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10 Best Tactical Waterproof Pants in 2024

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Tactical waterproof pants are the most multifunctional work pants you can wear for any job outdoors. These pants only have the toughest and quality materials that can withstand harsh outdoor environments. Being waterproof, these pants ensure you are protected from wetness when walking in wet areas or when working in wet seasons like winter.

The pants come in different styles and fittings. So, if you are planning for a hike and you need comfortable and quality pants to wear, here are the top ten best tactical waterproof pants to choose from.

Best Tactical Waterproof Pants

10. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Rip-stop Cargo Pants

CQR Tactical Waterproof Pants

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These are classic and stylish tactical pants that you can comfortably rock in all seasons. These tactical pants are waterproof, so they secure your body from getting wet. Other than repelling water, these pants have quality materials that also repel oils, dirt and other contaminants.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, trekking or camping, these tactical pants are a good choice for you for safety and comfort. The pants have a hint of military and law enforcement performance design that guarantees durability.

What we like
  • The tactical pants have multiple pockets for storing small essentials like phone and tactical knife for easy access
  • The pants repel all types of liquids and dirt
  • The pants are durable since they don’t shrink or fade the color
  • They feature button closure style


The pants that do not fade, shrink or attract dirt and all form of wetness is a great choice for work and outdoor activities.

9. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Water-Resistant Pants Relaxed Fit Tactical Pants


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These are the most comfortable tactical pants to wear even when working since they have relaxed-fitting, so you don’t have a restriction when moving around. These tactical pants have TC fabric with water-repellent power to ensure you stay dry for as long as you want.

These are convenient tactical pants that you can use to carry small essentials while working since it has more than 10 pockets on the sides and the back. The knee areas of the pants have 12 pleats that provide flexibility when moving around and when you bend your legs to work.

What we like
  • These pants ensure you stay warm and dry throughout the day
  • The pants come in different colors to choose from
  • They are flexible pants that do not cause any leg restrictions


These are versatile pants for combat, work and other outdoor activities like; fishing. They are fully waterproof to safeguard your body from wetness

8. 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Covert Cargo Pants

5.11 Tactical Waterproof Pants

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If you are a woman who loves outdoor activities like hiking or even camping, these tactical pants are a must-have for your adventures. The pants are waterproof, so you will stay warm and dry for as long as you are outdoors.

The pants are made with polyester and cotton materials that are gentle to the skin. Another feature that stands out on these pants is the stretchy form to ensure you get a comfortable fitting, especially around the hips.

What we like
  • These pants offer ample flexibility when walking and moving around
  • The pants have 12 pockets for storage
  • The pants have articulated knees, so you can insert your knee pads if needed.


Made with a high-grade material of polyester and cotton, these are durable yet comfortable tactical pants for women

7. ANTARCTICA Men’s Tactical Hiking Pants


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A comfortable tactical pair of pants for your outdoor activities can go a long way in ensuring you have a good day. These are lightweight pants you can rock when going for a hike, fishing, cycling, hunting or even trekking in all weathers.

The materials used to make the pants consist of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton that provide cozy comfort to your skin while ensuring your body does not come to contact with any wetness. If you are the kind of person who carries multiple tactical gears, the pants have multiple pockets to secure these gears.

What we like
  • The pants have a YKK zipper that is strong and durable
  • The pants are light to provide comfort
  • It features 10 tactical pockets all around


These are waterproof tactical pants that are quite light to ensure you are comfortable working and walking in them.

6. KOCTHOMY Men’s Hiking Pants Tactical Cargo Pants

KOCTHOMY Tactical Waterproof Pants

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The fact that these tactical cargo pants are made in a loose-fitting style guarantees comfort and flexibility. Not only can you wear the pants during the extreme rainy days, but they are comfortable to rock in other seasons as well.

There are up to 11 tactical pockets that provide space where you can store all your tactical gear. These are tactical pants designed to last you for a long since they have tight stitching on the edges, plus quality materials.

What we like
  • You can get these pants in varying colors
  • The pants have an elastic waistband for comfortable fitting
  • These are flexible and breathable waterproof materials


With an elastic waistband, these tactical pants adjust to offer comfortable fitting.

5. ReFire Gear Men’s Tactical Softshell Waterproof Outdoor Pants


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Enjoy unique fashion style with such amazing tactical pants from ReFire. These are recommendable tactical pants to wear when going for outdoor adventures like hunting or hiking since they feature a camouflage design for your safety while in the woods.

Not only do these tactical pants provide comfort and safety while in the woods, but they are warm to keep you toasty, especially in chilly and cold seasons. The pants have water repellant properties but are breathable to ensure your comfort in case you wear them in the hot season.

What we like
  • These pants are safe and comfortable to rock in all seasons
  • The pants have warm materials on the interior
  • The zips are waterproof too


These are all-around pants you can wear in both winter and summer seasons. They have water-repelling properties and have breathable materials.

4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Waterproof Pants

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These tactical pants are also safe for military and combat people, meaning they only have quality and weatherproof materials. The pants ensure you stay warm and free from wetness as they are high water-repelling power. The pants have TC materials that are rip-proof and do not easily wear or tear.

If you have small items that you need to carry probably when going to hunt, you can store them in the available 11 tactical pockets on the sides and the back.

What we like
  • These pants have strengthened knees part with 3D tailoring
  • The pants are good for soldiers, workers and adventurous
  • These are durable pants resistant to wear, tear and rip


These pants have the DuPont Teflon fabric essential for strengthening and securing them from quick tears.

3. KEFITEVD Cargo Pants Men Outdoor Tactical Military Pants


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One outside feature about these tactical pants is that even if you walk on woods or areas with sharp tree and thorns, it does not easily get ripped. This is because the pants are made with tough and durable materials, which are recommendable for military people.

The pants feature cotton and polyester materials that offer comfort to your skin while protecting you from wetness. These are easy-to-fit pants since the waist has an elastic band that adjusts, depending on your waist size.

What we like
  • These are versatile pants you can wear for outdoor jobs and sports
  • The pants are extremely light in weight
  • The pants have enclosed side pockets to secure your essentials


With rip-stop materials, these are safe pants to wear to the woods since they protect you from harsh weather.

2. LA Police Gear Men’s Water-Resistant Operator Tactical Pant

LA Police Gear Tactical Waterproof Pants

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The brass tac-stud closure with Metallic YKK Zipper guarantees your stored items in the pockets are safe and secure while outdoors. The pants only feature quality material crafting, so you can do any activity, including mountain climbing, without worrying about them getting ripped.

These pants are super comfortable because they are light and breathable for airflow during the hot seasons. The waistband has elastic, so you don’t squeeze them on your waist for that extra comfort.

What we like
  • These are extremely durable outdoor tactical pants
  • The pants have quality materials crafting
  • The side pockets are quite large to fit an iPad


Stat safe and comfortable while enjoying nature by rocking these tactical waterproof pants. The pants are breathable and provide an excellent fit

1. TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Series Pro-Flex Pant


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A blend of cotton and polyester material of these pants ensures they are comfortable next to your skin and last you for long. These are tactical pants that are quite stylish and fit most jobs. You can wear the pants when going for a hike, camping, fishing, and even to work.

The pants have a slider waistband with a four-way adjustment design to make sure you get a perfect and comfortable fit. The pants have free sizing for easy putting on and off.

What we like
  • These pants are made in different colors
  • These are multifunctional tactical pants
  • The pants can combat harsh weather climates


Get a pair of these tactical pants for all your outdoor adventures. The pants are super comfortable to wear while working or doing extreme outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing.


These are our top selection for the best tactical waterproof pants. The reviewed pants are comfortable in fitting and have comfortable materials too. These are durable pants that you can wear for most jobs since they are resistant to quick wear out.