When it’s time to make cuts on the job site, a reciprocating saw is hard to beat for ease of use. Whether you’re ripping pipes out of an old house, taking sheet metal out of a rust bucket, or just getting rid of some big trash, these tools can help. Yes, if they have the right blade, they can cut through almost anything as if it were made of butter. But blades aren’t everything; the tool must be able to run the blade correctly.

There are a lot of reciprocating saws on the market, which is good news. It seems like everyone and his mother is making them like they’re going out of style. The bad news is that you have to look through all of these to find the best one for you. So, we put together this buying guide. We want to help you figure out where and why you should spend your money the most wisely.

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws Review

10. DeWalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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The DeWalt 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw is our top pick. This reciprocating saw is part of its system of more than 180 tools that are growing the fastest. That lets you get a lot of different power tools that all use the same kind of battery. Just because of that, many business people will want to get their hands on it. But even by itself, it is still a great piece of gear.

The saw is small and light, making it easy to use, but it still cuts through things better than most tools. It has a four-position blade clamp that you can adjust quickly without a key, and the variable speed trigger gives you the most control. The performance is helped by a motor that doesn’t have brushes, which makes it more efficient and consistent.

This is not our most affordable option, especially since the batteries for the charger are an extra cost. But in general, any power tool made in the United States will cost more.

What’s Important

  • The design is small and light.
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • A motor without brushes
  • Part of DeWalt’s line that is growing the fastest


  • Small and easy to move around
  • Respectable performance
  • Speed is easy to set up and control.


  • Premium price point
  • There are no batteries or chargers.

9. Black+Decker BDCR20B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw


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Let’s look at one of the most affordable reciprocating saws that won’t get you burned. This small reciprocating saw is great for anyone who needs a backup or a tool they can use occasionally. Based on its 20-volt battery and variable speed trigger, it can do some good things. Even though it’s cheap, it does a pretty good job of cutting through almost anything.

It also has a blade-changing system that doesn’t need any tools, which is always a big plus. We have to say that this is a “tool-only” listing, but even with the extra cost of batteries and a charger, it is still much cheaper than any premium option.

This tool is hard to beat for the price. But you can’t expect it to compete with things that are better. It’s also important to know that this thing vibrates a lot, which makes some people very uncomfortable.

What’s Important

  • 20-volt battery
  • Control of different speeds
  • Toolless blade system


  • Very affordable
  • Almost good enough
  • Simple to set up.


  • There are no batteries.
  • Bad at absorbing vibrations

8. Makita XRJ06PT 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless Recipro

Makita XRJ06PT Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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Makita is the first tool brand on our list, and it’s also the first full kit on our list. This means that the saw comes with a charger for the batteries, two extra batteries, and a bag for storing them. You can always buy the saw if you think it will work better. The reciprocating saw is one of more than 275 tools that work with Makita’s LXT line of batteries.

This means it works well with a whole set of tools you may need to put together. The saw works very well, but there are a few things that really make it easier to use. For one thing, it is made to stop the blade from bending and shaking. Two, you don’t need any tools to attach the blade. And finally, it has an LED that makes it easier to see what you’re cutting in small spaces.

A lot of people are going to be scared off by that price. But you shouldn’t just ignore it because it’s too expensive. This is a tool for professionals, and you should think about getting it if you use reciprocating saws often.

What’s Important

  • Reciprocating saw kit
  • Focused on comfort
  • Blade change without tools
  • Built-in LED


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Low sound level
  • Batteries and a charger are included.


  • Premium price tag

7. Makita XRJ04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Recipro Saw


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Let’s look at one of Makita’s less expensive tools. We’ll admit that this is a little bit of a cheat because this is a “tool-only” listing, but even if you choose the kit, it’s still a little bit cheaper than our last entry. This saw doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the last one, but it still works better.

You can count on this tool every day because it cuts through materials quickly and is reliable. Its better cutting power comes from the 1.25-inch blade stroke. The tool doesn’t have an LED light built in, but you can still attach the blade without tools. This makes it easy to set up no matter where you are.

There isn’t much about this saw that I don’t like. The only thing to keep in mind is that the price goes up by more than twice as much when you buy both the battery and the battery charger.

What’s Important

  • Only tool
  • Long saw stroke
  • Blade change without tools


  • Makes cuts quickly
  • Simple to set up.


  • There are no batteries or chargers.
  • Necessary equipment doubles the price

6. Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL Hackzall

Milwaukee Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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The first thing on our list from Milwaukee is a one-of-a-kind thing. But before you say it’s not worth it, think about all it has to offer. This tool is made by Milwaukee and is called a Hackzall. It has the cutting power of a reciprocating saw and the ease of use of a small hacksaw. Because of this combination of features, it is very easy to cut anything that needs to be cut in a small space. Better yet, as part of its FUEL line, you get power and reliability that can’t be beaten.

The saw has a brushless motor, which makes it more powerful and efficient, and it’s easy to use with just one hand. You will like that the blades don’t move in an elliptical pattern, which gives you more control. Even though the blade is small, it has a 7/8-inch stroke to make sure it can quickly cut through anything in its patch.

Most people won’t use this as their main reciprocating saw because it’s small. Instead, they’ll use it as a specialty tool. But this does depend on what you do for a living and where you have to make cuts.

What’s Important

  • Compact design
  • A motor without brushes
  • Compared to its size, the stroke is


  • Simple to use in small places
  • Creates cuts quickly
  • Part of the line FUEL


  • More of a specialized tool

5. Worx WX550L 20V Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw


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If you don’t have enough money to buy more than one reciprocating saw but need to be able to work in any space, this is the saw for you. This entry is different because the head can be turned, which lets you quickly change where the blade is. You can use it in a normal way to cut, or you can move the head to use it in tight spaces.

When the blade is in the right place, this product can also be used as a cordless jigsaw. Even though it has this function, it is still small, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s also great that you can use any standard blade with it, which lets you get the most out of it. It also runs on a 20v battery that can be used in any other Worx tool that runs on the same battery.

The design looks great on paper and works well in many situations. But if you use it as a jigsaw on hard materials, you might get a jagged cut because the blade isn’t stable enough.

What’s Important

  • The design is small and light.
  • Unique pivoting function


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Can be used as a puzzle.


  • Poor blade stabilization

4. Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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Now is the time to bring out the big guns. Milwaukee is a favorite in the business world because it can make new tools based on what customers tell them. This saw that moves back and forth is a great example of that. It is a cordless option that works and is reliable and better than corded options. That means you don’t have to deal with big extension cords to get the extra power you need for the job.

It can cut through anything because it has a function that lets it move at 3,000 SPM. This model has an LED built in to light up tight spaces, and the grip is made in a unique way to give you the most control and comfort. We also like that there is a hook to hang it on so you can temporarily put it away while you work.

The mechanism for changing the blades on this otherwise great entry is made of plastic. If you’re careful, you won’t have any problems, but it’s easier to break than metal.

What’s Important

  • 3,000 SPM blade speed
  • Built-in LED
  • Unique grip design


  • User-friendly
  • Fast speeds for cutting
  • Can be hung up when not in use


  • Weak system for changing blades

3. Bosch PS60-102 12-Volt Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw Kit

BOSCH PS60-102

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Even the best small reciprocating saw is sometimes too big to use in tight places. At least there was something. Many problems that tradespeople all over the world have can be solved with this tiny saw. It’s small, so you can hold and use it with just one hand. Because of how it’s made, it’s very easy to cut boards, pipes, and other things that are in very tight spaces. It even has an LED light built in so that you can work in tight spaces without cutting something you didn’t mean to.

Even though it is very small, this saw makes 3,000 strokes per minute. It is less when it is loaded, but it still cuts in surprising ways. Another thing I like about it is how thin it is. It works as an extension of the handle, making it even easier to hold.

As you might expect, this saw has a short battery life. You’ll only be able to do a few quick jobs with it before you have to charge it. Still, that’s fine for something that won’t be used very often.

What’s Important

  • Very small and easy to carry.
  • Built-in LED
  • 3,000 SPM blade speed


  • Simple to use in small places
  • It cuts very quickly.


  • Battery life is short

2. Porter-Cable PCC670B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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Let’s talk about something else that’s cheap. There are a lot of cheap reciprocating saws on the market, but it’s better to stick with brands that have been around for a long time than to try something new. Porter-Cable is known for making good tools and putting them on the market at lower prices. This saw has a 20-volt battery, can reach speeds of up to 3,000 SPM, and the blades can be removed without a tool.

It’s also important to note that this model is small and very easy to use, no matter what setting you choose. The trigger has a variable speed, and the grip has an over mold that is shaped to fit your hand. It also has a shoe that can be turned so that the tool is always flush with whatever it is cutting.

The only things about this tool you might not like are the vibrations and noises it makes. Even though it’s not the worst, either way, the two together can make it hard to use.

What’s Important

  • Small and easy to carry
  • 3,000 SPM blade speed
  • Designed for easy handling


  • Simple to use in any place
  • Affordable price point
  • Creates cuts quickly


  • Noisy
  • Vibrations that hurt

1. Bosch CRS180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw


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The last item on our list is another great choice made by Bosch. Even though this brand isn’t as “hot” as others, they still make some of the best power tools on the market. This particular saw is a great option to think about because it works very well and is easy to use. It really stands out from the rest because it has two-speed ranges. You can choose a mode that runs at up to 2,700 SPM to make cuts faster or 2,400 SPM to cut through materials that are harder to cut.

The variable speed control goes well with this function because it lets you cut through any material without harsh vibrations or kickback. It is also a small model that is as easy to use as it is to move from one project to another.

This is a “bare tool,” so it doesn’t come with batteries. Another thing to think about is that Bosh tools don’t have the best battery life, so you’ll need to buy spares for long projects.

What’s Important

  • There are two speeds.
  • Compact design
  • Bare hand


  • The speed settings give the best results.
  • Small and easy to work with
  • Speed control that can be changed for better control


  • There are no batteries.
  • Battery life is short

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws: Buying Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

So, if you can choose based on what we’ve told you, you’re good to go. But if you are still not sure, you should keep reading. We’re going to tell you exactly what you should look for and why. It’s important to know that people’s preferences are largely based on their own tastes and the tools they already have. You also can’t forget how important your budget is when making decisions. Still, there are a lot of other things to think about when shopping for a power tool, especially one that could be dangerous like a saw.

What’s good about having a cordless reciprocating saw

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a cordless reciprocating saw. First, we’ll talk about how cordless saws are better than those with cords because you can use them almost anywhere. You don’t have to deal with extension cords or worry about cutting the cable by accident as you work. If you want one with a cord, you might want to read our review of the best reciprocating saws.

When it comes to batteries, you can save money by choosing a model that uses the same batteries as other tools you already own. It can also help you start a collection based on the new saw you bought. This part lets you reach a level of skill that can improve your work process in a big way.

All reciprocating saws can cut through materials much faster than hand saws and a lot of other power tools. You can also change the blades quickly so you can use it on different materials. Reciprocating saws are also much easier to use in tight spaces than other tools, especially those with small designs.

  • Make cuts more quickly
  • Use batteries from other tools you already have.
  • Being able to switchblades quickly
  • easier to use in small areas
  • Different kinds of cordless revolving saws

There are a few different kinds of reciprocating saws that you can find as you shop. Most of the time, switching between the two types doesn’t have much of an effect on performance, thanks to new technology. But the different kinds do have their own benefits that you may want to think about. If you don’t, you might end up with a tool you only use rarely.


Your main product is a standard saw that moves back and forth. This is a full-sized model with the best performance characteristics in general. Since it’s bigger, more parts can be added to improve the user’s experience.

Most of the time, these models have the most powerful motors, so they will be able to cut through more materials well. They are also usually made in ways that make them vibrate much less, and their weight helps keep them more stable while they are being used.

These are the best choice for people who do jobs that need or want a little bit more power. But they don’t work very well when you have to use them in tight or awkward places. They are much bigger than the other types, which can make them hard to control in many situations.


As technology improves, most companies are starting to make their reciprocating saws smaller. It is possible to make better motors that take up less space, so they don’t have to make a big tool to get more power.

When you have a smaller reciprocating saw, you can use it more easily anywhere. They are small and light, so you can hold them comfortably in any way you need to. They are also small and light enough to carry with a wide range of other tools.

Most of the time, an excellent compact reciprocating saw will cost more than a standard model.


Even a small model can only be used in a certain number of places. You might not have enough room to use a compact model safely when working under sinks, behind walls, or even in a car.

One step further, a subcompact model lets you use a reciprocating saw with just one hand. They have small batteries and a blade that usually sits at an angle so that they can be used in tight spaces.

Since they are so small, their performance does suffer. Most of the time, these designs make blades move much more slowly, making it hard to cut through tough materials. They may also use batteries that last much less long than the batteries in standard and compact models.

What are the most important things about cordless reciprocating saws?

There are many different parts that can be added to a reciprocating saw, and they can easily take your attention away from what’s really important. Before you buy a product because it has a built-in LED light or a head that can turn, you should look at how it is made in other ways. If you don’t, you might end up with a tool that doesn’t work well or in a way you didn’t expect.

Proper Sizing

The most important thing to think about is how big the saw is. How and when you can use a tool depends on how big or small it is. You should find the right size for the tool based on how you plan to use it.

Because traditional models are cheaper and more stable, it’s hard for general work to replace them. If you’ll be working in a fairly open space or on a benchtop, you might want to get a bigger saw. People who work in homes or other tight spaces will need a small version.

If you often find yourself in very tight spaces, a subcompact car is a good choice. This is probably not something most people do every day, so it can be thought of as a specialty tool.

Ergonomic Design

A tool’s ergonomic design is very important because it can affect how easy it is to use. It also helps improve the skill by getting rid of any awkward movements or steps. Small changes to where the trigger is and where the blade is can have a big effect on overall productivity.

Also, pay attention to how the tool feels in different positions. There will be many times when you have to use it at an angle, either low or high. When this happens, it might be hard to pull the trigger or hold the tool well. There are a lot of designs that take this into account and have a layout to fit it.

Good Score for Speed

Try to find out how fast the blade will move as you read the specs. The speed of the blade affects how well the tool cuts and can tell you how well the saw will work for what you want to do.

Most of the time, faster blade speeds are better but keep in mind that it might not have enough power to run at those speeds when it’s busy. For example, the blade may move back and forth quickly when it’s not cutting anything, but it may slow down a lot when you start to cut. The blade will move more slowly if the material is harder, and you should look at the reviews to see how important these problems are.

How to take care of and fix a cordless reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saws get used a lot, which is a shame. They are made to chew through things the way a beaver chews through trees. Manufacturers know this, so they make them as strong as possible so you can use them for years. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to take care of it.

To take care of a reciprocating saw, you need to use some common sense and be aware of how it is made. You should never put the tool somewhere where it will get too wet or moist. If you don’t, you could hurt the parts inside. You should also check and clean the tool often to make sure everything is in good shape, especially after jobs that make a lot of mess.

To get the most out of your saw, you should always make sure the blades are sharp and the batteries are fully charged. If you don’t, performance may slow down, and you may even hurt it.

  • Charge batteries to keep their performance.
  • Keep things in dry places to keep the electricity from going out.
  • Always use sharp blades to avoid hurting yourself or causing damage.
  • Clean often to keep internal parts from getting damaged
  • Blades should never be stored together.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the most common questions about reciprocating saws. We’ve talked about a lot of things so far, and it’s easy to forget some of the details. So, even though these may seem like silly questions, they are a great way to review what you already know and figure out which saw you need to add to your collection.

Q: Is a reciprocating saw a better way to cut wood than a regular saw?

Saws that spin back and forth are great for quickly making rough cuts. They don’t have the accuracy needed for fine details, but they save time compared to hand saws, which can be great.

How many amps do you need for a saw that moves back and forth?

A corded reciprocating saw needs between 9 and 15 amps to work. But you don’t have to worry about this with a cordless model.

Should I buy a reciprocating saw with a cord or one that doesn’t have one?

If you can afford it, a cordless model is a good choice. Even though batteries cost more, they save you from having to deal with power sources and extension cords.

Our best choice

The DeWalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw is our top pick, which may come as a surprise if you look at some of the other tools on our list. We think it’s a better investment for the average person because it’s part of DeWalt’s fastest-growing tool line. Milwaukee and Makita are definitely big names with great tool lines, but they also cost a bit more. The DeWalt is a little easier to get, but it still does a great job. Also, it has a lot of features that make things better for the user.

One Last Thing

Again, our top pick is the DeWalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw, but we know that many people will choose the cheaper Black+Decker BDCR20B 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw.


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