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10 Best 90 Inch TVs in 2024

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Technology is gradually advancing with new TV models being invented day in and out. You don’t need to struggle with your viewing at home since you can still acquire a TV with a screen viewing size of up to 90 inches or more.

These smart TVs feature 4K and 8 K processing power that ensures the images and sound delivered are accurate and precise. Which are the best 90 inches TVs? Here is a review of the top ten best 90 inch TVs you need to look at.

Best 90 Inch TVs in 2024

10. Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 3D Smart LED TV

Sharp 90 Inch TVs

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Apart from having a large screen measuring 90 inches, this TV features an LED that provides the perfect light for good visibility. The resolution power of this LED smart TV boosts up to 1080P to ensure you only get crisp images and the right colors.

Thus, no guesswork of the colors displayed on the TV. This innovative LED TV has multiple connection inputs, including 4 HDMI, 2 USB, and even a PC input so that you can use the screen as a PC.

What we like
  • This is a high HD TV for excellent image display
  • This smart TV comes with 3D sunglasses
  • It has LED-backlit for perfect lighting even at night


Whether you love gaming or streaming for long, this TV is perfect for your watching needs. It has a large screen and high resolution for excellent and clear viewing.

9. Hisense 100L5F 100 inches 4K UHD Android Smart Laser TV System, HDR

Hisense 90 Inch TVs

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Bring theatre in your home and enjoy your favorite channels and streaming with this 100 inch TV from Hisense. This smart TV features the 4k HDR that provides clear images with transparent colors. The TV is an LED design that offers perfect backlighting such that you can comfortably view the TV with lights off and still enjoy it.

Another quality feature of this smart TV is the edge-to-edge design, which ensures you can comfortably view the TV from any angle of the room.

What we like
  • This TV has a high brightness level of up to 2700 lumens
  • It has a 4K and HDR system for excellent screen view
  • The TV has multiple connections through WIFI, Bluetooth and HDMI


This is a smart LED 4 K UHD TV perfect for all viewing needs. You can connect the TV through Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI

8. Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90″ 1080p LED-LCD TV


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This is another intelligent TV brand that allows you to view from any angle. First off, the edges of the TV are slim to prevent many distractions, and it provides a viewing angle of 176 degrees both horizontally and vertically. This is a multifunctional smart TV you can use for normal viewing, Media Play, digital tuning, and sports viewing. This TV supports an Ethernet connection and has several input ports.

What we like
  • This smart TV gives a sharp and clear image display
  • It has LED-backlit
  • Supports clear and good viewing from different angles
  • The TV comes with a 3 years warranty
  • You can mount or place it on a table


The TV has a resolution power of 1080P and has all Ethernet connection modes

7. Sharp PN-LE901 90″ Class 1920X1080 Commercial LCD HDTV Display


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With this smart TV from Sharp PN, you will not need to spend extra money to buy mounting kits as it comes as a full pack with amounting bracket. The connection mode includes USB and HDMI so that you can connect with other devices. With a resolution power of 1080P, this TV guarantees you get nothing but clear images.

You don’t need to guess the colors displayed since they are shown as they are. Another thing that I love about this smart TV is the sizing. It is an excellent model to mount even in condos since it is extra slim to save space in your living room.

What we like
  • The TV comes with 3 years warranty
  • The TV shows an edge to edge viewing
  • This smart TV comes with a mounting bracket
  • It is ultra-slim to save space


With a resolution of 1080p, this smart TV is capable of delivering crisp, clear images. The TV has both HDMI and USB with a high-speed connection mode

6. Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV

Sharp 90 Inch TVs

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This may be an old model of the Sharp TV brand but still can deliver the best viewing experiencing. The TV is suitable for streaming, playing games since it has various connection modes.

The TV features an inbuilt WIFI essential for streaming your favorite channels and other programs online. The full HD and 3D viewing provide excellent viewing options with crisps, clear images. If you love watching movies or gaming, this TV gives theatre viewing mode with clear displays.

What we like


With an inbuilt WIFI, this TV is perfect for streaming from Netflix, Hulu and other apps.

5. Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA 98″ 8k QLED Smart UHD TV


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Featuring 8 K HD resolutions, this stands as one of the top best 90 inches TV. The TV may cost a little more than other models, but it is a quality TV that will last you for a long. Also, this is a TV you can use for most of your watching needs from gaming, streaming, etc. The TV displays the most explicit HDR images plus the slim edges guarantee you can easily view your TV from any angle in the room.

What we like
  • This TV displays the most in-depth images
  • It is 8K processor enabled to boost the clarity of the videos
  • The brightness adjusts depending on the natural room lighting


This TV has a screen display of 98 inches and is Quantum Processor 8K enabled. The TV automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the temperature of the room. The sound changes as per the action happening on the TV too.

4. LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA Alexa Built-in Z9 88″ 8K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

LG 90 Inch TVs

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You don’t need to control this TV with a remote since it has an inbuilt Alexa supporting voice command. This TV has the Gen 2 intelligent processing mechanism that integrates it to deliver 8k images and videos. It is a classic thin TV with a frameless style that provides good viewing from angle to angle.

So, you can still watch TV while doing your chores in the kitchen as it does not have side frames that may cause distractions. Another great feature on this TV is the OLED pixels that ensure no shadowing on the TV regardless of the time you watch.

What we like
  • This TV has advanced sound and image design
  • It has airplay two modes that integrate with both android and iOS devices
  • The TV has multiple connection modes
  • It has inbuilt Alexa for smooth control from a distance


This smart TV features multiple connection modes through Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and HDMI.

3. LG 86SM9070PUA Alexa Built-in Nano 9 Series 86″ 4K Ultra HD TV


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Another LG smart TV model worth considering for that quality and theatre-like viewing. This TV has a viewing screen display of 86 inches in width and has intelligent integration to ensure the images and sound displayed are advanced.

Controlling the smart TV is smooth since it is compatible with both Alexa and Google assistance. Therefore, you don’t need to keep on getting up from your sofa to make any changes to the TV.

What we like
  • This TV is compatible with a WISI speaker to deliver excellent sound, mainly when gaming
  • The TV supports both Alex and Google assistance control modes.
  • The TV comes with a stand for holding it, but you can mount it to the wall


A 4K smart UHD TV that delivers advanced pictures and sound. The TV can be controlled through Alexa or Google assistance, plus it can connect through the Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and HDMI

2. Sony X900H 85-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR

Sony 90 Inch TVs

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Whether you need a large screen TV for your streaming, program viewing and gaming, this Sony model will not let your down. It is a smart TV, so rest assured the sound and the image display are top quality.

Another feature you will love on this smart TV is the control mode. Since it is compatible with Alexa, you can insert voice commands for making changes from a distance or without the need to use remote control.

What we like
  • This smart TV features the 4 k HDR processor for an excellent image and sound display
  • The TV has Alexa and Google assistance modes
  • It has a gaming mode to suit people who love gaming
  • It has LED-backlit that is dimmable


This smart TV adapts to the motion and visuals on the TV to change the sound and brightness. It is compatible with NETFLIX for easy streaming.

1. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series HDR Smart TV


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Powered by TIZEN, this smart TV promises the next Gen 2 viewing you will enjoy with your family. So, if you cannot access the theatre to watch your favorite movies, this TV is enough for your home streaming.

With a 4 K HDR, the TV ensures you get crystal clear images with the actual colors display. It is an LCD smart TV with various connectivity options: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI. This TV has frameless edges to offer a broader viewing mode and eliminate edge distractions when watching from the sides.

What we like
  • The TV has inbuilt Alexa
  • You can opt to mount it on the wall
  • This TV has both 4k and HDR display mechanisms


The available 4K and HDR mechanism speed up the processing time in this smart TV. These two modes also guarantee you only get crisp, clear images.


Enjoy the quality image and TV sound from these large-screen TVs. They have high processing power, and the HD display guarantees a great viewing experience. So, choose a TV from these top ten options.