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10 Best Tool Belts of 2024

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There are multiple tool holders in the market, but if you are looking for that extra comfort when working, a tool belt is the best choice. The tool belts work just like pants belts, whereby you fasten them around your waist to carry tools with. The tool belts are made with side pockets and hooks to carry different tools that you will require when working.

They also promote hands-free mode since you don’t necessarily need to keep your tools at hand. The tool belts are versatile as anyone can use them to carry their tools to work. Check out these top ten best tool belts in 201.

Best Tool Belts

10. CLC Custom Leathercraft IP489X Suede Tool Bag and Poly Web Belt

Custom Leathercraft Tool Belts

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Keep all your working tools close by acquiring this tool belt. The tool belt is made with durable suede leather materials that do not easily sag or tear. The tool belt is safe for storing both large and small tools since it has three large pockets.

The side of the tool belt has a loop for hooking your hammer on the belt for easy access. Fastening this tool belt is easy since it has a buckle closure design.

What we like
  • This is a durable tool belt made with quality leather materials
  • This belt can fit most waistlines ranging from 29 to 46 inches
  • Fastening and releasing this belt around the waist is easy


This tool belt has three compartments that can fit small to large tools. The belt also holds a hammer on the side.

9. Bucket Boss – Airlift Tool Belt with Suspenders, Tool Belts

Bucket Boss

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Comfort and great balance are all you get when carrying your work tools with this belt. It has suspenders to hang the belt on your shoulders and ensure the pockets are at a closer reach when working. The sides of the belt have pockets that accommodate small to large working tools.

You can use this tool belt to carry screws, nuts, nails, tape measure, and even suspend hammer and drill on the pockets. The belt is meant for people with small to large waists since it can comfortably fit up to a 52-inch waistline.

What we like
  • This tool belt has suspenders for balancing weight
  • The belt has deep pouches to accommodate more tools
  • This tool belt is suitable for large individuals too


Tag most of your tools when working with this tool belt. The belt is comfortable to wear for long hours since the combination of suspenders and belt provide good weight balance.

8. Glossy End11 Pocket Brown and Black Heavy Duty Tool Belt

GlossyEnd Tool Belts

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If you need a tool belt that carries multiple tools, mainly when working on high surfaces like the roof, get this belt. The belt features 11 pockets where you can stack multiple tools you will need while working.

You can use this tool belt to carry two hammers since it has two loops for hanging your hammers. The waist is adjustable to provide a good fit for people with a waistline size of 33 to 52 inches. Therefore, this is a safe tool belt for slim to large men at work.

What we like
  • The tool belt is made with heavy-duty grade 600D Polyester materials
  • The fitting is adjustable
  • This tool belt is suitable for most workers since it provides multiple storage spaces


This tool belt is suitable for everyone involved in any work since it has multiple storage pockets and is durable. The waist fitting adjusts from 33 to 52 inches.

7. Bucket Boss – Builder’s Tool Belt

Bucket Boss

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Buckle all your work tools for easy reach on this tool belt. The belt is made with large storage pockets, and it is comfortable as well. So, you get to carry all your small working tools to wherever you go, mainly in construction sites.

The design and the storage pockets make this a recommendable tool belt for electricians, carpenters, construction workers and others. The pouches have an adjustable mode to fit small to large items.

What we like
  • The storage pouches are adjustable
  • The belt has a strong hook for holding a hammer or tape measure
  • This is a tool belt suitable for most industries


The adjustable storage pouches on this tool belt carry most of the tools you need in different working fields. The belt is made with strong material resistant to quick wear and tear.

6. TradeGear Part#SZB Electrician’s Belt and Bag Combo

TradeGear Tool Belts

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If your husband is an electrician, this is a great gift to get him for his special day. The belt comes attached with a bag that will hold all his electrical tools when working. The tool belt bag combo reduces the back and forth movements when working since one gets to carry all the crucial tools on the belt.

The belt can easily carry large and small tools since it is comfortable and has durable materials construction. Regardless of the tools, you carry with this tool; it is exceptionally comfortable since it has mesh material for breathability and has excellent padding.

What we like
  • This tool belt is made with heavy-duty 600D nylon materials
  • Carrying this belt is comfortable since it is padded
  • The tool belt has multiple pouches and hooks spaces


The design of the storage pouches and hooks makes this a safe tool belt to carry heavy to light tools. It is also made with heavy-duty 600D nylon materials that are durable

5. Graintex DS2035 11 Pocket Professional Work Apron Suede Leather


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Featuring genuine suede leather materials, this tool belt is safe to use daily in your workshop as it is strong and can handle the constant carrying of various tools. The belt has 11 pockets with two large ones to carry large or multiple small tools.

Do you have larger tools like harmer or tape measure that cannot fit on the poaches? Well, this tool belt apron has a hammer hook and other four hooks to hang essentials.

What we like
  • This tool belt fits a waist size of 28 to 52 inches
  • The belt is made with quality suede leather materials
  • There are multiple storage options


The tool belt is made with 2-inch webbing leather materials and has hooks for easy adjustment. This belt comes with a warranty for customer satisfaction.

4. Style N Craft – 98-434 Style n Craft 98434 17 Tool Belt

Style N Craft Tool Belts

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What I love about this tool belt is the fact that you can fasten it to your pants. The fastening belts feature a real belt style and closure so that you can wear them with your work pants. On the sides, there are poaches and hooks essential for storing your tools to work.

So, no need to keep pacing up and down to access your nails when building a roof as the belt carries all these tools and more. Other than storing small tools like nails, this tool belt has a tape measure holder and a hammer holder.

What we like
  • The rivets of the tool belt have caps for safety purposes
  • The tool belt has multiple storage pouches
  • The belt is made with firm stitching for durability


With 17 pockets, this is a heavy-duty tool belt you can carry most tools with when working. The tool belt has a stylish style to add a professional look.

3. Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt


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The tool belt is made with pure polyester materials, and the metal parts are coated to safeguard the tool belt from rust and corrosion. You can use this belt when it is raining since it has a water-repellant finishing to secure your tools from moisture damages.

So, if your man is a plumber, I would recommend this tool belt for him. The storage spaces comprise nine pockets, whereby two pockets are removable. There are six loops essential for hooking tools such as tape, hammer and so on.

What we like
  • The waist belt is well contoured and padded for comfort
  • The fitting adjusts to 42 inches waist fitting
  • The hooks are made with metal materials resistant to rust and corrosion


This is a durable polyester tool belt made with multiple storage options to fit even tools that require being hooked. The entire tool holder belt has waterproof crafting.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Tool Belt

Custom Leathercraft Tool Belts

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A tool belt that allows you to carry most of your working tools is safe and comfortable for busy areas like a construction site. This tool belt is designed to accommodate people involved in heavy jobs since it has shoulder suspenders and a belt to ensure even distribution of the weight of the tools.

The belt has a total of 28 pockets essential for carrying multiple tools at once. Apart from carrying small tools like nails, screws, and tape measures, this tool has hooks that can hold hammers, drills and other large working tools.

What we like
  • Carrying this tool belt for long hours is comfortable
  • The tool belt carries a lot of working tools
  • The belt adjusts to fit 29 to 42-inch waist size


The belt of this tool holder has 3-inch padding for comfort and support around the waist. It has suspenders that make carrying the tools easy.

1. Klein Tools 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician’s Tool Belt


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If you need a tool belt for simple DIY jobs at home, get this tool belt from Klein. The belt has removable storage pouches, so you can only carry the tools you need.

This tool belt has large open-designed pockets essential for fitting even large working tools like drills. The belt is comfortable to wear for a long since it has padding and mesh materials that allow breathability.

What we like
  • This tool belt has a tape measure and hammer holder
  • The pockets are removable
  • The storage pockets are large


This is a comfortable tool belt you can use to carry different tools. The belt has a medium fitting, and it adjusts in the fitting.


Keep your working tools at the closest space when working by getting any of these tool belts. The belts have multiple storage spaces and are comfortable to wear for many hours since the belts are padded. Just check out the number of pockets the tool belt has to make sure it will fit your tools.