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9 Best Handheld CB Radios of 2024

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A Citizens Band radio is still an excellent method for local communications despite the emergence of many modern devices like mobile phones, GMRS, etc. A handheld CD radio is considered perfect for a variety of activities ranging from hunting to off-riding and even emergency response. However, an average buyer has to face many struggles in finding a suitable model due to a lack of practical knowledge.

If you feel the same issue, you need to check out the list of the top 9 best handheld CD radios that our team has created after years of research and testing. We have spent lots of hours researching and testing to ensure the authenticity of every model selected in this post. Check out the list carefully & choose the one you find most appropriate.

How to select the best handheld CB radio?

The factors need to address while choosing the right handheld CB radio are mentioned below:

  • Size

Although handheld CB radios don’t come in too many sizes, we still suggest you consider avoiding any inconvenience later on.

  • Frequency Gain

The frequency gain of the model you choose should be adequate to filter the transmission according to strength. Additionally, the background noise should be blocked for better transmission.

  • Portability & Durability

The next thing to care about is what kind of portability and durability it offers. The model you choose should be capable of setting strength convincingly apart from being strong enough to last for many years.

  • Battery Efficiency

A handheld CB radio should always have a battery backup allowing you to complete a tour without any need for charging.

  • Budget

A quality handheld CB radio can be bought at a price anywhere between US$ 35 & US$ 500, depending on the features and durability. Buy the model that comes with the required functionality and fits with your budget rightfully.

What are the benefits of using a handheld CB radio?

We will tell you about few benefits of a handheld CB radio that prove why they are still relevant today.

  • No Licensing

There is no need for any special license for using a CB in most countries, including the United States. It is widely accepted by individuals, including hikers, adventure enthusiasts, truckers, etc.

  • Highly Efficient

A handheld CB radio is a very effective device that can work superbly well in most regions, even if there are no phone signals. Its efficiency is still better than most mobile phones available out there.

  • Affordable to Choose

CB radios are super affordable to buy & use without causing any sort of hassles. You don’t have to spend tons of money on making the communication.

  • Lightweight Construction

A quality handheld CB radio has a very lightweight construction making sure users can easily travel with it even on the road.

Best Handheld CB Radios Review

9. Radioddity CB-27 CB Radio (best beginner-friendly handheld CB radio)

Radioddity Handheld CB Radios

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We will begin the list with the CB-27 CB radio having all the features needed for making things comfortable for new users. It offers awesome outdoor communication making the unit perfect for backcountry tours. We find that it works quite well for short-distance communication during the testing phase where someone requires emergency assistance.

Despite being an entry-level model, it has everything that even a few top CB radios don’t have. It includes accessories like a bracket, removable microphone, tooth washers, user manual, and mounting screws along with the main CB radio.


  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Compatible with a PA system
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty
  • Very easy to use for beginners


  • Average durability at its best

8. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (best two-way radio)


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There are lots of buyers who prefer shopping for a model having two-way radio functionality. We have added this model to serve the need of such buyers. It has a high gain antenna that almost doubled performance compared with a basic model available out there.

The company delivers it with an in-depth manual that ensures you can quickly go through various functionalities of the system. This kit comes with numerous accessories like a battery, dual-band antenna, belt clip, earpiece kit, and many more.


  • Powerful audio output
  • Very cheaper to buy
  • Liberty to lockout scanned channels
  • Incredible antenna performance


  • Low receiving selectivity

7. Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio (best under $200)WMU Handheld CB Radios

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The seventh position is accommodated by this super-compact CB radio having an intelligent remote mounting system for convenient connection. We believe it is quite a brilliant option for people with limited space thanks to its small size. Apart from design, the thing that attracts us most is its Sound Tracker Noise Reduction system, limiting any excessive noise to the radio.

Another handy feature you will definitely like is its dual watch that makes sure you can monitor two channels simultaneously. Overall, we will happily recommend this CB radio to the buyer looking for an awesome experience.


  • Dual watch monitoring
  • Latest development technology
  • Low static noise
  • Brilliant full channel scan power


  • Time-consuming search mode

6. Midland 75-785 Handheld CB Radio (best for rugged design)


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We can’t argue that this handheld CB radio from the Midland brand has everything that one wishes for. You will fall in love with its rugged black design that is equipped with a small backlit LCD screen. Furthermore, it is bright enough to work in dark light conditions quite easily.

There are two knobs attached to the unit that is pretty easy to use and allow the users to change volume control quite conveniently. Additionally, navigating through channels isn’t a difficult task, even if you are a beginner. It is one of the best handheld CB radios having a solid set of features that very few can offer in the market.


  • Low power usage LCD screen
  • Solid automatic gain control
  • Very affordable to buy
  • Easy to use high/ low switch


  • Unable to use NOAA weather channels

5. Uniden PRO501HH Pro-Series (best under $100)

Uniden Handheld CB Radios

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Available in three different colors, this handheld radio is a compact model having ten weather channels and 40 channel CB operation proving why it is part of this list. It is one of the most used CB radios among commercial truckers and off-roaders.

A classy highlight of this equipment is its Noaa Weather using which you can stay informed of bad thunderstorms or anything like that. It also has an automatic noise limiter and squelches control system for perfectly fine-tuning.


  • Easy to read display
  • It keeps the external noise away
  • Give strong signals on the road
  • Preserve battery brilliantly


  • Slightly short range

4. Cobra HHRT50 CB Radio (best for road trips)

Cobra Handheld CB Radios

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This handheld CB radio is popularly used by truckers and adventure enthusiasts on their road trips. The HHRT50 is a very portable unit with an impressive tracker system to ensure that the important details don’t get leaked at all. There are almost little to no flaws in this CB radio helping the users to enjoy a comfortable experience.

It has a dual watch feature letting the users choose two channels for monitoring at the same time. The availability of this feature makes sure the ear stays open for any alert around you on the road. The company has also added a high/low power switch for the extra convenience of the users. It looks like they care about their consumers by delivering them top-quality features at a good price.


  • Pick voices from a variety of directions
  • Solid range up to 4 miles
  • Incredible battery backup
  • Super convenient to operate


  • Slightly fragile operation

3. Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (best budget-friendly pick)


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The buyers looking for an affordable CB radio should choose this 40-channel model manufactured by the Uniden brand. It is a perfect unit that you can use for offroading as well as hunting quite enjoyably.

The manufacturer has tried to make this set as simple as possible for the users by providing features like a rubber duck antenna, a quality microphone, and a superb speaker. They have provided everything to make things pleasant for the users.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Integrated noise limiter
  • Superb speaker power
  • Easy navigation system


  • Slightly heavier design

2. President Randy FCC Handheld CB Radio (runners up)


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We will place a newly released handheld CB radio at the second position thanks to the incredible sort of features available. This unit has seven color LCD display and an automatic squelch control system for better convenience.

The company delivers it with a proper set of accessories that include a cigar lighter plug, external antenna adapter, battery pack, and AC adapter among others. You will simply fall in love with the performance of this incredible CB radio for sure.


  • Different color display
  • Equipped with multiple emergency channels
  • A proper set of accessories
  • Very brilliant construction


  • New release in the market

1. Cobra HH50WXST Hand Held CB Radio (editor’s choice)


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The top position is held by this perfectly created CB radio that comes with all the modern features we need. It is a long-range model that minimizes unwanted interferences. There is a sound tracker noise reduction system in this unit ensuring cleaner communication.

A brilliant feature of this unit is it can scan 40 channels in less than 5 seconds. It is powered by rechargeable NiMH batteries that last quite a long time.


  • Capable of giving a range up to 4 miles
  • Brilliant channel scanning
  • Superb battery performance
  • Equipped with all the latest features


  • Loading coil quality need improvement for sure

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Handheld CB Radios

How much is the average range of a handheld CB radio?

The average range of a handheld CB radio usually stays around 100 yards. However, the range between two potable models can be even 1 mile depending on the features.

Which CB channel used by police?

They usually use Channel 9 that is the emergency CB channel work for most motorists facing trouble. Most stores selling CBS say they are very good equipment for contacting police during emergencies.

Can we trace a CB radio?

Yes, it can be traced without much difficulty at all. Moreover, an FCC official can easily track the transmission area thanks to tons of different ways.

Can we listen to the police on a CB radio?

Few models come with scanner features that allow the users to listen to police and even fire departments. It can work o standard CB channels quite easily.

Are CB radios worthy of buying in 2024?

CB radios may not hold the same importance as they had decades ago, but a person who often goes on road tours will find them very valuable. Whether you have a flat tire or malfunctioning in the engine, a CB radio can help connect another driver on the CB.

Are CB radios illegal to use?

It is fully legal to use the CB radios if you follow the rules set by FCC for parameters like bandwidth, power, modulation, etc. It is completely safe as long as you don’t exceed the power output rules.


What do you think about the picks that we have mentioned in this post? These are the best handheld CB radios standing out from the others by a mile. Our team believes that the information provided in this post will help you to save money and find out the most effective pick. Whether you are a motorist or a hiker, having a quality CB radio can turn out to be a blessing in many situations.

If you want us to answer any query related to handheld CB radios, please write about it in the comment section.