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10 Best Wand Massagers of 2024

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A wand massager is an excellent equipment for enjoying sexual pleasure like masturbation and even orgasm without any need for a partner. Most of its models come with a ball-shaped massaging head that one can control using the electric motor. Additionally, the best wand massager works brilliantly for personal therapy sessions to tackle a stressful time.

There are tons of companies involved in manufacturing a wand massager, but very few can actually deliver quality products. It is hard to find a quality model out of these options if we talk about the available products in the market. Our team has performed this job for the visitors by presenting a list of best wand massagers to buy in 2020 after checking out numerous models. Let’s check out every model we mention and buy the one you like the most.

How to choose the best wand massagers?

We need to check the following things in a wand massager carefully before finally making a selection.

  • Volts

The voltage of a wand massager varies from one model to another and is considered very important for its right performance. Try to find a model that comes with a voltage of at least 120 volts for the adequate experience.

  • Durability

A wand massager should be made from proper material that can last for years without compromising the performance.

  • Budget

The budget plays a very critical role in the selection of wand massager that you can shop anywhere between US$ 30 & US$ 100 and even more

  • Weight

We suggest buying a wand massager with lightweight construction to ensure minimum fatigue on the body.

  • Modes

The wand massager should have multiple modes for ensuring that you can choose the speed according to your requirement and preference.

What are the benefits of wand massager?

Have a look at the major advantages of wand massagers we have mentioned below:

  • Portability

A wand massager you choose should be portable enough to give a reliable experience anywhere at any specific time.

  • Healing Powers

A wand massager produces strong vibrations that can cause deep healing & therapeutic effects on the body part you work.

  • Stress Reliever

We all know how much our body goes through on a daily basis. Using a wand massager will help your body to get fully relieved from the stress and tensions.

  • Boost Physical Activity

A wand massager will help you make the physical activity better thanks to its ability to work on sore muscles.

Best Wand Massagers in 2024

10. Tracy’s Dog Cordless Wand Massager (best for specific muscles)

Tracy's Dog Wand Massagers

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We are beginning this list with this cordless wand massager that can easily target particular areas of the body. It is a very powerful unit that can produce up to 8,000 pulses every minute for relieving pain from the legs, back, and neck. A handy number of buyers use it for deep tissue massage proving its authenticity.

The company sells it in two different colors- white and grey for extra choice. You will fall in love with its highly bendable & flexible head for easily working on the tired muscles.


  • Capable of concentrating on a particular point
  • Numerous powerful vibration & speeds
  • It eases off pain quite easily
  • Fully waterproof construction


  • Some may find its construction a little bit weird

9. Sensual U Personal Massager (best therapeutic wand massager)

Sensual-U Store

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This wand massager is made for those who want to feel therapeutic magic on their body. It can boost blood circulation and help in soothing sore muscles. There is medical silicone used by the manufacturer for crafting its ball-shaped head that allows the users to bend it easily as per the requirement.

If we talk about cleaning, you won’t need more than 10 minutes after usage. It has a very fast charging system that can last up to three hours on a single charge. Apart from easing muscle pain, this unit can also minimize the symptoms of arthritis.


  • Very durable construction
  • Backed by 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Long-lasting battery power


  • Buttons get a little bit stiffed over time

8. Santa Medical Mini Wand Massager (best budget-friendly pick)

SantaMedical Wand Massagers

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If you seek an affordable wand massager, then there is no need to look anywhere else than this model from the Santa Medical brand. It is a quality product having a very tiny construction for top-class fun. We find it very solid enough to relieve stress from the neck and shoulders.

It is one of the best wand massagers designed in a very sleek style for extra portability. This unit can be easily operated using AA batteries that need to be shopped separately.


  • Very sleek design
  • Available at an unbelievable price
  • Good battery back-up
  • Perfect stress reliever


  • The battery cover get loose over time

7. Bed Geek Personal Wand Massager (best for smooth feeling)

 bed geek

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This one is a newly improved wand massager from the Bed Geek brand with an extremely smooth feeling on the body. The manufacturer has used top-quality medical silicone for eliminating irritation as much as possible. It is one of the best wand massagers having eight different speed levels & twenty pulsating patterns giving extra liberty to the users.

This easy-to-clean and waterproof unit doesn’t create many vibrations and noises to disturb others. The total weight of this wand massager is eight ounces allowing you to carry it conveniently anywhere.


  • Super quiet massaging operation
  • Extremely water-resistant power
  • Convenient to clean
  • Equipped with twenty pulsating patterns


  • Not designed with bendable head

6. Shibari Mini Halo Wireless Massager (best for flexibility)

Shibari Wand Massagers

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This highly impressive massager by Shibari can offer the utmost flexibility that everyone seeks these days. It has eight different intensity levels for matching the needs of every user. The company has designed it using a water-resistant body that weighs less than 11 ounces.

All these features make it an excellent choice for traveling tours that range from hiking to mountaineering. If we talk about charging, it is a wireless model that can be charged superbly using a power bank, phone charger, and even computer.


  • Bendable head for working on all body parts
  • Capable of working for extended hours
  • Fully water-resistant construction
  • Safe for human skin


  • High-intensity patterns may not be suitable for beginners

5. Vivreal Handheld Massager (best under $50)


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We will recommend using this handheld unit that can work exceptionally well for enjoying deep tissue massage. The manufacturer has designed it for focusing various target points like leg, neck, arm, back, and shoulder. You will get six different speeds and modes for selecting the intensity as per your likings.

It is rechargeable & cordless unit having a solid battery life for giving a long-lasting experience. Additionally, it can be programmed for stopping after every few minutes for the prevention of overheating.


  • Amazing intensities to choose
  • Keep the overheating away
  • Fully adjusted functionality
  • Perfect for full-body pain


  • Limited vibration might be an issue for few

4. Lulu 7+ Upgraded Personal Wand Massager (best-patented wand massager)

LuLu Wand Massagers

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The next one we recommend to the buyers is this personal wand massager, thanks to its amazing vibration patterns. It is a brilliant handheld unit manufactured by the Lulu brand for giving relief from the body. This simple-to-operate unit can be helpful for dealing with sore muscles for long-lasting fitness.

A two-year guarantee backs it from the manufacturer’s end for ensuring complete peace of mind. You will get a quality instructional manual for easy gliding through the entire experience.


  • Solid two years warranty
  • Fully water-resistant finish
  • Very convenient to charge
  • Capable of saving different settings


  • Not helpful in dealing with a headache

3. Wand Essentials Magic Wand (best travel massager)

Wand Essentials

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Are you one of those individuals who often travel a lot due to business or holidays? If yes, we suggest investing money in this unit that can be considered perfect for traveling long tours. It can offer you quite a relaxing experience for eliminating all the stress from the body.

It is a very relaxing device that doesn’t create loud noises making sure you relax silently. Overall, this equipment has everything that a quality wand massager needs for a highly relaxing experience.


  • Pretty flexible head
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to charge with charging cable
  • Lots of amazing vibration settings


  • Cooling down takes time

2. Keenigh Store Cordless Wand Massager (runners up)


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The runner-up for the list is this cordless wand massager made for users who usually perform high-intensity exercises. It is an excellent choice from the Keenigh brand that helps relax the body and even work to give a full body massage.

There are eight-speed levels and twenty pulsating patterns making sure you can match particular needs. It can be recharged using a USB port or a power bank quite convincingly.


  • A solid set of speed intensities
  • Capable to last 3 hours on a single charge
  • Super convenient to clean
  • Equipped with overheat controlling


  • Slightly loud vibrations

1. Comfy Mate Upgraded Powerful Wand Massager (editor’s choice)

Comfy Mate

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The top position is accommodated by this extremely solid wand manager having five powerful speeds. You can choose between 20 different modes giving a choice according to the requirements for a better experience.

This device is made using 100% medical-grade silicone material providing sturdiness to the unit. It is fully safer to use even you are using it for the first time.


  • Highly flexible massage head
  • Solid after-sales professional service
  • Very long-lasting power
  • Manufactured with medical grade material


  • Noise operation

Best Wand Massagers – Frequently Asked Questions

Are wand massagers strong enough to give orgasm?

Yes, a wand massager can allow users to have an awesome orgasm at the speed they prefer. It is a quality toy that most ladies use these days.

Is it worthy to shop a wand massager?

Yes, they are essential equipment for people who work for much extended hours and need to relax their muscles. It

How much a quality wand massager costs?

It usually varies from one model to another, but you can easily buy a good quality model by paying an amount of US$ 50.

How should I clean a wand massager?

The majority of wand massagers can be cleaned using soap and water. Also, there are many cleaners available in the market from which you can choose to clean them against impurities.

How to store a wand massager?

Make sure it is set so that its power cord base doesn’t get twisted or pulled. Try to store it in a cool and clean place to avoid any humidity.

How to use a wand massager?

Set the vibration level and run it on the body part to feel the most relaxed. It works on the core muscles and eliminates fatigue with full relaxation.

Is using a wand massager painful?

No, you won’t feel any pain in the body while using a wand massager. Instead, there will be a very relaxing feeling to eliminate fatigue from the body.


A wand massager is quality equipment that can work as a blessing for minimizing pain and soreness in the body. We often have to perform high intensity & tiring activities due to which the body feels a little bit of fatigue. Using one of the best wand massagers will only not relieve stress but also boost blood circulation. Additionally, these devices are beneficial for getting relief from stiffed & tensed joints common in old age.

If you have something to say regarding wand massagers, please write about it in the comment section or email us the details.