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7 Best Portable Car Jacks to Keep in Your Trunk in 2024

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Any mobile mechanic or weekend DIYer’s tool set should include a portable automobile jack. Even though many current automobiles come equipped with a tire repair kit rather than a spare tire, keeping a car jack in your trunk is still a good idea, especially when taking lengthy road journeys. Furthermore, it goes without saying that portable jacks are essential for off-road enthusiasts as you never know when you’ll need one to get out of a ditch or make rapid repairs alongside a path, regardless of how proficient your off-road vehicle is.

However, there are numerous varieties of portable jacks available, each of which caters to a distinct set of clients and budgets. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about anything because we’ve already taken care of the heavy lifting! To assist you in finding the greatest portable auto jack for your needs, we’ve hand-picked the best models we could locate and thoroughly reviewed them below.

Best Portable Car Jacks to Keep In Your Trunk

1. Torin BIG RED T10152 1.5-Ton Steel Scissor Jack — Budget Pick

BIG RED Portable Car Jacks

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So, certainly, the Torin Scissor Jack is a budget-friendly portable jack. That isn’t to suggest that it isn’t worth your hard-earned cash. Despite not having all of the bells and whistles of the more pricey models mentioned below, Torin is a well-known car jack manufacturer, and this model is still ideal for keeping in your car in case of emergency or occasional use without breaking the bank.

Scissor jacks can be challenging because to the smaller footprint, which reduces stability, but Torin compensates with a 4.8′′-wide base, making it significantly safer than others. It’s also composed of sturdy, long-lasting forged alloy steel and, amazingly, weighs only 7.7 lbs, which is about as light as portable car jacks get.

Another useful feature is the collapsible handle, which allows for optimal storage efficiency in the trunk or garage of your car. You may also use it on anything from a little automobile to a medium-sized SUV because it can lift up to 1.5 tons (3,000 lbs.). The Torin scissor jack is only 4.13 inches tall at its lowest setting, making it suitable for low-riding cars, and it can raise a car to a height of 15.13 inches, which should be more than enough for most small to medium-sized SUVs or raising a car high enough to slide underneath and replace motor mounts over the weekend — pretty impressive for such a cheap jack.

Simply put, if you need a dependable vehicle jack that is also affordable, practical, lightweight, and tiny enough to stow in your car, this is the jack for you. However, if you plan on using your jack for 40 hours per week and all year, we have far better options below!

Features highlighted

  • 4.82 x 14.9 x 4.13 inches in size
  • 3000 pound weight capacity
  • 7.7 pound weight
  • 4.13′′ – 15.13′′ lifting range
  • Handle that can be folded


  • Construction of forged alloy steel
  • Lightweight
  • It is simple to use
  • Storage is simple.
  • incredibly low-cost
  • Lifting range that is adequate
  • Warranty period of one year


  • Scissor jacks aren’t designed to be used on a regular basis.

2. Torin BIG RED T91003B 10-Ton Bottle Jack — Best portable bottle jack


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The fundamental advantage of bottle jacks is their high lifting capacity in relation to their size and weight, as seen by this Big Red 10-ton bottle jack. Even if it’s a little basic, it’ll suffice for the purpose. It’s also simple to use, making it a good choice for new mechanics – and the low price is undoubtedly a plus.

It can raise even the heaviest trucks or RV trailers thanks to its 10-ton capability. However, while its compactness is practical, its lifting range (8.81′′ to 17.63′′) should be considered. For lowered sports cars or lifted trucks, this range could be a problem.

The entire weight, on the other hand, is a welcome surprise. It’s not much heavier than the scissor jack above, weighing only 10.7 pounds, but it has a far larger total weight capacity.

This is the jack you need if you want a versatile and portable jack with all the capacity you’ll ever need without spending an arm and a leg.

Features highlighted

  • 11.61 x 10.83 x 10.24 inches in size
  • 10 ton weight capacity (20,000lbs)
  • 10.7 pound weight
  • 8.81′′ – 17.63′′ lifting range
  • Screw top extension with a strong adjustable screw
  • Overloading is avoided by using a safety bypass valve.
  • Leaks are avoided by using a welded cylinder.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lifting capacity is impressive.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Warranty period of one year


  • Only cars with a high ground clearance should use it.

3. OTC LDJA2 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack — Editor’s Pick

OTC Portable Car Jacks

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So, let’s get down to business: the OTC LDJA2 aluminum floor jack has all the quality and dependability a skilled mechanic could want. It is, indeed, multifunctional, compact, and extremely light, making it ideal for mobile mechanics and off-roaders. It’s also worth noting that OTC has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry, which is not to be overlooked.

The OTC LDJA2 weights 42 pounds thanks to its aluminum design, which isn’t particularly light for a floor jack but is very respectable when compared to steel competitors. Despite the lower weight, the 2-ton lifting capacity is sufficient for any car or small to medium-sized SUV — it won’t work for larger pickup trucks, but aluminum jacks aren’t typically meant for huge vehicles.

The padded handle, on the other hand, is a nice feature that protects your car from damage if you accidentally bang it against the body while pumping. If you’re concerned about the car sliding off the saddle when raising on uneven pavement, you’ll be relieved to learn that OTC has included a rubber cushion that considerably improves the vehicle’s hold on the jack. Of course, if you drive a low-riding vehicle, the pad can be removed to obtain a minimum height of only 3.4 inches.

Overall, this jack is ideal for mobile technicians working on a variety of vehicles, weekend track days, and weekend DIY’ers working on their automobiles. The price is a little high, but it’s well worth it.

Features highlighted

  • 11.87″ x 25.12″ x 6″ Dimensions: 11.87″ x 25.12″ x 6″
  • 2 ton weight capacity
  • 42 pound weight limit
  • Range of lift: 3.4′′ – 18.5′′
  • Padded handle, 47.6″
  • Guaranteed for life


  • It is relatively light.
  • Warranty is longer than most.
  • Construction is sturdy.
  • It’s really useful to have a padded handle.
  • Lifting range that is versatile


  • After roughly a year, hydraulic cylinders tend to stick, but that’s nothing a little lubrication can’t remedy.

4. ARB 72X10 Orange Bushranger X-Jack Kit — Best inflatable jack


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The ARB Inflatable Bushranger X-Jack is made specifically for off-road use, and can be used to lift vehicles on any surface, including mud, snow, and sand. It’s crucial to remember, though, that this type of jack should only be used as a last resort because it can be harmful to use. Let’s just say it’s a lifesaver in certain circumstances, but it’s not meant to be your go-to, everyday jack in the shop.

This jack, on the other hand, provides the highest odds of recovering your truck from a ditch or repairing it in nature, far from any service station, thanks to its large footprint. It goes without saying that picking a high-quality product is critical when purchasing an off-road jack – you don’t want your jack to dump your truck on you at any time, but especially not when you’re miles away from the nearest hospital.

Despite the fact that a “inflatable” jack has various drawbacks, it also has several advantages that normal jacks simply cannot match. For example, the size and weight of a jack are crucial for making the most of a vehicle’s luggage space, and this is where the Bushranger really shines. It just weighs 19.8 pounds when deflated, and the entire item isn’t much bigger than a retracted scissor jack. It can also lift up to 4400 pounds at under 10 psi and can be inflated with a portable air compressor or your vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Meanwhile, the wide footprint offers maximum ground contact while preventing the car from sinking in soft ground, as would be the case with a scissor or bottle jack, for example. Hardcore inserts are also present to keep the jack from rolling away and to provide additional stability. If you need to slide under there when your truck is up, I would recommend utilizing jack stands. It’s never a good idea to work under a car that’s only supported by a jack, but it’s even worse when it’s an inflated one.

Overall, if you’re a serious off-roader, you’ll want to get one of these. It isn’t cheap, and you may not require it on a regular basis. When all else fails, on the other hand, you’ll be glad you have it.

Features​​ highlighted

  • 9.1′′ x 7.1′′ x 9.1′′ Dimensions: 9.1′′ x 7.1′′ x 9.1′′
  • 2 ton weight capacity (4400lbs)
  • 19.8 pound weight
  • 30″ lifting range
  • Inflationary system with two directions
  • Warranty period of one year


  • Lightweight
  • Dimensions that are practical
  • Exceptional lifting capacity
  • a large footprint
  • Adaptable to a variety of terrains
  • For extra stability, the top has been reinforced.
  • Warranty is for one year.
  • To prevent slippage, the bottom has triangular spikes.


  • Certainly not the safest jack available. If you’re using it for the first time, read the directions carefully or seek assistance from someone who knows what they’re doing.

5. Pro Eagle 3-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack — Best portable jack for SUVs

Pro Eagle Portable Car Jacks

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If an inflated jack isn’t your cup of tea, the Pro Eagle Big Wheel is a floor jack made exclusively for off-roading vehicles and SUVs.

Its main benefit is the 28-inch lift height, which includes an 8-inch adjustable extension. Furthermore, the large composite wheels with sealed bearings ensure optimal functionality in every situation, including sand and mud, making it one of the most durable vehicle jacks available.

The jack’s large wheels also ensure that it can move on gravel and has enough ground clearance to avoid dragging on loose or uneven surfaces, which is a great feature given how heavy it is. Despite its all-aluminum design, it weighs around 60 pounds. However, with such a powerful jack, a larger weight is unavoidable.

A full-length steel skid plate was also fitted to prevent the increased weight from forcing it to sink into the ground — a thoughtful addition to say the least.

Overall, the Pro Eagle jack will be useful to anyone looking for a jack that can be used on a trail while remaining as safe and simple to operate as a standard floor jack.

Features highlighted

  • 31″ x 13″ x 6″ Dimensions: 31″ x 13″ x 6″
  • 3 ton weight capacity
  • 60 pound weight limit
  • Length of lift: 28″
  • Large composite wheels with sealed bearings are available.
  • Skid plate that runs the entire length of the vehicle
  • Warranty period: 2 years


  • Simple to use
  • Exceptional lifting capacity
  • Excellent warranty
  • Very long-lasting
  • A skid plate that is included is a necessary.


  • It’s simple to operate, but the overall weight makes it a little unwieldy.

6. Smittybilt 2722 54″ Universal Trail Jack — Best portable jack for off-roaders


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Because of its inherent practicality issues, hi-lift jacks are sometimes disregarded when going off-roading, but the very wide range of applications more than compensates for the drawbacks. They can raise everything from SUVs and trucks to various farm equipment, as well as winch, hoist, clamp, spread, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

And when it comes to the greatest hi-lift jacks on the market, this one is at the very top. The Smittybilt trail jack is comprised of powder-coated solid cast steel with zinc plating to prevent rust and ensuring that it lasts for years. Meanwhile, Smittybilt added a 28-square-inch base plate to help with stability, which is a nice touch but won’t totally fix the design’s inherent stability issues — but it’s better than nothing.

With a 4,660-pound weight capacity and a 54-inch high lift, it’s ready for anything you throw at it. On the other hand, at 56 inches long, it’s not exactly small, but installing it outside the vehicle is always an option — not to mention that it’ll make your truck seem even nicer.

If you’re serious about off-roading, you need always have at least one of those hi-lift jacks on hand. It’s not always the ideal option, but it could be the difference between a pleasant day on the trail and having to call a tow truck. Still, if you must have one, Smittybilt’s hi-lift jack is without a doubt one of the best solutions available.

Features highlighted

  • Size: 56′′ x 6′′ x 8′′
  • 4660 pound weight capacity
  • 30 pound weight limit
  • Range of lift: 54″
  • The base plate is 28 square inches.
  • Handle made of 14 gauge steel tube


  • Lifting range is good.
  • Versatile
  • Material of high quality
  • Construction is sturdy.
  • Stability has improved.


  • The total length is far too long to be useful.

7. OTC LDJ3 3-Ton Service Jack — Premium Pick


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For most people, the LDJ3 is all they’ll ever need in a floor jack, and it’ll fit right in at most vehicle repair shops. It can lift a wide range of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to large sedans to full-size pickup trucks and SUVs, and it will continue to do so for many years.

With very little effort, the revolutionary dual-pump system can raise vehicles weighing up to 3 tons. For example, three pumps are all it takes to raise 1,750lbs to the jack’s maximum height of 18.5′′, and with a minimum height of 5.75′′, it will fit under most cars, even if they are slightly reduced. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it ideal for mobile mechanics and professional specialists.

Still, some consumers may be put off by the jack’s overall weight of 77 pounds, but for others, it will be a good trade-off for a jack that will accomplish everything they need it to do day after day, 40 hours a week.

This is what we propose if you’re searching for a floor jack that can handle any job or a great addition to your repair shop’s current floor jack selection — trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Features highlighted

  • 30-inch-by-16-inch-by-9-inch-by-nine-inch-by-nine-inch-by-nine-inch
  • 3 ton weight capacity
  • 77 pound weight
  • 5.75′′ – 18.5′′ of lifting range
  • Handle with padding
  • Pumps with two heads


  • Simple to use
  • Adaptable to a variety of vehicles
  • Lifting range that is versatile
  • Exceptional weight capacity
  • Compact in size.
  • Materials of superior grade
  • Operation that is risk-free


  • Quite hefty
  • Scissor jack on wheels

When purchasing a portable car jack, there are a few things to keep in mind.

With so many various styles, weights, height classifications, and manufacturers to choose from, finding the correct portable auto jack can be difficult. So here are a few things to think about when looking for one.

Is it going to be a car, a truck, or something else?

It goes without saying that you don’t want to get a car jack that won’t lift your automobile. So, the first thing to figure out is your car’s clearance and weight. It will be simple to determine if a jack is powerful and slim enough to fit beneath there once you have these figures.

Quick tip: if you’re unsure how much your car weighs or how tall it is, consult your owner’s manual. You’ll find all the information you need there.

Is it better to use it on or off the road?

Even though most car jacks are capable of lifting vehicles in typical circumstances, they may not perform as effectively in extreme situations, such as when off-roading. When raising cars on pavement or concrete, a conventional floor jack will suffice, but when working in mud, snow, sand, or gravel, you’ll need something more purpose-built, such as a hi-lift or inflatable jack.

How frequently will it be used?

If you’re a skilled mechanic who works in the shop every day, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting product, but this will naturally raise the price. So, if you just need a jack in an emergency or for the occasional repair, getting something more basic might be a wiser option – after all, why waste money on something you won’t use to its full capabilities anyway?

Dimensions and Weight

Because different systems have vastly varying weights and sizes, this is also an important consideration. An inflatable vehicle jack, for example, is half the size and weight of a regular trail jack. If you drive a smaller SUV, a smaller jack may be preferable. However, if you drive a large pickup and can just toss your jack in the back, it may not be as vital to you – the choice is yours.

The same can be said for the content. Aluminum jacks, for example, are significantly lighter than steel jacks, but they are also more expensive. It’s advisable to figure out how often it’ll be used and what type of vehicle it’ll be carried in first to see if it’s worth the price.


Finally, there’s the price, which is the most important factor of all. Knowing how much you should spend on a jack should not be difficult once you’ve answered all of the above questions. Indeed, once you’ve decided on the specifications and type of jack you’ll need, you’ll have a clear sense of what to expect in terms of costs. Then there’s the question of how frequently you’ll use it: if you only use it once in a while, a more basic product will suffice; if you use it every week, it might be worth investing a little more.

Most Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the finest brands of portable automobile jacks?

Any of the manufacturers mentioned above do a good job when it comes to quality portable automobile jacks. OTC, ARB, Smittybilt, and Torin are just a few names to remember, but this is by no means an entire list. Safe Jack, ESCO, Hi-Lift, US Jack, and Brunnhoelzl are some other brands worth considering (who actually builds jacks for the Nascar series).

Hein-Werner should be mentioned as well, but their jacks are just not portable. Hein-Werner is a specialist in big-ass metal components designed to lift cars – they’re thick, hefty, and built to last for years. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

When replacing a flat tire, where do you put the automobile jack?

The jack should be placed just behind or in front of the wheel that needs to be removed on the automobile frame rail or rocker panel. In most circumstances, you should be able to see a stronger point or indications like an arrow or something similar under your vehicle. When in doubt, consult your car’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended raising locations.

Is it necessary for me to use jack stands?

You should utilize a jack stand without a doubt. If you are performing maintenance under the vehicle, no matter how powerful your car jack is, it may drop unexpectedly if there is a fluid leak or if it slips, bends, or otherwise fails.

Play it safe and use a jack stand if you’re about to slide beneath there.

Is it necessary for the car to be on level ground?

When using automobile jacks, it is highly suggested that the vehicle be on level ground. The vehicle may indeed fall out of the saddle, or the jack could roll away, bend, and twist.

There are other jacks designed specifically for lifting a car on uneven or soft terrain. The ARB 72X10 Orange Bushranger X-Jack Kit, for example, is made to be utilized on trails to get out of huge holes, ditches, and other obstacles.