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Handheld vs Backpack Leaf Blower

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Getting rid of the leaves on your lawn can be quick and simple with the correct leaf blower. However, picking one out can be a difficult undertaking.

A novice may find it difficult to understand the distinction between handheld and backpack leaf blowers or whether MPH or CFM is more crucial. However, choosing the ideal leaf blower will be simple if you have this advice by your side.

Why Would You Use A Blower?

It makes sense that we would want to keep our gardens immaculate and well-kept. Using a leaf blower, we can maintain spotless yards.

In addition to making our yards muddy, leaves can promote dangerous infections. They can infect plants and make our grass grow back spotty if they are left unchecked. If the leaves are left out for too long, they may also become wet, making our backyards dangerous to walk through.

But if you have a leaf blower, none of this is a concern for you. Clearing your yard and maintaining it in top condition become simple tasks when you have a reliable leaf blower that suits your demands.

Leaf Blowers: Difference Between Handheld and Backpack

Backpack Leaf Blower

What exactly distinguishes portable leaf blowers from backpack leaf blowers, the two types of leaf blowers you’re most likely to encounter?

Handheld leaf blowers, as the name suggests, must be held with one hand while the nozzle, which blows the leaves, is held in the other. When using a portable leaf blower, both hands must be employed.

On the other hand, backpack leaf blowers are carried with the nozzle held in one hand and are worn like a backpack. Your other hand is now free and more comfortable as a result.

Both types are excellent choices with advantages and disadvantages, but which one you choose will depend on your particular requirements.

Pros and Cons of a Backpack Leaf Blower


Due to their effectiveness in clearing out huge areas, backpack leaf blowers are a popular choice among professionals. Backpack leaf blowers often have higher power than handheld leaf blowers, which accounts for their usefulness. However, because of the greater engine size caused by the higher power, backpack leaf blowers are also heavier.

Handheld leaf blowers may seem lighter to carry as a result, but the longer you hold a handheld blower, the heavier it will eventually feel. Conversely, backpack variants equally distribute the blower’s weight across your shoulders and back, which may make them more comfortable to carry for extended periods of time.

Backpack Leaf Blower with Cordless

Because of their greater power, backpack leaf blowers can also do larger jobs more quickly.


Although everything seems wonderful, I’m sure you’re wondering: what’s the catch?

The disadvantage of backpack blowers is that, because of their size, they may be more challenging to store. It can become irritating having to take it off every time it stalls in order to resume it.

Pros and Cons of Handheld Blowers

Leaf Blower


The majority of homeowners employ handheld leaf blowers.

While handheld leaf blowers are ideal for jobs taking less than 10 minutes, backpack leaf blowers excel at larger jobs.

Handheld leaf blowers are a lot lighter and more practical solution for tiny, quick chores. They work well for cleaning confined spaces that a backpack blower would find challenging to access.

Some of the hand-held devices function as suction-powered 2-in-1 leaf blowers. This can be used to vacuum your couch, computer, car seats, etc. If you choose a strong model, you can use your leaf blower to clear snow from windows, automobile windshields, and other surfaces.

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The portable is the better option if you have a problem with storage space because they are also simple to store.

Small, portable leaf blower

WORX 20V Lightweight Leaf Blower – See Price Here, as Shown Above

A handheld device will be sufficient for your requirements and last you years if you have a smaller yard. However, if you intend to use one for more than 10 minutes or for larger regions, you should think about a backpack leaf blower.

MPH or CFM: Which Is More Important in a Leaf Blower?

The MPH and CFM of your leaf blower are another factor you might want to take into account. Here are the definitions of MPH and CFM to get you started:

Miles Per Hour (MPH)

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

CFM measures the volume of air produced, whereas MPH measures the speed of air created.

Higher MPH indicates quicker air, which can sometimes result in a greater power, although this isn’t always the case. Not every unit with a low MPH is weaker. In terms of removing more leaves, models with a low MPH and a high CFM can also be quite effective. A greater CFM will be more useful for you if you’re seeking a powerful machine than a high MPH.

While all metrics should be taken into account, the CFM should receive particular attention. Make sure to select a level that suits your requirements.

Higher CFM models have a heavier motor. This has the advantage of allowing you to clear more leaves more quickly, but carrying them about will wear you out more quickly. A greater CFM is appropriate if speed is your first concern and weight doesn’t worry you. A lower CFM may fit you if comfort is important to you.

Are Handheld Blowers Better Than Backpack Blowers?

Many professionals wear backpacks, therefore some would say that they are better, but take this into consideration. Professional ice skates may be necessary for an Olympic figure skater, but it does not mean that we all need them.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the best model.

The size of your yard, for instance, can be one aspect you need to take into account. For a huge yard, a backpack blower with a high CFM would be ideal. A portable blower will work for you if you have a tiny yard or are unable to lift large stuff.

Both handheld and backpack blowers are unquestionably excellent choices. Which one do you think would be better for your needs after reading our guide?