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10 Best Compass Watches in 2024

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Initially, the compass watches were designed for military people to help them navigate around when in new places. But now compass watches have advanced and suit all people, including those that enjoy outdoor adventures. These watches have multiple features that help you understand the new places you visit.

Thus, you can measure temperatures, heights, air and direction using these watches. So, to make your timing more fun and easy to navigate, here is a review of the top ten best compass watches to buy.

Best Compass Watches Review

10. SUUNTO 9 Non-Baro, GPS Sports Watch

SUUNTO Compass Watches

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If you are a workout pro or involved in athletes, this compass watch is a good choice for your activities. Equipped with over 80 sport modes, this watch will help you in your training, mainly outdoors. This is a versatile watch that ensures you monitor your sports or workout results.

It helps to monitor the heart rate the distance, among others. If you are running outdoors, this watch will help you find your way through the woods since it has an inbuilt GPS.

What we like
  • The GPS tracks workout distance for up to 120 hours
  • This is a versatile sports watch
  • This watch is effect for tracking heart rate mainly when working out
  • If you have problems sleeping well, this watch will help rack your sleeping patterns


This is an all-around smartwatch that helps you track your day-to-day activities. The watch has GPS that records all your outdoor adventures. The battery is durable as it lasts for 120 hours.

9. Timex Men’s T49612 Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch


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This watch is designed for outdoor areas. So, if you love camping, hiking or even trekking, you will need it to find new places while in the woods. The watch features the standard watch design with straps and a closure design to fasten it firmly on your hand. It is also a lightweight watch, so you can comfortably wear it for your entire trip.

This watch is recommendable for marine workers since it has waterproof materials. The materials protect the interior parts in case the watch gets wet.

What we like
  • This compass watch has pure waterproof material crafting
  • The materials are shock-absorbent to safeguard it from damages if you accidentally drop it
  • This watch has a light that glows with every press


This compass watch has premium waterproof materials that do not easily get damaged by water even when submerged for 222 meters deep.

8. Timex Men’s T2N721 Intelligent Quartz Compass Watch

Timex Compass Watches

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Not only does this watch have a compass to show you the way, but it also features a tide recording and a thermometer. The entire watch is made with waterproof materials, so you can wear it even during the extreme rainy seasons or when diving in the waters.

This watch features an analog-style, one of the reasons it stands out from other models, plus it has an adjustable strap. So, it can fit people with an 8-inch dimension wrist.

What we like
  • You can still wear this watch while swimming
  • The watch helps you measure the temperature of the surroundings or water
  • It has a unique style


If you are going to dive in the ocean, this watch is a good choice, it counts tides, and it can’t get damaged by the waters.

7. CakCity Digital Sports Watches for Men Military Watches with Compass


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This is an affordable watch suitable for people engaged in outdoor activities. This watch shows directions, temperature and even has a step tracker. So, whether you are going trekking or hiking, the watch helps you keep a tab of your movements. The watch features a large display style for convenient viewing without straining eyes.

Another thing that I admire about this watch is that it will show you the climate of the directions you opt to follow for your safety. This watch has a barometer that displays the air pressure, and the compass points the direction you move to.

What we like
  • This compass watch also tracks your steps and temperatures
  • The watch is made with waterproof materials
  • The watch features large press buttons for smooth operational


A watch that has a step tracker, barometer, compass and thermometer is safe to use in both indoor and outdoor area since it guides you in any areas you go to

6. AVTREK Outdoor Digital Compass Watch Men Survival Watch

AVTREK Compass Watches

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Traditionally made for military officers, this is a convenient watch you must have while going on outdoor adventures. Not only does it have a compass to guide you with directions, but the watch also has weather measuring features to enable you to track the weather changes in areas that you go out.

The watch has a lightweight design to ensure your comfort if you plan to wear it for an entire day. The display screen shows the readings in large numbers for easy peaking while still on the move.

What we like
  • This is a perfect outdoor compass watch
  • The watch shows multiple weather changes
  • The battery is durable and lasts for up to 18 months


This watch you can use even in rainy seasons since it does not get damaged by water. The watch can service up to 50 feet deep water submission

5. Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS



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Your outdoor escapades will not be the same again with this compass watch from Gramin. The watch helps you track your moves and know the areas that you visit while in the woods. So, if you are an outdoor person who loves hiking or trekking, I believe this watch will suit you.

The watch fits most wrists since it has loops for adjusting the fitting. Although most parts are made with plastic materials, this watch can withstand most weather climates, including high rains. The watch has a three-axis compass that shows you the directions you move to, has a barometric altimeter, and multiple global navigation satellite systems.

What we like
  • This watch is compatible; with smartphones to stay connected with other people
  • The watch helps you track your heart rate for safety purposes
  • The display screen is large for easy visibility
  • The watch helps you navigate new places


This watch can withstand water for up to 100 meters deep. It is adjustable in fitting, plus the GPS allows you to connect the watch with a smartphone.

4. Multisport GPS Hiking Sport Watches for Men

Multisport Compass Watches

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If your man loves outdoor adventures like camping, hiking and so on, surprise him with this magnificent compass watch to use while in his outdoor adventures. It is a perfect watch to get if you plan to stay outdoors for long since the battery has a life of up to 168 hours.

The watch can guide you in outdoor sports since it features six sports modes that you can set to perform. If you want to store the data of your outdoor adventures, leave it to this watch to ensure you stay connected. The watch connects to a smartphone so you can record, share and save your outdoor adventures.

What we like
  • This watch has six sports modes to choose from
  • It helps to track weather changes in the areas you visit
  • The battery on the watch is long-lasting


This watch shows directions, monitors your steps, heart rate, and GPS for connecting with smartphones to keep your records. It has six sports modes depending on what you do outdoors.

3. Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch


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A classic man deserves a classic watch, and this model from Casio is just a perfect example. The watch ensures you keep time and at the same time know about your moves thanks to the available compass. The watch is recommendable for people involved in sports, especially water since it is durable and waterproof. You can submerge in waters as deep as 200 meters, and the watch will not get damaged.

The large LCD is divided into three segments for easy peaking to see what you want to view on the watch.

What we like
  • This watch is super durable and resistant to scratches
  • It is perfect for most sports, including water sports
  • The watch can help track the temperature of the surroundings


The watch screen is divided into three segments to display the readings.

2. Timex Men’s T49612 Expedition Shock Digital Compass Wrist Watch

Timex Compass Watches

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This compass watch will withstand all outdoor elements with premium material crafting, so you are not limited to when you can wear it. The watch has a shock-absorbent design which is also certified. So, even if it hits hard objects outdoors, the watch cannot easily get damaged or crashed. This compass watch provides excellent fitting since the straps are adjustable.

What we like
  • The LCD has a backlit that illuminated when pressed
  • This watch compass can withstand water since it is waterproof
  • Has shock-absorbent materials that increase its durability


This is a strong outdoor compass watch that withstands water levels of up to 200 meters deep.

1. Tactical Watches with Compass


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Some special features you will enjoy on this compass watch include; barometer that measures air pressures of 300 to 1100 Pah; there is a thermometer setting that shows the temperature of between -10 to 60 degrees C, and an altimeter that shows an altitude of -700 to 9000 m.ho.

This is a perfect watch for people in the military or if you love outdoor sports. The digital compass on this watch helps you to navigate new surroundings while in the woods.

What we like
  • This watch shows dual time and dual alarm
  • Shows most climate weather changes
  • The watch is made with skin-friendly ABS materials


This is a watch that ensures you know the temperatures, the altitude, direction and even the air pressure of the areas you visit


These are quality and perfect outdoor compass watches that help you find directions but helps you know about the weather changes. Some of the reviewed watches have sports modes like hiking, trekking cycling, among others. Find a watch that fits your kind of outdoor activities from our reviews.