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Best Lanterns for Power Outage of 2024

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If your home area tends to get a power outage once in a while, you need to buy lanterns for emergency use. Lanterns are highly recommendable for lighting both indoors and outdoors since they have high brightness levels. The majority of brands are made with quality materials to withstand different weather elements.

The best lanterns for power outages should last long and be adjustable so you can regulate the illumination in different rooms. Here is a review of the best lanterns for power outages worth getting for home use.

Best Lanterns for Power Outage

10. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping, Super Bright Portable Survival Lanterns

Vont Lanterns for Power Outage

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These are multifunctional lanterns safe to use during camping, and you can use them in case of a power outage. The package comes with two lanterns enough to brighten an entire room. Each lantern is equipped with 30 LED lamps that provide excellent and super-bright illumination to brighten the room.

Powered with batteries, the lanterns last for 90 hours when used nonstop. The lanterns are compact and light, plus handles that provide a comfortable grip to hang or hold when illuminating a room.

What we like
  • The lanterns are made with waterproof and super durable materials
  • These lanterns illuminate for super long hours
  • The lanterns come with a lifetime warranty
  • The lanterns are light and strong


The fact that the lanterns can last for 90 hours is reliable during an emergency power outage. They provide 360-degree illumination to brighten the space.

9. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

Tough Light

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This lantern has a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 200 hours nonstop. The lantern is powered by a 6000mAh Li-ion battery with 400 lumens to give excellent lighting to a room or camping tent. The lantern comes with a USB charger that you can also recharge through other services like smartphones or laptops.

An outstanding feature of this lantern is the two emergency lighting. You can opt for an SOS beacon light that lasts for 265 hours or the red hazard flashing that lasts for 526 hours.

What we like
  • This lantern is impact resistant for security even after accidental drop
  • The latter comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The lantern comes with a USB cable for charging


This is a quality lantern that is powered by a 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The battery can retain the charge for over a year even when the lamp stays before being used.

8. Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns

Vont Lanterns for Power Outage

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Keep your home set in case of a power outage by purchasing this brand of lanterns. A pack has four lanterns that will provide illumination in different rooms or a large room.

Storing these lanterns is easy, especially for safety, since they can collapse to smaller sizes to save space. Each lantern is made with 30 beads of LED lamps that provide 360 degrees of illumination in the room.

What we like
  • These lanterns are made with super durable materials
  • A pack has four lanterns
  • The lamps are collapsible for easy carrying and storage


These Vont lanterns are made with strong materials such that they cannot easily break even when dropped to a 10 feet distance on a hard surface.

7. AYL LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED 1800LM


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With one of the brightest LED lamps, you will not experience any darkness in case of an outage as long you have this lantern. The lantern lamp has 1800 lumens that provide excellent and undistracted brightness to the room.

This lantern has 46 LED lamps which comprise four soft white LED and 42 daylight LED lamps that combine to give extraordinary lighting.

What we like
  • This lantern lights up in four modes
  • It has a long ergonomic handle for easy holding
  • The lantern is quite easy to operate
  • This lantern has 1800 lumens that provide great light illumination


Featuring 46 LED lamps that provide a total of 1800 lumen brightness, this lantern can light up a large room. The LED lamp is an energy saver to last you longer.

6. AKMONA Camping Lantern- 8 Batteries Lanterns Battery Powered

AKMONA Lanterns for Power Outage

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This may be a disposable battery-powered lantern, but its illumination equates to the models powered by a rechargeable battery. The lantern has an LED lamp that gives bright and long illumination to cover a large room.

This is a lantern you can use in different rooms or areas requiring varying illuminations as it can light up in four different modes. You can comfortably go out with this lantern even in rainy seasons as it has a waterproof casing.

What we like
  • This is a flexible lantern you can use during camping, storms, hurricanes and power outage at home
  • This lantern is made with sturdy metal and ABS exterior for outdoor usage
  • The lantern can collapse to a small size for storage


A disposable battery-powered lantern is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. The LED lamps do not limit your illumination, and this lantern lights up in four different modes.

5. LE LED Camping Lantern; Battery Powered LED with 1000LM

Lighting EVER Store

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Do you need a lantern that alternates brightness may be to fit the spaces you wish to illuminate? Get this lantern from EVER. The lantern lights up in four modes to accommodate different light requirements.

The brightness is on another level since the LED lamp has 1000 lumens to give great illumination to the room. This lantern’s compact and lightweight structure makes it a recommendable lantern for various use, outdoor and indoors.

What we like
  • This lantern can light up for 12 hours nonstop
  • The lantern has an exceptional brightness level
  • It is made with IPX4 waterproof materials
  • The lantern comes with a removable cover to secure it and store with


With four lighting modes, you can dim or set the lantern to light up at high levels. The lantern has 1000 lumens for good lighting.

4. Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

Eveready Lanterns for Power Outage

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Coming from one well-known company, this is a durable and quality lantern to serve you when you need emergency lighting. The lanterns are multifunctional since you can use them as warm white lights or as flashlights outdoors.

They light up in four modes that you can easily change depending on the dark level of the room. These lanterns provide 360-degree illumination all around to ensure balance lighting in the room.

What we like
  • These lanterns can deliver illumination for 16 hours
  • The lanterns are affordable
  • These lanterns light up in four different modes


These are power lanterns powered by triple-A batteries and can deliver lighting for 16 hours. Since these lanterns light in four modes, you can easily set the right brightness mode for your home.

3. Etekcity Lantern Camping Lantern Battery Powered for Power Outages


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Whether you need a lantern you can use for outdoor adventures or emergency lighting at home, this lantern from Etekcity is worth buying. A pack has two lanterns that give a similar brightness level to fit in large rooms.

Each lantern has 30 low-energy consuming LED lamps that empower the lantern to run for up to 30 hours. These lanterns are easy to regulate since they can collapse if you want to reduce the illumination in the room.

What we like
  • The lazterns have low light consuming LED lamps
  • The lanterns are durable as they are made with quality materials
  • You can use these lanterns outdoors or indoors
  • The lanterns are compact and portable


Although these lanterns are made with ABS materials, they are quite strong for durability. Each lantern has 30 LED lamps that last long hours.

2. Lepro LED Camping Lantern-Super Bright and Battery Powered

Lepro Lanterns for Power Outage

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One lantern is not enough during a power outage as you may need to access various rooms. Well, Lepro LED battery-powered lanterns to come in four pieces just to make sure you have lighting in different rooms of your house.

These are multifunctional lanterns recommendable for camping since the light is reliable and the lamps can light up for long hours. Each lantern has LED lamps that offer 140 lumens brightness levels enough for a single room.

What we like
  • These lanterns only require three pieces of AA batteries
  • They are collapsible for storage
  • Each lantern has a strong handle to hang in the room
  • They are made with waterproof materials


Four battery-powered lanterns you can use indoors and outdoors. Each lantern has a brightness level of 130 lumens that provide excellent light in a large room or different small to medium-sized rooms.

1. MalloMe Lanterns Battery Powered LED – Emergency Hurricane Lights


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These are safety and emergency lights to use at home and outdoors when camping. The four lanterns are equipped with LED lights, with each illuminating at 146-lumens brightness all around.

These are safe lanterns to travel with since they are collapsible to smaller sizes, and this feature also makes storage at home easy. The lanterns have strong and durable ABS construction with quality LED lamps that can last for 100,000hours.

What we like
  • The illumination brightness is adjustable
  • These lanterns are durable and portable
  • The batteries do not consume high power
  • The lanterns are made in different beautiful colors.


Emergency lanterns that ensure you don’t stay in the dark in case of a power outage home. The lanterns are flexible such that you can also tag them when going camping.


These lanterns are reliable for illumination if you don’t have power in your home or for emergency illumination in different areas. They have LED lamps with great brightness levels, one of the reasons they can illuminate large spaces. Some of the reviewed lanterns are powered by rechargeable batteries, and others with disposable batteries. So, make a choice.