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Best Vacuum for Stairs of 2024

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Sweeping through stairs can be a daunting task, especially if they roll through a few floors. Although most homes’ staircases are only a few steps, it’s still valid to think that too can be humiliating to clean. Thanks to technology, cleaning through floors, carpets and staircases is now an issue of hovering a vacuum machine over dirt, and it’s done! To get the best value for your money, however, the choice of the vacuum cleaning machine you buy carries a lot of significance in getting the cleaning services you wish for.

Through a rigorous assessment of thousands of customer reviews and product ratings, we have compiled a list of the ten best vacuum for stairs in the list below.

Best Vacuum for Stairs

10. ORFELD Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

ORFELD Vacuum for Stairs

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This vacuum cleaner has a 20,000Pa suction power to slurp every piece of debris, be it pet hair or dropped pieces of chips on your stairs. Its feather-like weight makes it easy to carry around the house before and after you’re done with your stairs. Besides, it is cordless to make it convenient to clean without worrying about getting entangled with wires when making turns to clean areas around you.

Its 50 minutes runtime premium Japanese battery also gives you ample time to make a few rounds on your stairs, to be sure. A great buy if you love flexibility and convenience.

9. Black and Decker Disburser Handheld Vacuum


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This cleaner gives you flexibility and ease of scrapping every dirt or grime from your stair’s stringers and treads effortlessly. Its low weight gives you the effortless convenience to clean as you move up and down your stairs. Its wide mouth enables you to pick every even the most enormous debris, leaving nothing unpicked. It’s great for upholstery if a fluffy carpet covers your stairs and it sucks every dirt that hides in plain sight.

8. Nequare Vacuum Cleaner

NEQUARE Vacuum for Stairs

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For surfaces with poor lighting, this vacuum cleaner can be a match made in heaven for you. It’s fitted with the latest LED motorized floor head to illuminate and expose dirt hiding in dingy zones of the stairs. Besides, it’s an all-in-one set and can be easily converted into a handheld for easy cleaning of stairs. Equipped with an 1800 rotatable motorized brush, it simplifies your cleaning as you move up and down your stairs. In addition to that, its high-powered motor generates a 20000Pa powerful suction to leave no grime or dirt unpicked.

7. Orfield Stick Vacuum Cleaner


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If you love flexibility and portability when vacuuming, this machine is a good fit for you. Its powerful 2200mAh 6-cell battery gives you a 40 minutes runtime at its eco mode. It’s also dynamic, and you can convert it into a handheld mode as you bend to get a closer look at your stairs. The machine only weighs 6.61 pounds, making cleaning effortless as you move to cover all ground.

6. black and Decker Max Flex Handheld Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Vacuum for Stairs

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For light cleaning on your stairs, this portable, rechargeable vacuum cleaner perfectly suits your task; to restore your stairs’ initial glitter. Weighing just 3.2 pounds, the little handheld machine makes light cleaning even simpler. Its flexible 4-foot horse gives you the convenience to clean through stringers with ease and to perfection. Its also equipped with a two-in-one combination nozzle and flip-brush, making it easy to switch between vacuum and dusting.

5. Eureka Vacuum handheld Cleaner


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This device is popular for its 3-in-1 vacuum with multipurpose attachments giving it dynamism. It can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum cleaner by simply adding the pole handle and floor nozzle. Besides, its powerful suction ability makes cleaning dust and grime from your stairs much faster and easier.

4. Toppin Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

TOPPIN Vacuum for Stairs

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This vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 LED headlights enabling you to clean darker or dimmed areas of the stairs with ease. Besides, its slight weight gives it absolute portability, making cleaning easier. Its brushless motor design also gives it ultra-longer service life, making it cheaper affordable to maintain.

3. Nequare Cordless Vacuum


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The cleaner is a ten-in-one dynamic machine to help you reach every spot of the surface in an in-perfect way. Its-fade free 40 minutes runtime battery gives you the convenience to cover an entire flight of stairs, removing dirt and dust to leave surfaces spotless. Besides, its extra-large 1.2-liter dustbin cuts the frequency of emptying the container, giving you the peace of mind you need.

2. Eureka Power-Speed Bag-less Upright Vacuum Cleaner

eureka Vacuum for Stairs

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It fitted with an extra-large dust cup, reducing the frequency of emptying it. Its lightweight and portable, making it easier to carry it up and down the stairs with minimum effort. It tags along different shapes of nozzle heads to help you cover maximum ground by reaching stringers and covering stair landings and treads extensively. Its washable filters and bag-less designs lift the burden of the extra maintenance cost, making it cheaper to handle.

1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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This vacuum cleaner takes our top spot for the best vacuum cleaner for stairs for 2024, and rightly so. Its sleek design and high battery power offer a 60 minute runtime period, giving you the flexibility to pick every single litter and scrap the stickiest dust and grime from your stairs surfaces. It’s also adapted to work on every floor, from hardwood to tiled floor surfaces, with efficiency and ease. Besides, its LCD keeps track of its performance and indicates remaining runtime so that you can gauge your remaining work stress-free.

Things to consider when buying a good vacuum cleaner for stairs


A good vacuum cleaner for stairs should not be heavy, but lighter to carry up and down the stairs. Vacuuming needs you to move around as you try to cover maximum ground. Therefore, lightweight vacuum cleaners are convenient.


It will hurt if a vacuum cleaner breaks down a few months after purchasing it. A good vacuum cleaner must therefore deliver on the promise of durability.


If you prefer corded vacuum cleaners, then that’s okay. But cordless vacuum cleaners are more flexible and easy to carry around.

Suction power

A good vacuum cleaner sucks debris regardless of size. A good vacuum cleaner should have at least 20,000Pa suction power.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I maintain my vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning your vacuum more often keeps it in good shape. A dirty vacuum clogs easily, deducing its suction power and affects its efficiency.

Q. What is the main determinant to consider before making a vacuum cleaner purchase?

It’s always good to ask around from friends and family how a good vacuum works. If possible, ask for the best specifications so that you can purchase one that fits your taste.


While choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your floor can be a headache, we’ve made it simpler for you to pick the most suitable for the task. Have fun cleaning!