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10 Best Electric Massage Tables in 2024

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Although electric massage tables cost hefty, these are the most convenient and comfortable massage tools to have either at the spa or even at home. They have strong frames that support heavyweights of up to 600 pounds and so on. The electric massage tables support various body massage positions since they adjust at the back and even the height.

They have motors which make adjusting smooth and quick. Another crucial thing worth noting is that these tables are heavily padded to offer ample support. So to make sure you invest wisely and you only get the perfect electric massage table, here is a review of the top ten best models with checking.

Best Electric Massage Tables

10. EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Tables

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If you cannot go to a spa for a massage session, get this electric massage bed and enjoy massage sessions at your house. The massage table is quite convenient to use even in small spaces since it does not take much space, plus it does not produce high sounds when functioning.

The table ensures you maintain the right form when working since the height adjusts from 17 to 36 inches high. Another feature that stands out on this electric massage chair is comfort. It features three layers of plush deluxe materials that provide comfortable resting space when massaging.

What we like
  • This is a strong massage table that holds a weight of up to 600 pounds
  • This massage table is sold with a 2-year warranty
  • The height of the table is also an adjustable


This electric massage table features four casters for easy shifting it around. The frame is quite strong to carry a weight of 600 pounds.

9. Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section Electric Lift Massage Table


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This is a comfortable massage table you can use for as long as you want since it has comfortable cushioning and great massage services. The three layers of high-density foam padding provide great support to your body so you can relax when taking the massage sessions.

The cover is made with PU material that is easy to clean after every use. It is also a cover resistant to oil and water contacts. This massage table provides all body support, including the face, thanks to the available face cradle.

What we like
  • Moving this massage table around is easy and quick
  • The table’s frame is strong to accommodate a person weighing 500 pounds
  • This massage table ships with two years warranty for quality assurance


Your comfort when carrying out a body massage with this massage table is guaranteed since it offers total body support. The height is adjustable for comfortable reach.

8. Mt 30″ MaxKing Salon Electric Massage Table

Mt Electric Massage Tables

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The fact that you can have a massage session after you have had a tiring and stressful day at the comfort of your home using this massage table is awesome! It is easy to work with a massage chair since it is directly connected to the table for easy operation while still lying on the table.

The table features premium heavy-duty materials with a stable base to offer great support and stability. This massage table also has a headrest to provide support to your head while taking a massage.

What we like
  • This massage table has memory foam padding for ample support
  • The height adjusts in different levels for easy reach
  • This massage table has both hand and foot controls


A quality and comfortable massage table with both foot and hand control mode for easy changing the settings without moving a lot.

7. LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/Massage Table


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What I love about this massage table is its flexibility when it comes to power connection. The table has two USB ports such that you can still charge your phone or another small device while having a massage. The massage table adjusts depending on the area of the body you wish to massage.

The armrests are removable to fully transform the table into a bed for full body massage results. You can also fold it to a chair form to focus either on the upper and lower body areas.

What we like
  • Once you buy this massage table, you will get one year warranty
  • The electric massage table features full foam padding for ample body support
  • The table comes with a movable padded stool


Flexibility is guaranteed with this electric massage tool since it adjusts to a chair or table to meet user needs.

6. Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed/Table with Face Cradle

Milo Electric Massage Tables

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You will never buy any other massage table since this one has premium and quality material construction. The cover of this electric massage table has leather material resistant to oil and water contamination. So, even cleaning after every use is quite smooth and quick.

This massage table comes attached with a headrest, so if you want to achieve a full body massage, including the face, it would be easy. This electric table massage features two motors for easy control.

What we like
  • Maintaining this electric massage table is easy
  • The massage table adjusts to different height levels
  • This electric massage chair has a metal frame that provides is durability


With two available motors, this electric massage chair makes your massage sessions easy and smooth. The Leatherette material provides durability

5. DevLon NorthWest Electric Stationary Massage Table


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This is a versatile massage table used at the salon, spas and suitable for home use. The table is adjustable in height which allows you to do more than a massage with it. Cleaning this table is easy since it has a leather cover that requires wiping, one of the reasons it is safe to use in commercial places. Another feature that we love about this electric massage table is the face cradle supporting your face when having a massage.

What we like
  • The table has a hand shelf for supporting hands
  • This massage table has padding that provides great support
  • It is an easy to clean table
  • Adjusting it takes a second with the available motors


This is a versatile and easy-to-move electric massage table suitable for home or commercial places. The massage table can support a weight of 450 pounds.

4. Cloud Electric Massage Table

SKINACT Electric Massage Tables

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This electric table massage comes attached with a headrest so you don’t strain your body when having a massage and ensure you can also get face massage effects.

The massage table has two motors, one for adjusting the height while the other adjusts the backrest and knees. This massage table is suitable for both short and tall people since the height adjusts both in width and height.

What we like
  • This massage table comes with one year warranty
  • The table is adjustable in height and width
  • This massage table is made with quality materials


This is a durable massage table crafted with a metal frame to add stability. This massage table adjusts all around for even massage results.

3. Opal Electric Facial Bed Massage Table


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This electric massage table is suitable for home use since adjusting and moving it is quite easy. The massage table is made with powerful motors that independently adjust the height and the back so you can enjoy various body massages.

Shifting this massage table around the room is smooth since it has wheels, which are also lockable to hold it in one place when doing a massage.

What we like
  • This electric massage table is strong to carry a weight of 450 pounds
  • The back and the height of the massage table adjusts in various heights
  • The wheels of this massage table are lockable to safeguard it in one place


This comfortable massage table forms a great bed since you can recline the back and adjust the height.

2. Elite Massage Table, Facial Bed with Reclinable Backrest

Elite Electric Massage Tables

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Your comfort when having a massage with this massage table is a guarantee since it ensures your face is also supported with a face cradle. This massage table has a beautiful dark brown color, plus a PU leather cover that is easy to maintain with very clean.

I would also recommend this electric massage table for people who need an affordable table since it comprises less than 1000 dollars. The entire table unit measures 73 x 31 x 27 inches.

What we like
  • This massage table is strong to hold heavyweights of up to 500 pounds
  • The table is reclinable to form a comfortable bed
  • You can also incline the back of the table


This is an affordable and quality massage table that supports weights of 500 pounds. So, it can be used by most people.

1. ALL ELECTRIC Solid Opal Electric Massage Table


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This is a massage table that ensures you get comfortable when having a massage and full-body results. The entire unit is electrically controlled to increase the height, reclining the back and so on. Therefore, you can also convert this massage table to form a massage chair where you want to do massages while seated.

The footrest adjusts once; the height adjusts twice, while the backrest adjusts thrice. The massage table also has extra accessories like a headrest for supporting your head and a towel holder so you can have all your essentials in the same place.

What we like
  • This massage table comes with one year warranty for a quality guarantee
  • The electric massage table is adjustable in varying forms for comfort
  • You can use it as a massage chair


With four electric motors, adjusting this massage table to various forms when carrying out a massage is quite easy.


Enjoy a perfect full-body massage with these amazing and quality massage tables. The massage tables are adjustable in height and the back to provide the right resting surface when having body massages.