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7 Best Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

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Drilling holes in ceramic tiles is a laborious process if you want to install them on a floor or wall. Basically, everything that goes into a wall, including toilet paper and soap rolls. It is necessary to drill holes through tiles in order to install a new tiled floor or wall. In order to correctly drill through tiles, it is crucial to have the best drill bits for ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are challenging to drill holes in and are prone to breaking. It’s crucial to use the right drill bits at the right speed. You need patience and time to drill ceramic tiles. To prevent breaking the tile, hold the drill slowly and steadily.

If your tile is permeable, slowly rotating the masonry bit with adequate water on top is OK. A glass drill bit is ideal for ceramics that are dense, vitreous, and at high temperatures.

Best Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile Review

For all types of ceramics, low-speed drill bits reduce vibration and the chance of shattering and breaking throughout the process. The product’s life is extended by the constant water flow cooling it. Additionally, the running water reduces vibration, eliminates abrasive grit, and prevents thermal shock in high-fire ceramics.

Start with the masonry bit if you are unsure whether your tile has a high or low fire rating. Change to a more expensive glass cutter drill bit if it doesn’t penetrate.

1. Dunchaty: Best Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile

Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bits

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  • These diamond drill bits made of superior carbon steel are incredibly durable and rust-proof. Additionally, the drill’s exterior diamond coating provides exceptional strength and a smooth drilling experience for the user.
  • Each diamond drill saw has a smooth, precise surface that reduces cutting resistance and drilling pressure, enhances sharpness, and increases water lubrication effectiveness.
  • The drill makes clean, precise holes in ceramic or glass while extending the life of the item.
  • Although you need to produce holes of various sizes, you feel confident using it because of the diversity of drill sizes it has accessible.

For drilling a variety of materials, including glass, porcelain, ceramic tiles, etc., a diamond drill bit is essential equipment. With 15 different types of drill bits included, this exceptional drill bit for ceramic tile may meet all of your requirements.

Additionally, the extremely sharp diamond-coated head makes drilling easier and more convenient. This masterpiece can easily drill through porcelain or glass that is 0.5 inches thick.

What we like

This drill is perfect for a variety of tasks. It includes 15 pieces of drill bits in various sizes, ensuring that your workspace is fully equipped for any drilling operation. This can be used to drill holes in porcelain, glass, ceramic, and stones. In comparison to other drill bits that are available, it is quite reasonably priced and produces the best results.

What we didn't like

Many customer evaluations claim that these drill bits are a little challenging to use at first, probably for novice users. If you apply too much pressure at once and hold the drill bits flat against the glass or tile, they could break.

2. Drilax: Diamond Drill Bits for Tile


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  • The drill bit head of this item has a diamond coating and is made of steel of the highest grade.
  • Marble, Fiberglass, Slate, Tile Bottles, Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles, Granite, and other comparable materials can all be easily drilled through.
  • With these instruments, a deep drill of up to 11/8 inch can be produced.
  • It’s really simple to use and comfortable to hold this drill bit tool.
  • Similar to most other diamond drill bits, you should use these drill bits with a sizable amount of water-based lubricant at moderate speeds and pressures.
  • The best all-purpose drill bit for tiles is the Drilax Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile. It is available in a range of sizes to suit varied tasks.

Ten different sizes of the best drill bit are included in the bundle. As a result, it will work for drilling in products made of porcelain such as glass, marble, ceramic, and many more.

Additionally, it has a maximum 3/8 shank. It is a fantastic portable gadget that can be used in any situation because it may be powered by batteries. Its durable, high-quality steel guarantees the greatest drilling performance and a longer lifespan.

What we like

These drill bits come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your different demands. This item is the best buy in terms of price. It will satisfy your needs for less money and for a longer time. The greatest drilling results with smooth holes are guaranteed by the super-sharp drill bit head with diamond coating. It also functions flawlessly with a wide range of materials.

What we didn't like

Its lack of a central pilot bit makes cutting a little more challenging. Additionally, it’s a little difficult to remove the drilled materials.

3. THINKWORK: Diamond Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile


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  • You may use its diamond-coated tip to drill precise, spot-on holes.
  • Self-feed functionality is built into the drill bits to make lubrication easier.
  • Use suction cups and an adjustable hole saw to facilitate accurate drilling.
  • This is the best option for removing rings from materials including glass, marble, tile, ceramic, PVC, and others.
  • Different drill sizes are available, and they are all of comparable industrial grades.
  • If enough water is used as a lubricant, it may cut holes in any material.

The diamond-coated top of the THINKWORK diamond ceramic tile drill bit is made of industrial-grade steel. The strong diamond coating guarantees high accuracy and clean cutting. It is also more durable than drill bits coated with cobalt or carbide.

These incredibly sharp drill bits are offered in a bundle of 10 different sizes to accommodate your various drilling needs. Water slips in to cool the drill and remove pieces because of the hollow core’s large clearance holes.

In addition, it keeps the drill bits from jamming. Additionally, it improves effectiveness and ensures long-term vitality. Additionally, since you receive a variety of drill bits in this bundle, buying it is economical.

What we like

With the diamond drill bits are a clamp, screwdriver, and saw guide. It is more affordable and cost-effective than other drill bits on the market. Additionally, this drill bit is made of materials that are extremely durable. It is able to drill clean, exact holes. This tool makes drilling ceramics, marbles, glasses, and other materials simple.

What we didn't like

The suction cup instrument is prone to corrosion and rust. It must be continuously lubricated with water to prevent overheating.

4. SHDIATOOL: Best Diamond Core Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile


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  • These well-known drill bits include a diamond tip coating that makes them perfect for quick and clean drilling.
  • These drill bits are suitable for drilling angle grindstones.
  • Hard granite, marble, engineered stone, concrete, brick, masonry, and other comparable materials can all be drilled with the 5/8 to 11 inches thread.
  • You can drill porcelain using dry or wet techniques.
  • The distinctive form of the drill bit allows for more freedom when drilling at unexpected angles.
  • It works with hard stones, porcelain, masonry, marble, brick, and tile.

The SHDIATOOL Diamond Drill bits for tiles are a highly regarded best-buy item on the market. You will like using it because of its exceptional drilling capabilities and enduring service. Additionally, its incredibly sturdy steel construction and sharp drill tip make it ideal for drilling holes even in unyielding stones.

The vacuum brazed technique is utilized to make the diamond drill tip so sharp. This makes sure that no matter what they drill, the tip is always sharp. The drill may also be utilized in dry situations thanks to this function.

Finally, the variety of drill bit sizes offered allows you to use them for a variety of drilling tasks.

What we like

The ability to utilize these drill bits for both dry and wet drilling is perhaps their most appealing quality. The angle grinding function of the drill allows for the creation of faucet holes even in stone. Drilling is rapid and easy, has a long lifespan, and cracks very little. Porcelain tile, marble stone, and masonry bricks can all be punctured using either a dry or wet technique. High-grade diamond grains guarantee quick and cutting-edge drilling.

What we didn't like

The only tool that can be used with these drill bits is the angle grinder. Because of this, a unique grinder is required in order to use them. Concrete curbing or sidewalks cannot be drilled through with these drill bits.

5. Baban: Hole Saw Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

Baban Drill Bits

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  • The Baban diamond drill bits are made of incredibly durable stainless steel, ensuring excellent drilling and a long product lifespan.
  • There are several parts, all of the different sizes. You may make holes for your fittings of any size with these components.
  • This is perfect for glass and stone drills. It forms a perfect circle from the target surfaces and is extremely accurate.
  • These drilling bits offer a clean cut with excellent accuracy and no broken edges thanks to their high-quality diamond finish.

Are you looking for a durable drill bit to complete your drilling task? Your needs can be satisfied by using the Baban Hole Saw Diamond Drill Bits. It is an excellent, simple-to-use, multifunctional drill bit for your diverse demands.

These drilling bits have a long lifespan in mind. This drilling bit is constructed from high-quality materials and offers excellent drilling services, enabling you to make as many deep holes as you’d like. Whether you need deep or shallow holes, these drilling bits are available in a range of sizes to match your needs.

What we like

With these drill bits, holes are accurately and smoothly drilled. The holes’ edges are cleanly honed; they are not ragged or otherwise messed up. These may be easily adjusted for various hole diameters. Any drill machine will work with these drill bits. You don’t need any special abilities to use these because they are so simple to use.

What we didn't like

To utilize these drill bits properly, lubricants are required. If not, the surface might be harmed. Many customers bemoan the fact that it takes a little longer before drilling.

6. DRILAX: Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile


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  • These durable drill bits are constructed from materials of the highest caliber.
  • A center pilot drill is not necessary for these bits. Instead, you may build a plywood guide or start the drilling process at an angle before going back to the original spot.
  • This is a superior choice for affordable drill bits that produce satisfactory results.
  • You may learn how to properly utilize these drill bits from the diamond hole saw guide included in the product package.
  • With the higher hole saw, you can drill through thicker materials.
  • Ten drill bits of various diameters are included in the DRILAX diamond drill bit saw set. Eighty percent of all drill bit sizes are included in this collection.

In comparison to the larger bundle, you may save 50% on this one while still receiving the same services. These drill bits are constructed from steel and coated with nickel to increase their durability. On the other hand, the blade’s life is increased and its cutting strength is increased by the diamond coating.

These drill bits differ from standard Drilax products not just in size but also in other ways. Each bit tip is made with sturdy construction and a diamond finish.

That they can pierce marble while being porcelain tile drill bits is the best part. Due to their remarkable strength and sharpness, the bits won’t cause even a hair fracture on the marble. They can be utilized to drill comparable objects.

What we like

With the various sizes of drill bits that are available, you have complete operational flexibility. It’s a top pick for a long-lasting, low-cost product. It drills quickly, efficiently, and with excellent results while maintaining a high level of drilling accuracy. It produces long-lasting effects and secures your fittings by drilling deep holes in them. These drill bits work with any drill machine, including cordless, portable models that are powered by rechargeable batteries.

What we didn't like

Many users claim that because they harm things in dry environments, these are not ideal for dry surfaces. Customers report that these drill bits wander when drilling, producing uneven holes.

7. 3 Otters: Drill Bit Set for Ceramic Tile

otters Drill Bits

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  • Each hole is finished cleanly and precisely thanks to the diamond coating and high-quality materials used in these drill bits.
  • All of these drill bits are resistant to wear.
  • This set contains 15 drill bits of various sizes.
  • These offer the sharpest cutting edge possible for a precise drill on various surfaces.
  • can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, tile, plastic, stone, and ceramics.
  • The extended service life and corrosion resistance of nickel plating are guaranteed.

Another drilling masterpiece on the market is the 3 Otters Diamond Drill Bit Set. This drill bit is very inexpensive and simple to use thanks to a number of distinctive qualities.

It offers the broadest selection of bit sizes. They are therefore great for both professional and do-it-yourself projects.

Most ceramic tile drill bits with diamond tips feature a basic diamond finish. The bits in this set do have premium silicon carbide coating on the tips, though. They are more resistant to wear while having the same hardness as diamonds.

Because of its durability, the drill bit can be used even on concrete. They last for a very long period. Additionally, its varied bit sizes provide you with more choices in a range of drilling tasks.

What we like

It is quite accurate while drilling. It drills quickly, effectively, and with excellent outcomes. When utilizing this drill bit, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or wear. This is because the building materials were of high grade. In order to match the body, the drill tip also has a higher-grade diamond coating. It produces long-lasting effects and secures your fittings by drilling deep holes in them.

What we didn't like

The drill can cut through anything, but concrete that is thicker than half an inch is inaccessible. In addition, without water, the drill is essentially useless. Many people claim that it performs poorly on dry surfaces.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ceramic Drill Bits

When selecting the best ceramic drill bits, there are a number of factors to take into account.

Material types: Diamond bits are made to cut through tough materials including porcelain, glass, and ceramic. The cores could jam and break if you use it on soft material. They shouldn’t be used on concrete since they could burn out, and the same is true for brick.

Type of Drill Bits: The two most popular types of drill bits are made of diamond and carbide. The kind of assignment you must complete will influence which one you select.

If you wish to work on industrial projects, pick a carbide bit type. These are perfect for low-pressure, slow drilling on rough surfaces.

On the other hand, diamond bits drill slowly but can withstand more pressure. As a result, they are able to drill larger holes without damaging the framework.

Durability: The stainless steel and nickel alloy blend offers excellent durability. Sharpness, durability, and general strength are all enhanced when surfaces are electroplated with diamond coating.

Industrial-grade carbon steel is also a great substitute when electroplated with a diamond finish. On the other hand, sintered burrs and drill bits are more robust than their electroplated counterparts.

Size/Dimension: You won’t be able to use a large drill right away if the material is as delicate as porcelain tile. Make sure you select the drill bits with the greatest variety. You’ll find this to be quite useful if you need to drill holes of various sizes.

The last but not least factor to take into account when choosing the best drill bits for ceramic tiles is the price. When choosing drill bits among the available ones, price plays an important part and varies greatly.

Cobalt and carbide drill bits are more expensive than diamond drill bits. If a diamond bit is multi-layered (sintered) or single-layered, the price will differ.

How are ceramic tile drill bits used?

You must first decide on the type of ceramic tile that you will drill through. Knowing the characteristics of the material you are trying to drill through will help you get a better sense of the scope of the task at hand.

For instance, porcelain tiles’ density makes them more difficult to penetrate than ceramic tiles. As a result, drilling through porcelain tiles will require more thought and work than cutting through other types of tile.

Additionally needed is a certain drill bit that can cut through the porous surface of porcelain tiles. The same applies to drilling through stone tiles.

Select the appropriate drill bit

Selecting the appropriate drill bits for your particular drilling activity is crucial. Drill bits of the proper size and kind will facilitate your job and produce the greatest results.

Regardless of the material you’re trying to drill through, never use a worn-out drill bit for tiling. Your tiles could be harmed by worn-out drill bits.

Tile will not work with standard drill bits, however, that is not a problem. Ceramic tile can be drilled using a carbide bit, but glass and porcelain require a diamond-tipped bit. To achieve the greatest results, selecting the appropriate-sized drill bits is also crucial.

Plot and label your tile.

Plot your tile on a clean surface in this phase and note the location of the drill-through. If you drill into a tile that is not on a flat surface, it will probably crack or the hole won’t be perfect.

Therefore, take care when drilling and ensure that the tile is precisely put and not moving. Before you begin drilling, take measurements and locate the point that has to be drilled.

Begin drilling

begin drilling gradually. Don’t move so quickly. High-speed drilling frequently results in tile cracking. So, exercise patience and continue drilling slowly.

You can gradually speed up your drilling once the hard glazed surface is penetrated. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the tiles. From the moment the drill begins, maintain consistent pressure. It will prevent cracks in your tile from occurring.

Maintain a cool drill.

The drill bits become quite hot while drilling into ceramic tiles because of the substantial temperature generation. The drill bits will become damaged if they are not allowed to cool. To keep your drill bits cold and prevent them from overheating, use a moist sponge, cool water, or other lubricants.

The drill bits collectively

Once the hole in the tiles has been completely drilled, it is time to remove the drill bits from the tiles. Move smoothly and slowly. If you rush, the pressure from the back will shatter your tile.

FAQs Ceramic Tile Drill Bits

How long does drilling through ceramic tile take?

Since ceramic tiles are constructed of hard materials, drilling often results in cracking. Be cautious and take your time to ensure a problem-free completion of your task.

In general, you should spend three to five minutes on each hole, though occasionally it may take longer. Making the most of your time and speeding up the process is possible with the proper drill bit. If you’re running late, don’t worry—you’ll be okay.

Do tiles allow the use of metal drill bits?

Using metal or wood drill bits to drill through ceramic tile won’t yield satisfactory results. Drill bits with carbide tips are required.

It’s important to realize that not all ceramic tiles are created equal. Each tile has a different level of hardness. You’ll have trouble drilling through porcelain tile very rapidly.

A typical characteristic of ceramic tile is glazing. The tiles have a thick glass glaze coating. A drill bit made of wood or metal cannot pierce the glass. For this reason, carbide drill bits are required to drill holes in tiles.

Can ceramic be drilled through?

A common drill bit can be used to create a hole in ceramic. However, a diamond-tipped drill bit should be used if you want to make it flawless and avoid cracking the ceramic. Your ceramic tiles will develop a smooth, sharp-edged hole as a result.

You must adhere to certain safety precautions when drilling into ceramic. To prevent damage to the drill bits, drill through the ceramic carefully, use less pressure on the tiles, and keep them cold.

Can you drill through ceramic tile without a hammer drill?

Use a hammer drill at all times when working with ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles will crack or split when drilled with a hammer drill. Hammer drills work well for brick or concrete but not for ceramic tile. Diamond drill bits can be used to safely drill through ceramic tile.

How durable are tile drill bits?

It will depend on the materials you wish to drill through, how much you use your equipment, how quickly you drill, your working environment, etc. Drill bits will endure for 20 or more drilling tasks if you use them carefully and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe.

Use water or other lubricants to keep your drill bits cool while drilling and keep the speed at its lowest setting to extend the life of the bits.


To work with ceramic tiles, drill bits appear to be a necessary piece of equipment. Selecting products from the greatest brands that offer longevity, excellence, and the best results for your work is the wisest investment.

Diamond drill bits ought to be your top choice if you want long-lasting performance, a reasonable price, and—most importantly—durability. If you choose the best diamond drill bits for the right material, you won’t have any reason to be dissatisfied with the quality.

Our second choice is the Drilax Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile due to its exceptional performance, robustness, and affordable price. Otherwise, have a look at some of our favorite picks from the preceding list.

As a last thought, we sincerely hope that our buying guide and other information will help you comprehend the necessary characteristics for the finest drill bits for ceramic tile purchase.