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10 Best Bench Grinders of 2024

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Grinders are multifunctional devices used for sharpening, shaping, buffing and polishing metal materials. These devices are powered by motors and grinding wheels of different sizes to get even and quick metals you work on. If you want a grinder that takes minimal space and you can carry it to use from other regions, a bench grinder is a good choice.

The bench grinders are portable and space savers since they are smaller in size. Here is a review featuring the top ten best bench grinders in 2024.

Best Bench Grinders Review

10. DEWALT Bench Grinder (DW756)- 6-Inch

DEWALT Bench Grinders

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You can utilize an all-around industrial grinder in sharpening tools, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts, and cleaning objects. This grinder is safe for heavy-duty grinding jobs since it has a powerful 5/8 HP motor that can handle most materials. The motor empowers the grinder to work at a high speed of 3,450 rpm, far enough to save your time.

Working with the bench grinder is easy since it allows you to only focus on the materials you grind. The base features cast iron material, and it is flat for additional stability.

What we like
  • This bench grinder weighs just 0.65 Pounds
  • The device has a durable industrial cast iron base
  • The motor runs at a high speed
  • You can use it for heavy-duty grinding jobs.


This multifunctional Dewart bench grinder has a powerful 5/8 HP motor that works at a speed of 3450 rpm to save time.

9. JET JBG-6B, 6-Inch Shop Bench Grinder


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Do you need a powerful grinder for your busy workshop? I highly recommend the JET JBG bench grinder for metal works. This grinder ensures you can handle different projects since it can give both coarse and fine grinding, depending on the finishing you want to achieve. This high-quality bench grinder sharpens and smoothens materials just like you prefer.

You can work with it from different workspaces since it has rubber mounts that prevent it from moving. This is a grinder that will last you longer since it has heavy-duty cast iron crafting and has vents to prevent residual clogging.

What we like
  • The bearing balls are enclosed and pre-lubricated
  • The grinder is stable and does not wobble when working
  • Provides both fine and coarse finishing


This industrial heavy duty bench grinder provides the fine grinds results of 60-grit and coarse of 36-grit. It has dust vents to ensure it stays clean throughout.

8. DEWALT Bench Grinder (DW758)- 8-Inch

DEWALT Bench Grinders

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This is another excellent bench grinder from DEWALT worth investing in. The grinder works at a higher speed, making it a good choice for larger projects, and the motor is great. The grinder is crafted to last you for a long since the engine is housed in a cast iron materials, plus the entire tool made with heavy-duty cast iron safe from rust or corrosion.

Stability when working with this tool is high since it has a heavy flat base that firmly stands on the table you install it.

What we like
  • This grinder can accommodate large projects since it has large wheels
  • The grinder works at a great speed
  • Using it is easy for most people
  • It has durable material crafting


With 12-1/2-inch distanced wheels; this grinder accepts even large objects. It functions at a higher speed of 3600 rpm to save time.

7. BUCKTOOL 8Inch Low-Speed Bench Grinder


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From the speed to the type of motor in this bench grinder, it qualifies for professional jobs. It is a grinder designed to guarantee you get high precision regardless of what you are doing. The 3/4Hp motor can function at high-speed intervals of 1750 rpm.

The grinder allows you to work in different light conditions since it has 3 watts of LED light for illumination. Also, you can work from different angles, especially when shaping objects, as the device, can adjust in angle forms.

What we like
  • This bench grinder does not wobble
  • The device is easy to work with
  • Functions at a high rate
  • The grinding wheels are larger than in other models


This is a safe and convenient bench grinder to get for your workshop. It is made with heavy-duty metal materials and has safety features like an eyes shield.

6. WEN 4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

WEN Bench Grinders

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Another quality bench grinder that allows you to work from different areas and time intervals since it has a headlight for illumination. This is a premium industrial grinder that you can use for most jobs.

The tool has different working speeds that allow you to perform jobs like shaping, sharpening and you can also use it to handle various materials ranging from metals to plastics. This bench grinder has mounting holes so you can station it in the workplace to prevent it from wobbling.

What we like
  • The working speed varies from 2000 to 34000rmp
  • The grinder is made with heavy-duty cast iron materials
  • It has a flexible headlight for illumination
  • Has two wheels that provide different grinding power


This is a compact but powerful bench grinder that works at different speed intervals. The wheels are wide and sharp to give precision results.

5. Metabo – 8 Inch Bench Grinder (619200420 200)- 3, 570 Rpm


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This grinder does not have a loading speed which significantly reduces your working time. This, plus an operating speed of 3570 rpm, you can handle most materials and jobs as well. The grinder firmly rests on the working table and does not wobble so that you can put your focus on the job. The cast iron materials crafting of the tool guarantees durability and efficiency.

What we like
  • This grinder functions at low noise
  • The device has an induction motor that does not require maintenance
  • The tool has a safety cover bayonet lock


This bench grinder has an operating speed of 3570 rpm and does not have a loading speed. It is stable and has a cover bayonet lock for a quick change of wheels

4.​ BUCKTOOL 8-Inch Dual Speed Bench Grinder

BUCKTOOL Bench Grinders

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The top feature of this bench grinder is the 1/2HP dual-speed to give smooth grinding and precise results. The tool is quite easy to work with since there are a few steps to follow when connecting.

The grinder is connected with two wheels of 80-grit and 120-grit made with white aluminum oxide essential for preventing overheating when working. The grinder allows you to feed your work from different angles since the wheel feeding spaces are separate.

What we like
  • This is a versatile bench grinder
  • Has quality alloy steel crafting
  • It has two wheels that provide different finishing


The base is made with heavy-duty cast iron that adds stability to the entire unit. This grinder has powerful dual motors for high functioning speed.

3. Norse BGC8 9682080 Bench Grinding Center-8 Inches


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Get excellent finishing, shaping and sharpening on your metal objects using this bench grinder. It may feature a compact design, but the grinder is quite powerful. The grinder has a powerful motor and works at different speed intervals, which are easy to interchange.

The wheels equipped on this device are great to give different results. If you are working in poorly lit areas, the device has a lamp that provides illumination.

What we like
  • This bench grinder has an eye shield
  • The speed is adjustable
  • This bench grinder has a light for illumination


This bench grinder has varying speed intervals to accommodate different functions. It has both 8-inch wheels on each side for even grinding results.

2. Central Machinery Bench Grinder with Flex Shaft

Central Machinery Bench Grinders

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If you are looking for a bench grinder you can tag for your outdoor metal jobs, get this model. This is a versatile grinder that comes attached with a flex shaft for drilling holes on metal materials. So, it is a recommendable grinder for industrial and other metal workstations.

The speed of this grinder is exceptional since it can adjust up to 10,000 rpm. This bench grinder has four anti-skid feet plus a flat iron cast base to ensure it does not move or wobble when working.

What we like
  • This grinder comes with a bonus flex shaft driller
  • It has speed intervals that adjust up to 10,000 rpm
  • The grinder is affordable


With speed variation of up to 10,000 rpm, this is a heavy-duty grinder you can use for most jobs. The grinder is convenient since it connects to all 120-volt power adapters.

1. Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


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There is no job you cannot do with this bench grinder ranging from grinding to polishing. The speed is another feature that stands out on this grinder since you can adjust it from 2000 to 3400 rpm depending on the activity and the metal you work on.

Setting up the device is easy since it is light and compact. The 5 amp motor induction equipped on this device works hustle-free to handle even the hardest task and metals.

What we like
  • This grinder has both 36 and 60 grits for even grinding results
  • It has a LED light for illuminating
  • This is a multifunctional bench grinder


This grinder has a water tray that keeps the device cool and prevents overheating. The speed of the bench grinder adjusts from 2000 to 3400 rpm for efficient results.


Easy to use, powerful and versatile is all you get from these ten reviewed bench grinders. The above-covered bench grinders work at high-speed intervals and can handle most metals. So, choose a brand that suits you from the ten products reviewed.