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10 Best Solar Shortwave Radios in 2024

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When in the woods, it is important for us to carry some necessary items. First aid supplies, food, and other survival items must be there. However, you even need to keep yourself updated. Your mobile phone’s tower must be gone and you cannot keep a track of your surroundings. But there are certain ways to keep yourself fully updated. The solar shortwave radios are one such option that will help you in the process. You can tune in to the FM or AM  and even know about the weather updates. As it runs on solar energy, this will not require you to change often.

So, today we are listing the best solar shortwave radios that will help you when you are camping, hiking, or staying in any distant location. Read the benefits and make sure to carry one with you.

List of Best Solar Shortwave Radios in 2024

10. FosPower Solar Radio

FosPower Solar Shortwave Radios

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It comes with some of the finest features out there. This is truly an emergency radio since you can use it for so much more than just a normal radio for listening to music. This doubly functions as a weather radio giving you constant information regarding what lies ahead of you on the road. Next, it comes with solar panels and works entirely on solar energy making it a very power-efficient choice.

You do not need any electrical sources to keep this radio running. The radio also comes with an SOS signal. This makes it such a helpful aid when you are pout on an adventure.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a great power bank that can charge your smartphone and other devices when you need to.
  • A USB charger is also included with this device for your convenience.
  • A powerful reading light attached to the radio makes for an impressive bonus addition and comes in handy in various situations.

9. RunningSnail Emergency Solar Radio


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Indeed, an emergency radio that lives up to the expectations in every possible way, the RunningSnail Emergency Solar Radio is the one for you. The best feature is that this radio also serves as a 1000 mAh battery. As a matter of fact, it easily allows you to charge your iPhone and Android devices. The radio is a handy tool to have when you are on an adventurous expedition. All thanks to the powerful 1W LED lamp loaded into it.

This radio not only plays the regular FM/AM channels of the region but also plays NOAA channels. Thus, giving you constant weather updates about what lies ahead of you. Being solar-powered, this radio needs no electricity to run but you can even charge it via a USB cable.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a user manual that takes a person through all its features and makes it tremendously easy to use.
  • A 12-month warranty backs this amazing radio from the house of RunninngSnail. It will take care of any defect or internal damage during the period.
  • Apart from solar charging, you can charge it with a manual hand crank plus micro USB charging.

8. Kaito KA500 Solar Radio

Kaito Solar Shortwave Radios

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The Kaito Solar Radio is an amazing emergency radio device that just wouldn’t shut down. This radio can simply chargeable using 2AA size batteries. If batteries run out, you can use the rechargeable battery inside the radio by charging it up using USB cables. In case that battery fails, or you have no source of electricity. Besides, the radio has solar panels such that it can charge up and continue to be used. One can swivel solar panels by 180-degrees to reach the optimum position to receive maximum sunlight.

Finally, it can also collect shortwave signals and at alert mode will pick up any alert signal given out by any authority.

Key Features:

  • When all the power sources for this radio fail, you can operate the hand crank mechanism. It produces its own electricity and keeps this radio running.
  • The radio plays the regular FM/AM channels and NOAA channels.
  • Comes with ports such that you can connect your smartphone using USB cables and charge them up.

7. RunningSnail 2000mAh Solar Radio


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If you need an emergency radio with a never backs down attitude, then you should try the power-packed 2000mAh radio. This is a device with great potential and will be superbly helpful in case of any drastic emergency. The radio runs using 3 AAA size batteries or a rechargeable battery.

Next, the 2000mAh capacity rechargeable battery is chargeable using a USB cable via electricity or using solar energy. Integrated solar panels can be arranged in a fashion such that it absorbs maximum sunlight. The radio features local FM/AM channels, NOAA weather channels, and catches shortwave emergency signals.

Key Features:

  • Once the battery is fully charged, it can individually provide a runtime of 4 to 6 hours for the radio.
  • At full charge, you can operate the LED flashlight or the emergency SOS signal from 12 up to 19 hours at one go.
  • The radio can operate for 4 to 6 hours at a stretch without interruption.

6. RageMoudal Solar Radio

RegeMoudal Solar Shortwave Radios

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Certainly, a handy and useful device that you can take on your next adventure trip or into your hiking expedition. This is a terrific radio device that has solar panels such that it needs no electricity to run. It can run on AA-sized batteries or the battery is chargeable using electricity. But what if you have no battery or the sun well, this radio also has a hand crank mechanism. Hence, this is making it possible for you to create your own electricity.

With its many features and a special high power LED lamp, this radio indeed is quite the emergency tool. The SOS alarm always keeps you alert in every situation.

Key Features:

  • It features a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can sufficiently work as a power bank too.
  • The radio operates for a stretch of 6 hours whereas this provides light for 12 hours.
  • This radio will give you constant NOAA weather alerts to keep you alert about changing weather conditions.

5. Wayl  Emergency Solar Weather Radio


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The WAYL Radio is a terrific device to take on your next camping trip or if you are going off-road. This is an especially helpful device in case of emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and so on. The radio runs the regular channels along with NOAA weather channel. As a result, giving you regular updates making it such a handy device.

It can also give out an SOS signal if you fall into a trap anywhere allowing help to arrive at you. The battery has a whopping 4000mAh capacity that ensures a huge power backup.

Key Features:

  • If all kinds of power sources fail, this still operates using the hand crank mechanism attached to the body.
  • Comes with a terrific LED flashlight ensuring that you always have a LED source handy.
  • Due to its small and compact size, you can carry it easily on your luggage.

4. RunningSnail 4000mAh Solar Powered Radio

RunningSnail Solar Shortwave Radios

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RunningSnail crafts quite amazing emergency radio devices and keeps coming back to this list of the best solar radios. This 4000 mAh radio is a terrific deal and of the best solar radios, not only from the house of RunningSnail but overall. This radio is chargeable using a USB cable, solar energy, and hand cranking. If you do not want to charge it, you can still use it by using 3AAA sized batteries.

Hand cranking it for just a minute will give you up to 30 minutes of light. Besides, it provides 15 to 20 minutes of radio playing time. It catches the NOAA channels keeping you always updated in case of an emergency, giving you 24/7 weather updates. Lastly, it also features an AUX music player that is connectable to phones and other audio devices.

Key Features:

  • With such a humongous battery capacity the radio can be continuously played for up to 10 hours after one full charge.
  • It takes up to 25 hours of direct sunlight to charge the excellent battery in this device.
  • This features a big display screen indicating the battery life. Hence, you can use it judiciously in case of an emergency.

3. CrazyFire Solar Radio


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The CrazyFire Solar Radio is a great device to have if you are going camping, hiking, fishing, or simply stuck in the middle of an emergency. This is an emergency radio and thus plays NOAA channels which give you 24×7 weather updates. It also plays AM channels in the 520kHz to 1710 kHz frequency range and FM channels at 87 MHz to 108 MHz range.

The solar radio requires no electricity to run and it holds a powerful 2000 mAh battery. Hence, it can also serve as a power bank. On a full charge, you can use the flashlight for up to 15 hours, and the radio functions seamlessly for 12 hours.

Key Features:

  • This terrific emergency radio device is also certified to be IPX3 waterproof.
  • The radio features compact dimensions of 6-inches x 3.4-inches x 2.5-inches. Plus, it is just 10.4 oz allowing you to easily carry it around with you.

2. C. Crane Solar Emergency Radio

C. Crane Solar Shortwave Radios

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The C. Crane Solar Emergency Radio is a great choice and one of the best devices in the line. This device is from high-quality materials ensuring a long life. Next, the radio will just not dies owing to all the power sources it carries. When the batteries and the rechargeable batteries fail, you can take help directly from the sun with this solar-powered device.

Even if it is cloudy, you can hand crank the device to turn on the radio or the flashlight. The NOAA channels can constantly run on this radio giving you 24/7 weather updates.

Key Features:

  • This emergency radio device has a one-year warranty from the house of C. Crane to take care of any defects or internal damages.
  • The radio features a compact body and is loaded with a carrying handle that ensures easy transportability.
  • This comes with a LED flashlight that will keep you on track even if the lighting conditions are week.

1. YEZRO Solar Radio


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The YEZRO Solar Radio is one of the simplest and best emergency radio devices that you can go for. This device is indomitable thanks to all the power sources it is loaded with. It will never leave your side and if all power sources fail, you can simply hand-crank it up. The radio device plays many NOAA weather channels getting you regular updates.

Other than the basic radio functions this device can also [play MP3 files making it even more appreciable. It comes with a high capacity battery and you can use this as a power bank in case of an emergency.

Key Features:

  • The SOS alarm and flashlight feature is a crucial addition. It can greatly help you out of you are ever trapped or need help.
  • Indeed, portable option that will keep you tuned with all the updates.
  • The sound quality is pretty great and serves as an excellent partner in camps and hikes.

What should be the frequency range of a shortwave radio?

When you are purchasing an emergency radio its shortwave reception is very important., it is more of an emergency device than a recreational device and thus it should be able to receive signals from and run the NOAA weather channels. The AM frequencies range from 520kHz to 1710 kHz while the FM can run in the range of 87 MHz to 108 MHz in this radio device.

How bright should the lamp be in a solar radio?

Solar radios are generally there with powerful batteries and thus can take quite the load. If your device has a LED lamp, ensure that it is in the range of about 1 watt. For an LED lamp, 1 watt is sufficient power to illuminate a large area easily.

What is the best battery capacity in a solar shortwave radio?

You just cannot have the sun at all times and thus you need power backup even with a solar-powered radio. Some of the radios have additional power source options such as AA or AAA size batteries but even that is likely to die out. All of this has a huge rechargeable battery that is there in the system. At least 2000 to 3000 mAh capacity batteries are ideal for such an emergency radio. Provisions should also be made such that these batteries can be easily charged using more than one way.

Final Verdict

Keep yourself updated about the conditions of the weather and even the happenings around the world when outdoors. The solar-powered shortwave radio will let you stay in tune with everything around.