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10 Best Unique Chess Sets in 2024

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Whenever it comes to board games, chess is amongst those with the longest histories. Currently, the two-player game is still enjoyed by millions, from novices to advanced players, across the planet. It is also a compact game that is ideal for camping, backyard fun, and road trips. If you would like to trial your hand at the game, the following are the best chess sets for any needs and skill level.

Best Unique Chess Sets

10. MegaChess Large Premium Chess Set with Quick Fold Nylon Mat

MegaChess Unique Chess Sets

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The MegaChess Large Premium Chess is a unique chess set. This is an enormous 12-inch plastic chess set. The set is among the best ones you can buy in 2024, and it is constructed from superior and durable materials. This chess mat has 4 feet and 7 inches square, plus it is watertight.

9. Feelings Large Metal Chess Set


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With the Feelings Large Metal Chess Set, there is just something regarding the hefty zinc-alloy pieces having a blue-and-red-bronze appearance that indeed captures your mind. The handcrafted 11.5-inch by 11.5-inch walnut-inlaid collapsible board is not bad also. Feelings Large Metal Chess Set has separate piece stowage inside the felt-lined interior.

8. Fun Family Chess Set

Fun Family Unique Chess Sets

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For those who are fresh to the game and wish to study how to have fun in an effortlessly understood technique, look no further than this novice learning chess set by Brain Blox. It features a color-coded, learn-as-you-play layout that is awesome for children and grownups that are fascinated by this instantaneously fair and intricate game. The firm wood board is white-washed with velvet beneath. The compact wood chess pieces likewise come inside a velvet bag for stress-free storage.

7. US Chess Federation’s Quiver Chess Set Combo

US Chess

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If you game on a steady basis with buddies or, say, at a chess club, the US Chess Federation’s Quiver Chess Set Combo might be the apt selection for you. It comprises an entire set with single-weighted, roll-up, regulation chess pieces, vinyl chessboard, and quiver-style chess pouch, making the set particularly convenient. The set has been wholly assembled by the United States Chess Federation and surpasses both FIDE and US Chess Federation necessities, implying you can lawfully utilize it for formal contests. That detail and its transportability make it a particularly great pick for schools and clubs.

6. Cardinal Game Gallery Chess & Checkers Wood Set

Cardinal Unique Chess Sets

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If you are after actual value, look into the Cardinal Game Gallery Chess & Checkers Wood Set. The average chessboard acts as a checkerboard, and it has all of the pieces needed to play both (24 wooden checkers and 32 wooden chess pawns).

Regardless of the low pricing, the set delivers on both superiority and appearance. Each of its constituents is wooden—no plastic here—plus the pieces are robust and large sufficient for even kids to hold. The board has a measurement of 15.75 by 15.75 inches and is collapsible for effortless storage.

5. Asney Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set


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This Magnetic set of 16.1 by 7.9 by2.4 inch dimensions is amongst the top Amazon sellers and upholds an excellent customer ranking. This educational genre plus strategy chess set comes in a 15-inch giant chessboard with the additional queens and kings, and there is a pouch as well. The superior wooden board and well-made pieces are a plus for whichever from Asney Store.

4. Fun+1 Toys! Classic Wooden Chess Set

FUN+1 Unique Chess Sets

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There is a motive why the 15-inch typical dark plus light Staunton board has materialized on our listing–they are ageless, stylish, and what numerous individuals think of whenever they contemplate about chess. Fun+1 Toys! Classic Wooden Chess Set goes for a standard price and has common features. It is average-sized, collapsible, and seems to be of operative superiority. It does not have magnetic properties or separate piece storage like several high-end chess sets here; nevertheless, it has two velvet stowage bags and a luxurious velvet interior. At times vintage is best. For people looking for a basic chessboard for that forthright gaming experience, this is the set for you.

3. Top 1 Chess Board Game Chess Set

Top 1 Chess

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Top 1 Chess Board Game Chess Set is exceptional chess set for those chess-ambitious, enthusiastic-to-learn family members. The integral chess computer and skill-development aspects (time settings, difficulty levels, and puzzles) are the flawless means to advance your game or study chess. The voice-instruction feature, LCD screen, and magnetic board are lovely touches too. This 8-in-1 set likewise has Reversi, Checkers, Fox and Geese, 4 In-a-Row, Halma, Nim, and Northcott’s Game.

2. Pawnson Creations Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Magnetic Unique Chess Sets

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This is a Staunton-style board that likewise comprises a checker. The Pawson Creations Magnetic Wooden Chess Set comes with sturdily magnetized pieces, added queens for pawn promoting, and pieces with scratch-resistant velvet bottoms for flawless movement. The elegant board has inlaid Walnut for a striking, always stylish appearance. 15’’ by 15’’ is quite average for a chessboard and is big enough for lots of thrilling piece movement short of bumping anything over.

You will like the distinct storage slots for all pieces, along with the encompassed E-book “Chess Game: Basic Tactics and Strategies.” The thoughtful touches make this relatively economical chess set a frontrunner for the novice gamer in your life. Besides, the extra checker’s pieces offer a substitute game for youthful family members. Regardless, it makes an impeccable gift for the chess fanatics.

1. Chess Armory 15” Wooden Chess Set

Chess Armory

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A high-class Chess Armory Store product- this 15 inches wooden chess set is confidently a piece to look up to. The gracefulness and the power of wooden craft can be observed through every chessman.

The timber chess set with inlaid Walnut is handmade in Staunton style and has felted bottoms. This chessboard is 15 by 15 inches in magnitude, offering adequate room for highly flexible playtime.


With numerous such choices obtainable in the marketplace, it becomes problematic to pick the apt chess set. Playing a chess game wouldn’t be any amusing, lacking the most refined chess set. The apt chess set shall have great chess pieces with sturdiness being indispensable. The marketplace offers quite numerous different sorts of these sets that might puzzle you such that you turn out going for any. That mustn’t be the situation as we have the clarification to the finest one for you above.