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10 Best Heat Guns of 2024

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A heat gun is one of the most versatile handheld tools used in households as well as commercial settings. Whenever heat is required to achieve specific material processing behavior, a heat gun is commonly used.

This article aims to simplify your selection process by reviewing the 10 best heat guns of 2024 alongside providing crucial information you need to know to make a sound purchasing decision.

What is a heat gun and how does it work?

A heat gun is a powered device that discharges heat, changing the thermal and processing of various materials. It’s mainly the device of choice when we want to strip paint or varnish, thaw out frozen pipes, tint windows, remove dents, etc. Due to this unmatched versatility, a heat gun has become a must-have device in many homes.

Best Heat Guns Review


Heat Guns

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Kicking off our list of the best heat guns of 2024 is this simple but highly versatile heat gun. You can use it for crafts, shrinking warp, electronics repairs, home improvement, etc. This heat gun comes with two temperature settings and a temperature range of 750-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Chandler heat gun is a mini-unit that’s powerful to handle small jobs. It operates noise-free and is very safe to use.



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This is the best heat gun you can acquire in 2024 for shrinking PVC, stripping paint and doing various crafts. It’s a 122-1202 degrees Fahrenheit heat gun with two temperature settings and four nozzles. Additional features that make this unit a worthy one to buy this year are its overheat protection, ergonomic design and kickstand base to prevent tip over.


Milwaukee Heat Guns

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When it comes to heat variation and degree increments, nothing can beat this heat gun from Milwaukee. It has a temperature range of 110-1150 degrees Fahrenheit with out-of-the-box 10 degrees increments. With its impact-resistant heating and ceramic housing, you’re assured that it’ll serve you for long. The heat gun has three airflow preset ranges and a broad base to allow free-hand operation.



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Cartman heat gun is a budget-friendly heat gun with 6 accessories, including 4 temperature nozzles. This heat gun delivers impressive power, has two temperature settings and a temperature range of 750-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a beginner-friendly unit that’s perfect for removing adhesives from surfaces, thawing pipes, or generally doing home improvement projects. The unit is built with a compact design and comes with a carry case.



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If you’re looking for a heat gun that’s exceptionally user-friendly to use, Tacklife HGP72AC is the unit to go for. From the digital controls to the four memory settings and a large display LCD screen, you’ll definitely have a very smooth experience using this heat gun. For accessories, you’ll get a good number of nozzles. This 122-1112 degrees Fahrenheit heat gun is perfect for welding, separation, softening, ignition and welding works.


Wagner Spraytech

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Wagner heat gun is specifically made for paint application and stripping finishes. It has an adjustable temperature range of 750-1000 degrees Fahrenheit and an adjustable heating element, quite an atypical feature to find in a heat gun. To ensure that the tool cools down safely, it comes with a cool setting.


VonHaus Heat Guns

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The Vonhaus heat gun is the real deal when it comes to heating nozzles. It comes with a reflector, glass protection, air spreader and concentrator nozzles, etc. This tool can be used to loosen adhesives, bend plastics, thaw frozen objects, do decorating and paint removal works. The air vents are strategically placed to prevent the buildup of dust and paint. This 662-1022 degrees Fahrenheit heat gun heats up almost immediately, works noise-free and is very safe to use.



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As the name suggests, this is a high-precision heat gun suitable for DIY and home projects. The temperature range for this tool is 176-1112 degrees Fahrenheit. It a lightweight, ergonomically designed and highly versatile heat gun that’s very comfortable and safe to use. The heat gun also comes with a 3-stage ventilation system to adjust the air heat temperatures.


Bosch Heat Guns

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Bosch is one of the well-known brands for producing powerful, highly functional and durable handheld tools. Their 2000w heat gun has an output of 750-1000 degrees and is one of the most powerful heat guns you can purchase in 2024. The tool comes with a mechanical air intake regulator for temperature control, a cool air setting and a base that allows hands-free use. This heat gun is not short of additional accessories, making it a very versatile and valuable kit to invest in.



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Like Bosch, Dewalt is a reputable brand for producing premium handheld tools and devices. This 150 – 1100 degree Fahrenheit heat gun from Dewalt is a high-performing unit with a large dial, an ergonomically designed comfort handle and out-of-the-box overheating protection. It’s safe to use, highly versatile tool that you should consider purchasing if you’re looking for the best heat gun in 2024.

Factors to consider when choosing the best heat gun in 2024

Output temperature

A good heat gun should convert most of the electric energy fed into it to heat energy. Acquire a heat gun with a reasonable output temperature, with the higher threshold being at least 1000 degrees.

Temperature control

This is a must-have feature in a good heat gun as it allows you to change the temperature depending on the heat sensitivity and recommended temperature of the material you’re working on. The temperature control could be manual or on a digital screen, but it should never lack in the heat gun you buy.

In-built protection

This is another crucial feature that stops a heat gun automatically when it overheats due to a malfunctioning cooling feature. Ensure your heat gun has this feature.

Flat-backed housing and integrated stands

You don’t want the heated nozzle to touch the surface when taking breaks working on material. The housing and stands come in handy when you want to place the tool on the working surface safely.

LCD display

A screen displaying the temperature and any other vital information of the heat gun is also an essential feature for a heat gun. A heat gun with a touchscreen is preferable as it can form the interface where you can change the settings.

Other accessories

Additional accessories help you work in a vast variety of materials. The more nozzles and scrapers a heat gun comes with, the more you’ll be able to work with it.


Hope you enjoyed this review article and can now comfortably pick the best heat guns of 2024.

All the heat guns in this list perform their basic role effectively and offer other unmatched benefits.

Before making a final decision on the heat gun to settle for in 2024 and beyond, always understand the additional features, it comes with.