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The Best Airbrush Kits in 2024

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Even if you’re just starting out as an artist, a good airbrushing set-up can help you make work that looks like it was done by a pro. When you choose something with a SPRAY that can be used in many ways and is strong, the results are smooth and high-quality. The kit you need will, of course, depend on what you want to paint. You want a system that works with paints that stick well to the surface you want to paint. It’s also important to make sure the system is either durable or portable enough for your needs. We’ve put together a list of the best airbrush kits on the market to help you find the right one. Let’s look at who’s in the first place.

Best Airbrush Kits Review

1. Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System

Master Airbrush Best Airbrush Kits

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Check out the Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System if you want work that looks like it came from a professional. It is easy to use, so you don’t have to be a professional to get good results. This set comes with an instruction book with tips and tricks for painting for extra help. As for the airbrush system itself, it has a long hose that is 6 feet long. You can take your airbrush setup with you if you have a good portable compressor that is easy to store and tow. The paint comes out of a tip that is less than half a centimeter wide.

This makes precise art possible. It works well on all kinds of surfaces, from home decor to cars. The handle is easy to hold and use, so you can make any kind of art you want. Overall, this is a good choice because it is easy to use and works well.

What’s Important

  • Multi-purpose Model G22 airbrush
  • Air hose 6 feet long
  • Holder that can be taken off
  • There is a book with instructions.


  • User friendly
  • Encourages precise painting
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Fragile construction
  • It’s hard to clean.
  • The pump isn’t very strong.

2. Ylingsu Cordless Automatic Airbrush Kit

Cordless Airbrush

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Is portability important to you? If so, the Ylingsu Cordless Automatic Airbrush Kit might be a good choice. The system is small and works without a hose. This gives you the most freedom of movement and lets you get to hard-to-reach places where models with cords can’t go. It has a rechargeable air pump that lets you use it for just under an hour. Between uses, you can just plug it into any power source via USB. The airbrush itself lets you control the paint very precisely.

It is heavier than some other models because it is portable (though still light enough for comfort). The design makes it easy to use, and the shape makes it easy to hold on to. The paint container for an airbrush is easy to fill and clean, so you can work quickly and accurately.

What’s Important

  • The air pump that can be charged
  • USB source of power
  • Handheld system
  • Ergonomic


  • Portable
  • Provides precise control
  • Simple to use and keep clean


  • The spray is usually light.
  • The battery doesn’t last long or stay charged.

3. Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit

Gocheer Best Airbrush Kits

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Want something that looks good and is easy to carry? The Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit is worth looking at. It’s good for both new artists and more experienced ones. The kit itself can be used with many different kinds of paint. This means that the system can be used to decorate any surface. The system has a unique way to pull the trigger. It gives you full control over how much air comes in and what color you put on. For more advanced shading techniques, you can change the size of the lines and how thickly you put on the paint.

It’s easy to put together and takes up little space. This kit comes with a hose and a number of extras that will help you make the perfect design. It’s easy to take care of, especially since the compressor removes humidity. This keeps your paint and airbrusher in good shape for a longer time.

What’s Important

  • Two-stage trigger
  • Ideal for a wide range of uses
  • There are extras, too.
  • Gets rid of humidity


  • Use-friendly
  • parts that are of good quality
  • Simple to add fluids


  • Not very good directions
  • Only one color of paint can be used at a time.

4. Neo Products CN Gravity Feed Airbrush


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The Neo Products CN Gravity Feed Airbrush is a great choice whether you are a beginner or just want something easy to use. The way it works is analog. This means that gravity pulls the paint into the brush. This is great for places with low pressure because you don’t have to use artificial pressure to get paint. This airbrush system gives you precise control over details because it has a fine tip and a strong nozzle. This airbrush can be used with any kind of paint, which means it can be used on any surface.

Since it’s portable, you can use it even in hard-to-reach places. The paint comes out at different pressures, but it works best with small compressors. This airbrush system is great for beginners because it is easy to clean and keep up.

What’s Important

  • Airbrushes that are fed by gravity
  • Needle and nozzle of 0.35 mm
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • Handheld


  • Beginner friendly
  • Provides precise control
  • Simple to maintain


  • A bit hard to clean.
  • Nozzle can clog
  • To use paint, it must be very thin.

5. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun

Iwata-Medea Best Airbrush Kits

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Want a high-quality kit? The best choice is the Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun. The system is made to be flexible, so you can choose from a range of paint thicknesses. The thinnest setting is best for filling in small areas, while the widest setting is best for filling in large areas. It has a smart nozzle that centers itself on its own. So that the system can work in humid and low-pressure areas, the paint is fed to it by gravity. With a full third ounce of paint on hand at all times, you can easily take on big projects.

The comfortable grip lets you control the direction and strength of the paint well. It works best with acrylic paints, but can also be used with other kinds. This choice is easy to take care of and is made to last for a long time. This is a high-end airbrush kit for artists with a lot of experience.

What’s Important

  • 0.35mm needle
  • Gravity-feed 1/3-ounce cup
  • Spray pattern from the hairline to 2 inches
  • Comfortable grip


  • Versatile
  • Premium quality
  • Fine tip for details


  • It takes a long time to clean.
  • Pricey
  • May get clogged with some acrylics

6. Master Airbrush Professional Cool Runner II

Master Airbrush

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If you’re looking for a good airbrush kit, we recommend the Master Airbrush Professional Cool Runner II. This system comes with three airbrushes: a dual-action airbrush with a 0.3-mm tip, a dual-action siphon feed airbrush with a 0.35-mm tip, and a single-action siphon feed airbrush with a 0.8-mm tip. The single-piston, 1/5-horsepower compressor has two fans, so the unit stays cooler for longer and doesn’t get too hot.

The package comes with a quick-start guide, a card that lets you use the Airbrush Resource Center, and a holder for the airbrush. It also comes with six acrylic paints in primary colors that are water-based, as well as a reducer and cleaner, a color mixing wheel with two sides, and a set of brushes for cleaning. The company also gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year. Even though it says “professional,” one complaint about this set is that it may be better for beginners.

What’s Important

  • There were three airbrushes.
  • 1/5 horsepower
  • Single-piston compressor
  • Start-up guide


  • Fans keep it cool and keep it from getting too hot.
  • There are six paint bottles in the set.
  • Guarantee for one year


  • May be better for newcomers.
  • Lines might not be as thin as you want.
  • The instructions are not very good.

7. Master Airbrush Model G22

Master Airbrush Best Airbrush Kits

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Here is another entry from Master Airbrush. This Master Airbrush Model G22 kit is one of the most popular from the company. It comes with a dual-action airbrush that has a 1/3-ounce gravity fluid cup and a 0.3-mm needle and nozzle. It can be used for both small details in the hairline and sprays up to 1 1/2 inches wide for the background, making it a versatile choice.

This easy-to-use kit is great for both beginners and more experienced crafters because it can be used for so many different projects, like making auto graphics or decorating a cake. If you’re not happy with the product within a year, the company will even replace it or give you your money back. The trigger on this kit doesn’t work smoothly, which makes it harder to use. Also, it may need a few changes before it works right.

What’s Important

  • Two-step airbrush
  • Needle and tip of 0.3mm
  • 1/3 oz. fluid gravity cup
  • Perfect for many projects


  • Versatile
  • User friendly
  • Guaranteed refund or replacement for one year


  • Trigger could be better
  • Changes may be needed right out of the box.

8. VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional Airbrushing Paint System


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We like the VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional Airbrushing Paint System because it can be used for a lot of different things. It’s a great kit for getting a tan, putting on makeup, decorating cakes, making temporary tattoos, and more. There is an airbrush machine and three fluid tips in the kit. The 1/5-hp compressor has an air filter water trap that makes 23–25 l/min of airflow and 0.8 cfm of air volume. On the compressor, there is a place to hold two airbrushes in a holder.

The pressure from the device is constant and steady, and it is not very loud at 47 dB. We also like that it will turn off by itself if the motor starts to get too hot. Overall, it’s easy to set up and use, and it doesn’t make too much mess. But it can get hot after a long time of use, and some people have said that the airbrushes aren’t the best.

What’s Important

  • Three helpful hints
  • Compressor with 1/5 horsepower
  • Airbrush holder
  • 47 dB noise level


  • Multi-purpose application
  • Automatically shuts off to keep from getting too hot.
  • Easy to put together and use


  • Has a tendency to get very hot
  • The airbrushes that come with the kit aren’t the best.

9. ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Air Compressor Airbrushing Kit

ZENY Best Airbrush Kits

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The ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Air Compressor Airbrushing Kit is a good choice if you want to decorate cakes, do nail art, or make temporary tattoos. It has a 1/5 horsepower compressor that can provide enough air volume (CFM) and air pressure for a variety of tasks. The smooth flow of air from the internal storage tank makes your work easier. The kit is small, easy to carry, and light, and it has a handle built right in. The compressor has a diaphragm pressure regulator with a gauge so you can change the airflow to fit your needs.

There is also a water trap filter, and if the machine gets too hot, it will turn off by itself. This unit doesn’t need to be taken care of. It has a piston motor that doesn’t need oil, and it’s only 59 dB loud. Some users had to use extra adapters to get it to work right, and many of them suggest using a different kind of pipe thread tape.

What’s Important

  • Compressor with 1/5 horsepower
  • Handle built in
  • Diaphragm pressure regulator
  • Water trap filter


  • Easy to carry and not too heavy
  • Smooth flow of air
  • Maintenance-free


  • There may be a need for more adapters.
  • There may be a need for different pipe thread tape.

Best Airbrush Kits Buying Guide & FAQ

Not only artists can use airbrushing. Airbrush kits are used by many do-it-yourselfers and professionals, like cake decorators, to make hot rod flames or cool birthday decorations. You can buy parts separately, but it’s much easier to buy a kit that’s already put together. Usually, they come with a gun, a compressor, a hose, nozzles, and sometimes extras like a stand and a cleaner.

In the buying guide below, we tell you what to look for in a high-quality airbrush kit and how to keep it in good shape so it lasts longer. We also answer some questions about the product that are often asked.

Do You Need a Paint-by-Air Kit?

We’ve already said that airbrush kits can be used in many different ways. An airbrush kit is a great tool if you like making models, painting your nails, or want to get better at decorating food. When you buy a kit, everything you need comes in one package, so you don’t have to look for the right tools on your own.

Also, you know that all the parts will work well together, which isn’t always the case when you buy parts separately. And if you use PAINT from the same company that made the airbrush kit, you know that the two will work well together and are less likely to cause problems.

Another benefit is that airbrush kits are usually cheaper than buying the parts separately. You can also sell the kit as a whole if you decide you don’t like airbrushing.

  • They are made to be used in many different ways.
  • The package comes with everything you need.
  • All of the parts work together.
  • Parts that are sold separately are more expensive.
  • Kits for airbrushing

Airbrush kits are not all the same. Basically, there are three types: gravity feed, siphon feed, and side feed. Not sure which type will work best for your project? Read about them below and pick the one that fits your needs best. They each have their own good points.

Feed by gravity

Gravity-feed airbrush kits let the paint flow to the tip of the nozzle by letting gravity do the work. This kind of kit is made to use less air pressure, and it’s easy to spray the paint. Paint can be sprayed with less air pressure.

It works even if there is only a drop of paint in the container, so it is very cost-effective and wasteful. If you want to spray fine lines or details, gravity feed kits are a good choice.

Feed Siphon

If you want to paint a large area, you should use a siphon feed because it can hold more paint. This is a good choice if you are using more than one airbrush gun because you can use one color in each gun. You don’t have to clean up between paint changes, which saves time.

Again, a siphon-feed airbrush is better if you need to spray a lot of paint at once. For example, this kind of airbrush is used by places that offer spray tans. It needs more air than an airbrush that works with gravity, though.

Side Feed

Consider a side-feed airbrush if you want something in between a siphon-feed airbrush and a gravity-feed airbrush. If the paint is above the nozzle, the airbrush works like a gravity-fed one. If the paint is below the nozzle, the airbrush works like a siphon feed. This is a good choice if you want to be able to use it in different ways.

With this kind of airbrush, you can spray things upside down, which is a good thing. One bad thing is that if you want to buy accessories, they might cost a little bit more. Also, it might take a little longer to clean up.

What are an airbrush kit’s most important parts?

Even though different airbrush kits may be used for different things (like painting large areas or small details), they usually have the same parts. Before you spend your money on an airbrush kit, here are some of the most important things you should look at. So, you can choose a kit based on what you need.

Choosing between two actions and one

Single-action and double-action are the two types of airbrush guns. On a single-action gun, you press down for air, which usually starts the paint. Then you turn a knob to change how much paint comes out. This is a good choice for beginners because it always squirts out the same amount of fluid. They are pretty simple to use.

With a dual-action or double-action airbrush gun, you push it down to get air and pull it back to get paint. It’s a little harder to use, but a lot of people like it because it’s good for making fine details.


For airbrush kits to work right, they need air. Some kits come with CO2 tanks or air propellant tanks, but if you want to use the kit often, you really need an air compressor. With a compressor, you can change the air pressure. Check if it can be moved around and if it has a regulator.

Some airbrush kits are louder than others, and some brands cost less than others. Others need a lot of upkeep to keep working right. Look for a compressor with a filter because it will keep moisture out of the tank, especially if the air is humid.


Depending on the project you want to do, the size of the nozzle is an important thing to think about. If you’ve never done this before, you might not know what size nozzle and needle you need at first. At the very least, you should choose a needle and nozzle that are made for the job.

As a general rule, longer nozzles are better for spraying in a narrower area, while shorter ones are made to cover a wider area. Spraying the body of a full-sized car is very different from spraying the body of a tiny model car.


Most paints for airbrush guns can be used with most airbrush guns. Most airbrush kits don’t come with paint, but sometimes they do. Check to see if the paint you want to buy is made with water or with a solvent. This can change both the color and how it is used. Your choice of paint could affect your health and may need a certain kind of cleaner.

Acrylic paint, for example, is made of water, while solvent-based airbrush paints contain solvent as well as pigments and need specific solvent-based cleaners to get them out of the PAINT GUN. There are different kinds of paint for different purposes, such as nail art paint, automotive paint, edible dyes, etc.

How to take care of and fix an airbrush kit

It’s important to take care of your airbrush kit and keep it in the way that the manufacturer tells you to. It’s important to clean it every time you use it. Also, every time you change the paint, you have to clean it. If you don’t, the colors might mix and you might not get what you want.

When you’re done using the paint, you should pour it out of the container. Then wash the container to get rid of the paint. You can do this with a cotton swab and a cleanser. Next, put some cleaner in the container and use the airbrush gun until it only sprays clear liquid. Last, take everything out of the container and let it dry.

When working with water-based paints, it’s also important to use clear water or a cleaner with ammonia. So, the nozzle will stay in good shape and keep working well.

  • Every time you use it, clean it.
  • Use clear water or an ammonia-based cleaner.
  • Check the instructions from the maker.

Best Airbrush Kit FAQ:

When you have the right tools and know how to use them, airbrushing can be a lot of fun. Check out the answers to the most-asked questions below if you’re still not sure about buying a kit. Don’t be scared of the job because it’s not that hard to start as long as you plan ahead.

What is the best airbrush kit for someone just starting out?

That depends on what the airbrush kit is used for. Some might be better for things like decorating cakes. This buying guide has a number of good options for people who are just starting out.

Q: Can you airbrush with a regular air compressor?

Yes. But you might need to buy a special regulator if you want to do fine, detailed work that requires more control.

What do I need to get started with airbrushing?

If you’re new to airbrushing, you’ll need an airbrush gun, an airbrush compressor, a hose, paint, nozzles, and a cleaner.

Our best choice

The Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System is the best one we looked at. Even if you don’t have much experience with the process, this kit makes results that look like they came from a professional studio. The kit comes with a 6-foot-long hose that gives you a good range, as well as a book with instructions and helpful tips.

One Last Thing

We love the Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System because it comes with a good-quality compressor that’s very portable and easy to carry with you if you want to take the kit on the road. It is also a good choice if you want to be very specific.