to use this polymeric sand since you need to add the right amount of water to make the binding paste. The materials and texture of this sand make it compatible with different materials like concrete and bricks.

So, you can use the sand to fill large gaps on your pavers or even mend a crack in your brick walls. A bag has polymeric sand amounting to 40 pounds, which can cover a significant space.

What we like
  • This is recommendable polymeric sand for repair services
  • The products are easy to mix when preparing
  • This polymeric sand is super durable


Whether you have cracks or large paver gaps on the surface, these are recommendable mending materials to use. Polymeric sand is easy to mix with water and is compatible with different materials.

9. Polymeric Sand Concentrate,20 lbs-Polymers and

Polymeric Polymeric Sands

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This polymeric sand consists of a 10: 1 ratio of polymer and sand to form a strong and unbreakable substance for filling and mending hard surfaces. If you want to control erosion or weed growth between the paver gaps, this is the right sand to use.

It blends well with other materials, and it is easy to use. The 20-pound sack can prepare up to 200 pounds of sand mixture, depending on your preference.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand is customizable to different colors
  • Can be used to fill cracks and mend paver gaps
  • Does not take long to dry up


This polymeric sand consists of a 10 to 1-ratio of polymer and sand content. It is multifunctional since you can use it to mend gaps and refill cracks on walls or floorings.

8. Polymeric Sand Concentrate – 20 lbs


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You will be amazed at what this polymeric sand can do in your household. It may only consist of 20 pounds content, but the sand is plenty since you can mix it with water to prepare a content of 200 pounds. Polymeric sand is safe for mending pavement gaps, joining pavers, and filling cracks in concrete materials.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand is durable
  • It is strong
  • The sand is versatile in mending and filling
  • You can use it on all types of pavers materials


Mixing this polymeric sand to use is easy since it is made using local sand and high polymer content for excellent binding results.

7. Polymeric Sand Concentrate – 10 lbs


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This 10 lb polymeric sand sack can prepare a whole 100 pounds of content to cover a large space. I would recommend this polymeric sand for repair services in areas with large gaps or cracks in the flooring. Preparing the polymeric sand is easy since there is a manual guide on the ratios to use depending on the results desired.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand sack is quite affordable
  • A small package prepares large content of polymeric sand
  • You can use it to fill different surfaces


This 10 lb polymeric sand prepares 100 lbs of sand content. You can use the sand to mend flat rocks and paver gaps.

6. Mutual Industries Lock-EM-Up Paver Sand

Mutual Industries

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Do you need sand materials that secure the pavers in place? Well, get this polymeric sand. You can use it when constructing pavements and for repair services as well.

The bag has about 50 lb of sand that can cover a space of up to 300 square feet. This polymeric sand is versatile since you can use it when filling concrete patios and bricks to prevent water inlets.

What we like
  • You can use this polymeric sand to prevent erosion
  • The sand entirely seals paver gaps for easy cleaning
  • The finishing of this sand is exceptional and does not leave sand residuals on the pavers.


This is multifunctional polymeric sand you can use on concrete patios, pavements, and even bricks.

5. Alliance Gator Polymeric Super Sand- 50 lb. Bag

Kawayy Polymeric Sands

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If you have small spaces on your pavement that you would want to fill, get this polymeric sand. It is recommendable for filling spaces 1 inch deep. The material composition of this sand has ASTM C-144 fine gradations that make it possible to fill even the tightest spaces of the surfaces like on the walls of the pool.

This is polymeric sand you can comfortably apply even in rainy seasons since it does not take long to dry up. Just make sure to apply the sand to the filling space after 1 hour of rain.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand is safe to store outdoors since the package bag is waterproof
  • The sand can be used in areas with a temperature range of 37 degrees and above
  • You can comfortably fill this sand even in tight spots


This polymeric sand is made using quality ingredients that are also finer for easy application in tight spaces. The slate grey color matches multiple pavement surfaces.

4. Buddingco Polymeric Sand – Black 18lbs Joint Stabilizing Sand


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Versatile polymeric sand that you can use on different surfaces and for various functions. The polymeric sand can fill joints on surfaces like the pool floor, pavements, patios, and even parking.

Apart from filling the joints, the sand is recommendable to control soil erosion in rainy and windy seasons to keep the compound of your home clean throughout. You can conveniently use this polymeric sand in cold and hot seasons within the temperatures range of 0 to 37 degrees C.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand can be used as filler on different surfaces
  • It is easy to apply
  • You can apply it to prevent soil erosion
  • This polymeric sand is super strong and durable


This is quality polymeric sand you can apply on most surfaces at home or in public areas. It blends well with the surfaces, plus it does not easily crack.

3. Rhino Power Bond Plus Polymeric Super Sand

Rhino Polymeric Sands

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This is another brand of polymeric sand you can use when mending pavers and stone bricks. If you have cracks in your house or pool area, the sand is a great mender since it fills spaces between 2 to 4 inches deep. You can apply the sand both in dry and wet seasons.

Note that if you are working in wet times, apply the sand 15 minutes after the water sets. If you are applying it on drainage areas, let the water settle for 24 hours before applying.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand can be applied even on areas without pavers
  • It works perfectly at a temperature range of 32 degrees C and above
  • You can use this sand to prevent weeds growing on pavement gaps


This is multifunctional polymeric sand you can use to mend gaps in the drainage system and for preventive measures such as erosion or weed growth on pavers.

2. Alliance Gator G2 Intelligent Polymeric Super Sand


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Not only can you apply this polymeric sand to mend gaps on pavements, but it is recommendable for keeping the surface clean throughout. The sand is made using quality sand mixed with polymer essential for neutralizing dust and haze.

So you can use it to fill the pool decks, patios, footpaths, driveways, parking spaces and other pavements. This polymeric sand only requires single watering to dry up after application.

What we like
  • This is multifunctional polymeric sand
  • The sand is available in slate grey and beige shades
  • This polymeric sand keeps the surface dust-free


  • Multifunctional polymeric sand you can use on the concrete paver, natural stones, wet cast products, and clay pavers. The sand comes in two color shades that match most pavements for a good blend

1. 45 Pound, Natural Joint Stabilizing for Pavers, Polymeric Sand

DOMINATOR Polymeric Sands

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This is dominator polymeric sand manufactured with ceramic flex to provide long-term binding results. The sand is safe for mending large cracks up to 4 inches deep. This model of polymeric sand comes in five different shades, so you can get the right color to match the floor or wall finish. Considering the sand is made with top-quality materials, applying it on the surface is quite easy, something you can do yourself.

What we like
  • This polymeric sand can mend a gap of up to 4 inches deep
  • It takes little time to dry, mainly in sunny periods
  • You can get this polymeric sand in five different color shades.


This Dominator polymeric sand is made with a quality ceramic flex mechanism that guarantees durability, flexibility, and effective results.


Use the above-reviewed polymeric sand products to control weeds from growing between pavers and control erosion on pavements. Polymeric sand has strong binding power to fill the gaps in the flooring and walls. The product is strong such that you can apply it on wet surfaces like pools.