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10 Best Framing Hammers of 2024

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A framing hammer is a small tool with a sleek body profile and heavy weighed head. They are stable tools among carpenters and contractors commonly used to quickly drive nails into frame wooden structures. Compared to a standard hammer, framing hammers have a straight claw, rather than curved. They also have a textured face that prevents the head from slipping when driving the nail. There so many framing hammers in the market making it difficult to know which one is the best. But in this review, we have done detailed research and come up with a list of the top 10 best framing hammers in 2024.

Best Framing Hammers

10. Estwing 22 oz Long Framing Hammer with Smooth Face- E3-22S

Estwing Framing Hammers

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This is a great option for anyone searching for a Long Framing Hammer that will suit their needs. It features a patented reduction grip that allows it to be comfortable to use and will reduce the impact vibration by 70%. Typically, its larger face and long handle result in increased leverage for pulling or prying nails and more striking power. You can also use it for demolition work, splitting wood, and more. Whether you are a contractor, carpenter, roofer, Framer, or serious DIYers, this Framing Hammer is ideal for you.

9. STANLEY FatMax 22-Oz Rip Claw Hammer


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If you are looking for a high-quality Claw Hammer that comes at a reasonable price, the STANLEY is the best framing hammer for you. First, it features a patented torsion control grip technology that minimizes torque effects on elbows and wrists. In addition to that, its magnetic nail start has one-handed nailing capability and extended reach. This ensures that it works efficiently while keeping your hand comfortable whenever you are working. Above all, this product is offered with a lifetime limited warranty.

8. TEKTON Jacketed Fiberglass 22 oz. Framing Hammer

TEKTON Framing Hammers

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Among the excellent option that you can find on the market today, TEKTON is one of them. It is equipped with a high-strength fiberglass handle that ensures that you have a comfortable grip. What’s more, it has 16 inches framer length that allows you to take powerful and big swings. Its cross-milled face features a magnetic nail-starting slot and grips the nail heads to minimalize the glancing blows. You can use this framing hammer to pulls nails and demolishing drywalls

7. Real Steel 0517 Milled Face 21 oz Ultra Framing Hammer

Real Steel

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Real Steel Framing Hammer features a versatile performance. This is a portable and compact product that can be used anytime and anywhere. Its handle is introduced with torsion control thus your wrist and elbow will face less torque. Another thing, this hammer has a milled striking face that improves the strike accuracy. It is forged from one-piece steel for durability and strength.

6. Estwing 22 oz GG417 Framing Hammer with Shock Reduction Grip

Estwing Framing Hammers

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This framing hammer from Estwing is quite popular due to its long steel handle and attractive price. It comes with a durable and Comfortable handle that reduces the impact vibration by 70%. This makes it ideal for contractors, carpenters, roofers, framers, serious DIYers, and tradesmen. Ideally, this framing hammer can be used for splitting wood, demolition work, and pulling nails. This is a fully polished hammer that will ensure that your needs are satisfied.

5. Estwing E3-24SM 24 oz Framing Hammer with Milled Face



This is a versatile hammer that is comfortable for daily use. It is approximately 14 inches long and has a 24oz head weight. Ideally, you can use this hammer for splitting wood, prying boards, pulling nails, and demolition work. Moreover, it comes with a non-slip and smooth handle making for added comfort. Its unique look and style make it convenient to use and it is a must-have for DIY.

4. Estwing BIG BLUE Forged Steel Construction Framing Hammer- E3-25S

Estwing Framing Hammers

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The Estwing Framing Hammer has a head that weighs from 12oz to 30oz and features a patented shock reduction grip. The hammer features a portable and compact design making it easy to carry anywhere. In addition to that, this framing hammer is ideal for contractors, carpenters, roofers, framers, serious DIYers, and tradesmen. Ideally, the claws have the strength to ensure that the handle separation can be controlled.

3. WORKPRO W041091A One-piece Forged Claw Hammer for Antivibration


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This framing hammer by WORKPRO boasts excellent construction and comes with a unique handle that ensures added comfort. Typically, the Air-Tech Shock Control System usually absorbs vibration and strike shock transferring less vibration and shock than the wood handle. What’s more, it could be used for demolition work, prying boards, driving nails, breaking apart objects, etc. This hammer has a magnetic nail starter that prevents thumb injuries while ensuring it is easy to take nails easily and conveniently.

2. Estwing – GG417 Straight Rip Claw Framing Hammer – E3-22SM

Estwing Framing Hammers

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From the leading brand Estwing, this model is an amazing purchase that you can make. It features a smooth face that assists to deliver great performance all the time. What’s more, it has a patented shock reduction grip that helps to minimize impact vibration by 70%. Users can be able to use it without losing balance at work. What’s more, its heavy head allows you to have effective and powerful blows to get the job done in seconds.

1. Spec Ops – SPEC-M22CF Shock-Absorbing Grip Tools Framing Hammer, Black/Tan

Spec Ops

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If you want power and convenience both in one tool, you need to check out this Framing Hammer. Less force is needed for a strong grip and comfortable handling. What’s more, it has a 25% lighter head that allows a sniper-controlled swing. The head of this hammer also has a magnetic nail starter for easy use and safety. Another thing, it has a versatile rip claw for splitting, nail removal, and demo. This product is also offered with a lifetime limited warranty.


These are some of the best framing hammers that you can find on the market, they are heavy-duty framing hammers made of top-notch materials and you can use them for an extended period. What’s more, they have a good balance between comfort, efficiency, and cost. We hope that you have found one that fits your working conditions as well as your budget.