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10 Best Contour Gauges of 2024

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Are you in search of a tool that can measure and duplicate the irregular contours of an object? If that is the case, I would recommend that you purchase a contour gauge. Using it, you can measure the tight cross-sectional areas around your home, making it an ideal choice for DIYers, woodworking projects, floor installation, plumbing around the stairs, or working around the pipes. But, which are the best contour gauges to purchase? Read on to find out.

What is a contour gauge?

Also referred to as a profile gauge, a contour gauge is a tool that records the cross-sectional shape of an object or a surface.

What is a contour gauge used for and how does it work?

A contour gauge is used to draw the profile of the object or copy it on another surface.

The tool comprises a set of steel or plastic pins and a locking mechanism. When you press the contour gauge against an object, the pins conform to its shape. Once the pins have conformed to the object’s shape, you can use the locking mechanism to lock the pins in place for accurate transfer of the shapes.

Best Contour Gauges

10. YOLETO Contour Gauge

YOLETO Contour Gauges

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A perfect way to copy the shape of irregular objects lies in using the Yoleto Contour Gauge. This tool can provide high precision measurements, enabling it to fasten the measuring and cutting process. What’s more, the tool features flexible pins of the profile gauge duplicator. This helps to save you time by not having to spend too much time while drawing the templates of complicated cuts. The contour gauge is made of high-quality plastic for strength and durability.

9. Lnchett Contour Gauge 10 Inch Profile Gauge


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The best tool for trimming and modeling irregular objects is Lnchett Contour Gauge. It features a 5.12” width and 2.60” impression depth, making it suitable for copying various shapes, especially those with deep shapes. Adding to that, the profile gauge features an upgraded zinc alloy metal lock and a high-quality ABS construction. Therefore, you can get it as one of the best choices for a durable contour gauge.

8. LionZ Contour Gauge

LionZ  Contour Gauges

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If you need the best contour gauge for copying deep shapes, the LionZ Contour Gauge is an excellent option. The duplication gauge is 50 wider than the normal models, making it an ideal choice for deep shapes. Adding to that, the gauge has a metal locking mechanism. The mechanism enables it to maintain the shape without moving out of form for accurate shape transfers. The LionZ Contour Gauge is made of tough ABS plastic plus a high-quality aluminum core for durability.

7. TOOLX 10-Inch Contour Gauge


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Next, we have the TOOLX 10-Inch Contour Gauge. It is easy to use, thanks to the built-in screws that adjust the pins’ tightness as required. The contour gauge is made of tough ABS with an aluminum metal locking mechanism for durability. Further, the tool features 5” wide fingers and a 2.9” depth of impression, making it an ideal choice for copying and tracing the odd shapes of bigger and deeper objects.

6. Enjoyee Contour Gauge

Enjoyee Contour Gauges

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The Enjoyee Contour Gauge is an excellent choice for measuring and duplicating big shapes and smaller objects. This gauge comes in a package that contains a 5” contour gauge duplicator for smaller object shapes and a 10” contour gauge duplicator for deep shapes. The contour gauges are made of high-quality ABS plus a metal locking mechanism for longevity.

5. VARSK Contour Gauge


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If your contour gauge is for use in low-lit environments, I would recommend that you get the Varsk Contour gauge. The gauge features dual bright LEDs that illuminate the area you are working on for reliable use in the dark. Besides that, the tool has a metal locking mechanism coupled with a heavy-duty aluminum core and durable ABS plastic pins. Because of this, you can get it with an assurance of longevity and that it will not scratch the finish of the objects you are measuring.

4. Pakkyng Contour Gauge


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Designed for carpenters, woodworkers, handymen, or flooring experts, the Pakkyng Contour Gauge can copy and measure any surface or object in three steps. Using it, you should adjust the looseness of the pins, press the gauge against any object and allow the pins to conform to the shape so that you can use the locking mechanism to lock the pins in place. The contour gauge is made of quality ABS plastic enabling it to withstand the test of time.

3. Kerye Contour Gauge

KERYE Contour Gauges

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The Kerye Contour Gauge is a perfect choice for DIY projects, fitting tiles, a carpet, or laminate flooring. The gauge is constructed of high-quality ABS plastic for durability and to protect it from scratching the object to be copied. Adding to that, it features a metal locking mechanism to maintain the shapes of the pins while marking. The contour gauge comes with a carrying bag for storage and reliability while traveling.

2. Home Penguin Contour Gauge

Home Penguin

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Get the precision that is needed to deliver perfect results using the Home Penguin Contour Gauge. This tool features high-quality construction that guarantees long-term durability. Additionally, there is an adjustable metal lock. The lock assures you that you will not lose a measurement, while the provided hex key is used for adjusting the tightness and keeping everything in place. The Home Penguin Contour Gauge features a 5” duplicator and 10” duplicator, thus an excellent choice for measuring small and large objects.

1. General Tools 833 Plastic Contour Gauge

General Tools Contour Gauges

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Acquire the extra length that is required for linoleum installation, woodworking, or ceramic tile installation after getting the General Tools 833 Plastic 10” Contour Gauge. This tool features 3” fingers that measure profiles up to 1.25” precisely. Besides that, two 10” contour gauges can be combined when working with a 20” base. The contour gauge is made of tough and durable plastic so that it will never scratch the original finish of the shapes.

How to choose the best contour gauge

Type of the contour gauge

Contour gauges are of different types to allow you to pick one that will work perfectly on your project. For instance, a steel pin duplication gauge is an excellent choice for professional use and metal works. On the other hand, a plastic pin duplication gauge is best suited for carpet fitting, crafting, or use with projects that require you to protect the object to be measured from scratches.

Depth and length

Contour gauge pins come in a wide range of depths. To ensure that you will accommodate large and wide shapes, I would recommend that you pick a contour gauge with deeper pins. On the other hand, consider the length of the contour and ensure that you pick a contour gauge with a length that will accommodate the size of the contour.

Locking mechanism

Although some contour gauges fail to integrate a locking mechanism, I would recommend that you get a tool with a locking mechanism. A locking mechanism locks the pins in place after measuring the shape to ensure that you are transferring the right shapes.


If you want to measure irregular shapes accurately for perfect results each time, I would recommend that you purchase either of the reviewed contour gauges. Using them, you can measure the shapes of objects and duplicate them as required without losing the measurements.