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10 Best Portable Laptop Desks in 2024

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Working from home is now a new normal. However, remaining productive while working from home is hard. Thus, to elevate your productivity levels, you need a workspace that can accommodate your needs. In search of that, one of the products that you require is an optimal lap desk. Whether you want to work from your bed, kitchen, or couch, a laptop desk allows you to bring your office to wherever place you want.

Although numerous options are available in the market, making the selection process a daunting task herein, we have highlighted the top 10 best Portable laptop desks in 2024 2024. Read on to find more

Top Best Portable Laptop Desks in 2024

10. Varidesk Pro 36

Vari Portable Laptop Desks

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Change the way your work by purchasing Varidesk Pro 36. The desk is made out of sturdy and stable constructions that firmly hold laptops or computers. Besides, it’s easy to use and comes fully assembled. This is to ensure that you’re able to use it straight out of the box. Even more, the laptop stand allows you to work while standing or seated since it has adjustable heights, which can be varied to ensure you have ergonomic comfort.

The laptop table can carry a load of up to 35 pounds, thanks to its spring loading mechanism. Also, it has a dual handle design that makes it easy to raise your gears with a complete working surface area that can handle your projects without any fuss.

What we like

  • High-quality build
  • Large Surface area
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Low seated profile.

9. Astory Portable Laptop Bed


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If you’re looking for a multipurpose laptop desk, then we recommend the Astory Portable lap desk. It can be used as a workstation, a writing table, a children’s bed table, or even a standing table for an office. The table is made of MDF solid wood, environmentally friendly with a non-toxic, smooth working surface; moisture-proof, high temperature, and scratch-resistant.

The legs of the table are made from aluminum alloy tubes, which are sturdy and durable. Besides, it’s easy to fold out design, which allows you to fold the legs flat. What’s more, it has an extra-large space with an in-built iPad groove that can hold a Kindle or an iPad. The extra space is coupled with a nonslip design covered with a sponge for an anti-slip effect.

What we like

  • Has a table cup holder for holding your favorite drinks
  • It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean.
  • Foldable design with extra space to keep your pens and books
  • Nonslip design

8. AboveTek Portable Laptop Desk

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Desks

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Work from the go without having to strain your back, arms, or leg. With the AboveTek backpack ready lap pad, you can effectively and ultimately protect your thighs from overheating laptops. Besides, the lap desk offers nonslip security that prevents your computer from slipping away. It features a simplistic design for easy storage. It has retractable mouse pads that can be extended in either left or right direction depending on your needs.

What we like

  • It features a large smooth surface with anti-slip security.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • It has a retractable mouse pad that can be used from either side.
  • It has a heat prevent shield.

7. Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking Lap Desk Support

Sofia + Sam

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If you like multitasking and using various devices on your bed, this is the right product for you. The lap desk is constructed from bamboo and comes in three different colors. The table doesn’t require any assembly and can be used straight from the box.

One of the standing features of this table is its size. With an extra-large space, it can accommodate an 18-inch laptop. Additionally, it has an inbuilt mouse pad with different slots for holding your phone/tablet. You can tilt the table to different viewing angles. However, the drawback of this table is the fact that it doesn’t have an adjustable height. Nonetheless, the 9.25 should be a decent height for any user.

What we like

  • The table has slots for holding phones/tablets
  • Extra-large size to accommodate laptops up to 18 inches
  • Sturdy design with different colors.

6. Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop desk

Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Desks

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The Executive office portable Laptop Desk comes with three 360 degrees rotating joints that can easily be adjusted in different positions for your comfort. Additionally, the stand has cooling holes for adequate airflow and available in four different colors.

The lap desk has sturdy aluminum constructions with an ergonomic design that offers comfort while using it. Despite making it into our top-rated laptop desks, the Executive Office solution doesn’t have a section to hold a mouse pad.

What we like

  • Sturdy constructions from aluminum
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • It has an ergonomic design with 360 degrees adjustable joints that offer a high degree of movement.

5. Pixiri Heigh Adjustable Lap Desk


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If you’re a minimalist, then Pixiri adjustable lap desk is the best product for you. The table is designed with o moving panels; thus, making it suitable for both kids and adults. The desk doesn’t not assembly and can be used straight out of the box by unfolding the legs. The laptop tray is made out of an MDF with nicely rounded corners. Additionally, it has a large surface that can accommodate a 17-inch laptop.

One of the fascinating features of this desk is that the height is adjustable. Besides, you can pivot it to 360 degrees. The main drawback of this table is that it doesn’t have a storage space or cooling fans.

What we like

  • The table is height and pivot adjustable.
  • It has an attractive modern design with a minimalist approach
  • It has a single panel design approach, which is suitable for kids to work with.

4. Nnewvante Adjustable Laptop Desk

Nnewvante Portable Laptop Desks

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Just right out of the box, the Nnewvante adjustable laptop desk brings a unique setup to the lap desk niche. The desk is constructed using natural bamboo, which looks appealing on a brown design. The table tray has a tilting surface with five different settings.

The table tray has a fan to help keep your laptop cool. All you need is to plug the provided USB into the USB port. Additionally, it has convenient drawers that offer storage for your items like a coffee mug, mouse, and cellphone. The major drawback of this desk is that it cannot accommodate large inch laptops.

What we like

  • Has a fascinating and unique bamboo construction
  • It has a 1-year warranty and comes at a fairly reasonable price.
  • It has a built-in fan for cooling your PC.
  • It has an excellent ergonomic design with the ability to adjust the height at 5 different tilts.

3. Winsome Bed Tray


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Winsome bed tray desk follows a traditional design. It is constructed from solid wood, making it more durable; however, this doesn’t mean that it’s heavy. The top is designed to flip and lock into the four available inclination settings allowing you to adjust it to a comfortable viewing or typing angle. Also, it has a side drawer, which will enable you to keep your objects.

The major drawback of this tray is that it doesn’t have adjustable legs. Nonetheless, the legs are foldable, making them easy to transport.

What we like

  • It has a side drawer for storing your items.
  • It is constructed from solid wood, making it durable.
  • It has foldable legs making it easy to store or transport.

2. Pwr+ Adjustable laptop riser

PWR Portable Laptop Desks

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The desk is designed from aluminum construction with an emphasis on ergonomic design. Besides, the desk has a sleek and futuristic design, which makes it fit as an aesthetic. Additionally, it has three joints that can be rotated 360 by a press of a button. Due to its high degree of movement, you can adjust your liking height in terms of angle, position, or sizes. It also features an inbuilt mouse pad section that’s attached to the side of the table.

What we like

  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Has an inbuilt mouse pad and fan
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Highly adjustable with 3 360 degree adjustable angles.

1. Neetto Adjustable Laptop Desk


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The table from Avantree College is one of the sturdiest laptop tables in the market today. Right from the box, the table has a sleek modern design and is constructed from high-quality materials. Besides, it’s easy to assemble. The table has a large surface that can accommodate large laptops up to 17 inches to tilt the desk to 30 degrees. Besides, the legs have a broad base that enhances the table’s stability.

Moreover, the table has protruding tabs that prevent your laptop from slipping. Also, it features adjustable legs with a simple lock mechanism that you can use to adjust the heights to your requirements. The table comes in flashy American or beige colors. Among the tables that we have reviewed, this is one of the most expensive ones. However, due to the many features it possesses, it is worth your investment.

What we like

  • It has an intuitive design
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Wide surface for larger laptops

Final Thoughts

Lap desks are more popular today because they are convenient. If you’re on the hunt for a new table to use at home, consider the above. They will offer you quality and value for your money.