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10 Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows in 2024

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From carrying gardening tools to harvesting, you can always trust a wheelbarrow. But balancing is an issue that is always common to these wheelbarrows. So, instead of this, choose an upgraded product. A two-wheel wheelbarrow is an essential gardening tool and can be used in many other activities also where you need to carry a heavy load. The biggest USP of the product is that is perfectly balanced and will not lean heavily on one side.

Now, when you have got better options, why don’t you get the best one? So, this guide on two-wheel wheelbarrows will give you suggestions that are fool-proof. Check it and know better.

Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows in 2024

10. MARASTAR 70008 Wheel Barrow

MARASTAR Two Wheel Wheelbarrows

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This wheelbarrow is a sturdy and resilient companion that can help you with all your carrying. What makes it even better is the well-designed curved handles which are comfortable to hold and does not fatigue your hands. As a matter of fact, it has a powder-coated frame of steel that has extreme strength. It will not break or get damaged.

The wheelbarrow is supported on two pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 14-inches. The two wheels give you extra stability when you carry heavy stuff around.

Key Features:

  • Though the wheelbarrow from very lightweight materials it features exceptional durability and can support up to 300 lbs.
  • The wheelbarrow is sufficiently compact for great use and easy storage.
  • It has a loop handle that helps to push and pull it without much effort.

9. Westward Steel Wheelbarrow


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Indeed the strongest wheelbarrow out there, then the Westward Steel Wheelbarrow is just the ideal choice for you. As the name suggests, both the framework and the tray in this wheelbarrow is made from steel. Plus, it is simply super sturdy. It is a comparatively smaller wheelbarrow with a capacity of carrying 6 cubic feet of material at a time. The wheelbarrow is made from steel is resistant to rusting and corrosion due to weather.

Furthermore, the diameter of each of the wheels is 16-inches and is crafted from rubber and steel. This makes the wheels impressively string as well as very stable.

Key Features:

  • Each of the wheels loaded onto this wheelbarrow have a width of which gives it all the stability that it needs.
  • The wheels are loaded on a 5/8-inches axle which gives it enough support.
  • Its handles are from hardwood making it very strong while also ensuring an easy grip.

8. Goplus Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

Goplus Dual Two Wheel Wheelbarrows

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The GoPlus wheelbarrow gets you much productivity and versatility. This is a very sturdy construction allowing you to easily use it for multiple purposes. The steel tube framework of the wheelbarrow is powder-coated. As a result, gives it impressive resistance to rusting and corrosion due to weather.

Moreover, the wheelbarrow, though very lightweight, can hold and carry materials up to 330 pounds with great ease. The handle has a cushion grip which makes it comfortable to hold and carry around without tiring your hand. Lastly, the interiors of the barrow have a space to vary volumes up to 5-cubic feet.

Key Features:

  • The wheelbarrow comes unassembled. However, it is loaded with an instructions booklet making it easy to set it up and use it.
  • It has a two-wheel structure that gives it an extra air of stability when you are carrying anything.
  • There are handles made from steel tubes on the underside of the wheelbarrow as extra support. This keeps the barrow stable when it is resting and not used.

7. Rubbermind FG565961BLA Plastic Wheelbarrow

Rubbermaid Commercial

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If you are looking for the best wheelbarrow out there, Rubbermind FG565961BLA Plastic Wheelbarrow is your best choice. This is an industrial grade wheelbarrow constructed with a steel tube frame and plastic tray. The wheelbarrow is crafted to support a load of up to 200 pounds without any hassle.

Furthermore, the handles are from hardwood which gives it just the sturdiness required for long life. The two-wheel designs automatically make it more stable. Hence, allow you to maneuver it in any way you want to on a number of terrains and surfaces.

Key Features:

  • It is an industrial-grade wheelbarrow with dimensions of 27.75-inches x 39-inches x 19-inches. Hence, making it suitably large to carry much load while compact enough for easy storage.
  • The seamless, continuous plastic body ensures that there are no leakages of any kind.
  • This is high-grade which can be seen from its durability and resilience but weighs only a meager 53 lbs.

6. Polar Trailer #8446 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

Polar Trailer Two Wheel Wheelbarrows

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Indeed, the most spacious wheelbarrow out there, then you can try the Polar Trailer #8446. This ideally made wheelbarrow has compact dimensions. However, the tray has a capacity of as much as 7 cubic feet, the load weighing up to lbs. Irrespective of the impressive volume, the wheelbarrow just weighs a meager 36 pounds making it very easy to carry around.

The wheelbarrow is on two wheels made from steel and rubber at 16-inches in diameter. Hence, making it strong and easy to adjust to different terrains. Carry more with this stable two-wheel wheelbarrow and be sure that you will not spill anything on your way.

Key Features:

  • It is coated with an excellent paint job that ensures that no scratch can make through it.
  • The handles are from steel which makes the grip stronger and the handle last longer.
  • This wheelbarrow occupies a space of 28-inches depth x 29-inches length x 50-inches height.

5. Marathon Yard Rover


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A wheelbarrow is an important tool in gardening and you surely need the best for the job. The Marathon Yard Rover is one wheelbarrow that you can easily trust to the fullest. It is comparatively smaller and has a capacity of only 5 cubic feet. However, this wheelbarrow can still support loads of up to 300 pounds making it super impressive.

It is loaded with a simple loop handle made from steel tubes allowing the user to easily push it around. The tray is rustproof owing to the fact that it is crafted from polypropylene. Lastly, the steel tubes are further protected by coatings.

Key Features:

  • Though the wheelbarrow comes unassembled, you can set it up in just a few minutes using nothing but a flathead screwdriver and a crescent wrench.
  • Its two wheels make controlling this wheelbarrow so much easier.
  • This is an exceptionally lightweight wheelbarrow at only 25 pounds.  Well, this is about 25% less weight than most average wheelbarrows.

4. Green Thumb 70008 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

MARASTAR Two Wheel Wheelbarrows

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Certainly, a simple and compact wheelbarrow to use on your gardening operations, the Green Thumb 70008 is as good as any. Not as pricey as it is durable, this wheelbarrow is the ideal choice for lots of gardeners. The small tray is from polypropylene material making it rustproof and offering a continuous surface without any leaks.

Besides, the wheelbarrow measure 37-inches in height from the ground to the top of the handle. It covers an area of 25.2-inches x 12.4-inches on the surface. The tubular steel frame is coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Key Features:

  • It comes fully prepared for use and does not require any assembling on your side.
  • The two pneumatic tires are on a sturdy steel axle that supports the wheelbarrow and allows easy control.
  • Its tray can carry a volume of 5 feet but the impressive wheelbarrow supports loads of up to 330 lbs.

3. WORX 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow


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It is a multifunction wheelbarrow that you can use to carry around all things in your garden or elsewhere. This wheelbarrow is crafted entirely from stainless steel with a steel tray but weighs only 49 pounds. The construction is very sturdy and thus you can carry loads of up to 300 pounds on this small wheelbarrow.

There are extendable handles attached to the wheelbarrow that makes maneuvering it even easier. The extension is loaded with mulch bags wherein you can carry flower pots as you are gardening.

Key Features:

  • All the bits in this set are powder coated to give it an edge of durability and longevity.
  • The tray volume is only 3-cubic feet making it easy to carry small rocks and pebbles, wood, bags, and so on.
  • The bits come packed in an aluminum case that is durable. Hence, helps store the bits efficiently, and protects them from all kinds of outside damage.

2. Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products

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The Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow features a dimension of 36-inches in height x 25-inches in length x 20-inches in width. It is small and compact and has a space to carry loads of up to 5 cubic feet volume. Though it is small and carries less amount of load, this wheelbarrow still aces the weight of the load it can carry at 330 lbs.

Plus, the barrow stands on two tires having a diameter of 13-inches and adding to the strength and durability. The tubular steel frame is powder-coated which keeps rust at bay!

Key Features:

  • The small wheelbarrow runs on pneumatic tires making it easy for you to easily control its movement.
  • It is compact and very lightweight at only 26 pounds making it all the more efficient in carrying loads.

1.​ Marathon Industries Wheelbarrow


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The Marathon Industries Wheelbarrow is just the ideal tool to have while you are gardening. This is small and compact but has a superior frame and body. Thus, this compact wheelbarrow can easily carry loads of up to 300 pounds though it features only 5-cubic feet volume. Furthermore, the polypropylene tray is supported on a tubular steel framework which gives it all the strength.

There are two tires attached to the wheelbarrow to help maneuver it on different terrains. The tires are specially made such that they are flat-free. It means that you do not have to worry about getting a flat tire while one of your operations.

Key Features:

  • This compact wheelbarrow features an area of 28-inches x 28-inches and is supported to a height of 55-inches.
  • The framework itself forms a loop handle that allows you to push it around.
  • This small and strong wheelbarrow weighs 29 lbs making it one of the most lightweight wheelbarrows at such dimensions.

How to look for the best two-wheel wheelbarrow?

A two-wheel wheelbarrow is an exceptional innovation in the normal wheelbarrow design. It is more stable and offers more scope for maneuverability. If you are looking for such a wheelbarrow online, you will be riddled by the sheer number of search results, however, following certain tips will ensure that you make the best buy at the most appropriate price. You should first decide what material you would prefer for the tray- metal or plastic. The plastic trays are much more durable since they are automatically rustproof.

Plus, the best thing to ensure is that the tubular frames made from steel and well coated in paint or powder coated which acts as a barrier and prevents rusting. The last thing to remember while looking for a wheelbarrow is to ensure that they are at the right price. It is better to fix a budget before you start shopping as there is no point in overspending on a wheelbarrow.

Why is it necessary to have a large capacity in a two-wheel wheelbarrow?

The volume capacity of the wheelbarrow is also an important feature to take care of. Nearly all the wheelbarrows that you will find will have a huge capacity to carry loads, but the volume is what matters more. For storing a lot, it needs to be deep enough so that it can beautifully keep everything. The combination of huge capacity and deepness will make it perfect in every way.

What is the safety quotient of two-wheel wheelbarrows?

When safety is a concern, two-wheel wheelbarrows are much safer than normal wheelbarrows. This is for the simple fact that extra stability is provided by the added tire. It actually shifts and balances the center of gravity of the loaded wheelbarrow much better making maneuvering it easier. A normal wheelbarrow has the chance to topple over and spill its contents but such a chance is very rare in the case of a two-wheel wheelbarrow.

Final Verdict

So, keep your necessary items on it and start rolling. Make good use of the two-wheel wheelbarrows for sale and even save some extra bucks.