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5 Best Drill Bit for Drywall

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Even though drywall isn’t particularly durable, a specialized drill bit is needed to make a precise hole through it. To preserve everything intact, you must use the best drill bit for drywall whether mounting, hanging, or attaching anything. Even the best drywall drill bit will improve the security of the anchoring or screwing operation to the heavier hanging objects.

In the paragraphs that follow, we’ve analyzed the top five drill bit sets made specifically for drywall. The drill bits can endure high pressure and torque and are compatible with a variety of surfaces, including brick and concrete.

Therefore, these adaptable drill bit sets will assist make the drywall application effective whether you are using an impact driver or a cordless drill. The manual also offers some purchasing advice as well as a straightforward procedure for drilling through the drywall.

Best Drill Bit for Drywall Review

1. Makita: Best Insert Drill Bit for Drywall

Makita Drill Bit for Drywall

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  • The drill bits for drywall feature precisely crafted tips to ensure total surface contact.
  • S2 steel was used in the construction of these drill bits for drywall screws for added durability.
  • These drill bits are heat-resistant due to the heat-treating design.
  • The drill bit won’t cause corrosion because of its manganese phosphate surface.

It’s a Makita drill bit bundle made specifically for drilling into drywall. This inserts bit set will provide professional-grade jobs with the least amount of work, as opposed to stripping. Although these drywall drill bits can be used with an impact driver, it is preferable to use a cordless drill because it will provide a better driving experience.

The 50 premium drill bits in the set have been heatedly treated to increase their hardness and longevity. These robust drill bits are a dependable option for qualified drywall builders.

What we like

These drywall bits with impact ratings are strong and guarantee a good bite, even on 3-inch screws without stripping. The set is also reasonably priced and durable.

What we didn't like

Some drill bits can wear out and be a little bit shorter than full size.

2. DEWALT: Masonry Drill Bits Set for Drywall


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  • These masonry drill bits’ rock carbide tips offer maximum surface contact to maintain their longevity.
  • These drywall anchor drill bits have four flutes to effectively clear debris while drilling through drywall with little force.
  • For a snug fit into the drill’s chuck and slip-free drilling, the drill bit includes three flats on the shank.
  • These versatile drills work well on a range of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and masonry.

The use of a masonry drill bit to cut through the drywall is advised by several professionals. In addition, it is a multi-purpose drill bit that ensures optimum surface contact while preventing slippage. More crucially, these 7 sets of masonry drill bits are available in 5 different chuck diameters, providing a range of hole sizes, particularly for mechanical anchors. Dewalt is a trusted brand, so you can depend on its durability.

What we like

The drill bits are compatible with both corded and cordless power drills and are available in a variety of sizes for flexible applications. It won’t break easily and even provides a tight fit to the wall anchor without any slippage.

What we didn't like

A 1/8-inch bit, which is useful for the pilot hole, is absent from the set. Longevity will be preserved with slower, consistent pressure.

3. ARROW: Best Drill Bit for Drywall Screws and Anchor Kit

ARROW Drill Bit for Drywall

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  • To properly drill a hole in drywall, this set comes with two different-sized drywall bits.
  • The sturdy plastic container these drywall drill bits are packaged in keeps them well-organized and guards against loss.
  • These cost-effective, multipurpose drill bits are the best drill bit for drywall anchors because they may be used to mount, hang, or attach items to the drywall.

Check out this ARROW Drywall Drill Bit Set if you want a large assortment of drywall drill bits and accessories at an exceptional price. The package comes with a ton of anchor screws and tapping screws in addition to two different types of bits. Therefore, having this drill bit set will give you flexibility in any application, whether your project is hanging, mounting, or fastening something to the drywall.

What we like

At the lowest price, this drywall drill bit set will be versatile for many home repair projects. The bits allow excellent screw fastening and anchoring in the drywall for the most secure hanging and mounting. They are also fairly durable.

What we didn't like

While being put into a drywall hole, certain anchors are fragile and may flex. additionally, the drill bit is only suitable for light-duty uses.

4. Owl Tools: Masonry Drill Bits for Drywall

Drill Bits

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  • To keep the drill bits secure and organized, these bits are packaged in a durable plastic bit holder.
  • The carbide tip on this masonry drill bit keeps its sharpness for a very long period.
  • The package includes drywall drill bits in a range of diameters so you can make precise holes of different sizes.
  • These multipurpose drill bits work well on a range of surfaces.
  • Spiral flutes are used in the design to quickly eliminate dust during drilling through the hard surface.

For those who are new to DIY projects and want to experience precision drilling into drywall, this set of Owl Tools masonry drill bits is the ideal option. This kit includes a 1/8-inch drill bit in addition to four other sizes, enabling the creation of a pilot hole to ensure slip-free drilling. These masonry drill bits include a carbide tip construction that prevents rapid loss of sharpness, making them ideal for repeated usage on numerous surfaces, including drywall.

What we like

The ideal option for working on delicate surfaces like glass, porcelain, and drywall is this masonry drill bit set. The set enables you to start with a pilot hole and provides a precise hole at low pressure. This drywall package is inexpensive and ideal for long-term use.

What we didn't like

The drill bit is best used with a hammer drill because it might not resist high pressure.

5. DEWALT: Drill Bit for Drywall Anchor

DEWALT Drill Bit for Drywall

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  • The drill bits are created by a heat-treating technique, which promises exceptional toughness.
  • For simple drilling through the drywall, this Dewalt drill bit set offers enhanced driving force and better torque.
  • To ensure maximum longevity, the drill bits are composed of shock-resistant steel.
  • Any power drill, including cordless drills and impact drivers, is compatible with these drywall drill bits.

This set comes with some drywall drill bits that are excellent for putting two Phillips head screws in. These drill bits’ PR2 reduced head, even when compared to other well-known brands, enables the use of an impact driver to enter 3-inch screws.

Even the skilled DIYer was amazed by these drywall drill bits because of their exceptional tip design that fit the drywall surface precisely. The fact that this drywall drill bit has a one-year warranty is another great feature. Now try to guess what it is. Naturally, it’s Dewalt.

What we like

This set of drywall drill bits is reasonably priced and provides optimal durability on a range of surfaces. The drill bit boasts an outstanding tip design for slip-free drilling and is also simpler to handle.

What we didn't like

These drill bits won’t perform better on other surfaces because they are primarily designed for drywall hanging.

How to Choose the Best Drill Bit for Drywall

It is possible to drill into drywall using a variety of drill bit types. The majority of them, especially those doing it on their own, utilize masonry drill bits to make deeper holes in drywall. The brad point, spade, and hole saw drill bits are the other varieties of drill bits. A spade drill bit is an affordable option that works well on a variety of surfaces.


Even if installing drywall isn’t all that difficult, you should nevertheless use a strong drill bit to handle the heat. In this situation, a carbide drill is preferred, especially if it can keep its edge for an extended period of time and provide reliable service. In addition, alloy steel and even plastic are reliable materials for light-duty tasks.


When selecting the optimum drill bit for drywall, the size is taken into account in two different ways: the shank size and the tip size.

This portion of the drill bit inserts into the drill’s chuck. Therefore, the shank needs to work with the chuck of your drill. Drills typically have chuck sizes of 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1 inch. A longer shank is preferable to avoid slippage despite having three flats.


For domestic projects, a drill bit with an endpoint of 1/16 inch to 12 inches is ideal, whereas a drill bit with an endpoint of 5/16 inch to 1/2 inch is best for demanding drilling activities. A range of bit sizes is also necessary when hanging something on drywall. Therefore, you should choose wisely.

When you begin drilling on drywall, it may likely slip due to its smooth surface. In addition to providing a stronger start, a drill bit with four flutes will hasten the cleanup of the debris. As a result, drilling through the drywall will be effective.

Buying Guide for Drilling a Hole in Drywall

To begin with, confirm the type of construction material to see if it is drywall or a regular wall. If the wall is smooth and hollow when you knock on it, it is probably drywall, also known as sheetrock or plasterboard. So you can confidently drill regular-sized holes in this surface with a drywall bit.

Use a wood drill bit, however, if you want to drill through a stud after the drywall. To hang something on the wall, you’ll also need a screwdriver and an appropriate size drywall anchor.

Avoid pipes and wiring

Avoid drilling near or over light switches, pipes, and other electrical fixtures such as outlets. Using a wire detector will help you avoid mistakes. If you need to drill close to an electrical outlet, disconnect the line beforehand.

In contrast, locate the stud underneath the sheetrock or plasterboard wall using a stud finder. Drilling into studs is necessary to hang large objects like mirrors and cover the drywall with paint.

Denote the Spot

Decide where to drill and mark the area with a pencil to ensure that the hole is drilled precisely where you want it. When drilling many holes, use a level to keep the alignment correct.

Make a Hole

Measure the length of the drill bit and mark it with masking tape for a hole to be drilled into the drywall at a specific depth. Masking tape is unnecessary if your cordless drywall screw guns have depth gauges.

When drilling through drywall for the first time, set your drill’s speed to the slowest setting and use light pressure. As soon as your drill begins to penetrate the drywall, steadily increase the speed while maintaining a constant pressure. A hole in the drywall will soon be apparent, I promise.

Best Drill Bit for Drywall FAQs

Does drilling into drywall require a special drill bit?

The surface of drywall is soft, but a sharp conventional drill bit can cut through it. Use a spade bit, however, to drill a larger hole into drywall. Its center-pointed flat cutting head makes it simpler to drill precise holes. Even spade bits are affordable and functional on various surfaces.

If I want to drill through drywall, do I need to make a pilot hole first?

You don’t need a pilot hole if your drill bit has a pointed tip. However, if you’re using a dull-tipped bit, you should drill a pilot hole first. If not, the drill bit risk sliding.

Is it impossible to drill through drywall?

You can drill through drywall with a dull bit since it is quite soft. But if you want to drill through the drywall effectively, you should use a sharp drill bit. It can be challenging to use a used drill bit.

How do I choose the correct drill bit size for a wall anchor?

The drill bit needs to be big enough to drill through the wall and to make it simple to insert the anchor. Despite ensuring that the drill bit’s body matches the anchors. For wall anchors, a 1/2-inch drill bit is typically preferred.

Final Words

A towel rack can be attached, photographs can be hung, and mirrors can be framed with drywall. It implies you can drill a hole through drywall for a variety of reasons, but your options for the drill bit are constrained. Therefore, the only way to accomplish the goal of preserving the drywall undamaged is by utilizing the best drill bit for drywall.

In this guide, we have analyzed some of the top drywall drill bits that are known for being efficient and precise when drilling drywall. This makes them a wise purchase because they are made by reputable brands.