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The Best Right Angle Drills in 2024

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If you have a tool kit, you probably have an electric drill along with the hammer, nails, screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts. A drill is an important tool for professionals and people who like to work in their homes and need the right tools for the job. Most people don’t have a right-angle drill and instead, use a regular one. There are many reasons to own a right-angle drill, and if you do a lot of work around the house or as a professional, you should definitely add one to your tools. Right-angle drills are similar to regular drills in how they work, but they can fit into very tight spaces.

It can be a lifesaver in places where a big drill won’t fit. In this review, we looked at the best right-angle drills on the market and pointed out the best things about each one. We have also looked more closely at the benefits of using this type of drill and what to look for when buying one.

So, if you want to add to your tool collection, have some tough jobs that need drilling, or just need some new tools for your job, keep reading to see our top 10 picks:

Best Right Angle Drills Review

1. DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Drill

Best Right Angle Drills in 2024

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This DWARA100 attachment is the right thing to add to your DEWALT drill if you want to turn it into a drill for tight spaces. This attachment can be used with spade bits, nut drivers, impact hole saws, and screwdriver bits. Attach this to your existing impact driver to make it easier to get into tight spaces and make the gears stronger. If you’ve ever used a drill that gets hot while you’re using it, you know how uncomfortable it can be. With this product, you won’t have that problem because it has a special ergonomic handle made of ABS.

This means that the handle will never get hot while you’re using it, giving you a much more comfortable experience. The fasteners are also held in place by a magnet on the rung, which gives them more holding power. When you use this drill attachment, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

What’s Important

  • Impact Driver Attachment
  • Impact-rated gears have a lifespan of more than 2,000 times.
  • Ergonomic ABS Handle
  • Makes it harder to get in.
  • Strong and lasting


  • Worth the price.
  • lets you drill in tighter spaces.
  • Compact design
  • True 90-degree head


  • Needs more drill bits with a hex shaft

2. Milwaukee 2615-20 Cordless Right Angle Drill


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This tool, which was made in China, is perfect for people who need a 90-degree drill to do tighter jobs. This product is said to be one of the most compact 18V right-angle drill drivers on the market. It has a 3/3/4-inch head length and a clutch that is built in. It has a 3/8-inch single-sleeve keyless chuck, an extended multi-position trigger, and up to 150 pounds of torque. It has a great reputation in the industry.

What’s Important

  • Powerful, battery-free right-angle tool
  • 3/8-inch keyless single-sleeve chuck
  • Multi-position trigger
  • Only tool


  • Strong tool
  • Improved led light design
  • Charge that lasts for a long time


  • Sensitive trigger
  • Only the tool; extra accessories cost extra.

3. Makita XAD02Z 18V LXT Cordless Right Angle Drill

Makita​​ Right Angle Drills

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The fact that this small right-angle drill only weighs 4 pounds was something we really liked about it. If you’ve ever used an electric drill for a long time, you know that a heavy drill can make your arms really tired. A lighter drill will make the job easier and more comfortable.

This cordless right-angle drill is great for getting into tight, hard-to-reach places, and it has a lot of torque for a variety of drilling and driving jobs. Its slim, versatile design would be a great addition to any tool kit, and the keyless chuck makes it easy to switch bits.

What’s Important

  • Easy-to-carry tool
  • Slimline design
  • Speeds that change


  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly


  • There are no batteries, chargers, or bits.

4. Bosch PS11-101 12V Lithium-Ion Right Angle Drill


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The Bosch angle drill is a great tool for any home improvement project and comes highly recommended. This model has two LED lights that move along with the chuck to light up dark work areas. This little right-angle drill is powerful and only weighs 2.75 lbs, so it’s great for long-term use. It has a variable speed trigger that lets you change the speed from 0 to 1,300 RPMs. It also has a pivoting head that can be moved into five different positions and does a great job of getting into tight spots and small areas.

We like that the designers took comfort into account and made the ergonomic handle easy to hold onto. The auto lock chuck is easy to use and allows for quick bit changes. It can be used to drill a pilot hole, drive screws, and use spade bits, among other things. There is also a built-in fuel gauge that makes it easier to keep track of the battery.

What’s Important

  • 5 ways to turn the head (from 90 degrees to 180 degrees)
  • 12v motor provides 1,300 rpm
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Little and light
  • Turning the head
  • Changes to LED lights


  • Hard to take out the battery

5. Makita DA3010F 4 Amp Right Angle Drill

Makita Right Angle Drills

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If you need a drill for a small space, look for one that is light and easy to use. The Makita is perfect for this job because it is said to be easy to use in tight spaces, has a variable speed for controlled use, and only weighs 3 lbs. The drill has a white LED light that shines on the area where you are drilling. This makes it great for working in dark places.

The bulb will also never need to be changed. It will last as long as your tool does. We like that it has a paddle switch with a speed-limiting dial, so you can never overtighten fasteners. It’s smooth and easy to use with one hand.

What’s Important

  • Shock-resistant led light
  • Lightweight design
  • Speeds that change
  • Motors with ball bearings will last longer.
  • We lowered the head height so we could work in a smaller space.
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle


  • LED lights built in
  • Paddle switch to keep from tightening too much
  • One-year promise


  • Chuck not keyless

6. Milwaukee 2708-20 M18 Fuel Hole Hawg Angle Drill


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This right angle drill may not be the cheapest one on the market, but we think it’s one of the best ones, so spending a few more dollars would be a good idea. This drill is easy to use and weighs about 6 lbs. It’s not the lightest tool out there, but it’s made to last and is strong and durable.

What’s Important

  • Drill at a right angle
  • Use-friendly

Simple to use


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Popular brand


  • Heavy

7. Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

Ryobi Right Angle Drills

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Even though the battery is not included, we thought this product was a good value for the money. This drill is small, but it has enough torque and speed to do a lot of different jobs around the house. With 1,100 RPM, you can be sure that this drill will do the job well and get it done. The magnetic bit tray on this right-angle drill is a nice little touch.

It’s great for keeping all your bits close by so you don’t have to keep screws in your mouth (raise your hand if you do this! ), which is dangerous and inconvenient. The handle is made with a rubber over mold that helps you keep your grip when the environment is wet or hot and you might lose it. The LED light that shines on your work area as you drill is another good feature.

What’s Important

  • Uses more than one 18v battery
  • Rubberized grip
  • A magnetic tray on board
  • Long neck design for better leverage


  • Made especially for hard-to-reach places.
  • Good value
  • Led lamp


  • There is no battery.

8. Makita AD02W 12V Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit


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This drill from Makita has everything you’d want in a right-angle drill kit. Not only is it very small, but when the battery is included, it always weighs about 2.5 lbs. This is very light for a drill, and it’s perfect for hard-to-reach places that can make your arms tired if you use them for a long time. The drill’s speed can be changed from 0 to 88 RPM, which makes it great for a wide range of drilling and driving jobs.

The design has also been carefully thought out, and the barrel grip makes it more comfortable and easier to hold. The built-in LED light lets you see what you’re doing, and the keyless chuck makes it easy to switch bits quickly.

What’s Important

  • Drill set that comes with a battery
  • Speeds that change
  • Led lamp
  • Without a key,
  • Ergonomic barrel grip


  • 3 years of coverage for the tool
  • The battery and charger have a 1-year warranty.


  • No clutch that changes.

9. Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12V Cordless Right Angle Driver

Milwaukee Right Angle Drills

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The small size of right-angle drills makes them better than regular drills for getting into tight spots. This Milwaukee cordless drill has a head that is only 3.75 inches in diameter, which makes it great for drilling and driving in hard-to-reach places. The drill has 100-inch pounds of torque and is small and light, so you can use it for longer and more comfortable periods of time.

This is one of the first sub-compact right-angle drills with a spindle lock chuck. It is said to be one of the most versatile right-angle drills/drivers on the market. There is also a fuel gauge, an electronic clutch, speed control, and protection against overloading.

What’s Important

  • LED light built-in
  • A clutch that is electronic and has 11 settings
  • For the most control, the paddle switch was made longer.


  • Super compact
  • Versatile
  • Use-friendly


  • There is no battery.

10. DEWALT DWD460K 11 Amp Angle Stud & Joist Drill


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If you are looking for a DeWalt right-angle drill or just want a kit from a well-known brand, this model is likely to meet your needs. This is a powerful piece of equipment with two different speed ranges and a strong, long-lasting design. This tool can be used to drill big holes in wood and do a number of other things. It has a comfortable grip and was made with both comfort and usefulness in mind. The motor is made by DEWALT and has a patent. It has 11 amps of power, and you can choose the speed that works best for your drilling needs. It has a mechanical clutch that protects the gears when the speed is low.

What’s Important

  • Stud joist drill kit
  • Put the key in the holder.
  • Two ways to use the side handle
  • Package


  • Included in the warranty package
  • Strong and made to last
  • Money-back promise


  • Quite heavy
  • Very hard to handle

Best Right Angle Drill Buying Guide

There are so many different kinds of right-angle drills on the market, and their prices and quality vary so much that it can be hard to know what to buy. We’ve written a guide to buying a new 90-degree drill and looked at the features we think are most important, as well as the advantages of having one. We talk about corded and cordless models, give tips on how to use them best, and then tell you which one is our favorite. Continue reading to learn more.

Look for These Things in a Right-Angle Drill

Before you buy a new right-angle drill, you should think about these things:


When you order a $50 right-angle drill, you might think you’re getting a good deal, only to find out that it’s a “bare tool” and doesn’t come with a battery pack. This is fine if you have a battery pack that works, but it’s annoying if you don’t. If you need everything, look for a set of right-angle drills that has everything you need.

Size & Weight

How small will the spaces you’ll be working in be? Think about this before you buy a drill. Look for designs that are very small if you know you’ll be working in a small space. The weight can also vary quite a bit, and the weight is always written on the package or in the product description. Remember that the weight of the battery pack needs to be taken into account if you’re buying a bare tool. If you plan to use the drill for a long time, choose one that isn’t too heavy. This will make it less likely that your arms will get tired.


If you buy a brand-name right-angle attachment, make sure to check that it works with the other parts.


Keep an eye out for drills that are made with comfort in mind. Some right-angle drills have special ergonomic handles that are made to be easy to hold.


How fast is the drill and how strong is it? Even though it might be tempting to buy a cheaper drill that isn’t the strongest on the market, you should never choose a weak drill. Buy the fastest and most powerful drill you can afford. The better the drill you use, the easier and faster your housework will be.

Simple to Use

Keep an eye out for keyless chucks, which make changing bits quicker and easier. Magnetic onboard trays are a nice extra feature that makes it easier to keep all your screws and bits close to you at all times. Does the head of the drill turn? These are always useful, and they give your drill a lot more options as well.


Every drill you buy should have an LED light. Not only is this safer, but it’s also a great way to work in dark places. Close quarters are usually darker, so you’ll need as much light as you can get.

Different Speeds

Even though it might seem obvious, a right-angle drill with variable speed is very useful because it gives the drill more options and lets you change the speed to fit your needs.

Why you should use a right-angle drill

Use in Small Places

The main reason to use a right-angle drill is to get to places that are hard to get to with a regular drill. The 90-degree angle makes it easy to get into small spaces and tight spots. It does the same job as a regular drill, but its head can be set at a 90-degree angle or rotated to different angles so that it can be used in the best way. Plumbers often use right-angle drills because bathrooms are known for having places that are hard to get to.


This depends a lot on the model you choose, but if you buy a drill where the drive head can be taken off and the chuck used as a regular drill, you’ll have a very useful piece of equipment. These drills that can be changed can be more expensive than regular drills, but they give you more options for what kinds of jobs you can do. These drills are very useful for professionals and people who do a lot of home improvement work.


Most people like to use a right-angle drill because it is easier to use and gives you more control and accuracy. When you have more control over a tool, it’s easier to work on floor joists, wall studs, and other difficult tasks. Most right-angle drills are used with both hands, which makes them much easier to use.

Powered by a cord or not

Cordless tools are always easier to use because there’s no cable to get in the way. You have more freedom with cordless right-angle drills because you can use them anywhere and don’t have to worry about finding an outlet. They are usually light and easy to use, but they can run out pretty quickly. If you have big jobs to do or plan to use your drill often or for long periods of time, a corded drill with an extension cable is better because you will always have power and won’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

What does a right-angle drill do?

These drills work the same way as regular drills, but the head is at a 90-degree angle. Depending on the type and brand of the drill, you may be able to hold it with one hand, like a regular drill. Others will need a different way to hold them with both hands. They use the same drill bits as regular drills and are turned on by pressing a trigger. You can change the speed on some right-angle drills.

Our best choice

After looking at several right-angle drills, we decided that the DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Attachment was the best in terms of price and quality. This is a brand we know and trust, and we think this right-angle attachment is perfect for getting into tight spots and would be a good investment for any professional or home improvement enthusiast. With this attachment, your DEWALT drill will become a powerful tool that can use screwdriver bits, nut drivers, and more. Once you attach this, your current driver will have a lot less room to move and the gear will be stronger.

The ergonomic ABS handle won’t get hot either, giving you more time to work on jobs that take longer. Overall, we thought this attachment was the best in terms of both quality and reputation.