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6 Best Cordless Drill Under 100

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You require a precise and practical tool when you need to drill varied-sized holes into a different substance. However, if you choose an industrial drill press, the price would be high. We have created the top-rated list of the best cordless drills under 100 to handle all of your drilling tasks. The best budget drill is a cordless power drill, which is the most attractive aspect.

This implies that while using a cordless drill, you won’t have to worry about tripping extension cords or the drill’s power connector. Based on factors such as tool power, swing size, speed range, RPM, chuck size, and others, we have created our top list.

Best Cordless Drill Under 100 Review

We can guarantee that any tool on our list will be the perfect fit for your project’s needs. Remember, even though you have a limited budget, you should take certain important considerations into account. And through our content, we provide you with that directive. You will receive detailed information on how to choose a quality instrument and which tool is ideal for you.

Your choice of the most affordable model with all the cool features will be made easier by using our top 6 cordless drill reviews, buying advice, and FAQs. Let’s now check our reviews of the top inexpensive cordless drills. The best cordless drill under $100 is listed below to satisfy your drilling needs. Depending on the type of drilling operation you are doing, this equipment will work well. Let’s look at the list now:

1. DEWALT 20V Max: Best Cordless Drill under $100

DEWALT Cordless Drill Under 100

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  • If you pay more attention to it, the excellent and proper lighting might be considered an elegant element.
  • Additionally, you may obtain strong, gripping drill bits with its 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck.
  • The ergonomic handle of this tool can provide you with a lot of comforts.
  • A 2-speed high-speed transmission is featured on the yellow Dewalt 20V drill (0-450 and 1,500 rpm).

The DEWALT 20V is the ideal option, in our opinion, if you want to spend your money on top-notch drills and drivers to simplify your difficult task. Your drill will never be better or more portable than this one. This high-quality tool is highly recommended because it has enough power to make drilling simple and pleasurable.

Its battery life will undoubtedly be a big plus for you. Two rechargeable batteries are included. They also have a lengthy battery life, allowing you to work continuously till the job is done.

You can use the charger with regular 120V domestic electricity, so keep that in mind. However, use caution if using it on any other voltage because it was not intended to work with the car charger.

This cordless drill’s operating voltage range is 20 volts. Additionally, it weighs 3.64 pounds. Thus, you can also fit this Dewalt drill’s small size and light weight into confined spaces.

The high-speed transmission can be used for a variety of drilling and fastening tasks. Thus, you can select different applications based on your needs. Additionally, this tool comes with a high-performance motor that produces 300 unit watts of power (UWO).

What we like
  • It will be really tough to use for a very long time.
  • Its impact parameters are straightforward to change.
  • It is comfortable to use because it is well balanced in your hand.
  • Long battery life and plenty of power will let you keep working.
  • You can work with a lot of torque, good speed, and energy thanks to it.
What we didn't like
  • It occasionally emits a loud noise.
  • Not all project types are suited for the drill.

2. Bosch 18V: Cordless Drill Under $100


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  • The Dewalt provides 165 PSI from a 6-gallon tank. It is far too versatile to use this step drill bit with stainless steel. For high power mode, the cordless drill includes a 2-speed transmission.
  • You can work easily with this machine thanks to its soft-grip handle.
  • With its 12-inch chuck, the auto-lock will allow you to quickly switch out the drill bit.
  • You may avoid damaging fasteners by using the 1-clutch setting on it.

You may want to look into the Bosch 18 volt cordless drill if money is tight. It is the instrument that you may purchase at any time for the lowest price. Additionally, it will give you some outstanding features at that affordable price. For instance, the swing size of this instrument is 8 inches. Additionally, it will enable you to drill workpieces of greater sizes.

Additionally, this tool press is built with 480 inches per pound of torque to maximize productivity for your drilling work. However, the small HP motor will be powered by the Bosch 18 V motor and operate superbly. You won’t smell anything unpleasant while utilizing this gadget result.

It offers a range of 450 to 700 RPM, which gives it the adaptability for quick and accurate drilling. Additionally, this tool’s depth adjustment gauge will enable you to restrict spindle travel.

Therefore, using this equipment makes getting a precise drilling hole rather simple. Additionally, it works well for drilling through steel and other hard materials. Its horsepower is the reason.

What we like
  • The Bosch is easily transportable to your workplace.
  • The little parts can be stored safely in the convenient carrying bag that is included.
  • To effectively operate in dark workspaces and reach the corners, the integrated LED light will be offered.
  • This tool is ideally suited for your regular heavy-duty duties, as you’ll discover.
  • As a result of its advanced lithium-ion technology, it will provide you with 80% more power.
What we didn't like
  • It frequently creates excessive noise that makes it difficult to operate inside.
  • The setting process is fairly difficult.

3. BLACK+DECKER: Best Cheap Cordless Drill under $100

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill Under 100

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  • To make drilling easier, it will come with an interchangeable battery.
  • It will offer an 11-Position clutch to stop material damage.
  • This exercise’s 2.64 Ibs will help people move more easily by reducing fatigue.
  • It helps the battery system connect properly thanks to its 20V lithium ION.

You must carry out both heavy-duty and light-duty drilling. Invest in a Black+Decker cordless drill. It is the most portable drill you can use to complete even drilling through studs. It offers a number of standout qualities, like tight spot adjustability.

It will fit since it is small enough to allow for such modification while you work in a compact space. Even when compared to other common tools, you will see that this incredible tool is 30% smaller than others. It will be simpler for you to work behind apps or inside of your closets or cupboards at any moment.

The Black+Decker, however, has greater RPM and more torque. Additionally, it is built with a dual-speed gearbox to efficiently accomplish the drilling operation. The power and countless jobs that this cordless drill can perform will suit your grilling style.

Additionally, after using it for four weeks, even if you are not an expert, you will become one thanks to its useful features. And for this reason, it provides users with good value. However, for two years, this instrument will lower your maintenance costs. It has a 2-year warranty, for that reason.

What we like
  • With its keyless chuck, changing pieces are comparatively simple.
  • This tool has a good appearance and is portable.
  • To make moving more comfortable, it has a mid-handle.
  • With the help of this instrument, you can illuminate a difficult-to-reach corner surface.
  • You’ll experience balance and maneuverability.
What we didn't like
  • This tool’s body is wrapped with plastic, so it appears to be breakable at any time. There isn’t a record yet, though.
  • Although it is uncommon, the battery can run out.

4. VonHaus 20V: Cordless Drill under 100 Dollars


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  • You will be able to correctly tighten the nuts and bolts if you use 300 Ft/Lb of nut-busting torque.
  • To modify the drill’s capacity for speed control, it incorporates a variable speed trigger.
  • When you need to change the rational direction, you may easily accomplish so by pressing the forward/reverse button on the device.
  • Because of its 3.0AH battery, charging just takes 75 minutes.

Because the VonHaus did not come with a cord, working inside could cause unanticipated wiring difficulties. It is a powerful machine with a tightening torque of 260 ft/lbs. It also qualifies as the ideal machine if you require a basic driller for your housing.

It does, however, come with a 20-volt battery that should provide you with years of drilling project duty. It’s because the battery has a higher charge capacity than most other batteries on the market today. Additionally, charging the battery of this device doesn’t take very long. On the other hand, working continuously while charged is safer.

With its variable speed trigger, the VoHaus’ premium high-specific motor lets you regulate the speed. With this cordless drill, you will be able to handle all light drilling chores with ease. Amazingly, it will come with a tidy bag for storing all the tiny nuts and bolts. Therefore, there is no chance that you will lose any nuts when drilling.

What we like
  • This cordless drill is quite portable, so you can relocate it to a convenient location.
  • Because of its convenient size, it is simple to store anywhere you wish.
  • It has enough power to handle substantial do-it-yourself projects.
  • With its LED indication light, working with it will be more comfortable for you.
  • Its batteries can all be used with VonHaus 20V Max Lithium ION D-Series products.
What we didn't like
  • It’s quite difficult to insert its drill bits into the chuck.
  • Its torque can decrease to 100 pounds.

5. BLACK+DECKER: Best Cheap Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill Under 100

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  • You will have access to 30 more accessories with the cordless drill to complete your project with ease.
  • You can move about with this tool because it weighs only 2.64 pounds.
  • Its LED light is a great complement for reaching nooks and crannies.
  • Its chuck can be configured in 11 different ways to provide you with the greatest level of convenience.
  • With it, you may reach a top speed of 650RPM.

You must select a Black+ Decker tool if you require your cordless drill tool to prevent stripping. The 20V ION battery is always available and has a high capacity for holding its charge. You will also receive a guarantee that this battery will operate continuously for 18 months.

It incorporates a 24-position clutch that provides an additional level of control to guard against overdriving screws. As a result, ensuring a safe drilling task is not too difficult. However, a number of drilling tasks are suited for the Black+ Decker cordless drill. It works with materials like wood, metal, plastic, and more.

Most importantly, you will receive it with a soft grill handle so that you may work comfortably. Additionally, due to this tool’s lightweight quality, you can count on it to relieve your fatigue. The Black + Decker, however, is one of the best cordless drills for domestic and easy house repairs. You will find it simpler to use this tool.

What we like
  • Due to its attractive size, you can use it in tight situations.
  • It includes a second, interchangeable battery option.
  • Its powerful and quick tool makes working quickly quite great.
  • The battery life is quite good.
  • The great torque of this cordless drill prevents screws.
What we didn't like
  • It was missing a belt hook. As a result, the drill bits frequently become unsteady.
  • Only light drilling activities should be performed with this drill.

6. PORTER-CABLE: Cordless Drill Under 100


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  • The Dewalt boasts 370 MWO of power and can provide 165 PSI from its 6-gallon tank, which will let you do heavy-duty work.
  • You can work in a confined place thanks to the 7.4-inch total small size.
  • To guarantee that fastening applications run at full speed, its maximum RPM is 1800.
  • The cordless drill combination set is equipped to deliver 20% more trustworthy bit retention.

For typical drilling needs, you can purchase a Porter-Cable cordless drill. The strong performance of this instrument appeals to professionals. The battery life of this tool will be 50% longer than that of regular machines. To manage long battery life, it does, however, have a brushless motor that retains 20V total power.

Additionally, thanks to its mode collar, you won’t lose your clutch setting while switching to fastening. Therefore, continuing to work uninterrupted will enable you to measure your drilling task accurately.

Additionally, if its battery and charger are your main concerns, you can purchase them separately. This means that if you believe you still have your old battery or charger, you do not need to buy a new one. You have the choice to cut costs here. With a variable speed and long battery life, this tool will serve as the best premium drill tool.

What we like
  • To reduce fatigue, it boasts a lightweight design that weighs only 3.3 lbs.
  • This power tool is a great replacement for a worn-out, obsolete one.
  • Even on a tight budget, you can afford it.
  • You have the option of variable speed using this tool.
  • It functions perfectly with both wood and metal materials.
What we didn't like
  • This tool is not reliable enough for any kind of business use.
  • Although it happens infrequently, the motor frequently fails.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Drill for Less Than $100

The following guidelines must be followed when purchasing a cordless drill under $100. Let’s look at what makes a cordless drill a reliable purchase:


The performance of your tool will increase as the motor power of a cordless drill increases. A strong drill has an HP rating between 0.5 and 0.75 HP. You will get a superb drilling tool if you can choose your cordless drill based on this measurement. However, if you need to tackle a light-duty drilling activity, you can stick to the HP range of 0.12 to 0.33 HP.

Different Speeds

RPM is the unit used to express a drill motor’s speed. To control the speed of your tool while working, you must use a variable speed. With a variable rate, you can efficiently drill holes of various sizes in a variety of materials. You can follow the RPM range from 500 to 8000 at the most to ensure your tool is operating at its peak efficiency.

Charles Size

You must pay attention to the chunk size while choosing the drill bit. Varying versions have different chuck sizes. You must choose a measured chuck size for your tool if you want to ensure compatibility. Additionally, the common chuck sizes are 5/8, 3/8, and 12 inches.

Step Size

You can get the ideal hole in the center with the assistance of a cordless drill with the ideal swing size. The distance between the spindle’s center and the edge-supporting column is known as a drill machine’s swing. To get the best results, we advise you to use a drill that is at least 12 inches long. Using a tool with a large swing size allows you to handle massive projects with ease.


Your budgetary constraints are the final element you need to take into account. You can choose the type of cordless drill you should buy based on your budget. A high-performance drill costs between $50 and $500. However, you must conduct a thorough study if you want the best cordless drill under $100. In this situation, use our suggested items to save time and obtain the superior tool.

Which Cordless vs. Corded Drill Should I Buy?

If you’re unsure whether to select a corded or cordless drill, the solution is straightforward. Drills, both corded and cordless, are excellent for specific jobs. But the main distinction between these two classes of technologies is how powerful and practical they are. The cordless drill is much more comfortable for you to move about while working. However, the corded drill will provide you with additional strength to handle large work.

Consider these three crucial elements to determine how these two categories differ from one another.

Origin of Power

A corded drill is made to be permanently connected to a power source. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about its subpar performance. Even when the battery is nearly dead, changing it is very safe.

While using a cordless drill, there is a chance of the battery running out, but it is still handier. In this situation, you can avoid the stress of the power outage. As a result, even without electricity, you can work whenever it’s convenient for you.


The corded drill will weigh less than the cordless drill when it comes to weight. The cordless drill is hefty because it needs to transport a large battery, which adds to its size. So you shouldn’t choose a cordless drill if you plan to use a lightweight machine.

However, if you need to work outside without access to a power outlet, pick the corroded one.

Storage Challenges

No wiring or cord is included with a cordless drill. You may therefore store it in a tiny area. However, if you consider the corded drill, it will take up more room. Additionally, you need to take care to arrange the cables safely to avoid damage.

To position the corded drill safely, several other tools are also required. If you are having trouble with storage in this situation, a cordless drill should come to mind.

What Kinds of Cordless Drills Are There, According to Their Use?

By concentrating on a few distinct factors, you may quickly classify the type of your cordless drill. There are, however, three distinct categories of cordless drills. Checking them out, we have:

Large-Capacity Cordless Drills

An expensive heavy-duty cordless drill is what you get when you choose it. They are quite pricey because they can be used for large-scale drilling tasks. However, these technologies can also be used for smaller tasks.

However, the voltage and chuck size of the drill are important factors to consider. Consider them to be a heavy-duty cordless drill even if their voltage ranges from 12 to 18 and their chunk sizes are all within a half-inch.

Cordless Light-Duty Drill

The light-duty drill is another variety of cordless drills. But we don’t advise you to get a light-duty drill while you have big projects to manage. The light-duty cordless drill won’t be very effective for heavy-duty operations, which is why. In addition, you’ll need a few extra parts to handle the heavier jobs.


Choose this sort of drill when you have to cope with typical drill requirements. This kind of drill often has 12V spaces on its battery. However, purchasing a general-purpose drill does not obligate you to forego effectiveness, productivity, or power. However, you must accurately categorize your drilling project type.

Questions on the Best Cordless Drill Under 100

Which cordless drill is the finest to purchase?

The 20V MAX cordless drill from DEWALT appears during the first stage when the professional discussion is being discussed. It is the best in terms of its high caliber and exceptional performance. Furthermore, the power tool you refer to as the greatest cordless drill under $100 is the highest-ranked one. Additionally, a greater voltage rating will be provided by this instrument, increasing the power of the power tool.

Which drill on the market is the best?

The greatest cordless drills for drilling activities may be found on the market for about $100. But if you ask us to name the greatest drill available, we must respond with the BLACK+DECKER cordless drill. This drill machine has a powerful impact driver and great torque. Therefore, using this BLACK+DECKER cordless drill to complete your tasks is surprisingly simple.

What is the best brand of power tools?

Well, if you’re talking about the brand, you have a lot of options. Furthermore, you will receive total delight from these businesses. With their products, numerous brands will provide you with unique benefits. However, there is no doubt among customers that VonHaus and DeWalt are the top brands at the highest rate.

Which is superior, Ryobi or DeWalt?

Generally speaking, DeWalt goods cost more to purchase. On the other hand, Ryobi offers identical products for less money. DeWalt is the brand pros should think about, as we’ve already mentioned.

On the other hand, Ryobi is the company to think about when looking for the finest cordless drill for homeowners for around $100. As a result, you might notice a distinction between these two brands.

Who has the most torque in a cordless drill?

The Milwaukee 2804 drill boasts the most torque of any cordless drill currently on the market. With 1200 inches of torque, it is the most potent drill. Additionally, when compared to other common cordless drills, the torque size is the highest that you can think of. Additionally, it had a 2000RPM maximum drilling speed.


It takes up less space and is absolutely hassle-free to store your cordless drill. If you spend less than $100 on a cordless drill, you won’t have to worry about any unforeseen risks when drilling. But selecting the most practical equipment for drilling tasks can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner.

Therefore, reading our article will save you time because we have already covered all the essential information about our best products. To gauge the strength of your instrument, you must pay attention to the battery power when purchasing a cordless drill. Happy shopping!