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10 Best PS4 Controllers in 2024 Review

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Having a great game that you can enjoy with your friend is a good thing, but having a PS4 controller that keeps you on top of the game is the best feeling you could ever have. There are a few types of PS4 controllers on the market, but can all these models keep up to the task? From my understanding, a PS4 controller should be flexible and wireless, easy to use, and have high sensitivity so you can smoothly control the game. Other than these, a PS4 controller that is compatible with multiple gaming consoles is a good choice!

List of Best PS4 Controllers Review

Here are the top ten best PS4 controllers you need to check out this year.

10. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

PlayStation PS4 Controllers

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The green camo casing on this PS4 will keep you glued to the game. I mean, it looks classic and comfortable to grasp! Aside from that, this controller features a wireless design, so you cannot be limited to one place alone when enjoying your games. The PS4 controller also has dual analog sticks with advanced designs like; sensitivity, feel and even shape to make your gaming more fun.

Another thing, this controller is designed to fit both beginners and pros. Why? It has multi-touch and clickable touchpad and Dual-Shock 4 wireless controller that ensures you get gaming prowess.

Special features

  • Features Dual-Shock 4 Wireless Controller for easy control
  • This PS4 controller is wireless
  • It has a multi-touch mode
  • The controller only weighs 12 ounces

9. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4


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Don’t break your bank account to acquire a PS4 that will boost your gaming tactics or even last you for long. This specific model has all the advanced features, and the best part is that it cost less than 100 dollars, quite affordable to many people. A rechargeable battery powers the PS4 controller, and this, in return, ensure you have freedom of moving around to play.

But still, the battery is quite durable in terms of retaining charge. This controller has an inbuilt stereo speaker and stereo headset port, so you can control the sound in the room when playing the games. Charging the controller is convenient since you can recharge using a PS4 and a device like a computer via USB.

Special features

  • This PS4 controller has a touchpad control mode
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity
  • The controller as an inbuilt stereo speaker
  • Using the controller is quite easy

8. Game Controller for PS4 Wireless Gamepad for PS4/PS4 Pro/PC and Laptop

Wondery PS4 Controllers

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The outer casing of this PS4 controller has the quality and non-slip materials that ensure you have the controller’s perfect grip when enjoying your games. The inbuilt speaker ensures you miss absolutely nothing on the background sounds of your games. If you want to create some privacy in the room, you can equip headsets on the available jack port.

This PS4 controller has vibration settings that allow one to feel all the actions taking place on the game, ranging from crushes and explosions. You can also move it to 6 different points to control the characters’ movements if you don’t want to use the buttons.

Special features

  • Have multiple compatibilities with PS4 console & PC & Android, iOS
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Supports 6 axis control points
  • Supports headset connection for private gaming sessions

7. JOYSKY PS4 Controller, Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4


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One outstanding design to reckon on this PS4 play station controller is the high compatibility. You can enjoy playing your games on smartphones, PC, and even the PS4 box since the controller is compatible with all these devices. If you are a gamer who enjoys playing for long hours, this controller is designed to ensure you enjoy it throughout. It has an ergonomic style plus a lightweight design to eliminate fatigue.

The handle edges have silicon material with an anti-skid design to prevent the controller from slipping off the hands so you can focus on the game. The dual shock motion control on this controller ensures you get the best experience regardless of the game you play. The trigger buttons are quite smooth to touch and have a great response, so you don’t miss any part of the game.

Special features

  • This P4 controller is affordable
  • The controller is powered by a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours with a full charge
  • The buttons are smooth to touch
  • Has an LED light for indication purposes

6. JAMSWALL PS4 Controller Wireless DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller

JAMSWALL PS4 Controllers

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This PS4 controller is designed to adapt to the kind of game you play in. It has a six-axis with three used for accelerating, and three are ideal for the gyroscope. With such control modes at hand, the controller traps the game’s motions while interpreting it so you can easily control the games. It also has the four shock controller modes essential for controlling special effects on the game.

This pS4 controller has wireless mechanisms; hence, you can play games from any angle. The outer casing has an ergonomic style to make sure you are comfortable holding it for long hours. This PS4 controller has the 3 IC processors that keep and remember the data for connection when you pair it with a PC or a laptop.

Special features

  • This PS4 has both audio and vibration response modes
  • You can charge it using a USB
  • It has a high compatibility
  • The controller keeps the charge for a long time

5. PS4 Controller Wireless, PICTEK 1300mAh Controller


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This is another quality gaming PS4 controller worth investing in if you love playing for long hours. The fact that the battery can last for up to 16 hours guarantees you have great fun, especially if you have some tournaments with your pals. On the other side, the battery’s durability ensures you don’t keep on recharging the system.

Are you free to play the games with loud sounds, or you prefer to play privately in the house? Just plug in the headphones to control the sound if you want private sessions .the 6-axis sensor makes the gaming sessions more real since you can easily interpret the game’s feelings for easy control.

Special features

  • The controller has powerful buttons that eliminate the constant pressing of buttons
  • The battery can keep a charge for up to 16 hours
  • The controller has multiple PC windows including, 7,8,9,10, XP and Vista

4. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger, Controller USB Charging Station Dock

BEBONCOOL PS4 Controllers

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With a charging period of just 2 hours, this PS4 ensures you still keep your gaming fun going on even when the battery runs out of charge. It is quite easy to monitor the battery life in the controller thanks to the LED indicator that shows the battery’s level. The LED light also notifies you when the battery is full.

The controller has a dual charging mode where you can opt to charge from other devices via USB or use the wall socket to recharge it. Anyone, including teens, can comfortably hold the PS4 controller when plying as light plus has a compact size.

Special features

  • The controller has an inbuilt charge protector to prevent overcharging
  • The PS4 controller features a compact size
  • The controller has an LED light for indication
  • It takes 2 hours to recharge fully

3. Controller for PS4 Wireless Controller for Playstation 4


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Looking for a gift to give your boyfriend who enjoys gaming? This PS4 controller will get him to love you even more. It has a unique and cute style that makes it look great, plus it is also easy to use by all. No need to play your games from one area as the wireless mode ensures you have freedom of movement when playing the games.

The best part is that you can comfortably control the game even from a distance of up to 34 meters. The PS4 controller has two control options, including touchpad mode, or you can opt to use the buttons.

Special features

  • This PS4 controller has a wireless Bluetooth connection
  • The controller picks the signal from a distance of 33 meters away
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The battery holds a charge for quite a long time

2. NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 PS4 Playstation 4

NACON PS4 Controllers

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The PS4 is quite compatible with a wide range of gaming devices, including PCs, PS4, and ProV3. It has wireless and wired connection modes to choose the right gaming section for you. If you need to play from a distance or different angles, a wireless mode will suit you. The controller has the audio support mode to relate to the motions and voices from the games you play.

Special features

  • This PS4 controller has a Bluetooth connection
  • The battery can last for up to 7 hours
  • The controller weighs less than 2 pounds
  • The pack comes with 30 days money refund warranty

1. eswap Pro Controller: the versatile, wired professional controller for PS4 and PC


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The response of the buttons determines how fast and convenient it will be to control the game right! This PS4 controller has super sensitive buttons that easily respond within the first time of pressing them for easy control. Anyone, including a beginner, can customize this controller to suit their game experience and needs.

For example, you can easily adjust the modules’ position even in the middle of the gaming session. It has a vibration mode, which is adjustable to suit everyone’s needs.

Special features

  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • The PS4 controller has quality material construction
  • Has multiple configurations
  • It can be paired with PCs too


A good game is determined by how well you can control it, which is generally influenced by the controller gadget you are using. These are the top best PS4 controllers in the market right now. They are quite convenient since most models are wireless for easy control from multiple locations, plus they are easy to work with. Choose the best controller from these ten models.