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10 Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2024

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When it comes to working from your home office, an extra monitor can come in very handy. With dual monitors, it becomes very easy to segregate your work within two screens. However, an extra monitor can easily take up extra space. Therefore, you can face a serious space crunch. Hence, you need to opt for a dual monitor stand. These stands clamp on the backside of your table. Most importantly, they can easily withstand the weight of two monitors thanks to their extraordinary built.

In this list, we are taking a look at exclusive adjustable dual monitor stands in the market. So, go through our list to buy the right one for your home office.

List of Best Dual Monitor Stands Review

10. Vivo Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Dual Monitor Stands

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Often times it becomes a necessity to mount multiple monitors for a grand experience. The Vivo Dual LCD LED Desk Mount Stand has been created to serve just that purpose. It has been so designed that it can hold two monitors ranging between 13-inches to 27-inches. Plus, it can also support two monitors weighing up to 22 pounds each. These monitors can easily be tilted within a range of -90° to +90°. This stand also facilitates easy 360° rotation and 180° swivel along the central pole.

Adjustable height makes this stand even more convenient. It comes with all instructions and hardware required for installation. Hence, you will have no trouble in installation.

Key Features:

  • 9the central clips are equipped with detachable cable clips that make managing all the wires so much easier.
  • This stand can be easily fixed to the back of a desk, up to 4-inches thick. All you need to do is to use a heavy-duty C clamp or an optional grommet mount.
  • Furthermore, the monitors can be easily installed through VESA detachable brackets.

9. Wali Freestanding Dual LCD Desk Mount


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This grand setup has been made possible by the Wali Free Standing Dual LCD Mount. Crafted to hold two monitors up to 32-inches each this stand makes use of VESA technology for mounting monitors. All the harm movement features included in this stand ensures that you always get the most proper viewing angles.

This lovely stand has been crafted from high-grade material giving it an edge of sturdiness. It has been ergonomically engineered to give a user the most comfortable working experience. So, it helps you to get rid of the pains and aches.

Key Features:

  • Backed by a 10-year protection plan, this monitor mount will go on working efficiently for a long time.
  • You can adjust in full 90-degrees as well as 360-degrees. Hence, giving it a full swirl.
  • The package also includes all the required instructions and the required hardware to install monitors into this stand.

8. Amazonbasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stands

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The advantage of dual monitors is the simple and smooth toggling between applications without any hassle. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand eases putting up two displays on one stand only. Ergonomically engineered, this is here to make your work life better. It is fitted with arms that can be elongated or retracted.

You can tilt it within a range of 70° back and 5° front and so on. It can also be clamped to the end of a desk having a thickness between 0.4-inches to 2.4-inches. Thus, it gives the user all the workspace.

Key Features:

  • This exclusive dual monitor stand is adorned with VESA compatibility. Thus, it allows 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm detachable clamps.
  • The stand is backed up by AmazonBasics1-year warranty policy that covers any defect or damage to this stand.
  • Furthermore, the arms are very sturdy and can bear loads between 5 to 25 pounds each.

7. Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount


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Dual monitors aim at more productive work compared to a single one as it prevents the repeated toggling between applications. Huanuo is a famed producer of computer goods and this dual monitor stand is one of its kind. It has been engineered with the sole purpose of easing the working experience. Next, it comes with in-built clamps that attach to the end of a desk up to 3-inches in thickness. Thus, this monitor stand greatly increases the workspace.

Its arms are so fabricated that it can be tilted, rotated, and swiveled- molded in any way. So, it gives the most ergonomic work experience.

Key Features:

  • The arms have all kinds of movement features integrated- 80° to -90° tilting options, 180° swiveling feature and can also be rotated by an entire 360°.
  • VESA mounting facility of 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm has been impregnated into this stand giving it an edge of versatility.
  • Moreover, it can fit most monitors between 13-inches to 27-inches and can bear a load of up to 17.6 pounds on each arm.

6. Dual Monitor Stand By Huanuo

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stands

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Forget drill holes; increase the workspace on a desk with the use of a premium monitor stand the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand. The skillful use of VESA patterns makes it commendable. It varies from 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm and ideal for a versatile array of monitors to be installed into this stand. It can be affixed employing a clamp and features great height adjustment features to meet you at the eye level.

The versatility of this stand is far-reaching as it can be. In fact, tilted, rotated, swiveled any way a user can get the best ergonomic satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • This stand features two modes of setting up, either use the broad stand to place it on the desk or clamp it to the end of the desk.
  • The arms are designed to support monitors lying in the size range of 17-inches to 32-inches.
  • Of course, it has been designed to hold two monitors weighing up to 17.6-pounds each.

5. Eletab Dual Arm Monitor Stand


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The use of two monitors makes work easier and entertainment more entertaining. Having two arms that can bear a load of 17.6 pounds each, this stand is a wonderful addition to any workspace. The use of the VESA pattern of 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm. This allows for a wide range of monitors between 17-inches and 32-inches to be installed into this stand.

Finally, the stand is also loaded with removable cable stands that ensure a clutter-free desktop and workspace.

Key Features:

  • Clamp it using C clamps, or make use of the Grommet Mount, this stand features two different options to be mounted.
  • Align the monitor in any way you feel comfortable, whether in portrait or landscape for the best working experience using this stand.
  • More importantly, you can easily turn the stand clockwise to adjust the tension in the gas spring. In this way, you will be able to make sure that the arms can support the weight of the monitor.

4. Loctek Dual Monitor Arm Support

Loctek Dual Monitor Stands

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Loctek Dual Monitor Stand intends to make the working experience better by using safe work methods. The stand can be adjusted to a height of 17.7-inches. It is also possible to tilt the monitor between 15° and -85°, swivel it to ±180°, and rotate it by a complete ±360° thus making for the safest work methods.

The arms are fed with gas springs that give them super strength and can bear loads up to 11 pounds each. Its lovely structure allows for monitors between 17-inches to 29-inches to be easily mounted upon it.

Key Features:

  • The Loctek Dual Monitor Arm Support can be clamped to desks with a thickness of 0.8-inches to 3.5-inches easily.
  • If you are using the included grommet base, you would need a hole in your desk within the depth of 8.5mm to 70mm.
  • Lastly, you can easily hide ugly cables using an integrated cable management system.

3. AVLT Dual Monitor Desk Stand


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The AVLT Dual Monitor Desk Stand is a premium monitor mount from a trusted manufacturer. It brings the monitors to eye level keeping neck and muscle aches at bay. It is equipped with a gas spring system that ensures smooth adjustments in height between 6.3-inches and 16.1-inches. This stand comes with two mounting options.

Next, one can easily be mounted with the aid of a C-clamp that can be affixed to a desk up to 3.3-inches thick. It can also be mounted by use of a grommet mount kit that covers 5.7-inches x 4-inches on your desk.

Key Features:

  • Each of the arms is so designed that it can easily withstand up to 14.3 lbs of monitor weight.
  • Perfect for a variety of VESA mounting patterns. This ranges from 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm.
  • Screens ranging from 13-inches up to huge ones such as 27-inches can easily be loaded on to this dual monitor stand.

2. Vari Dual Monitor Display Mounting Arm

Vari Store Dual Monitor Stands

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Dual monitors are going to simply the work without occupying much space. To get over such a predicament, the Vari Dual Monitor Display Mounting Arm could be just the ideal setup for you. Equipped to be adjusted to a comfortable height, this device can be clamped to the end of a desk saving up space.

Added to it, the arms can be tilted, rotated, swiveled, and such that it can be arranged any way for the most ergonomic comfort of a user. The device is equipped to support a load of up to 19.8 lbs on each of its arms.

Key Features: 

  • It packs in all the essential tools, hardware, and instructions that are required to set up this stand and mount monitors upon it.
  • The monitor once loaded on this stand can be easily rotated by a full 360-degree to get a convenient viewing angle.
  • Its arm extensions go up to 29-inches while the height can be adjusted up to 12-inches from the base.

1. Mount It Monitor Desk Mount


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Posture and productivity are the two main constraints while using computers and monitors and the Mount-It Monitor Desk Mount blends these two smoothly. This stand that can house two monitors at a time can bear a load of 22 pounds on each of its arms. Its innovative design enables a wide variety of monitors to be installed ranging from 13–inches and going up to 27-inches.

The stand has also been equipped with a Gas Spring system. As a result, makes for easy and smooth adjustments giving a superior working experience.

Key Features:

  • VESA plates are installed into this stand that makes for easy attachment and removal of monitors.
  • The monitor stand is equipped with C-clamp along with a grommet base that can clamp to desks up to 4-inches thick.
  • It is also backed by a terrific 5-year warranty from the house of MountIt. So, you will get immediate without any loopholes.

What should be the screen holding capacity of a dual monitor stand?

A dual monitor stand is designed to hold more than one screen while keeping your desktop free of any clutter. There are all kinds of monitors available nowadays and some of them are huge at 32” or even higher. It all depends upon the size of the monitor you have or are likely to have. You should measure the monitor you have and get a stand accordingly. Since most of the stands work over a range of screen sizes, it will be very easy for you to get the best fit.

Which is the right weight capacity of a dual monitor stand?

There was a time when PC monitors and TV screens were immensely bulky and therefore very heavy. However, the present-day flat screen LCD or LED monitors do not have such a bulky appearance and are also very lightweight. Thus, if you buy a monitor stand that can support up to say 22 pounds of load on each of its arms, you will be surprised to find out that most of the monitors can fit into it. Suffice to say, you should, however, check the weight of your monitor before you make a purchase before you can be absolutely sure of it.

What kind of adjustments should be expected in such a monitor stand?

A dual monitor stand is constructed for the sole purpose of your convenience. It not only allows you to use the desk space more efficiently but also ensures that you are always viewing your monitor at the perfect viewing angle. The latter is also a very important consideration when you are going for a dual monitor stand and thus you should look into it carefully. Most of the monitor stands offer at least some adjustment features like height adjustments. Additional features such as swivel and rotation adjustments are very important with such stands too and thus you should go for one that allows you these.

Final Verdict

Have a supreme viewing experience once you set-up a dual monitor stand. This will put less pressure on your eyes and give you a top-notch experience.