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How to make an Air Compressor Quiet

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A noisy tool is an air compressor. It makes an unbearable noise that bothers the person using it and the people nearby. Instead of buying a new air compressor, you can do some things to keep it quiet and the environment cool. So the question is, how do you make an air compressor quiet?

You can keep the air compressor quiet by making it vibrate less, using lubricant, and adding soundproofing parts. The air compressor can stay quiet if the problem inside is fixed. This article will explain why the air compressor is noisy and give you the 10 easiest and most effective ways to fix the problem.

Despite this, you will find out how loud an air compressor can be and what you need to know to make it run more quietly.

How to make an Air Compressor Quiet

How to Make a Compressor Less Noisy

The person running the air compressor can take a lot of steps to fix the noise. Here are some easy and effective ways to cut down on the noise from an air compressor and keep it at a manageable level:

Using rubber grommets

Rubber is a well-known and commonly used material for making tools quieter. Also, you can buy it online or at most tool stores. Some kitchen sinks made of stainless steel also have a rubber coating to make them quieter. An air compressor can use the same thing to work.

You can reduce vibrations and noise by putting a rubber grommet between the surface and the air compressor. But make sure the air compressor is still level after you put the rubber grommet on it. If it isn’t, the noise won’t go away.

Oil the Wheel Bearings

Some bearings on the part of the air compressor that moves cause friction. If a stain gets on the bearing, it can make a lot of noise. Maintenance includes greasing the bearings, which not only makes the machine last longer but also makes it quieter. You can choose good grease from a wide range of lubricants. Then put the grease in the bearing and wait for a while. After you turn on the air compressor, it will run more quietly.

Mufflers can be used to cover the intake.

Using a muffler to cover the air compressor’s intake is another way to do it. The best muffler for this job is the one that is welded, and the Air Compressor Muffler Kit is also cheap. Some mufflers are made of stainless steel and have two chambers with a wide openings for the exhaust and the intake.

So, how do you wrap a muffler around the intake of an air compressor? Just find the intake on the compressor and connect a two-way air hose between the muffler and the intake. It will cut the noise level by up to four decibels, which is a lot.

Put the intake of the air outside.

When the air compressor is taking in air, it can make more noise. So, putting the air intake in an open area is a must if you want to keep things quiet.

Many people get the best air compressor for roofing or framing but put it in the basement, garage, or room, which makes it louder. But if you want to make it quieter, put it on a lawn or somewhere else with good airflow.

Wash the Filters.

The filter cleans the air and the shirt as it goes through the compressor, which could be making the noise. If you don’t check the filter often, dust can build up and block it, causing it to make too much noise. If the air compressor is clogged, the machine can’t work well. To avoid this, you should clean the air compressor filter every so often.

The Sound of Stuff on the Wall

If you put the air compressor next to a wall or in a small corner, the sound will echo and get louder. On the other hand, you can effectively lower the noise by putting soundproof padding on the walls. Instead, people can use sound blankets, which are also easy to find. More importantly, you don’t have to put padding all over the wall. Just putting the air compressor on the nearest wall is enough.

Tighten the parts of the air compressor that are loose.

Most of the time, a noisy air compressor isn’t caused by loose parts, but sometimes that is the case. Bolts and screws can come loose and make a noise if the machine shakes. So, as a regular check, make sure that everything is tight.

Using a Box to Keep Out Noise

It’s a great way to make an air compressor less noisy. Still, a soundproof box is one of the best ways to cut down on the noise of an air compressor. You can choose a soundproof box that fits the size and shape of the box you want to use.

Still, you can make a soundproof box for your air compressor at home by following a few easy steps. Take some plywood or cardboard and cut it to the size of the air compressor. Now, take something that absorbs sound, like rubber padding, and put it all around the box. Most of the noise will be taken up by the box, leaving you with a noise you can deal with.

The blanket that blocks out noise

If you don’t want to put something on the wall or in a box to block out noise, a soundproof blanket can help. If you put a soundproof blanket over the whole air compressor, the noise won’t travel outside. And the work will be done quietly.

Buy an air compressor that is quieter

If the air compressor is old and can’t be fixed because its parts are worn out, you should buy a new one. Make sure the new air compressor doesn’t make more than 70 dB of noise at its loudest. Even you have to learn how to use an air compressor correctly.

How loud an air compressor is

Before we go any further, let’s find out how loud things usually are. The sound level is measured in decibels around the world (dB).

As long as an air compressor doesn’t make more than 70 dB of noise, it’s fine. From something with so many moving parts, this isn’t higher for the home environment. But if you use an old and cheap air compressor, it won’t work as well. This kind of machine can make a very annoying noise. Up to 95dB of noise from an air compressor is too loud to stand.

How do you figure out the noise level of an air compressor? It’s not hard to do. Even your smartphone can be used to figure out the noise level. You can find out how loud an air compressor is by downloading a noise-measuring app from the internet. A decibel meter is a professional tool that can be used to measure how loud something is.

The reason why an air compressor makes noise

In the same way, knowing what level of noise is too much and why can help you take effective action against certain causes. Many things can make the air compressor make a loud noise. Here are the items:


When an air compressor is not fitted properly, it can shake too much, which makes it louder. Even though it’s not one of the main reasons, the vibration can make a lot of noise that’s hard to stand. Even if the parts fit well, putting the air compressor together the wrong way can also make it vibrate a lot.

Again, putting a part of the compressor on the wrong way or putting the machine on a hard surface will make it vibrate more. Because of this, the air compressor is making more noise.

The Air Compressor’s Parts

The loud noises an air compressor makes are caused by the raw materials that go into making it. For example, using a thin-metal air compressor can make a lot of noise because the thin metal vibrates more.

So, it is best to use a high-quality air compressor made of thick, durable metal. This air compressor will not shake more or make less noise.

The area for putting

Because of where it is placed, the air compressor can make a lot of noise. For example, if you put the compressor on a hard surface instead of a soft surface, it can make a lot more noise. If it keeps being shaken while running, the operator will hear noise. The air compressor is also noisy because the surface is not flat.

Air in and air out

The air compressor’s intake parts can sometimes make more noise. Air compressors also take in air, which makes them make noise, just like vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, if the air compressor’s exhaust system isn’t good, it will make too much noise.

How to make an Air Compressor Quiet

How to Make an Air Compressor Quieter: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quiet air compressor?

A quiet air compressor that produces tolerable noise is considered a quiet air compressor. The decibel scale is used to measure how loud an air compressor is. The air compressor runs more quietly when the number is low. Most of the time, air compressors that are lubricated with oil are better and quieter than ones that are not.

What kinds of air compressors make the least noise?

Dual-piston reciprocating air compressors are quieter than single-piston units. Also, reciprocating compressors are noisier than Rotary screw compressors. In general, scroll air compressors are the most efficient and quietest.

Why do air compressors get noisy?

There are several things that make an air compressor noisy. The one that is most likely to happen is when moving parts rub against each other. When an air compressor is running, the metal inside slides and hits against other metal, making a loud noise. Gas-powered compressors are usually noisier than other kinds because they have more metal parts that move and burn fuel.

Last words

A noisy air compressor can be useful for home improvement projects, but it can also be annoying for the person using it and the people who live nearby. If you know how to make an air compressor quiet, you can make sure it works well and quietly so you can focus on a task. More importantly, if the noise is coming from the inside, it could be a sign of danger.

So, follow the tips above, and don’t be afraid to invest if you need more equipment. Lastly, make sure to keep the air compressor in good shape and keep it quiet so that it will last a long time.