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6 Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set

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High-density and light-gauge metals can both be drilled using cobalt drill bits with great precision and longevity. Therefore, investing in the best cobalt drill bit set will guarantee adaptable operation across a variety of materials as well as long-lasting and reliable service.

However, there are many different types and levels of cobalt drill bit sets, making it difficult to choose the best cobalt bit set. In order to provide you with precise and incredibly heart-resistant service, we have researched the top 6 cobalt drill bit sets that are constructed of premium cobalt and HSS material with high-quality shanks and tips.

Best Cobalt Drill Bits Set Review

These drill bit sets, which are affordable and easy to store and carry, come with a range of sizes of cobalt drill bits. Cobalt drill bits are extensively discussed in the guide, along with their varieties, benefits, and buying and usage advice so that you can get the best performance.

1. Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Set

Hymnorq Cobalt Drill Bit Set

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  • This M35 cobalt drill bit set is perfect for cutting through both soft and hard materials, including cast iron and stainless steel, and is incredibly heat resistant.
  • The operator won’t need a center punch because it includes 135° Quick-Cut points for self-centering and drills through swiftly with light pressure.
  • The straight shank on this pair of cobalt drill bits makes it fit the most common drill chucks without slipping or sliding, making it perfect for precise centering.
  • The high flow spiral used in the cobalt bit set’s design allows for the quickest removal of flutes even while drilling through heavy metal.

The greatest cobalt drill bit set you will ever discover, the Hymnorq Metric Twist Drill Bit set boasts a remarkable balance of precision, performance, and pricing. You can drill countless holes through tough materials like cast iron and stainless steel using this set of drill bits without them becoming dull or chipping.

This 13-piece M35 grade cobalt drill bit has a straight shank, 135° Quick-Cut tips, and a high-flow spiral pattern. This twist bit set will thus easily cut through a variety of thick materials when mounted to the majority of common drill chucks. The drill bit set is also offered at an unexpectedly lower price and comes with a plastic carrying case.

What we like:

This set of 13 sturdy, heat-resistant drill bits comes in a variety of sizes and is reasonably priced. These will firmly fit with most drill chucks and provide faster drilling through thick and difficult materials without a center punch. The cobalt bit set is packaged in a plastic box and has a 90-day warranty.

What we didn’t like:

The drill bit includes a titanium nitride coating to improve friction and reduce heat, however for best results, the user should apply cutting oil.

2. DEWALT DWA1240: Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set


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  • This cobalt drill bit set has a revolutionary bit-bar mechanism that makes it simple to remove the bit and change its position.
  • The drill bit has a pilot point tip to provide clean and accurate drilling without the need for a beginning hole.
  • Faster drilling is guaranteed by its M35 grade cobalt drill bit set, which is also less likely to break out.
  • This set comprises sharp, long-lasting cobalt drill bits that work well for repetitive usage and can cut through angle iron and I beam.

Due to its emphasis on both quality and value, DEWALT has a remarkable success story in America. This amazing drill bit set’s producer claims that because of its premium cobalt and stainless steel, it is practically unbreakable over both hard and soft surfaces.

In addition to this, the drill bit set has a pilot-point design, which eliminates the requirement for a beginning hole and allows for a walk-free drilling season. This cobalt drill bit set contains 14 drill bits with sizes ranging from 0.062 to 0.375 inches, making it ideal for drilling more quickly and precisely.

What we like:

With optimal control, this pair of cobalt drill bits provide dependable and quick performance over stainless steel and other hard metals. The drill bits have a pilot point tip for precise and clean holes, are heat resistant, and are simple to remove.

What we didn’t like:

This drill bit set may get blunt more quickly and requires sharpening.

3. IRWIN M35 Cobalt Drill Bits Set

IRWIN Cobalt Drill Bit Set

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  • With a 135 Degree Split Point, this massive set of cobalt drill bits can gently drill metal while minimizing bit walk.
  • This drill bit set is robust enough and resistant to abrasion and heat to work through consistently. It contains 5% cobalt and 95% high-speed steel.
  • Its drill bit includes a shank that is longer than 3/8 inch so that it may be used with a larger drill and drill press for quick and simple metal drilling hardening.
  • This drill bit set is incredibly strong and resilient thanks to its cobalt strength and Heavy-Duty Web Construction.

This IRWIN Drill Bit Set would be a wise investment for you if you frequently need to handle a wide range of drilling applications with various hole diameters. 29 cobalt drill bits are included in this kit. This set comes with a bit that ranges in size from 1/16 to 1/2 inch, providing flexible control over the drilling activity.

An additional intriguing element is a rubber over-molded casing. This big quantity of cobalt drill bits may be kept well-organized, portable, and safe from accidental loss and drop.

What we like:

This substantial set of drill bits is packaged in a metal index container for easy access and organization. For maximum durability and lifespan, while ensuring quicker drilling into hardened metal, these are composed of strong quality HSS and cobalt.

What we didn’t like:

For best results, while drilling into steel, this set of cobalt drill bits must be operated at low speed.

4. Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bits Set

Drill America

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  • The gold-oxide finish on the drill bits in this set of cobalt drill bits makes them resistant to wear, heat, and scratches.
  • A lubricating finish on the cobalt drill bit allows for rapid drilling through more difficult metals.
  • This cobalt drill set provides accurate and effective drilling without the use of a pilot hole thanks to its 135-degree split point tip.
  • The round shank on these cobalt drill bits makes them compatible with the majority of power drills for easy drilling.

With 29 pieces in the set, and M35 grade, and a 135-degree split point, this cobalt drill bit from Drill America is significantly less expensive than the previous model. Despite this, the cobalt drill bit set is supplied in a black and gold case that may be strung on a belt for convenience.

This M35 cobalt bit set, which is reasonably priced, is made of M2 premium high-speed steel and can drill through iron, steel, and aluminum, among other potentially tougher materials.

What we like:

This 29-piece cobalt drill set is hardy and heat- and wear-resistant. Additionally, these drill bits are durable, drill through harder metal without breaking or sliding, and are reasonably priced.

What we didn’t like:

This cobalt drill bit set is packaged in a flimsy plastic container that is easy to break if dropped accidentally and prevents well-organized storage.

5. DEWALT DW1263 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set

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  • The pilot point tip on the cobalt drill bit set is designed to lessen lock-up and assure accuracy while drilling through.
  • The premium quality cobalt and HSS used to create this cobalt drill bit set ensure optimal durability while drilling at maximum speed.
  • This 14-piece cobalt drill bit set’s sizes range from 1/16″ to 3/8″ so you can select the perfect bit for a given hole.
  • The heavy-duty carrying case that comes with this set of cobalt drill bits keeps the bits safe and well-organized for easier access.

Another top-quality cobalt drill bit set from DEWALT, this one promising top performance. Despite having 14 pieces, just like the DWA1240 model, this set of cobalt drill bits is significantly more expensive, perhaps as a result of the convenient and robust case.

The case is constructed of industrial-grade ABS material and has a rubber lock for easy access and storage as well as an interlocking hinge to keep the cobalt bits organized.

What we like:

This 14-piece cobalt drill bit set is reasonably priced and is composed of durable material. These drill bits can drill precise holes for a long time without slipping in steel and cast iron. Additionally, this cobalt bit set comes with a 1-year warranty from DeWalt.

What we didn’t like:

As the tips get hard, it becomes more difficult to sharpen these cobalt drill bits.

6. BOSCH 21 Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set


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  • Three-flat shanks are used in this substantial set of cobalt drill bits to improve grip and prevent slippage while boring through high-density metal.
  • The cobalt drill bits have laser-etched markings that make it easy to choose the right-sized drill bit.
  • These cobalt drill bits provide accurate beginnings and perfect holes thanks to their no-skate split-point tip.
  • High drilling temperatures cannot be tolerated by these cobalt drill bits in order to improve performance over a solid surface.

This Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set is yet another excellent illustration of why Bosch is the most reputable brand in the power tool and accessory market. Therefore, this BOSCH Cobalt Metal Drill Bits Set is highly recommended, especially if you’re on a tight budget, whether you require a wide variety of high-quality cobalt drill bit sets for drilling through abrasive materials or light-gauge metal.

This 21-piece cobalt bit set features laser-etched size markings and a 1/16 to 12 size range. So selecting the correct size drill bit from the neatly organized portable carrying case won’t be a major deal.

What we like:

This reasonably priced set of 21 cobalt drill bits features a three-flat shank, a no-skate split-point tip, and laser-etched markings. These can drill a precise hole through soft and hardening materials since they are extremely heat resistant and robust.

What we didn’t like:

The risk of damage also rises with the smaller drill bits since they need more force to bore through.

The Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set Considerations

Size: Drill bits that are shorter in length are more durable than those that are longer, while longer drill bits lose strength and crack resistance. Additionally, shorter drill bits are less likely to twist, spin, or break. The shorter drill bit is the best option for the demanding task because of its short construction and increased twisting capacity.

Tip: Drilling through a difficult surface requires a cobalt drill bit with the proper tip. To drill through heavy metal without sliding, select a cobalt drill bit set with a stepped tip and split points. In addition, depending on the task at hand, you can select between V-point, fish-point, tapered-point, and brad-point.

Cobalt content: For best results, choose a cobalt drill bit set that contains a larger percentage of cobalt. Additionally, it strengthens the cobalt drill bit and boosts its heat resistance. The M42-grade cobalt bit is often made using 8% cobalt, compared to the M35 grade’s utilization of only 5%.

Cobalt drill bits that combine steel provide tremendous performance and efficiently drill through cast iron, stainless steel, and other solid metals. Nevertheless, a metal oxide coat should be present on the drill bit set for increased wear and corrosion resistance.

Different Cobalt Drill Bit Types

In general, there are four basic types of cobalt drill bits, each with a specific function. Knowing these sorts will make it easier to select the ideal cobalt drill bit and get the necessary performance.


The twist drill bit has a spiral around the shaft with angled grooves. Its angle’s edge is extremely sharp and effectively drills through the material. The cobalt twist drill bit can quickly drill through hard materials and is appropriate for a variety of materials. Twist bits come in a variety of sizes and come in sets with up to 30 pieces.


This cobalt bit is perfect for making small, flush-fitting holes in the fastener heads of workpieces. Additionally, it works well for drilling countersink holes in hard surfaces. While countersink bits can only drill through the material’s existing hole, twist drill bits have self-piloting tips.


This Counterbore cobalt drill bit will be useful if you need to set the fastener hole below the work surface. This drill bit can drill through a wider hole at a shallower depth than countersink bits, which drill an angled hole for an angled head fastener. Additionally, this cobalt piece leaves a flat ridge where the headrest fastener rests.

Blue Step

When drilling through sheet metal, these Cobalt step drill bits come in helpful. The operator can manage the hole’s diameter since it can increase the hole’s size as it moves through the sheet metal. This step cobalt bit makes it simple to drill through sheet metal that is 1/4 inch thick.

Titanium vs. cobalt drill bits: differences

Both kinds of drill bits have peculiar characteristics yet are suited for robust and long-lasting performance. Cobalt is a robust but brittle drill bit, whereas titanium bits lost their coverage as they were sharpened. You can learn a little bit about these two drill bits by reading the cobalt vs. titanium debate guide:


The substance used to create them is the main distinction between the cobalt bit and the titanium drill bit. The majority of titanium drill bits are constructed of HSS and coated with titanium carbon or titanium nitride. On the other hand, cobalt drill bits are made from steel alloys that mostly contain cobalt.


The fact that titanium eventually loses its titanium covering is another crucial point. You will still just have a high-speed steel bit even after sharpening the bit. As a result, the titanium drill bit loses its titanium cutting edge after being sharpened. However, a cobalt drill bit’s advantage is that after resharpening, it can maintain the cobalt alloy. Cobalt alloy drill bits are a far better and more profitable investment than titanium drill bits since they will provide you with long-lasting, high-quality service.

Which drill bit is superior, cobalt or titanium?

Cobalt drill bits cost more than titanium drill bits but are more durable and heat resistant. Additionally, you want to choose a set of cobalt drill bits if you need to work on a variety of materials to provide great service. The titanium drill bit set, on the other hand, is a cost-effective option and best suited for wood and softer metals.

Tips for honing cobalt drill bits

A cobalt drill bit can be sharpened to regain its capacity to cut quickly and provide a flawless hole.

The cobalt drill bit is available in a variety of diameters and angle points depending on the type of task and the working surface. Cobalt drill bits have an impressively high level of heat resistance, making them ideal for frequent usage. But regular use wears down the cobalt’s cutting edge, which needs to be sharpened. This calls for a bench grinder after a simpler procedure of sharpening cobalt drill bits:

Get ready to do the work

When you sharpen a cobalt bit, steel shavings may fly into the air and hurt your eyes. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris. The bench grinder should then be turned on and set to a slower speed.

Look over the cobalt drill bit

Check the drilling edge while holding the cobalt drill bit’s smooth end in your finger. Look at the point at the end of the bit and note how the ridges around the narrow shape.

The drill bit in opposition to the sharpening

Bring the grinder near while firmly holding the drill bit. Gently tap the conical top’s sloped side against the grinder while holding the cobalt bit at a 60-degree angle. After a brief interval, remove the drill bit from the grinding wheel and press it firmly against the grinder once more. Continue sharpening the bit’s sides as well as the top, which has become narrower.

Examine the crispness.

If the bit is still sharp enough after using your finger to test it, continue with the process. Don’t grind away the drill bit too much or the cobalt drill bit may be damaged.

Important benefits of cobalt drill bits

Drill through solid materials, such as titanium and stainless steel, with cobalt drill bits, which are made of steel and have a robust quality structure. The majority of cobalt drill bits have cobalt M35 and M42 grade construction to extend bit life and provide heat resistance while drilling through challenging surfaces.

Operation versatility: The majority of cobalt drill bits are compatible with a wide range of power tools. There are several sizes of cobalt drill bits that fit into the power tool securely and drill through heavy-duty work without twisting or spinning. This drill bit can be used to bore through a wide range of objects, including hard surfaces like plastic, wood, and stone.

Effective DIY projects: The portable set of Cobalt drill bits ensures precise drilling, making them convenient and safe for DIY enthusiasts. Despite this, these drill bits include size indications and are wear-resistant, allowing the DIYer to choose the right size bit for the job. With the most popular drill guns and a number of domestic applications, cobalt drill bits deliver dependable and high-quality performance.

Using a cobalt drill bit properly is vital for maintaining its sharpness.

The cobalt drill bit can effectively drill through plastics, wood, and other soft materials, but if it is used only for these types of materials, it may become damaged. Despite using the following methods, the cobalt drill bit set will continue to work powerfully:

Polish the cobalt bit.

Using a bench grinder or belt sander, you may quickly and effectively sharpen the cobalt drill bit. For greater results, you may even spend money on an industrial sharpener. It implies that you won’t need to buy or replace the following cobalt drill bit set after a few uses or when it becomes worn out. However, avoid wearing gloves and keep your hand away from the sharpener because they can become tangled and hurt you.

Wear safety equipment

A cobalt drill bit is a strong accessory. But while drilling through, its tip may split, produce sparks, and do a lot of other things. Wearing protective gear will enable you to use a cobalt drill bit safely.

Frequent flute maintenance

Pull out the bit after drilling a few inches to get rid of the wood chips or flakes in order to preserve the cobalt bit’s sharpness. Otherwise, the flakes risk getting lodged in the bit’s flutes and making it hotter and more quickly dull. As a result, you will need to periodically sharpen the bit.

Use the stop-and-cool method.

The stop-and-cool approach can be used to keep the cobalt bit sharp, especially when drilling through hardwood. You might keep some cold water on hand and frequently use it to rinse the drill bit.

Use a set of two cobalt drill bits.

If you could handle two sets of cobalt drill bits, that would be preferable. Use the new set to drill through the beginning hole as advised by the expert. then use a newer cobalt bit to drill through the remaining material. Sharpen the bit after finishing the job to keep it ready for future projects.

Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set FAQs

M35 or M42 cobalt drill bits: which is superior?

A larger concentration of cobalt results in a cobalt drill bit that is more durable and heat resistant. Cobalt drill bits are often comprised of a combination of steel and cobalt components. Compared to the M35 cobalt bit, which has 5% cobalt, the M42 cobalt bit has 8% cobalt. The M42 cobalt bit is generally appropriate for boring through tougher metals, whilst the M35 cobalt bit is perfect for drilling through metals. Another crucial point is the costlier and more fragile nature of higher-quality cobalt pieces.

Cobalt drills: are they the best?

Cobalt drill bits are incredibly powerful and ideal for cutting through the majority of hardened metals, including cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, and titanium. A cobalt drill bit with a good cutting edge will survive longer than an ordinary HSS drill bit. Even so, they are better for repeated use and have greater heat resistance than titanium drill bits.

The Cobalt drill bits are produced by whom?

There are many well-known and renowned names in the power drill and attachments sector. The most dependable cobalt bit manufacturers among them are Bosch, DEWALT, and IRWIN.

What drill bits have a harder hardness than cobalt?

Drill bits made of titanium are more durable than cobalt drill bits and have a higher hardness. These are also effective in cutting through strong metal. However, cobalt drill bits may be re-sharpened and have a long-lasting coating, in contrast to titanium drill bits that have a short-lived coating and cannot be sharpened.


You already have access to some of the greatest cobalt drill bit sets that can be used to drill through hardened surfaces precisely, conveniently, and with long-lasting performance. Although this set includes high-quality, long-lasting, sharp cobalt drill bits, it differs from other sets in terms of its quantity, price, and adaptability.

Therefore, take into account these criteria while choosing the best cobalt drill bit set, and remember to use these pointers to get the most from your cobalt bit set.