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10 Best Pool Volleyball Nets in 2024

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Other than swimming, you can use your pool to enjoy some games during the summer season. The volleyball game is one of the games that you can incorporate at the pool area. Volleyball nets are made using waterproof materials and strong PVC to ensure that they can withstand weather changes.

Best Pool Volleyball Nets

10. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Swimming Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game Combo

Poolmaster Pool Volleyball Nets

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Poolmaster pool games made a mark in the market. It can be used for a simple indoor pool party or a pro match with athletic friends. This set has two different game accessories that are volleyball and basketball. The two nets are made with polyethylene material and are hand-woven. The support posts for volleyball and the backboard for volleyball have polyform bases. You can choose to fill them with water or sand to add weighted stability to the frames. Also, it has a deluxe game ball and an inflating needle for either game. This combo guarantees entertaining more individuals.

9. 144” White Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game

Swim Central Store

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It is a 20” wide Swim Central volleyball set-up suitable for you if you want to use it during the summer season. It guarantees enjoyment for family and friends, or you can also use it with pro friends for competitive games. The net is constructed using nylon, making it durable and can withstand the hot weather during summer. It is attached to support weighted posts that facilitate stability and can be used either outside the water or in the pool. It is be assembled easily, and it comes with a ball.

8. Home Court Volleyball Recreational Net Rope

Home Court Pool Volleyball Nets

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This volleyball net does not come as a full set. All you get is a net, which is important when you want to replace a smaller net. It is a high-quality product and knotted with heavy-duty polyester, thus can withstand any weather. It is 32’ and therefore can easily fit larger pools. The bottom and top vinyl tapes are made using thick polypropylene rope, which makes the net stable further. Nonetheless, you will need a set-up for this product since it does not come as a complete set.

7. Heytech Inflatable Pool Game Set


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Heytech Inflatable Pool Game Set offers quality time and gaming in your pool. It comes with extra accessories, making it cost-efficient as you will not need to incur additional costs. The net floats in the water, making it easy to interchange the set-up location. It also ensures that kids can move it around quickly when playing. It comes with inflatable rings and anchors; thus, you can set it in one place and prevent it from moving around. It can easily accommodate a game between 4 to 6 adults. It is very easy to set up.

6. SwimWays 2-IN-1 Pool Sport Combo Set

SwimWays Pool Volleyball Nets

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SwomWays is a 2-in-1 set that allows you to have two different activities for you and your guests. You can easily install it around your pool and stay active during the summer season. The net is made using high-quality plastic that will serve you for many years. The posts are attached to two bases that be filled with either sand or water for stability. There is no assembly required for this set, and the lack of metal prevents corrosion.

5. Dunrite Products Aqua Volley Swimming Pool Volleyball Set


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It is designed in a way that makes it easy to install. All you need to do is fill the bases with water, screw in the support posts, and tie the net to the poles on the sides of the pool. The product is made using aluminum, making it lightweight, sturdy, and durable. It is also powder-coated to prevent rusting. The bottom of the bases is made of plastic to offer support and keep the set up upright. The net can be adjusted easily to make it shorter or longer, depending on the size of your pool. It comes with a volleyball, and thus you will not have to use more money to purchase a ball.

4. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Intex Pool Volleyball Nets

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This is one net you should consider purchasing, especially if you have little ones. It will guarantee maximum fan when used during the summer. It is made using 10-gauge vinyl, which is very flexible and durable. The net is attached to an inflatable structure that is also of good quality and can be weighted. The set comes with an inflatable ball, which is a big plus. It is a good choice for younger kids. The only disadvantage is it is not a good choice for larger pools.

3. Poolmaster 72786


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Poolmaster 72786 is good quality and affordable net for raised pools. It is very minimal, and the installation process is very easy. The support poles and the clamps are lightweight. You can easily reposition the bracket mounts to get a better placement of the net. It is 16 feet long and comes with 10-inch side ties. Therefore, it can work well in larger pools. It comes with an inflatable deluxe vinyl ball. You can use this net also to play badminton.

2. Dunrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Combo Set

Dunnrite Products Pool Volleyball Nets

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It is a 2-in-1 set that comes with accessories for both volleyball and basketball. It comes with two 17 feet wide and 3 feet tall bases that can be used for both games. For the volleyball set-up, you must fill the bases with water and keep them on either side of the pool. You will then attach the volleyball net to the bases. The net is made using high-quality materials to guarantee its durability. Although you cannot play the two games at the same time, you can switch very quickly.

1. Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System

Park & Sun

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Park and Sun Sports Volleyball Net is one of the best products for in-ground pools. It is made using quality PVC materials for durability. It can be used either in indoor or outdoor pools. It is 24 feet long and thus can easily fit on larger pools. It comes with extension cords and stakes to increase tension. Also, it comes with added weights that can be used around outdoor and indoor pools and are even better for in-ground pools. It is easy to assemble, and you can choose either water or sand for weight.