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Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Reviews 2024

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Using the best gravity-feed spray gun to do home improvement projects can save a lot of time and keep your back from hurting. You don’t have to stand in the sun with paint rollers for hours to get the finish you want. You can get it done in just a few minutes.

One of the most common new things right now is the gravity feed spray gun. It has a cup for paint on top of the gun. With this structure, mixing is much easier and takes less time.

Even though these products are popular, it will be helpful to know how to choose the best one. So, we’re here to help you and give you the best help we can.

Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Reviews

We give reviews of products from top brands as part of the information we give. So, let’s get right to it and see what’s in store for you!

1. DeVilbiss 802342 Gravity Spray

DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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The DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray gun kit is the best catch if you want to do more detailed work. It is perfect for making your work stand out with subtle details and a smooth finish. Even though the design is pretty sturdy and works well, you should be careful with it to keep it in good shape. So, it’s not the best piece for pros to use all the time, but it’s the best for occasional DIY projects. This gravity feed spray gun kit weighs only 6 pounds and comes with three tips to fit your painting needs. Even teens can handle that pretty easily. It has an average rating, which means it’s worth a shot!

2. PowRyte Basic Gravity Spray


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This standard gravity-feed HVLP spray gun kit makes it easier to move fluids while cutting down on overspray. It has a hook for hanging that lets you store it safely. It has fluid regulation, pattern control, and air adjustment built into its three knobs. They all work together to make sure that the right amount of fluid is controlled, patterns are changed, and airflow is controlled. This gun also has a filter that helps you get the best results by getting rid of all kinds of dirt. The kit comes with a big rifle and a small gun, so you can work on both big projects and small ones with lots of details. It also has a pretty good score. It shows that it is a better tool.

3. 1.4mm HVLP Spray Gun

HVLP Spray Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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Here is another one of the best gravity-fed spray guns that can cover all kinds of surfaces evenly. It comes with a needle and nozzle made of stainless steel that can be used with different coatings. This spray gun won’t make you tired to use because it has a smooth trigger pivot and doesn’t weigh too much. This spray gun is made to be comfortable to use. It has a 1.4mm steel needle and a set of nozzles. It has great adjustment features that let you control the flow of fluid and change patterns. Users who really like this Spray Gun have given it five stars.

4. Central Pneumatic 47016

Central Pneumatic

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This Central Pneumatic HVLP gravity feed spray gun has a high output and does a great job of stopping overspray. So, it is better for the environment and saves you money on the cost of materials. It has the amazing feature that the fan pattern and volume can be changed. It works with a wide range of materials, like lacquers, enamels, urethanes, and metallic paints, so it can be used for both automotive and hobby projects. With this spray gun, you can control the fluid and change the fan patterns to get better results. It works great for primers and base coats. It also doesn’t weigh much. Many customers have given this Harbor Freight 47016 spray gun an excellent rating score.

5. Fuji 5175G T75G

Fuji 5175G Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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This Fuji 5175G spray gun is really better than other spray guns for professional painters. It has a knob on the side that makes it easy to change the fan pattern from small to large. It has a new design that makes it lighter and stronger than any other HVLP spray gun for latex paint. It is more efficient because it has an air cap that reduces overspray and improves atomization. All of this tool’s moving parts are made of stainless steel. It comes with a 600cc cup, which is perfect for small to medium-sized projects. On average, people give it a high score. It shows that people are generally happy with the product.

What You Need to Know About a Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

System in Charge

A spray gun is mostly a tool that lets you spray paint quickly and evenly. The gun has an attachment that looks like a trigger. When you press it, the fluid paint comes out of the gun’s nozzle in a mist of compressed air. A spray gun usually has several parts, such as a gun system, a compressed air system, a paint cup that is under pressure, and a flexible tube that connects all of these parts. This gadget works well because it has three important controls. The air micrometer lets you change the air pressure in any way you want, which is great and gives it a lot of uses.

The amount of fluid is controlled by the fluid adjustment, and the spray patterns are controlled by the fan control, which also works well. When all of the control systems work together, paint can be sprayed through the nozzle in a controlled way.

Popular since the 1980s

Gravity-feed spray guns became popular in the 1980s and have been better than regular spray guns ever since. Most painters, from beginners to professionals, like to use gravity spray guns because they work better and are better for the environment.


The main difference between conventional spray guns and gravity spray guns is how the fluid is atomized at the end of the gun, where the paint comes out of the nozzle. Every spray gun has two openings: one for air and one for liquid. During atomization, air and fluid are mixed together, and a fine mist comes out of the nozzle. In a conventional feed gun, the paint comes up from the bottom, while in a gravity feed gun, the fluid comes down from the top.

Less Air Pressure

People use the gravity spray gun type a lot for a number of reasons. It has less air pressure, which is very important for atomizing paint more effectively. Less air pressure also cuts down on overspray, which saves paint and gives the painters more control. Since gravity-feed guns have paint cups on top and can be taken apart, they are easy to clean. Also, it is a good type of gun that gives better finishes and a variety of coatings.

Spray guns that aren’t like the rest! Gravity-based spray guns have advantages that can compete with those of a good pressure-based gun. If you’ve been using regular spray guns for a long time, it might take a few tries to get used to a gravity spray gun. You’ll learn how to use gravity spray guns differently because the paint comes out with twice as much force as gravity. Aside from that, gravity spray guns are almost always better than regular guns in almost every way.

How to Choose the Best Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

Most gravity spray guns are great for working on small parts. This spraying tool can be used for airbrushing, and if needed, it can be used with more than one bottle at a time. So, it’s great for people who like to finish their work with lots of small details, but it also needs the right consistency to cover large areas well. There are many tips and ways to choose the best gravity-feed spray guns. You can either buy a spray gun and figure out how to use it best, or you can learn about the most important parts of a gravity spray gun to find one that fits your needs.

Features that stand out

When choosing a gravity spray gun, you should think about its most important features, such as its design, mixing system, trigger-adjustable flow, and type of feed. The design of the gun has a big effect on how well it works or how badly it works. You should look for a design that is easy to use but well-made to make sure it will last a long time.

You should also look for a gun that can be changed in a lot of ways since you don’t know what kind of detailed work you’ll be doing in the future. Even if you plan to use the sprayer for similar jobs, you will be able to get the most out of it if you can customize it more.


The mixing system can be put on the outside or the inside of a gravity spray gun. This gun is great if you want to do detailed work and mix things up inside. On the other hand, you can choose the external mix for smaller areas where you don’t have to work as hard. The gun’s trigger is something else you should think about when buying this tool. Most of the time, there are both single and double-action triggers.

For paint auctioning, the double action lets you push down and pull away, while the single action does it automatically. A single step is better because it makes the process easier and more clear.


Having an adjustable flow makes spray painting much more comfortable. Look for a gravity-fed system that lets you change the flow of the paint. Sometimes you’ll want to paint slowly to get a perfect finish, and sometimes you’ll just want to paint quickly to cover the surface. Also check the type of feed, which could be HVLP, standard, or a mix of both. With the right feed type and a fine flow adjustment, you can get a high-quality finish with fine details.

How Big Is It?

A cup comes with a gravity-feed spray gun. So you need to find a cup that can hold the right amount of liquid. Most people agree that a bigger cup is better because it gives you more stability in exchange for less maneuverability. It also wears out your hands faster. On the other hand, the cup should be big enough so that you don’t have to add more paint to cover the surface. Taking these important factors into account, experts say that a 600cc cup is neither too small nor too big. Also, check the spray gun’s filters, as this part has a big impact on how well the paint goes on. Filters keep dust from mixing with the fluid that is ejected, which makes a smooth coating.


There are different models and rates of gravity-feed spray guns on the market. If you’re going to buy one, don’t get the cheapest one. Instead, get the most expensive one. You need to look at what it has to offer to decide if it meets your needs. People who can handle a little weight can use a spray gun with a stronger cup, but beginners should always start with guns that are smaller and lighter. The release time and features are the main ways that cheap and expensive gravity spray guns are different. A new model with more features will cost a lot, but an old model with less power will be cheap. No matter how much something costs, you should always check to see if it will serve you well.