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10 Best Rolling Tool Bags of 2024

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How do you carry heavy working tools when going to work? Well, it is high time you relieve pressure from your hands or shoulders by buying a rolling tool bag. The rolling tool bags are made with wheels, and adjustable telescope handles to pull the bag around.

These bags are also reliable in keeping the tools safe since they have multiple storage pockets divided into different compartments. Here are the top ten best rolling tool bags you may need to keep your work tool.

Best Rolling Tool Bags

10. Stark 20 Inch Rolling Wide Mouth Tool Bag With Telescoping Handle

Stark Rolling Tool Bags

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This tool bag ensures you organize all your tools well for easy selection if you want to use them. If you need a bag to carry all your tools for outdoor jobs, I would still recommend this model.

The bag features a telescoping handle for easy pulling and pushing your heavy tools. The bag also has tall and wide compartments for storing different sizes of working tools.

What we like
  • This tool bag is made with thick and strong materials
  • The bag has wheels and a handle for easy pulling to carry
  • The storage compartments are well partitioned to organize all tools


This rolling tool bag has one large compartment and another 22 smaller compartments on interior and exterior sides for storage purposes. The bag has quality materials crafting for durability.

9. DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag


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The DEWALT lighted rolling tool bag has strong and broader wheels for easy maneuvering on most surfaces, including rough areas. So, you can swiftly move the bag to wherever you work from. This tool bag has one storage space measuring 18 inches and other small compartments for keeping small essentials like nails, screws, tape measures and drills.

This tool bag has an adjustable handle with great padding for smooth carrying. You need to adjust the handle upwards and drag the bag to wherever you go to.

What we like
  • This tool bag has an LED light for illumination when walking at night
  • The wheels are strong to move on rough surfaces
  • The carrying handle is padded for comfort


This is a large and durable rolling tool bag you can carry and store your tools with. The bag has ample storage space to accommodate a lot of tools.

8. Husky GP-43196N13 18″ 600-Denier Contractor’s Rolling Tool Tote Bag

Husky Rolling Tool Bags

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Made with waterproof materials, you can carry a quality tool rolling bag even during rainy seasons or work in wet areas. The body of this bag is made of 600 denier polyester materials that are strong.

The firm stitching on the edges ensures the bag does not readily tear even when you can carry sharp working tools with it. This bag offers spacious storage space with the available 18 pockets on the interior and exterior parts.

What we like
  • The bag is made with waterproof material
  • The bag has two back wheels that offer an outstanding balance
  • This bag has extra storage spaces for business cards around the telescoping handle.


This bag has seven interior pockets and 11 exterior pockets for ample storage. The bag features a dual zipper design for easy access to the tools.

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 TechGear Roller Tool Bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft

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This is a cool rolling tool bag with an LED light to offer illumination when accessing tools in dark-lit spaces. The LED light can also direct you when moving in dark areas. This rolling bag is large and has multiple storage compartments to organize your items when it comes to storage space.

The interior parts have six storage compartments, and there are 11 exterior pockets to add more essentials. The telescoping handle on the bag easily adjusts up and down when rolling the bag or storing away.

What we like
  • This is a quality bag to carry large to small working tools
  • The wheels on this bag are strong to maneuver on rough surfaces easily
  • This bag provides multiple storage pockets


This is a quality rolling tool bag made with an LED light for illumination. The bag has 17 pockets to store your tools in.

6. Crescent 18 Inch Tradesman Rolling Tool Bag ( CTBR1850)

Crescent Rolling Tool Bags

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A quality and comfortable, valuable bag for daily use when carrying your work tools. The bag has a long telescoping handle comfortable for most people to pull and push the bag around.

The body of this tool bag has 680 Denier ballistic weave nylon materials that are strong and resistant to quick tears. The bag is large and strong to carry all your working tools since it can accommodate a weight of up to 200 pounds.

What we like
  • This rolling tool bag has a total of 35 tote storage compartments
  • The telescoping handle is ergonomic and comfortable to the hand
  • The bag can carry heavy tools with a weight of up to 200 pounds.


A durable and robust rolling tool bag made with 680 Denier ballistic weave nylon materials. The bright orange color makes it easy to spot your tools in the bag.

5. Atlas 46 Tool Roll Pouch

Atlas 46

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if you are looking for a versatile tool bag you can use for different occasions, get this rolling bag from Atlas. This is a multifunctional tool bag you can carry for professional and leisure use like when camping.

The bag is made of heavy-duty 1000D Cordura resistant to weather elements for durability and safeguards your tools from water damages. Carrying this bag is smooth since it has a Roll-Up function and the style fits even in small spaces while on the move.

What we like
  • This bag is sold with a 46 days trial time that guarantees a money refund
  • The bag has four large storage pockets
  • This is a rolling bag is made in two colors


The Atlas 46 rolling bag is suitable for carrying all types of tools for different occasions. The bag has weather-resistant materials to suit different seasons and areas of use.

4. XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels

XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bags

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If you have heavy working tools, you need to consider getting this bag for storage and carrying purposes. The bag has a telescoping handle and wheels, so you need to pull and push it to various points. The well-designed storage compartments on the interior and exterior provide a safe space to organize your working tools for easy access.

This is a durable tool bag you can store both heavy and light tools since it is made with rigid 600 denier polyester materials resistant to quick tear and wears.

What we like
  • The handle is adjustable to accommodate different people
  • The bag has a padded handle in case you want to lift your bag or carry it with hand
  • This bag has three plastic wheels for balance and easy moving on different surfaces


The bag has ten compartments on the interior and nine on exteriors. You can keep your tools well organized. The bag is safe for regular use since it has thick and quality materials construction.

3. Husky GP-44316AN13 14 Inch 600-Denier Contractor’s Rolling Tool Bag


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This is another quality Husky rolling tool bag for people who require a smaller bag. The bag has the same quality Denier 600 material crafting to withstand all outdoor elements while securing your tools.

This is a safe bag you can use to carry small repair tools since it can only carry a weight of 80 pounds. The bag provides multiple carrying options as it has an adjustable telescoping handle and a padded strap.

What we like
  • This tool bag has rolling wheels for easy carrying
  • The bag has quality waterproof materials construction
  • The bag has divided storage compartments to keep the tools in shape


This 14-inch Husky rolling bag is safe to carry small or DIY tools for your home or outdoor jobs. The bag can carry a weight of 80 pounds on the available storage compartments.

2. Klein Tools 55452RTB Tool Bag

Klein Tools Rolling Tool Bags

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Keep all your working tools well organized and secure by getting this Klein tool bag. It is a stylish bag made with a telescoping handle and rolling wheels such that no one will notice you are carrying work tools outdoors.

The Klein rolling tool bag is designed to walk on any surface since it is equipped with two large 6-inch wheels that smoothly maneuver around. The tool bag offers 24 pockets that can carry a load of 200 pounds maximum.

What we like
  • This rolling tool bag can carry heavy tools with 200 pounds
  • The bag provides 24 compartments to organize different tools
  • The wheels are wide and strong to move on various surfaces swiftly.


The interior part has a large opening compartment to carry extensive tools. The bag is made with a 600D ballistic weave resistant to water damages.

1. MELOTOUGH Wheeled Rolling Tool Bag Heavy Duty


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This tool bag adapts to the tools you carry since you can either roll it on the ground or take it as a backpack. The bag features a backpack style so that you can bring it to different locations.

If you need to put your work laptop on the bag, be sure it will perfectly fit in the bag as long it does not exceed 14inchs wide. The bag has high-density PP unidirectional wheels, and you can cover the wheels using the back cushion.

What we like
  • This bag has two carrying modes to choose from
  • The bag can fit a 14-inch work laptop
  • This rolling backpack bag has waterproof crafting


The handle and the straps are padded for comfort and safety in case you carry heavy tools. This is a multifunctional tool bag you can carry to use in most areas.


Rolling tool bags are pretty comfortable, especially when carrying heavy tools since you need to pull or push the bag around. These top ten reviewed rolling tool bags are made with multiple compartments so you can efficiently organize all your tools.