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8 Best Curved Treadmills in 2024

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An indoor & home gym can’t be completed without the presence of a treadmill. Over the years, this equipment has revolutionized greatly with the advent of curved models that allow the users to burn an excessive amount of calories in a short time. It also possesses a great sort of advantages like increasing stamina and making legs strong. This machine is very helpful for users who want to get in shape. We have received numerous requests from the readers regarding selecting the best-curved treadmill that isn’t an easier task.

The reason behind that is the availability of numerous models in a variety of designs and price ranges. That’s why; our team has performed the proper testing to create the list of top 8 best-curved treadmills available to shop in 2024. Have a close at all and shop the equipment you like the most.

Top Best Curved Treadmills in 2024

8. Crawler Mechanical Treadmill (best for speed adjustability)

MZX Curved Treadmills

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The eight-position is accommodated by this excellent combination of speed adjustability and environment protection that very can offer in the market. It is equipped with a high-definition screen showing sports data in a variety of ways.

Its eight-speed adjustable design allows the users to enjoy a variety of running intensity excellently. During the testing phase, we find it fully comfortable to use because it doesn’t cause many effects to the knees.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Give extreme comfort
  • Highly adjustable design
  • Doesn’t use electricity


  • A high price may make it out of reach for most buyers

7. DKC Curved Non-Motorized Treadmill (best for smooth operation)


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If your main priority is having a completely silent & smoother workout, then this curved treadmill from the DKC brand perfectly makes sense to buy. It is a foldable non-electric treadmill having a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

The availability of high-speed bearing makes the running completely quiet causing minimum disruption. Also, it has a very large running area making the unit comfortable to use.


  • Equipped with top-quality speed bearing
  • Completely smoother & quiet operation
  • Solid weight capacity levels
  • Available at a very good price


  • A newcomer in the market

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M (best for portability)

Sunny Health & Fitness Curved Treadmills

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The next pick we want to mention is one of the best-curved treadmills equipped with portable wheels for making movement easier. It has a maximum capacity of 220 lbs that is enough for enjoying workouts at home.

There is an LCD monitor attached to the unit for better tracking of workouts. Additionally, the non-slip surface makes sure the users feel safe during training.


  • Extremely compact & ergonomic construction
  • Fully non-electric model
  • Complete arrangements for safety
  • Proper monitoring system


  • Low capacity make it inappropriate for heavy individuals

5. Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 (best for high-performance cardio)

Sunny Health & Fitness

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This equipment is created for trainers who love to perform a highly tough cardio schedule and want to get most of their training. It is a manual portable unit that is constructed with top-quality dual flywheels for better convenience of the users.

With a maximum capacity of 440 pounds, this high-grade unit will serve your needs for the foreseeable future. There are many different incline levels in this treadmill allowing you to set the training level according to requirement.


  • The impressive capacity of 440 pounds
  • Give a variety of intensity levels
  • Super convenient to use
  • Highly durable built


  • Assembly takes time to complete

4. Assault Fitness AirRunner (best non-electric curved treadmill)

Assault Fitness Curved Treadmills

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If you are one of those individuals who want a curved treadmill with zero electricity consumption, then here is your pick. It is one of the highest-selling units in this category that let the users burn up to 30% more calories when compared with the motorized treadmills.

It is made using commercial quality material and offers a belt life of 150,000 that makes the unit perfect for gyms. Additionally, you will have a completely natural feel while using this treadmill that makes the running efficient.


  • Minimizes the electricity bill
  • Perform for a variety of training circuits
  • Solid belt life
  • It Burns an extraordinary amount of calories


  • Below-average customer support

3. GoPlus 2.25 HP Electric Folding Treadmill (best multi-speed curved treadmill)


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The third place is accommodated by this electric folding treadmill that comes with many different inclination levels. You can choose speed levels between 0.5 to 7.5 mph according to your physical condition. On top of that, this unit comes with 12 different programs for making the exercise easier.

There is a 5” Blue-Ray LCD display attached to the unit for ensuring the most magnificent workout. Additionally, the company has added a phone holder for letting the users enjoy video calls while enjoying a workout.


  • Variety of programs to choose
  • Crafted in a highly safe design
  • Multi-speed levels
  • Stop button for emergency


  • Low capacity might be an issue for a few buyers

2. GoPlus Folding Treadmill (runners up)

Goplus Curved Treadmills

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Available in two amazing variants, this treadmill crafted using top-quality steel providing a capacity of 220 lbs. It is designed with a highly brilliant running belt that makes things comfortable and sturdy while enjoying the workout. Furthermore, the space-saving design makes it a comfortable option to choose from for homes.

It has many notable features like LED mode, an emergency stop button, and 100% risk-free satisfaction among others. All these things make it a highly brilliant choice to buy for a long investment.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Equipped with multi-functional display
  • Backed by three years of customer service
  • Easy & convenient to fold


  • Instructions aren’t easy to understand

1. Nordic Track T Series Treadmill (editor’s choice)


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The topper of the post is this highly impressive treadmill manufactured by Nordic Track Company. It is equipped with a highly interactive interface that allows the users to develop up to five individual exercise profiles for better convenience.

It has a user capacity of 300 pounds that is enough for tackling most of the users. Additionally, the availability of two years warranty on parts and ten years warranty on the frame make sure users don’t have to worry about manufacturer defects.


  • Auto adjustable speed system
  • Backed by a solid warranty period
  • Designed with a solid steel frame
  • Delivered with global workouts


  • Little bit time-consuming assembly process

How to choose the best-curved treadmill?

Have a look at the characteristics you need to check before buying a curved treadmill below:

  • Stability

The first thing to check about the curved treadmill is what kind of stability they offer. All four points of contact touching the ground should be perfectly stable and sturdy.

  • Usability

The main motive behind buying a curved treadmill is burning an extra amount of calories. It can only be possible if the model you choose is capable of performing sprints without hurting the joints in any manner.

  • Weight Limit

Most individuals don’t take this thing seriously, but it turns out to be a great issue, especially if you buy the treadmill for a commercial gym. Here, you are going to have clients of varying weight limits. That’s why we suggest buying a model with a maximum weight limit.

  • Warranty

The next thing that needs to be taken seriously is what kind of warranty is offered by the equipment. The majority of models are equipped with a warranty anywhere ranging between 1 & 4 years. You should try to find the ones having maximum years of warranty for convenient replacement & repair.

  • Budget

We all know that the price of a curved treadmill is more when compared with a traditional treadmill. You may have to spend extra money, but the results offered are pretty brilliant. Still, you need to be a little bit smart, and spend money on the model that has a solid set of features within your budget.

What are the benefits of a curved treadmill?

 There are numerous advantages brought by a curved treadmill that we have mentioned below:

  • Burns extra calories

As we have already mentioned, you can burn up to 30% more calories by running on a curved treadmill. The intensity can be set according to the requirement of this equipment.

  • More muscle engagement

A traditional treadmill doesn’t engage the complete legs, but it isn’t the case with the curved models. They involve the full lower body, including the gluteus, hamstrings, etc.

  • Less harm on joints

The impact on the joints is greatly absorbed by the rubber surface of a curved model. It directly helps in preventing injuries to a greater level.

  • Increases stamina

The users who want to increase stamina can really find the curved treadmill useful. It can allow them to build more muscles and a significant boost in stamina level.

How is running differently on curved treadmills?

If we talk about the running posture, then it becomes better while running on the curved treadmills. It is an excellent choice for making your running technique better than ever. The users have to keep the belt moving and stay at an equal speed with a slightly forward posture. It is strongly suggested to keep hands on the side rails for feeling comfortable while running on the curved treadmill.

You will feel a pretty high oxygen uptake when compared with a traditional treadmill. It means there will be extra effort demanded by the body despite covering the same distance. That’s not all; it causes a high increase in heart rate while running on the curved treadmill.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Curved Treadmills

Can we walk on a curved mill?

Walking on a curved treadmill is the same as walking on an incline between 6 & 8%. You can’t adjust the area in case of walking on a less incline area. So, practically you can walk on a curved treadmill, but you will get tired quickly.

Are curved treadmills tougher to use?

While using a curved treadmill, you will surely feel hardness up to 40% depending on the levels set. However, it let the users burn more than 30% calories when compared with a traditional treadmill.

What is the main motive of a curved treadmill?

It is simply concave equipment using which users can walk and run with both the foot striking to propel the belt. It helps the users to burn more amount of calories in a short time.

Do curved treadmills burn more calories?

Yes, you can easily burn more than 30% extra calories by running on a curved treadmill. The reason behind that is it increases the heart rate that raises up the requirement for oxygen for increasing calorie burning.

Why are curved treadmills costly?

The cost of curved treadmills is pretty high when compared with a traditional treadmill. Its range usually begins from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the features of the unit. The reason behind its high cost is the company has to increase the development costs during manufacturing.

Which treadmill is better- motorized & manual?

If you are looking for a strenuous workout, it is ideal to go for a manual treadmill. On the other hand, the motorized treadmill is the right choice to make who wants to enjoy a workout with fun and comfort.


If you are up to get into shape this year, then you have to invest money in a curved treadmill for sure. We understand that it is hard to find a quality model due to numerous market choices, but our team has tried to make things better. Buy one of these best-curved treadmills for getting the most suitable experience.

If you still have any queries regarding the curved treadmill, we suggest writing it in the comment section or email us the details. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.