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10 Best Touch Screen Monitors in 2024

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Touch screen monitors have become a popular option to buy nowadays considering the variety of benefits it offers. It is a very effective way to upgrade your workspace environment and providing the latest look. The presence of this equipment will give you terrific control that a normal monitor can never provide. The most difficult issue that people face while buying this equipment is selecting the right model.

We all know that the best touch screen monitor won’t be a cheaper affair so there is a need to stay cautious during the shopping process. If you are feeling the same, we want you to relax as we are here to serve the readers. Our team has made the proper research and testing for creating a list of the top 10 best touch screen monitors available to buy in 2024. Check each monitor and buy the one that you find most appropriate.

List of Best Touch Screen Monitors Review

10. Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor (best under $100)

Lebula Touch Screen Monitors

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The list will begin with this solid monitor having an upgraded 7” IPS screen and convenient mounting process. You don’t have to spend too much money on buying this product without compromising with the money.

It has a plug n play unit having compatibility with a variety of sources like HDMI port, drives, etc. No matter, you want to play games or just looking to control the network, this monitor will be suitable to use.


  • Easy mounting system
  • Superb compatibility level
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Give excellent screen colors


  • The small screen might be a problem

9. Philips 242B9T Touch Screen Monitor (best for solid warranty)

Philips Computer Monitors

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The ninth position is accommodated by this professionally designed touch screen monitor that equipped with four years solid warranty. It has a 10-point capacitive screen for giving an impressive touch response. Additionally, this unit is fully compatible with Stylus for boosting performance accuracy.

The availability of IP54 rated front panel protects the unit for protection against dust and water. It has an integrated smart stand allowing you to set the screen to an angel as per the requirement. Overall, we will say spending money on this unit will give you greater returns for many years.


  • Capable to get adjusted at various angels
  • Backed by 4 years warranty
  • Keep the dust and water away
  • Highly natural display


  • An anti-glare screen in few cases

8. Dell P2418HT Touch Monitor (best for natural experience)

Dell Touch Screen Monitors

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We will say it is one of the best touch screen monitors for buyers looking for a natural viewing experience. It is an impressive unit providing responsive service and smoother navigation to the viewers. This unit allows the users to tilt downward to 60° for better touch orientation.

It is equipped with state of the art technology that minimizes reflections and fingerprints to a greater extent. There is a seamless view guaranteed by the presence of this touch screen unit for sure.


  • Give anti-glare surface
  • Equipped with smooth display
  • Capable to work from a different position
  • Very stylish & elegant construction


  • Little bit weak volume

7. Uperfect Battery Portable Monitor Touchscreen (best under $350)


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The buyers who have a certain budget in mind should go for this impressively designed portable monitor. It comes with an integrated 10,800 mAh battery that can be very useful for enjoying a comfortable experience. This unit will definitely improve efficiency and make things better for sure.

It is a 10 point portable screen that works without causing any sort of driver. There is vivid imaging guaranteed in the presence of this high-quality equipment.


  • Give impressive viewing experience
  • Solid battery backup
  • Incredible speaker
  • Equipped with anti-glare finish


  • Charging takes time to complete

6. HP LED Monitor (best for sharp images)

HP Touch Screen Monitors

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Many readers who have arrived on this post must-have look for sharp images and this model is specially made for those people. It can serve a variety of purposes for making business better and convenient. There are versatile connectivity options offered by the unit for impressive compatibility.

On top of that, the price is pretty affordable and doesn’t cost much to the buyers. Investing in this unit will serve your needs for many years to come.


  • Boosts Screen Partitioning
  • Provide multiple connection options
  • Awesome responsiveness
  • Decent price to use


  • Minor complaints about input fail

5. Acer T272HL Touch Screen Monitor (best widescreen pick)


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If you are looking for a touch screen monitor with a widescreen, then we will surely suggest this model having a 27-inch screen. It is a full HD model that can tilt anywhere between 30 & 80° for making viewing comfortable. The presence of different inputs boosts the enjoyment level for sure.

The set-up procedure is pretty convenient and doesn’t take too much time without any inconvenience. The price might be a little bit more, but the result you can enjoy is terrific for sure.


  • Pretty widescreen
  • Give HD definition experience
  • Provide a variety of inputs
  • Available at a good price


  • Very slow refresh rate

4. GeChic 1303i Touch Screen Monitor (best for portability)

GeChic Touch Screen Monitors

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The next product we want to consider is made for buyers looking for solid portability. Its manufacturer may not have a great name in the tech world, but this product will set the benchmark. It is a clear winner having 10 points multi-touch panel and HD screen for crystal clear picture.

You can shop the unit in four different variants making sure everyone gets the model matching your needs. It can work with a variety of devices like Xbox One, Mini PC, smartphone, and PS4 among others.


  • Highly portable in size
  • Doesn’t ask for an additional power cable
  • Equipped with multiple connections
  • Ultra-lightweight construction


  • The power button is very hard to use

3. Acer T232HL Monitor (best for slimness)


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The third option we want to recommend is known for its superb sliminess and brilliant color accuracy. The biggest highlight of this unit is its seamless bezels and adjustable display angle for better convenience. The image quality of the screen is pretty good and shows all things quite clearly.

However, there is a need to improve a little bit in term of color accuracy, the availability of other solid feature make it a worthy pick to make.  Despite being slim, there is no compromise made in terms of durability in any manner.


  • Equipped with seamless bezels
  • Capable to adjust angle conveniently
  • Very thin design
  • Superb appearance


  • Color accuracy needs improvement
  • Average flexibility

2. Planar PCT2485 Helium Monitor (runners up)

Planar Touch Screen Monitors

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The PCT2485 has given a very tough competition to the first pick on the list and lost by a very small margin. It is a brilliant model thanks to the flexibility and comfortable use. It has a pretty large 24” screen that allows the users to enjoy a detailed look.

You can adjust the screen at a variety of angles due to its ability to tilt at a 55-degree angle. Other notable features in this unit are an integrated webcam and microphone for a better connection.


  • Very large HD touch screen
  • Highly flexible to use
  • Super durable construction
  • Give extreme comfort to eyes


  • A little bit of chunky profiling

1. ViewSonic TD2421 Touch Screen Monitor (editor’s choice)


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Equipped with incredible MVA panel technology, this model from the ViewSonic brand deserves to top the list due to its superb images and decent price. It has a pretty widescreen design making sure you have a comfortable viewing.

The availability of dual point optical technology makes the zooming and scrolling super easier. Furthermore, it easily recognizes the finger above the surface for better convenience.


  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Provide versatile connection options
  • Dual point optical technology
  • Available in two different sizes


  • Slight issues with the stylus in a few cases

Buying Guide- How to select the best touch screen monitor?

You have to look at the following things before selecting a touch screen monitor:

  • Touch Technology

The way a monitor identifies the commands of the users depend on what kind of technology it uses. The two major technologies used nowadays are capacitive and resistive technology. The first one identifies touch by checking modifications in capacitance while the latter identifies the point of touch.

  • Size

These monitors are available in a variety of sizes up 12 inches to 52 inches. You need to understand which size suits you best as per your work. Small monitors are an ideal choice for individual workstations while bigger ones are the right option for conference rooms.

  • Budget

The third thing you have to address in this equipment is its price that usually ranges between US$ 100 & US$ 250. However, there are many models you can find with even a higher range. You should determine your budget and find the model that comes with the desired set of features.

  • Aspect Ratio

The next characteristic to care for in a touch screen monitor is its aspect ratio that refers to the unit’s width with its height. The majority of modern monitors nowadays use an aspect ratio of 16:9 for better results.

What are the benefits of touch screen monitors?

Have a look at the advantages offered by the touch screen monitors below:

  • Mouse & Keyboard Replacement

The availability of a touch screen monitor eliminates the requirement for a traditional mouse & keyboard. The reason behind that is this functionality allows the users to work directly by touching the screen.

  • Spacious & Mobile

There is a very low space needed for setting the touch screen monitors when compared with the traditional ones. They have fewer components that allow them to get set in small areas quite conveniently.

  • Durability

We all know that devices are prone to damage when used over time. However, you will have to worry less about these things while using touch screen monitors that boosts the durability for sure.

  • Speed

The users find a considerable amount of increase in their speed after using the touch screen monitors. The brain processes the image quickly due to which application gets processed pretty quickly.

Best Touch Screen Monitors- Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth to buy a touch screen monitor?

Yes, they make things appealing and convenient for the buyers who spend money on it. A touch screen monitor won’t only fit in a small space but also boosts accessibility and interaction. So, you can shop for this unit without any second thoughts at all.

Can touch screen monitors clean using alcohol wipes?

As an expert, it is never suggested to rub alcohol or any similar chemical on the touch screen monitors. The reason behind that is oleophobic coating present on the screen can be stripped away using such chemicals.

What is the purpose of buying a touch screen monitor?

The availability of a touch screen monitor will let you interact with the system using fingers or stylus. That’s why they are considered a perfect alternative to a mouse or keyboard.

How is a multi-touch screen different from the normal touch screen?

A multi-touch screen is capable to support more than one touch-based command at the same time. However, an normal touch screen monitor can’t do so. A common example of a multi-touch feature is the zoom feature we can usually see in tablets & mobile phones.


A quality touch screen monitor can serve the users in a variety of manners. However, you need to stay cautious and find out the right model having the ability to serve your needs. We have presented the list of best touch screen monitors for making the job of buyers easier. If there is a question in your mind regarding this equipment, write about it in the comment section so our team can answer it precisely.