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7 Best Impact Driver Bits Set

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To drive or remove screws and nuts from the working surface, impact driver bits must constantly tolerate high torque. Therefore, when purchasing, invest in the best impact driver bit set that can withstand greater pressure and torque and offers a variety of bit sizes.

In addition to this, you can choose an impact bit set with a variety of bits that can be used for driving, drilling, and fastening. However, to successfully perform the work, make sure the bit set you select is suitable for your impact driver and can hold the screw securely.

Best Impact Driver Bits Set Review

By looking at the list of suggestions we have provided below, you can easily buy such a convenient combination of impact driver bit sets. In our evaluation of the top 7 impact driver bit sets, we looked at drill bits, screwdriver bits, and the majority of the necessary impact bit sizes and types.

These parts provide outstanding performance consistently over a long period of time and are strong, rust-resistant, and durable. Additionally, you will discover some crucial information about the impact bit and receive some useful purchase advice for the impact driver bit.

1. DEWALT 40-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

DEWALT Impact Driver Bits Set

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  • These impact driver bits include a revolutionary bit-bar design with adjustable positioning that makes bit removal simpler.
  • It has a clear top with a clip latch so you can see what’s inside while yet shutting it securely.
  • The magnetic screw lock sleeve on this set of impact driver bits prevents the screws from dropping and wobbling, ensuring reliable performance.
  • The CNC-machined tip on these cost-effective impact driver bits precisely fits into the screw head and minimizes cam-out.

Unfortunately, many DIYers have encountered the uncomfortable clicking sound of a stripped screw as they drove it into the woods. The driver bit is susceptible to damage and frequently needs to be replaced, even in some circumstances. Purchase this DEWALT FlexTorq Impact Driver Bit Set if you want to avoid a scenario like that.

This DEWALT impact driver bit set is made of heat-treated steel, which is known for its great toughness and the ability to tolerate high torque. Additionally, this 40-piece impact driver bit set is pretty reasonably priced and works well for driving 4-inch wood screws.

What we like

These DEWALT impact driver bits have a rust-resistant surface and are quite strong. The bits have a 12-inch socket attachment, a wide range of types and sizes, and are manufactured of heat-treated steel. The producer additionally provides a connectable accessory case for orderly and practical storage.

What we didn't like

Some consumers don’t get all the pieces since the rubber mount of the case can’t properly hole the longer impact bits.

2. Makita 50 Piece Impact Driver Bits Set


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  • For greater longevity, this impact driver bit is engineered to maintain a calibrated heat-treating process.
  • To prevent corrosion, each impact driver bit has a manganese phosphate surface.
  • The bits have an optimum shape to guarantee a perfect fit and superior gripping power.
  • High-quality S2 steel is used in the construction of the impact driver bits to increase lifespan.

Over and above the standard quality that should be in the greatest impact driver bit set, this Makita Impact Driver Bit Set includes two remarkable features. First off, a unique tube is included in the robust carrying case to store the lengthier pieces individually. Even when compared to the Dewalt, its lock is better made, and the joints are tightly constructed to resist continuous usage.

The precise tip, which guarantees perfect contact with the screws for optimum efficiency, is another noteworthy feature. In addition to this, this Makita Impact Driver Bit Set includes 50 bits made of heat-treated S2 steel at a significantly cheaper cost.

What we like

These robust bits can be used for a variety of higher torque screw driving applications. These bits include precise tips and an enhanced fit for better performance. The bit set also comes with a reliable carrying case that is simple to use and guarantees the most orderly storage.

What we didn't like

The impact driver bit is a little challenging to get out of the extension. Applying some lubrication oil, however, will make the work much simpler for you.

3. CRAFTSMAN Impact Driver Bit Set

CRAFTSMAN Impact Driver Bits Set

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  • The Craftsman Driver Bits contain a torsion zone that has been optimized for maximum performance on both soft and hard surfaces.
  • To provide optimal durability, the impact driver bits are manufactured of S2 modified steel.
  • For the most precise fit in screw heads and to lower the chance of cam-out, each impact driver bit has a CNC-machined tip.
  • These bits’ magnetic tips hold the screw firmly to avoid drop-off.

This CRAFTSMAN Impact Ready Bits set is one of the best impact driver bits sets currently on the market because of its combination of an Optimized Torsion Zone and CNC-machined tip. The bit set is packaged in a lovely plastic box that keeps the bits organized and makes it easy to identify the needed size bit.

There are 33 impact driver bits in the set, and they are all lightly greased or oiled to prevent rust. Aside from this, the bits are strong due to their S2 modified steel construction.

What we like

There are several sizes of bits in this affordable impact driver bit set that are strong enough to drive the screws firmly. The bits connect with a versa-track portable storage system and are made of high-quality material. They hold the screws securely and can bear greater torque.

What we didn't like

Only 3 driver nuts are included in the bit set, and some impact driver bits are more difficult to remove from the carrying container.

4. BOSCH 44 Piece Impact Screwdriver Bits Set


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  • Each impact driver is marked with a laser and has a silver sleeve to increase visibility and make bit size identification simple.
  • These screw driving bits have a precisely shaped tip to reduce cam-out.
  • The extended torque zone on the impact driver bits absorbs the torque and lowers the chance of fracture.
  • It is delivered in a transportable container with rubber bumpers, a tight latch, and additional security for the busiest job sites.

Another well-known brand among builders and do-it-yourselfers is Bosch. We discovered that the Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Set is a high-performing and long-lasting investment after conducting research and reviewing user reviews. These impact driver bits, like the preceding bit set, are created with an enlarged torsion zone that can efficiently absorb the higher torque.

Because of this, the bit tip experiences little stress and may easily drive the screws. The fact that these bits can be significantly customized is another outstanding aspect. Because they won’t have to look for the proper piece as frequently, DIYers will be more productive.

What we like

These impact-rated bits are incredibly robust, precise, and long-lasting to withstand increased torque and properly drive the screw. The kit comes with 44 different impact driver bits in various sizes and is housed in a specially made portable case for convenience and organization.

What we didn't like

The holder might not last very long, and some customers complain that the bit tips degrade more quickly than they anticipated.

5. Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

Milwaukee Impact Driver Bits Set

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  • These impact pieces are constructed with exclusive steel and undergo a heat treatment process to increase their strength and durability.
  • The impact driver bits are made with a geometric design to minimize shock and maximize driving convenience.
  • For maximum grip, the impact bits’ forged tips are on each piece.
  • The carrying case for the impact driver bits is practical.

Consider this Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set if you want an impact driver bits set with the greatest grip and shock absorption capabilities. Similar to the title tag, this set comes with some amazing impact drill bits that, due to their geometric design, can efficiently absorb trauma. Each impact driver bit furthermore features forged tips to offer the best possible grip while driving in a variety of applications.

Despite this, the set costs a little bit more and comes with 40 different-sized parts. Although the case is also quite good, some parts are a little challenging to remove. However, you can remove the bits effectively if you move them a little ahead in the rack as you remove them.

What we like

These impact bits provide the most grip and are incredibly strong and durable. These bits are available in a range of sizes, have shock absorption capabilities, and are simpler to access in a carrying case.

What we didn't like

These parts might not be able to handle more torque.

6. NEIKO Magnetic Impact Nut Driver Bits Set


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  • Each nut driver comes with a 1/4-inch hex shank that works with the majority of impact drivers and enables rapid insertion.
  • The impact driver bits have a powerful magnet built-in to retain the nuts and screws, keeping them in place even in tight locations for easy operation.
  • These adaptable impact bits are 6 inches long, which makes them ideal for working in confined areas.
  • For better longevity and corrosion resistance, the structure should be made of heat-treated CV steel with a black phosphate coating.

Purchasing this NEIKO Impact Driver Bit Set will be the ideal choice for you whether you require some high-quality nut drivers to finish the job underneath the hood or some impact bits to work in a confined location. With the six impact drivers in this set, each measuring 6 inches long, you can drive the nut even in the smallest of areas.

The magnetic tip on each nut driver, which is more crucial, holds the nuts, screws, and bolts firmly in place while working to ensure successful operation each and every time. These impact driver bits combine Cr-V steel with a black phosphate coating to provide optimal durability as well as a longer service life that is corrosion-protected.

What we like

These impact driver bits contain a magnetized plate on the head to hold the fastener firmly, and they are quite strong. Additionally, the pieces have an additional coating to protect them from corrosion and are long enough to reach in small locations. Last but not least, this set of impact driver bits is reasonably priced.

What we didn't like

The parts’ bodies are not hollow. Therefore, using these to drive nuts into long bolts may not be appropriate.

7. ENERTWIST 112-Pieces Impact Driver Bits Set

ENERTWIST Impact Driver Bits Set

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  • Each impact bit is compatible with 1/4″, 3/8″, and 12″ impact drivers, screw guns, and drills and incorporates a 1/4″ hex shank for simpler, quicker bit changes without spinning off.
  • For greater strength and longevity, drill bits are constructed from HSS steel and coated with titanium.
  • These massive impact and drill bits are packaged in a strong, lightweight transparent box for portability and convenience.
  • It has a fast-release magnetic bit holder so you can work effectively in confined locations.

Regarding simplicity and workplace diversity, this ENERTWIST Impact Driver Bit set will be the greatest impact driver bits set for contractors and serious do-it-yourselfers. The drill bits, impact bits, and screwdriver bits in this screwdriver bit set, which has a maximum of 112 pieces, are appropriate for metal, wood, and a range of surfaces.

You will therefore have superior control over the project at all times, whether it be through drilling, driving, or fastening, and the necessary diversity of bit sizes. Impact driver bits are surprisingly inexpensive and comprised of metal and plastic. They also come in a handy case.

What we like

To handle a variety of tasks, this professional-grade impact driver bit set comes with a masonry bit, a drill bit, a screw gun, and an impact bit. The parts come in a clear box, are quite strong, and work with many different power tools.

What we didn't like

The drill bit is suitable for masonry but not strong enough to penetrate steel, and the carrying bag has a shoddy appearance.

The Best Impact Driver Bits Set Buying Guides

Bits typically always stay in touch with the impact driver’s working surface. Because of this, the possibility of wearing out a little sooner than other driver components. Check the following when looking for the optimal impact driver bits set:

Strength of the Driver Bits

The majority of impact driver bits are made of steel. For a more durable experience, however, pick a drive bit set made of carbon steel or S2 steel alloys. However, for heavy-duty use, the bit should have some sort of non-corrosive coating.

Project Resources

To choose the proper size and type of bit set for your project, take into account the working surface, whether it be made of metal or wood. This will assist you in successfully penetrating the working surface. Always keep a mind that wood surfaces require different bits than masonry or metal surfaces.

The dimensions of the bits

Although 1/4″, 3/8″, and 5/16″ bits are the most popular sizes, you should select the bit size according to the material you will be dealing with. Make sure the impact driver bit set you choose has the most necessary size of bit. Impact driver bit sets come in a variety of sizes. Most impact driver bits have one or two ends, usually one on each side. The original model is compatible with different power tools like an electric drill and primarily fits with a 14 ” hex shank.

In contrast, 1/2″ and 3/8″ hex shanks work with double end bits. A single end bit cannot access certain types of impact bits, despite them being ideal for drilling holes into constrained places. Magnetic ends are also included on certain double-ended impact bits to hold the nuts and screws in place.

long-lasting corrosion resistance

When it comes to impact driver bits, corrosion is one of the most worrisome problems. By using a coating, manufacturers take a different approach to this issue. Therefore, pick an impact bit set with either thermal treatment or powder coating options.

Spin-Off Resistance

Consistently using an impact driver bit might cause the bit to weaken. The bit’s inability to sustain persistently high pressure is the cause. To get the best performance, choose a bit set that can withstand 2,000 pounds of torque.

Designed Flute

By providing the dust with ample room to escape, an impact driver bit with a fluted design will make the drilling task more practical. The 30-degree angle design will let you drill through hard metal, whilst the parabolic flute design is ideal for softer material.

Various impact driver bit types

Impact driver bits are available in a variety of types to boost project adaptability. Typical types include:

  • Bits made of titanium bore and titanium nitride have greater hardness ratings, can tolerate high torque, and have a long lifespan.
  • Flat bits: ideal for effectively driving screws and nuts.
  • Depth Gauge Ring Bits: These bits feature depth gauges that are adjustable to let you change the depth of the bit to suit your needs.
  • Black oxide bits are best suited for larger items because of how simple they are to use. but lack a grade for hardness.
  • Bits for forming an even countersunk head on metal or wood are known as countersinks.
  • Bombing ring bits are useful for applications requiring repeated hits because they easily penetrate concrete and masonry.
  • Masonry and wood bits are made with longer flutes to allow more debris to escape during drilling and provide a longer-lasting service.

Types of impact driver bit coating

Impact driver bits from various manufacturers include different forms of coating to withstand wear and tear. The following are some of the most prevalent coatings:

  • The most common coating is nickel-plated, which has excellent oxidation resistance.
  • The top grip of a bolt is best coated with tungsten carbide.
  • The bit is shielded from oxidation by the zinc-plated covering.
  • If the bit must endure exceptionally high torque power, a diamond finish coating is preferred.
  • Corrosion is successfully resisted by the ultra silver coating.
  • Using the titanium nitride coating to work on smooth surfaces is ideal.
  • The colored coating is primarily used to distinguish it from others so that it may be chosen and used appropriately.
  • For situations where there is a greater possibility of the bit being damaged, an ultra-gold coating is preferred.

Several significant benefits of utilizing the Best Impact Driver Bits Set

The majority of impact driver parts are constructed from hard substances like premium steel to provide long-lasting performance. Some have a powder coating built-in to prevent rust and wear. Despite these points, avoid manually tightening the screw or nut, which makes the process much quicker and simpler. Because it doesn’t even require electricity, the task is also environmentally friendly.


The best impact driver bits enable drilling through a range of hard and delicate surfaces. Drilling into confined places is another capability of some impact bits. The impacted driver bit’s ability to drill a deeper hole into 2′′ wood is a further outstanding benefit. Even the impact bit has a straightforward construction. So, replacing and utilizing the bit won’t be a major deal whether you’re a beginner or a veteran.

Different Applications

There are several high-impact bits available that serve certain functions. The carbon bit has a remarkable design that makes it less prone to breakage and able to drill more quickly than conventional masonry bits. It can withstand greater torque before failing. On the other hand, iron bits can only withstand a small amount of torque while drilling through concrete.

Finally, even without a pilot hole, non-metallic impact bits are excellent for driving into plastic. These impact driver bits need oil and are tougher than typical drywall bits.

Simple Storage

Even if storage boxes are available from some models, impact driver visits are quite simple to store in a toolbox or belt. In addition, impact bits are kept organized by fitting nicely into carrying bags and a tiny box for simpler transportation.


Impact driver bits have an added power boost that increases their usability and safety. Driving scores into the wall won’t be a difficult task, regardless of whether you are an experienced DIYer or just beginning out.


Impact driver bits are reasonably priced and may be found online and in hardware stores. You can choose the least expensive impact driver bit set from the list of suggestions on this page without sacrificing performance or quality.

Best Impact Driver Bits Set FAQs

What distinguishes an impact driver from an impact wrench?

Impact drivers often weigh less and have less power than impact wrenches. These two DIY tools differ from one another in terms of both the working space and the materials used. Impact wrenches use a square drive to loosen or tighten sockets, whereas impact drivers use a 14-inch hex drive to drive screws.

Do impact drivers require specialized bits?

14″ hex shank driver bits are compatible with the majority of impact drivers. In order to drive or remove screws or nuts with high torque, the impact bit must also be strong and lasting.

Do better-rated impact bits exist?

Generally speaking, impact-rated bits have two major advantages over regular driver bits. This bit is built with a bigger breaking angle and increased torsional strength to provide improved flexibility. Impact-rated nits are ideal for high torque applications and also have a longer service life.

Can I use an impact driver with a standard bit?

Obviously. To make tiny holes in wood and even steel, you can combine an impact driver and a drill bit. But be sure the bit is compatible with your impact driver and has a hex shank. Despite this, employing this combination might be challenging when drilling larger holes than 14 ” in pressure-treated lumber, heavy steel, or hardwood.

Impact drivers split wood, right?

Naturally, the impact driver can split wood just like a regular drill. Therefore, making a pilot hole before beginning the operation is useful. You don’t even need to drill pilot holes when using screws to make holes.

Final Words

Your set of impact driver bits includes some of the best ones for driving, drilling, and fastening. Even though impact driver bits are typically employed for screw driving tasks, choosing a convenient set can raise the productivity ceiling. An impact driver, a screwdriver, and a drill bit are all included in the impact driver bit set we’ve examined, providing superior control over a variety of DIY applications.

So all you have to do to have an astounding performance is choose the appropriate impact driver bit set, keeping in mind that the size and type change depending on the needs.