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10 Best Electric Reel Mowers of 2024

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Are you a gardening lover who likes to keep the lawn up to date? The perfect equipment to perform the cutting task is the electric reel mower having a solid set of features. The presence of this unit will ensure you can complete the cleaning task without worrying about the cost of fuel in a gas mower. It can even tri the long grass with proper precision that is impossible to do with manual cutting.

There is a solid variety of these mowers available in the market that creates confusion among the buyers. If you are looking for the same, then we suggest you read the complete post carefully. Our team has created a proper list of the top 10 best electric reel mowers of 2024 after checking out more than 20 options available in the different price ranges. Let’s have a look at all the models and choose the one that is suitable for needs adequately.

How to choose an electric reel mower?

The criteria for the selection of an electric reel mower are mentioned with proper details below:

  • Fitness Level

A quality electric reel mower can easily mow an area up to 100 square meters with ease. More than it will ask for extra effort from the users, keep the area in mind.

  • Budget

Many top brands like Husqvarna and Gardena are involved in manufacturing this equipment in a range between $ 300 & $800. Choose the one that suits your mowing needs and pocket adequately.

  • Noise

Make sure the model you are choosing shouldn’t create too much noise during the entire operation. Also, it should stay cool while working on the lawn.

  • Maintenance

A high-quality electric reel mower doesn’t ask for too much maintenance and has typically minimum engine issues. Keep a look at the warranty policies before deciding to shop the unit.

  • Working range

The next feature to examine carefully is the working range of the electric reel mower you are shopping for. It should be capable enough to cover the entire area without any hassles.

  • Durability

Apart from the main engine, the casing of the electric reel mower also needs to be durable to bear the pressure for many years. Choosing a cheap model with a light body can land buyers in trouble.

Best Electric Reel Mowers in 2024

10. Fiskars 17 Inch Stay Sharp Push Reel Mower (best for easy use)

Fiskars Electric Reel Mowers

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We will begin the list with this 17-inch push reel mower known for giving cleaner cuts on the lawn. It is very easy to use and considered a perfect combination of advanced technology and faster operation.

The availability of patent-pending Inertia Drive helps give 50% additional cutting power compared with other models in the market.


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Superb cutting power
  • Provide extremely cleaner cuts
  • Very smart design


  • Noisy operation

9. Einhell GE-HM 38 S-F Roller Bar (best for height adjustment)


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We have placed GEHM 38 at the ninth position due to its incredible protection that very few can offer for sure. It has a very robust construction that allows the users to work quite convincingly on the lawn. The company has provided four-position adjustment systems for easy cutting on the go for the users.

A classy thing you will definitely like regarding this unit is its 6.9-gallon grass catcher that helps in making clean-up as convenient as possible.


  • Remarkably smoother & durable blades
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Extremely précised cutting
  • Very solid grass-catching capacity


  • Instructions are very poorly explained

8. Great States 415-16 Reel Lawn Mower (best under $100)

Great States Electric Reel Mowers

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The next one we want to mention is this perfectly designed model from the Great States brand that you can shop without spending too much money. It is a 16-inch reel lawn mower having a 5-inch blade for cutting the grass quite comfortably.

If we talk about the blades, they are made from heat-treated alloy steel that allows the unit to last longer than most models available. We are happy with the performance of this unit and will happily recommend it to shoppers with a slightly small budget.


  • Incredible cutting length
  • Top-quality blade material
  • Very convenient to use
  • Easy to move wheels


  • Pushing reel mower demands lots of effort

7. Ego Power LM2000 (best for power)

EGO Power+

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There are very few mowers in the market that can beat the LM2000 in terms of power. It is a quality 20-inch mower you can fold quite quickly without facing any trouble. We love this unit because its compatibility with all the EGO Power lithium batteries adds extra convenience to the system.

It comes with very exciting LED headlights allowing the users to mow even in the dark area. Overall, we are happy to see all its features work perfectly fine and deliver a comfortable performance.


  • Very compact to store
  • Work with all types of Ego lithium batteries
  • Capable of cutting grass in a short time
  • Easy to work in a dark area


  • Power shut-off issues in many models

6. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S (best push reel mower)

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Electric Reel Mowers

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The fifth one is this 20-inch reel mower that can work brilliantly on various kinds of grass and terrains. It is a very versatile model having a nine-height level adjuster that can be set anywhere from 1 to 3 inches as per the needs. The manufacturer has added five heat-treated top-quality blades for making the job easier.

It has a very wider blade length allowing the users to cover an extra amount of grass when compared with others. There is no way you will face any issue while dealing with uneven grass & slope turf.


  • Capable of dealing with all kinds of rocks & terrains
  • Various height adjustment systems
  • Four-wheel setup for extra convenience
  • Cover a large area on a single try


  • Back wheels fell off in very few cases

5. Sun Joe MJ506E Electric Reel Mower (runners up)

Sun Joe Electric Reel Mowers

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If someone talks about a grooming solution, it is ideal to invest money in Sun Joe MJ506E without any research. It comes with 24 steel blade systems that cut out the grass with proper precision. There is a perfect cut offered by the machine every time you use the unit.

The company has added five-position manual height alterations ranging between 1 & 2.6 inches. It comes with 14.6 gal collection bags for clipping cleaning properly.


  • Easy plug-in operation
  • Highly crisp mowing
  • Superb height adjustment system
  • Very précised grooming


  • Poor quality handle locking bolt

4. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 (best 14-inch push reel mower)

American Lawn Mower Company

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A handy amount of households prefer keeping having a reel mower with a 14-inch deck. We have suggested this model to those individuals thanks to its great array of features. It comes with a high-quality alloy steel blade that lasts for many years.

The manufacturer also adds an optional grass catcher to the unit for keeping the waste. The company sells this mower with a risk-free warranty that is a plus point for the buyers.


  • Equipped with a useful grip of plastic
  • Backed by a risk-free guarantee
  • Noise-free operation
  • Capable of cutting tall grass


  • Few complaints while cutting dandelions

    3. Great States 815-18 (best budget-friendly pick)

    Great States

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    The third position is for individuals looking to shop for an electric reel mower available at a budget-friendly price. It comes with a steel deck material having three positions from which you can make accurate cutting. The Great States 815-18 has five blades with different widths and heights.

    The list of best electric reel mowers makes the movement very convenient and easier. There is a loop-style handle having extra cushioning to give extreme comfort during operation.


    • Extremely heat-treated alloy steel construction
    • Very silent operation
    • The affordable choice to buy
    • Clean & précised cutting


    • Below average quality roller bracket

      2. Black+Decker Lawn Mower (best 3-in-1 electric reel mower)

      BLACK+DECKER Electric Reel Mowers

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      This 3-in-1 lawnmower from the Black Decker brand has an impressive automatic feed system for cleaning mowing without any stoppage. It is a solid unit that a homeowner can shop for keeping their lawn in the perfect shape. An adjustable-height system is added to the unit for the deck & trimmer to add extra functionality.

      Overall, this unit has everything that an average buyer looks for in the unit for comfort and power. There are very low chances buyers will face any trouble while using this machine.


      • Capable of working in thick grass areas
      • Give utmost comfort & control
      • Trims down the lawn perfectly
      • Equipped with lots of ergonomic features


      • The higher price might be a problem for few

      1. Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower (editor’s choice)


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      There can’t be a better conclusion to the list than this environmentally friendly reel mower having a perfect set of features for working on a lawn adequately. Unlike most mowers, it comes with an excellent reel that makes the pushing significantly easier for the users.

      Shifting heights is very easier with this great reel mower that works without gas. Also, it comes with superbly designed wheels for the prevention of uncut strips adequately. The availability of a one-touch handling system offers top-class comfort and proper control to the users.


      • Superior height shifting system
      • Easy to push reel
      • Extra convenience with a one-touch handling system
      • Solid control over mowing


      • Beginners might face slight maneuver issues

      Best Electric Reel Mowers – Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the life expectancy of an electric reel mower?

      If you maintain the electric reel mower properly, then it can easily last more than ten years with a minimum issue. The buyers need to do is perform the servicing as per the date mentioned by the manufacturer.

      How long an electric reel mower takes to mow?

      Average lawns demand mowing after every 5-7 days from the users if we talk about the peak growing seasons. The grass grows very fast when the temperature is high, while the cool temperatures minimize the grass growth.

      Are electric reel mowers worthy to shop?

      A reel mower is worth buying for areas to mow in lower areas, while rotary mowers are ideal for working on high mowing heights. It is cost-effective and doesn’t cause any hard time while chopping the twigs and moving over the rocks.

      Can I use an electric lawn mower during the rainy season?

      An electric mower can work perfectly in the rain as long as the motor and switches remain dry. However, things can become bad when the water enters these components. If you ask us, we will suggest not using the electric reel mowers in the rain as it can damage the machinery.

      Are electric reel mowers dangerous to use?

      Well, they are a much better option when compared with power mowers if we go on the accident statistics. There are no chances of facing any trouble when someone follows the precautions properly.

      Does cutting become better with reel mowers?

      Yes, the cutting becomes very convenient and easier when you employ a reel mower for this purpose. It makes sure you won’t have a hard time chopping the big twigs and moving over the rocks.


      An ideal electric lawn mower is one that cleans and cuts your lawn from the core. It doesn’t matter which model you choose; it is essential to have characteristics that ensure the job is completed adequately. Our team has identified the best electric reel mowers to safeguard the buyers’ having a perfect cutting job.

      If you still want an answer regarding electric reel mowers, write in the comment section and get the desired answers.